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Cleaning up the Beach

The new Inspector in charge of the Pattaya Tourist Police Division is determined to rid Pattaya Beach of prostitutes.

Some days ago, a team of Tourist Police Officers sweep of the entire stretch of Pattaya Beach again.

A total of 41 people were detained and taken to the Tourist Police Station located on the Pratamnuk Mountain. 30 women and 11 transsexuals were arrested.

1985 I came to Pattaya for the very first time. Since then Police do a monthly sweep of the entire stretch of Pattaya Beach to rid the Beach of prostitutes...

Pattaya's nightlife is a major tourist attraction - even for Chinese tourist. At least I understand that they can't spend whole their day at Mike Shopping Mall only. Therefore: Do not make such a fuss!
Apple's iPhone a Flop?
Apple's hopes to sell 500'000 iPhones during the first few weeks was a big dream.

The overyhyped and overpriced iPhone is a misfire - only 150'000 consumers decided to buy the gadget.

Apple insists it had sold 270'000 iPhones, but AT&T said they signed up 146'000 phones only.
Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones are the absolute must-have in Pattaya city. If you don't own at least one of them your are a nobody in the scene.

Some ladies are using their phones even during intercourse...

Never give your handy to a lady. Sooner or later the mobile phone will disappear.
No Return
The military is unlikely to return to the barracks and is trying to prolong its stay in power while political parties are being systematically weakened by the ruling junta.

According to a political scientist, Thai politics had gone backwards at least 15 years by the September 19. 2006 coup.
No photos please
More and more ladies don't like to see their pictures on the internet. They fear their 'sponsors' get know they didn't stop working at the bars as promised.

In agreement with their mamasans they take a timeout as soon as their sponsors arrive in Thailand.
Waiting for wives
Men spend almost a year of their lives WAITING for their other halves, research reveals.

And the average man will spend 22 weeks of that hanging around outside shop changing rooms while their partner tries on clothes, according to new research.

They will also spend almost a week of their lives sitting in their car before picking up wives or girlfriends from girlie nights out. A massive 61 per cent of guys say it drives them crazy.

It's staggering how long men have to wait.

On the other hand, women are claiming THEY have to wait for disorganized husbands when going out anywhere!
Power blackout
As usually during heavy rainfalls in Pattaya we had a complete power blackout. Just after the lights got down, I heard my neighbor saying:

'These people are really stupid: I told them a few times not to shut down the power. They have to stop the rain.'

That's the way Thai citizen deal with their current government.
Pattaya News Flash July/August 2007
NightWalker's News
New Cinema
Pattaya got a new Cinema and a new Shopping Center
Major CineplexAt the new 'AVENUE' shopping complex on Pattaya's Second Road Major opened its Major Cineplex.

According to its owner it's the worlds 'Best Cinema and Entertainment Complex'.

The new cinema is on the 4th floor of the building and has 'Honeymoon Seats' and 'Opera Chairs'.

On the 3rd floor, at the same building, you will find an all new 'Fashion Bowling Club', a boutique bowling club of 22 lanes. The BLU-O Karaoke with 9 Karaoke rooms is on the same floor.

The new shopping center is across from the famous Wonderful Bar. The entry to the parking lot is across from Lek's hotel. McDonald's and Shenanigans new Irish Pub are waiting for you (and your darling) too.

The new McDonald's integrates a McCafé and is the most beautiful restaurant I ever saw in Thailand from this company: It looks more than an European Boulevard Café than a fastfood outlet.

Walking at the new, but not completely finshed building, I got the impression to walk at Paragon Center in Bangkok. Very similar, but a lot more beautiful. When finished, the new AVENUE will be THE attraction in Pattaya. The new AVENUE exceeds all expectations.
Police raided A-Go-Go Club
On Friday morning police raided Classroom 2 on Soi 2
In the early hours of Friday morning (August 10. 2007) Pattaya police raided the popular a-Go-Go club in Soi 2 after receiving reports of explicit shows which were taking place at the location.

The police arrested three female performers and the manager of the establishment. They were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with conducting lewd acts.

Chonburi's Governor will now decide if the offences committed call for a temporary or permanent closure order of the club.
Soi 7 got another new A-Go-Go
Blue Angel
Blue AngelAbout 50 meters only from Pattaya's Second Road Blue Angel A-Go-Go opened its door in Soi 7.

The club has a few very attractive ladies shaking their bodies on the new stage.

Don't miss it!

With this new venue Soi 7 has now
3 A-Go-Go Clubs:

Blue Angel
Silver Star 2
Blue Angel
New Restaurant
New beautiful Restaurant on Pattaya's Third Road
About 50 meters only from the famous Buffalo bar opened a new beautiful Restaurant with an easy to remember name and very exclusive ambiance: Hans.
Hollywood Disco closed
Another era ends.
Hollywood closed
Hollywood Disco was an 'institution' in Pattaya, but its contract ended, therefore the disco had to close. According to our information it will reopen later this year as 'New Hollywood' on Soi Phettrakun, a Soi that connects Pattaya North Road with Pattaya's Central Road. Soi Phettrakun is already the home of 'Differ', another popular but expensive disco.
More Power to Thai Military
A new draft rise a lot of questions.
On June 19. the Thai government approved a natonal security bill that will give the Thai military more power than ever. Under the new draft an Internal Security Operation Command (Isoc) is being given powers to deal with 'new forms of threats to the country'. The acting Isoc chief (the army commander-in-chief) will be able to implement security measures without seeking approval from the prime minister. The new Isoc will be above the laws and regulations, officials on duty would not be liable to criminal, civil or diciplinary action.

The September 19. 2006 coup-leaders seems to perpetuate their power.
How to deal with Thai Laws
Closing Hours in Pattaya.
The licence for entertainment venues tells it: 'Places with music are allowed to open only from 6 am until 2 am. Venues that want to open at times other than the above must not play any music because it causes disturbance to the public.'

Therefore most bars close their music and their lights at 2 am, but not their bars. You can get your drinks until the morning hours - or even around the clock.

Nevertheless, some venues seems to have more rights than others. A well known discothek on Walking Street lets you dance to its music until 5am; a bar on the same street opens its amplifiers to full power when the bars in the neighborhood shutdown their electronics.
Fake Phones
Nokia is urging the Thai government to enforce rulings against manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit mobile phones.

But according to the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, 'Thailand is unable to take action against offenders because there is no global mobile phone standard...'.

Nevertheless, Nokia hopes its campaign will educate Thai customers about the dangers of using fake mobile phones.

Some shops are selling 'Nokia N76 and N90 handsets' of the N series family, models that Nokia never had in its production line.

Be aware, fake products (not only mobile phones) are on sale everywhere in Pattaya, even at large shopping centers.

Counterfeit MP3 players with logos from Sony, Samsung and iPod are on sale in most electronic shops all over Thailand.
Banned Airlines
Ban on all 51 Indonesian Airlines
The European Unon (EU) banned all 51 Indonesian Airlines, including national carrier Garuda, from its airspace.

The ban takes effect on July 6. 2007. An EU official said 'European citizen should avoid flying with these airlines. They are really unsafe'.

The Indonesian authorithies not even could tell the EU how many planes their carriers operate...
Secret Organisation
Keep the People smiling
A few days ago a taxi driver told me that Thailand has a secret organisation. It's in the duty of this organisation to keep the people smiling. If one party fails with this duty another party gets the order to entertain the people.

At the moment it's the military that has to entertain Thailand's citizen and keep them smiling whole the day, he told me.
Made in Thailand
People are proud of their products.
Swiss people believe that nobody in this world make better watches, chocolate and cheese and the swiss government tells them that their meat, vegetables and fruits are unexcelled in quality. Some even believe this nonsense.

Germans know that they make the best cars and are brewing the best beers in this world and the german government tells them that their meat, vegetables and fruits are unexcelled in quality.

English people believe that their island makes the the best beers and wiskeys and that their racing cars are unexcelled in quality.

Therefore it is no wonder if Thai people are proud that their Toyotas and Isuzus are made in Thailand and they believe that motorcycles made in Thailand are unexcelled in quality. They are proud of their products and can't believe that some countries banned the import of chickens from Thailand. For some Thai people bird flu is a problem of Indonesia, Cambodia or Vietnam, but not of Thailand.

When I told my girlfriend that her prefered toothpaste from Colgate isn't a product of Thailand but of Vietnam she wouldn't believe me first. But when we got to Carrefour to buy some goods, she inspected every toothpaste very carefully. When I asked her why she doesn't check Colgate, she told me that she's sick of Colgate, she wants to try an other taste...

Now I am afraid that she will discover that I am not 'made in Thailand'. Her Loogthung station tells her already whole the day that Thai men are unexcelled.
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Police got a warning
Extortion of Money from People is illegal!

Pattaya City Hall told the police that the City Hall received complaints about the conduct of Pattaya's police.

The municipal gave the police three month to improve their performance, otherwise offending officers might have to be removed from duty.

Pattaya City has an employment contract with the police that is renewed every year.
Report bribe requests
BRIBEline is a website collecting information about the official or quasi-official entities - governments, international organizations, security forces, state-owned enterprises, etc. - around the world that solicit bribes.

Bribes include payments in cash or services, gifts, donations to specific charities or organizations, business or personal favorsĀ - anything of value to the recipient that is given in order to obtain a needed service, gain market access, win new business, or avoid harm to your personal or business interests. A request for a bribe could be a clear demand or a more subtle suggestion.

You know if you have been hit up for a bribe. Report it here.
Pirated Goods
Pantip Plaza got a warning from Thailand's Intellectual Property Department: Get out of selling piracy or your goods will get burnt.

IPD's director said 'wipping out all pirated goods is not because piracy is bad, but I have to show that the government is intent on clamping down on piracy'.

According to IPD, Thailand will be completely free of all intellectual piracy on New Year's Eve.

Let's wait and see...
Amazing Thailand
General Sonthi, the architect of Septembers military coup backed away from his claims that Singapore could use its Shin deal to spy on Thailand's military (one of the four main reasons for the coup).

'The accusation was just a part of a strategy to make Thai people more protective about Thailand's assets' he said.
Funny News
Thai politics is a joke and has been for many years; it is not a democracy and never has been in all reality while the army wields such power.

(Bangkok Post PostBag June 29. 2007)
24 hours only
It took 24 hours only until whole the familiy learned that a beautiful lady working at a restaurant in Jomtien is living with a Farang.

Mother, sister and brother all called her by phone - and everybody asked for some money...

Her familiy is as hard as flint: They call the lady every day. They need the money to buy a new mobile phone, a new motorcycle and to start a dog breeding farm. The ideas are endless. Even her 10 year old daughter did call her to ask some money.

Thai people believe a Farang is an ATM for whole the family.

That's Thailand.
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