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December 2007
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Malibu Bar on the block
On the block:
The (once) famous Malibu Bar and Restaurant is on the block.

New A Go-Go comes to Soi Post Office
Soi Post Office:
New A Go-Go Club.

Work is on the way for a new A Go-Go Club on Soi Post Office: Spicy Girls A Go-Go moves from Soi Pattayaland to Soi Praisani.
Scheduled opening date: December 28 2007!
Spicy Girls on Pattayland closed on December 21
Spicy Girls on Pattayaland closed on December 21.

Walking Street's famous Climax Bar closed - it will be replaced with a new A Go-Go Club: Magic Place A Go-Go.

Oliver Twist changed its name to Bennigans, the former Irish pub is now an Irish, American, Indian Grill Tavern...

Slim Hip-Hop Club closed
Slim, the Hip-Hop-Club at the new Pattaya Dragon Entertainment Complex on 2nd Road had a short life. After a few month only it got replaced by a venue called Fashion Club.

Molly Malone's
KilKenny, the well-known Irish Pub on Walking Street, changed its name to Molly Malone's.

During the last few weeks McDonalds integrated McCafé into its outlets on Beach Road.

The branch at Royal Garden Plaza got a simple face-lift - but the other one near Walkingstreet a complete restauration:

The AVENUE by Night
The AVENUE, Pattaya's new impressive Shopping Plaza, is a success! Every evening the Heineken Beer Garden, Coffee World, McCafé and Starbucks attracts more and more people.

The AVENUE is new Pattaya's Meeting Point.
Heineken Beer Garden at AVENUE
Heineken Beer Garden at AVENUE

New A Go-Go:
Obsessions A Go-GO
Another new A Go-Go opened on Soi Pattayaland, next to Kitten Club at the Penthouse Hotel: Obsessions.

PHI PHI Island:
Sanus Per Aquam
200'000 litres or half of the waste water generated on Phi Phi Island per day goes untreated into public waterways.

Business operators and building owners refuse to cooperate and to build treatment ponds or fat-oil filter tanks and to use the treatment facility on the island.

A treatment plant was completed last year. The 28-million-baht plant was funded by the Danish International Development Assistance. It can handle up to 400'000 litres of waste water per day.

Price hike in Pattaya's Hotel Rooms
Pattaya's Hotel Association announced that the Hotels in Pattaya will raise the prices for their rooms.

According to the associattion Pattaya has the lowest room rates in the region and this is damaging the image of the city.

High room rates will attract sound travellers and will discourage backpackers, the association says.

Beach Road Women
Pattaya Police is looking for two young women who drugged and robbed an elderly Irishman when he took them home after meeting them at Soi 12 on Pattaya Beach Road.

They got away with money and valuables amounting to almost 200'000 baht.

Police believe these two girls have probably done this several times.

Latest Slogan
Heaven on Earth is possible - in Pattaya.

Seen on Sukhumvit Road Pattaya.

Funny News
Foreign tourists come to Thailand to visit some of the world's nicest beaches, islands and jungles. Not to mention the exceptionally diverse culture, people and the incredible food.

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Miss Thailand 2007 at Bali Hai Pier
Pattaya's New Year Countdown on December 31
New Year’s Eve celebration will begin at Bali Hai pier at 17:10 and continue through to 02:20. Highlights include concerts by popular Thai artists, comedy and some fireworks.

Visitors of the event wearing pink shirts will be able to take part in games and receive prizes.

Miss Thailand 2007, Nong Or, according to the organizer 'the most beautiful woman in Thailand', will host the evening. Happy New Year!
Holy Night with the Angels from Soi 9
After a short briefing at their head office on Soi 9, kindly supportet by Hollywood Disco's powerful speaker truck, Pattaya's Angels went off to their beloved Walking Street.
After a healthy march through the crowded Walking Street they stopped at Simons Bar Complex, where they tried to attract the beautiful ladies with their big smiles.
Sadly, with the exception off some people from the press, nobody answered their smiles. After a few minutes only, the Holy Angels left the place.

Visibly attracted by Tony's heavy 'lady' they decided to try their luck at Tony's Entertainment Complex.
But shocked by the music played at Tony's they left the Disco in panic.

At their head office in Soi 9 the Angels are used to listen to sugar cane sweet Thai Loogthung songs only.

At 01:00 the Angels from Pattaya's Police Station left Walking Street.

Apparently, December 24 2007 wasn't a lucky night for the Angels from Soi 9.

I don't know if they returned later in plain clothes, but this short visit showed them clearly:

Angels in uniforms with empty hands and pockets aren't very popular among Pattaya's Beauties.
Thai Election
Thai Election
December 23 2007:
Thai voters have delivered a damning verdict on the ruling military junta by voting for a party linked to Thaksin Shinawatra.
'This is a victory for all Thai people who unreasonably lost their freedom on September 19 2006', said Samak Sundaravej, the 72-year-old leader of the winning PPP (People Power Party).

It is expected that the Thai Military and its 'allies', the Election Commission, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), the Assets Scrutiny Committee (ASC), the Council for National Security (CNS) and the National Counter Corruption Commission (NCCC) will try to prevent that PPP will form the new Government.
iFarang: Just another Stupidity
Starting from January 1 2008,
Beach Road will be closed to weekend traffic.
The Governor of Chonburi had a remarkable idea to resolve the traffic problem on Pattaya Beach Road: He ordered to close the road to traffic on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On weekends Pattaya's Beach Road will be transformed into a Walking Street. A good idea - an old dream becomes reality.

When Beach Road is closed, the lovely Governor of Chonburi will open todays already congested Second Road to two-way traffic. A stupid concept.

You remember:
A few years ago, the northern part of Pattaya's Second Road, from Dolphin Roundabout to Pattaya's Central Road, already was open for two-way traffic. It was such a dangererous street that the responsible people decided to make it a one way road. This decision reduced the number of accidents - and saved many lifes.

Dear Governor of Chonburi, why not simply redirect the traffic to Pattaya's Third Road and make Soi Buakhaow a one way street. The people living on Third Road would be happy to see some more baht buses cruising their area and Soi Buakhaow would become less dangerous.

Why people have to die before politicians start thinking?

How much people think before they make their decisions shows the following detail: Nobody could tell me what will happen with all that one way streets connecting Second Road with Beach Road. Will they get 'Walking Streets' too or will the Sois be converted to two way streets during the weekends?

iFarang ©2007
New Russian Clubs and Restaurants
Soho Square on Walking Street
B-52: A new Dancing with Coyote Show Girls. The Dancing and the Russian Showgirls are on the Second Floor of the Building.
1st Floor: A nice Bar with Live Music. The Band likes to play the latest Hits from Russia.
Ocean 10:
Opened recently on Walking Street,
is a Russian Club with Disco too.
Baikal Russian Restaurant:
A new Russian Restaurant at the Dragon Entertainment Complex on Second Road, a few meters only from Soi 6.
Back to Life and Alcohol
Soi Buakhaow 23:45:
Police is monitoring the closure of the bars, nevertheless the first punters rush the bars to get the best seats and to welcome the arriving ladies.

Soi Buakhaow 00:01:
The Bars turn on the lights and their sound equipments. Life is back in Pattaya.

All the dancings and A Go-Go Clubs opened their doors at midnight, as well as most bars in the city and in Naklua. Only on Soi Buakhaow, on Soi 6 and at the northern end of Pattaya's Second Road some bars remain closed. We spot a surprising large number of farangs frequenting the venues.

The nightmare, ordered by the military junta is over - at least until next weekend.

Thai Law and its interpretation
The election law bans alcohol on election days. Pattaya Police ordered the closure of all entertainment venues in Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua. According to reports Bangkok's bars have been allowed to stay open - albeit with no alcohol.
Coca-Cola Marathon
Thailand is celebrating the Coca-Cola Marathon...
No alcohol will be on sale or served at any event across the country from 18:00, Friday December 14 to 24:00 on Sunday December 16 2007 as voters cast advance ballots this weekend for the general election.

The same strict regulation will be applied next week, from 18:00 on December 22 to midnight the next day, the polling day.
Don't tell Mama it's a Joke.
The order is a military dictate and is backed up with threats of draconian penalties of 90 days closure orders for violating venues. In addition violators risk a fine of up to 10,000 baht or a maximum of six years in jail, under the election law.

Farangs don't have the right to vote in Thailand - Thailand's immigration laws keep out good people - nevertheless they risk the same penalties.
Pattaya's Nightlife in the Dark
Pictures from December 14 2007
22:15: 2nd Road / Soi 2
22:15: Beer Bar Complex across from BigC Festival Center: The Lights are down. The Fun too - but hopefully it will resume on December 17 2007 at 00:01!
This document closed most Bars in Pattaya - click to enlarge
This document closed most Bars.
22:12: A lonely Lady in Soi 2.
22:12: A lonely Lady in Soi 2.
22:47: Soi Diamond in the Dark.
22:47: Soi Diamond in the Dark.
Walking Street at 22:52
Walking Street at 22:52.
22:53: Marine Disco on Walking Street
22:53: Marine Disco on Walking Street.

A Tourist from Germany:
'Scheisse - jetzt sind 5 Tage meiner Ferien im Eimer.'
(Shit - 5 days of my holidays go down the drain).

A Taxi Driver:
'We will lose a lot of money during these nights.'

A Thai Bar owner:
'The Military Junta lost confidence in its citizen - and we don't trust the military.'
Bamboo Bar at 23:15
Bamboo Bar at 23:15.

Amazing Thailand - or an unexpected problem.
I do not drink any Alcohol, no Beer, no Wine, no Whisky. Here in Thailand I am drinking fruit juices, Coke and Pepsi or Mineral Water. Living in Europe, my favorit drink is sparkling mineral water. But sparkling mineral water is virtually unknown in Thailand, therefore I usually order Soda Water with a meal.

On Friday night, when I entered one of my prefered restaurant, the service girl told me immediately: 'Today we can't serve Soda Water'.

Saturday night the same answer at another place. No Soda Water today!

The reason:
Thais usually drink Soda Water with Whisky only and the producer of Thailand's Soda Water is the brewer of Singha Beer...
The restaurants feared problems with other guest or even the police if serving Soda Water!
Amazing Thailand!
New Shopping Paradise for Bargain Hunters
Outlet Village South Pattaya
New Shopping Paradise for Bargain Hunters
On December 15 2007 Outlet Mall opened its Outlet Village.

Located a few meters only from the popular Outlet Mall, the company opens Outlet Village.

At Outlet Village you will find all the big players from the fashion world, including Adidas, Nike, Esprit and Callaway.

They all run their own shops and announced to sell all their goods at Factory Prices.

At Outlet Village you will get their 'real thing' - and not a copycat shit!

Outlet Village as well as Outlet Mall are on Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya, at the entry to Thepprasit Road.

'Original Copycat Products' are back
Original Copycat Products
A few weeks ago police raided Copycat distributors, but as usual, it took a few days only until the dealers moved the popular goods back to their shelves. With the arrival of high season and its tourists, Thailands 'Original Copycat Products' with labels from Gucci, D&G, Versace, Van Dutch, DK and others are on sale everywhere: At the markets, the small shops in the Sois and even at Shoppings Centers like Mike Plaza.
Facelifting for Soi 6 Area
The area sourrounding Pattaya's famous Soi 6 gets the long awaited facelifting.
Soi 6 facelifting
Soi 6 facelifting
On Beachroad, to the left of Soi 6 a small Shopping Complex opened. It feartures a cosy Beergarden...
Soi 6 facelifting
Soi 6 facelifting
... Scandinavia Beach Club, a very nice Scandinavian Restaurand, as well as Tai and Edani, Restaurants serving Indian-, Western- & Seafood food.
Soi 6 facelifting
Soi 6 facelifting
On the same location Subway opened a Sandwich booth and Coffee World a small shop with an open air 'Boulevard Café'.

There is also a large 7 Eleven branch.
Soi 6 facelifting
Soi 6 facelifting
On Beach Road, at the entry to Soi 6, Bangkok Bank opened an Exchange Booth with Express Banking and ATM facilities. In front of Bangkok Bank the small Stone Oven Restaurant is serving Thai and Western Food.
Soi 6 facelifting
Soi 6 facelifting
Above Bangkok Bank's new Branch Dillii Haat opened an exclusive Indian Restaurant.
Discovery Beach Hotel & Spa
Discovery Beach Hotel & Spa
And on Soi 6/1 Discovery Beach opened a beautiful Hotel & Spa, partly built in Boutique style.

Our suggestion:
Ban the traffic from Soi 6 and we all can discover a whole new Walking Area!
Soi Buakhaow discovers A Go-Go Clubs
During the last few years more and more A Go-Go Clubs opened in the Area surrounding Soi Buakhaow.

Now a new Club is on the way to enjoy your eyes.
New A Go-Go on the way...
The new Coyote club is scheduled to open during January 2008.
Club Blu is located at Soi Buakhaow, across from Stereo Music Lounge, at the corner to Soi LK Metro.
But there is still a lot of work to do...
Paradise A Go-Go Soi Buakhaow
Paradise A Go-Go at the Southern end of Soi Buakhaow was the first A Go-Go Club in this area.

It is still running hot.
Oasis A Go-Go
Soi Buakhaow's most popular A Go-Go Club is Oasis at the entry to Soi Chaiyaphoon.
Champagne A Go-Go Soi LK Metro
Gorkle A Go-Go Soi LK Metro
Champagne A Go-Go and Gorkle A Go-Go are on Soi LK Metro, only a few foot steps from Soi Buakhaow.

Soi LK Metro connects Soi Diana Inn with Soi Buakhaow. This Soi has a lot of Bars, fine Restaurants and Guest Houses as well as Lolitas, Pattaya's most popular Blow Job Club.

Pattaya Sweethearts provides more information about Pattaya's A Go-Go Clubs.
A new level of stupidity
On Friday night (Dec 14), when my wife and I went to a restaurant we were actually refused soda water. A new level of stupidity with the latest ban on alcohol during election days.

iFarang ©2007
Suvarnabhumi Airport - a disaster!
Immigration takes longer when you leave than when you arrive.

iFarang ©2007
Don Muang Airport goes International...
On December 1 2007, the Airport of Thailand (AoT) board decided to use the (old) Don Muang Airport for both local and international flights so the AoT would not be faced with the immediate and costly expansion of the congested (and new) Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thai Airways International assured the public on December 3 2007 that THAI and the 17 other members of Star Alliance will not resume flight services at Don Muang.

The problem with congestion at Suvarnabhumi should be resolved through proper management.

Having two airports in one city will create more problems for ground staff and for passengers.

Airports should be managed by professionals and not by politicians or peoples from the military.
iFarang ©2007
It is expected that there will be 14'000 people newly-infected HIV cases in Thailand in 2007.

About 45% of the new cases are believed to be found in female teenagers and housewives while 20% are believed to be found in homosexual men.

The average age of youths who had sex for the first time was 15, according to a report by the Public Health Ministry, a drop from 18 in previous studies.
Deadly Thai Aids
Two studies have found that people infected with the type of HIV in Thailand die from Aids significantly sooner than people infected and living in other parts of the world.

The shorter survival time measured in the studies suggests that HIV subtype E, which is the most common HIV subtype in Thailand, may be more virulent than other subtypes of the virus.
Asus Eee PC
Asus Eee PC
ASUS Eee PC is available now at Tukcom Pattaya.

The mini PC weights 0.92 kg only and includes WLAN, a 320'000 pixel camera, stereo speakers, a microphone, a 7" color display and a pre-installed Linux or Windows XP Operating System.
Size: 22.5 x 16.5 cm.

Price: 9000 - 17'000 Baht.
Price depends on the Accu (4400 or 5200 mAh), the installed memory and the OS.
The computer comes in four different colors.

The company expects shipments may reach one million units for the first quarter of 2008 and five million Eee PCs in 2008. Asustek Computer was forced to place emergency orders with its component suppliers.
Ireland is to ban the traditional lightbulb with householders forced to switch to new long-life low-energy bulbs.
The new long-life low-energy bulbs are popular in Thailand and cheap too. The bulbs from Philips cost about 100 Baht only at homeWorks.

For more bargains please visit our Shopping Page.

iFarang ©2007
Clean up the Beach
Clean up the Beach
Report bribe requests
BRIBEline is a website collecting information about the official or quasi-official entities - governments, international organizations, security forces, state-owned enterprises, etc. - around the world that solicit bribes.

Bribes include payments in cash or services, gifts, donations to specific charities or organizations, business or personal favors - anything of value to the recipient that is given in order to obtain a needed service, gain market access, win new business, or avoid harm to your personal or business interests. A request for a bribe could be a clear demand or a more subtle suggestion.

You know if you have been hit up for a bribe. Report it here.
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