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October 2008
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Utopia reopens
Utopia reopens
Utopia A-Go-Go, the upstairs bar above Utopia Lounge, on Soho Square (off Walking Street) re-opened after a successful renovation.

Walking Street on TV
Walking Street on TV
On October 24 we discovered another Thai TV crew shoooting scenes on Walking Street.

Open for Illusions
Illusion Open
Pattaya destroys a lot of illusions, but for a few an Illusion will turn into a reality:
Illusion Open
Illusion Pattaya Club, the new venue replacing Top Girls A-Go-Go opened on October 24 2008.
The new club has two doors, one on Soi 14 and another one on Soi 15. Buffoons call the new venue already 'Pattaya's first sandwich club'.

Ocean 10 Club closed
On October 23 Ocean 10 Club on Walking Street was closed again, but a poster tells that the club will be open on October 31 for a Halloween Party.
Opens for Halloween Party
In the meantime the bar gets again some 'improvements'.
Ocean 10 gets some improvements

Lights out for Night Out
Light out for Night Out
Entertainment complex Night Out, Soi 7, shut the lights down. Work is already on the way to create something new.

First the venue was known as Oliver Twist, then it changed its name to Bennigans and now it is branded as BOSCO'S.
Probably the work of its neighbour ALIBABA...

Sleeps well
Sleeps well
Thai children can sleep anywhere. This boy sleeps even on Walking Street at his father's (noisy) CD booth.

Sunthorn Thasai, editor of the mass-circulation Thai-language daily Thai Rath, said fear has gripped the media, and journalists are too afraid these days to exercise their freedoms and to report the whole truth.
Pitiful journalists, they have to please the military, the police, the government, the PAD, Bangkok's ruling elite, the advertisers, their bosses and their bank accounts.
I'm a happy man, I only have to please my wife, but, believe it or not, that's a full time job too.

Cool Girls bye bye
2 clubs closed on Soi 14:
So-Cool Coyote Dance Club and Top Girls A-Go-Go closed their doors.

Hotel Occupancies
Hotel occupancies in Pattaya dropped to just 30%. Investors are postponing new projects.
Tiffany Show lost about 50% of its guests. The number of Korean tourists, its main customers, has plunged 90%.
'This is the greatest crisis for tourism businesses in Pattaya since I have been in business' a spokesman from Tiffany Pattaya said.

At the second floor of Central Plaza (2nd Road), just in front of the Nokia Mobile Phone Shop, is a collecting box for used Batteries & Accus.
The only one we know in 'green' Pattaya.

Fun at Night
Fun at Night
EasyKart Racing, about 500 meters from Bali Hai Pier.

Clock Tower Pattaya
Clock Tower
Pattaya's new landmark at Bali Hai Pier will be ready for Loy Kratong (November 12 2008).
Clock Tower Pattaya
Hopefully Pattaya's Clock Tower will get four Lolex (Rolex inspired) watches.
We assume that the clocks will show the correct time at least once a month.

Pattaya City Hall apparently renamed Pattaya Naklua...
Pattaya Nakua?
... to Pattaya Nakua. Reason: unknown.
By the way: Some bar owners suggest to rename City Hall to Shitty Hall - up to you!

Insomnia Gentlemen’s Club changed its name to Gentlemen’s Club.
Insomnia Gentlemen’s Club changed its name to Gentlemen’s Club
Insomnia sold the club.

Rock Club in the Dark
Rock Club in the Dark
(Lam Morrison's) Rock Club closed its door.
You can meet Lam Morrison himself at 'The Blues Factory' on Soi Lucky Star.

Easy money
A recent study found that more and more people in Thailand are in the sex trade because they can make easy money.
More than half of these sex workers earned about 20'000 Baht a month, which is quite high compared with what factory or even office workers can earn in this country.

Hard money
The girls selling goods at the small booths you find at shopping centers get about 4'500 Baht a month and a 2% provision.
Hard money
The monthly turnover of a booth is between 45'000 and about 100'000 Baht, the presence time up to 13 hours/day.
The monthly rent for a sleeping room is between 2'800 and 4'000 Baht (including water, electricity and cable TV).
Unfurnished rooms cost between 1'500 and 2'000 Baht/month (excluding water and electricity).

Thai culture minister
likes to push
phallus amulets
Thai culture minister pushes phallus amulets
Thailand's newly appointed Culture Minister has announced plans to promote the sale of black magic amulets, including phallus and buffalo-shaped ones, as souvenirs for tourists.

Busy Club Oasis
Nice bodies at Soi Buokhaow's A-Go-Go.

Popcorn closed
Popcorn A-Go-Go on Soi Pattayaland closed
Popcorn A-Go-Go on Soi Pattayaland closed and is up for sale.

Grand Prix boosts escort girls business
The world's first Formula One night race in Singapore has ignited a boom in demand for 'social escorts'.
One agent said he has booked a starlet for 960'000 Baht for six hours of work.
Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore.

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Pattaya News Flash October 2008
NightWalker's News
15 Minutes only
It needs 15 minutes of heavy rains only to show how much City Hall takes care of its citizen and its tourists.
Pattaya under water Pattaya under water
Pattaya under water Pattaya under water
Pattaya under water Pattaya under water
Pattaya under water Pattaya under water
Pattaya under water Pattaya under water
Jomtien Soi 5 Immigration Office under water Jomtien Soi 5 Immigration Office under water
October 21 2008. We took the photos between 15:20 and 16:50.
Since more than 20 years every time the same story: A few minutes heavy rainfalls and streets between 3rd Road and Soi Buokhaow and between Beach Road and 2nd Road are flooded for hours.
If City Hall's deeds can't hit national or international headlines the Mayor and his crew simple don't do anything.
Mr. D goes Walking Street
Mr. D goes Walking Street
Film Crew on Walking Street
On Tuesday October 21 at about 22:00 a film crew with some cars from Thai Channel 3 blocked Walking Street. As usual, Tourist police was on help. Hopefully the crew doesn't create some new negative publicity...
At least the drivers of the trucks (labeled 'Mr. D go inter') couldn't stop looking at the coyote dancers from Utopia when they had to left the scene.
Tony's Bizarr Shopping Plaza (coming soon)
Tony's Bizarr Shopping Plaza
Pattaya's wizard and his mixture:
Tony's international food court. Tony's bazaar village. Tony's fairground. Tony's carnival. Tony's version of Covent Garden. Tony's Beer Garden. Tony's museum of King Rama V. Everything under one single roof and everybody can participate with an monthly investment of 3'500 Baht. Benefactor Tony doesn't ask any tea or key money.
The only thing we are really missing:
Colonel Tony as statue greeting all visitors at the entry: 'Hello - I am Pattaya'.
No Time or no Money?
No Time or no Money? Since many weeks the street at the crossover South Pattaya Road / 3rd Road is badly damaged, but City Hall doesn't have the time or the money to initiate a repair.
It's an ordeal for any shock absorber and a danger for every driver of a motorcycle or a bicycle.
City Hall:
Please initiate the repair!
Changing Pattaya
Central Plaza
Top: The new Central Festival shopping complex on Soi 9 will open during 2009.
Buffoons told me, that the windows are an inspiration from Walking Street's Polo Club: To attract customers from Asian & Arab countries, the Central Group already hired a few hundreds A-Go-Go Dancers from Russia...
Right: Formerly known as Palladium, the empty entertainment complex is still looking for investors.
Palladium Lease
Good Bye Democracy
Welcome back to Military Junta
On October 16 2008 Thai Army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda said Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat should resign to take responsibility for the Oct 7 clashes between police and PAD's (People's Alliance for Democracy) demonstrators.
He made his statement in an hour-long interview on TV Channel 3, just hours after the Army greeted Prime Minister Somchai with a warm welcome when he officially assumed his duties at the Defence Ministry.
It is the very same Army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda that refused to use force against the PAD demonstrators who have occupied Government House since late August, despite the latter having committed serious violations of the law.
On October 17 2008 army spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said that Army chief Anupong Paochinda has not given any special orders following his demand for Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to take responsibility but he accepted that the political situation is now gloomy, and he himself cannot predict what is going to happen in the future...
On Friday the PAD resumed its street rallies in Bangkok.
About 5'000 anti-government protesters stopped traffic in central Bangkok, distributing graphic photos and CDs showing wounds sustained by protesters in their clashes with police last week.
The ruling elite is supporting PAD's strategy to paralyse the administration and the country. It says that rural voters in Thailand are too poorly educated to be allowed to elect a parliament.
PAD is openly suggesting that the military be made a legitimate player in Thai politics.
Former deputy prime minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh says a military-led coup d'etat is the only way to resolve the political strife.
With their protests PAD is trying to encourage the military to stage another coup d'etat.
PAD is not - and never has been - a democratic movement.
The abbreviation 'PAD' should stay for 'People Against Democracy'.
Soho Square Setback
No Opening Party
Soho Counter
Counter Club on Soho Square was
scheduled to open on October 15,
but we couldn't spot any workers at
the scene during the last few weeks.
It seems the owners got cold feet...
Russian ladies are catching up visitors
Russian dancers from B-52 club are trying to attract visitors for their club.

They are missing their compatriots...
Soho Counter
The comeback of the shopping booth at Soho Square: Smaller and more appealing - but empty.
Absolut Club Soho Square
The icy Absolut Club got packed into a black foil. Perhaps it should get shipped to the hell. In an artist's picture the empty chair would be symbolic, but fortunately the picture was taken by NightWalker and he isn't an artist.
Soho Square is the most beautiful place in the Walking Street area. Nevertheless it has a lot of problems to attract visitors.
No new Coyote Club but a nice new Bar
Hot Legs Bar Hot Legs Bar
Some publication announced the Hot Legs Bar at Jomtien Plaza falsely as a Coyote Bar. Its a very nice (sports) bar with free internet, pool table, TV and some sexy girls, but sorry, we couldn't spot any coyote dancers nor any stages.
El Coyote Club at Jomtien Complex
and just around the corner from Hot Legs Bar has a few cuties waiting for you too.
El Coyote Club
BBC News reports heavy gun fire between Thailand and Cambodia at the Preah Vihear Temple Site.
The dispute first flared in July 2008 after the temple was awarded world heritage status by the United Nations cultural body UNESCO. Thailand's PAD nationalists got angry. They still are claiming ownership of the temple site, which was awarded to Cambodia in 1962 by the International Court of Justice.
Tensions escalated into a military confrontation in which up to 1'000 Cambodian and Thai troops faced off for more than two months.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had given Thailand an ultimatum on October 13 2008 to withdraw troops from a disputed stretch of border within 24 hours or Cambodian forces would turn the area into a death zone.
But Thai border commander Major General Kanok Netrakavaesana said his troops were merely on patrol.
'The Thai army has a responsibility to take care of the area. We stay where we stay. We are prepared for a confrontation with Cambodia if the months-long spat on the border should escalate. Army, navy and air force are ready for confrontation in the area. We are confident in our potential to defend Thailand's sovereignty.' Major General Kanok Netrakavaesana said.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army, Gen Anupong Paochinda, ordered Thai troops at the Thai-Cambodian border to retaliate immediately, should the Cambodian soldiers start attacking them. He told Thai troops at the border area to use both lethal and nonlethal weapons, should they are under attack. Troops from the 6th Infantry Division were put on standby. They are backed by navy ships (?/!) off Trat province and air force jet fighters and the C-130 transport aircraft.
It seems to be very boring to have to stay in the baracks only...
Preah Vihear (also known as Prasat Phra Viharn), the disputed 11th-century Hindu temple perched on a 525-metre high cliff on the Dongrak mountain range that defines the Thai-Cambodian border. The temple is near Si Sa Ket's Kantharalak district, about 100 km from Si Sa Ket.
Around 900 Cambodian families live around the temple, however the temple can practicably only be accessed from Thailand.
The relation between both country was very good during the former Prime Minister Thaksin regime. This tension is caused by PAD's international policy.
It is simply unthinkable that the Cambodian side would agree to disregard the 1962 International Court of Justice ruling just because a few Thai officials in uniforms supporting PAD wish to turn back the clock and get a second chance.
Change of Format
Change of Format From Shopping Plaza
to Entertainment Complex
The unsuccessful shopping centre at the Bali Hai Pier tries to change its format from Bali Hai Plaza to Bali Hai Entertainment Complex.
It promise key money free rental space for any entertainment or restaurant business.
Change of Format
Ghost Town Pattaya?
New order from Banglamung for Bars
16:00 Soi 6: Most Bars closed
On October 07 2008 Banglamung officials swept through the city, presenting bar owners an official letter telling them that all bars have to remain closed until 18:00.
British Bulldog Bar Soi 6 for sale
British Bull Dog Bar on Soi 6 already on the block.
On October 11 City Hall decided that bars can open at 16:00. The outside ladies have to be dressed respectably and should not hassle the passers by.
In a third meeting on October 15 with bar owners from Soi 6 City Hall agreed to allow bars on Soi 6, 7 & 8 to resume afternoon operations in exchange for limiting the number of girls to two well dressed welcome staff ladies. Nevertheless the bars cannot turn on sign lights until 18:00.
Any bar that doesn't follow the latest rules will be shut down for two months.
As you can see, nothing changed in Pattaya. With the new Mayor we face the same information chaos as before. City Hall speaks before it switchs on its brain.
Stop Walking .....
With no ladies on the street we discovered some funny signboards on Soi 6...
October 08 2008 on Soi 2:
Empty bars at 17:00.
The reason for
the recent crackdown:

Pattaya's leaders and
its Mr. Clean-Up
went into panic mode!
17:00 Soi 2: Bar closed
Pattaya's leaders went into panic mode after several Belgian media outlets published reports claiming that about one third of the citizens in the greater Pattaya area are involved in selling sex. The negative publicity was created by the release of a new Belgian TV drama on Pattaya.
Our new Pattaya Mayor Mr. Clean-Up Itthiphol Khunpluem called an emergency meeting and said the sensationalist stories would damage tourism to Pattaya.
According to City Hall, the 'final straw' that prompted Tuesday's crackdown was not the Belgian TV show, but a separate non-fiction broadcast. But according to Pattaya's Mayor it wasn't a TV program but a report in the Flemish-language newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. It told its readers that Pattaya is a large sex capital with ladies selling sex services for 250-1'000 Baht.
During the meeting City Hall decided to create a new website to promote a positive image of Pattaya and to immediately set up a public relations team to monitor negative publicity about Pattaya in the international news.
City officials have made it clear that the daytime bars are just the first step in an overall Pattaya image-improvement plan.
Walking Street will be next. Pattaya Deputy Mayor Wattana Juntanawaranon specifically mentioned that girls in revealing clothing are high on the priority list of things to change. Police will patrolling bars and personally fining any hostess dressed improperly. Walking Street’s many touts will be the next target, the Deputy Mayor said.
Pattaya has to clean up its image by encouraging all bars and entertainment venues to have stricter rules for the girls and discourage them from dressing provocatively.
But the question remains, what has Pattaya to offer - apart from its nightlife? Counterfeit software, counterfeit t-shirts, counterfeit DVDs, counterfeit electronic goods and watches, unusable sidewalks, deadly traffic and dirty beaches.
Perhaps Pattaya can promote its dentists and its foot massage parlours as its main attractions: Amazing Thailand - Unseen Pattaya.
But don't forget:
Pattaya is pure world-class Entertainment and City Hall, its Mayor, its Officials and even its Police are part of it.
How to catch up women
Promise 'new skin' and your shop is full of attractive women.
How to catch up women
With stupidity the gods themselfs struggle in vain.
2nd and 3rd floor of Goodfellas Tavern and Sports Bar on Walking Street will open soon ...
31% of Thailand's population are drinkers
Public Health Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung launched a campaign to ban alcohol sales on public holidays.
According to Thailand's Public Health Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung 31% or 16 million of the population are drinkers. Nine million of them drink alcohol on a regular basis.
Mr. Chalerm assigned the Disease Control Department to consider invoking Article 28 of the Alcohol Beverage Control Act of 2008, which prohibits the sale of alcohol on public holidays such as New Year's Day, Songkran and religious holidays.
The new regulation would also prohibit liquor sales outside of 11:00-14:00 and 17:00 - midnight.
Violators would face up to six months in jail and/or up to a 10'000 Baht fine.
Update: On October 24 2008 Public Health Minister Chalerm Yubamrung has scrapped his idea of banning the sale and drinking of alcohol over the New Year holidays. The minister said he did not want to ban alcoholic drinks during the festive season. The ban could hurt the tourism industry, he said.
Pattaya's perfect Formula One Circuit. Printed Courtesy of PAPPA Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved.
City Hall and its Mayor Ittipon Khunpluem are known as clever people.
After the phenomenal success of Singapore's Grand Prix Night and the worldwide coverage of the event Pattaya's big people decided that Formula One has to come to Pattaya ASAP (as soon as possible).
'No other event can generate as much money and publicity in practically no time. That's exactly what we need - no work, but a lot of money. The ladies in Pattaya already got it - and City Hall can do it too - we learn quickly.'
City Hall said that Pattaya is a modern tourism city that already has a high international reputation among fast and reckless drivers of cars and motorcycles.
'Pattaya also has the perfect infrastructure to host such an event', City Hall said.
'We not only have endless numbers of High Class Bars, A-Go-Go Clubs and other Entertainment Places, Pattaya also has a lot of First Class Hotels, Restaurants, Escort Services and Massage Parlours - and Beach Road, Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Arthachinda Road, Third Road and North Road make a perfect Formula One Circuit. Pattaya can outperform Singapore in almost every case.'
'Pattaya Police and its well trained Volunteers can handle all security problems and our sophisticated Sophon TV crew is capable to capture whole the event and transmit it to the rest of the world. City Hall itself has a proven record of large event organisations and we are well-known for our last minute decisions.'
Bang Saen, a village about 50km in front of Pattaya and 'managed' by the father of our new Mayor, already has its Bang Saen Grand Prix.
Pattaya is world-class entertainment - with or without Formula One!
But with Formula One in Pattaya venues like Sisterz, Super Baby, Super Girl & Co. would get just another opportunity to jacking up the price of their barfines and our beloved Mayor Ittipon Khunpluem could top his father.
Mike Group
New Hotel on Soi 8 open for booking
The fully renovated Prince Hotel on Soi 8 finaly got its new name: Baron Beach Hotel. The new hotel is part of Mike Group. The group runs the Smile Court, the Mike Hotel on Second Road and Mike Beach Resort and Mike Orchid resort on Soi 4, the Michael Inn Apartments on Third Road as well as some House Estates on Soi Kao Noi.
But Mike Group is best known for its shopping malls. Mike Plaza at the southern end of Second Road and Mike Shopping Mall on Beach Road are Pattaya's largest outlets for copycat clothes. From Verasace labeled underwear to Dior printed T-shirts, all the big trademarks are on sale at Mike.
The Mike family is one of Pattaya's most powerful family. Nevertheless, their attempt to win the position as Pattaya's Mayor failed.
Toxic Milk Scandal
Thailand's policy is that news reports should not have a negative impact on Chinese products.
Public Health Minister Chalerm Yubamrung and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have sought to downplay the Chinese powdered milk scandal, saying the issue could affect trade ties between Thailand and China.
The Melamine-tainted milk is known to have killed at least four babies, made about 54,000 ill and left 13,000 hospitalised with kidney problems across China.
In Thailand the FDA found samples of two of 14 products imported and produced by Dutch Mill Co were tainted. Another 60 tonnes of milk powder imported by the same company has been held up at Samut Prakan port for testing.
Livestock officials have also found traces of the toxic substance in domestic and imported animal food sold since early this year. Of 450 samples, six, including crushed fish, had Melamine levels of between 17.4mg/kg and 1,000mg/kg. Five were from areas in Nakhon Pathom, while the other was imported. The officials did not publish the country of the the imported sample.
As expected, the Melamine scandal is not limited to China and to dairy products only. Officials have also found the toxic substance in candies and chocolates imported from China. Cadbury, Mars and Nestlé had to remove some of their products from the shelfes. Authorities in Switzerland say tests have found Melamine in S&P milk cookies from Thailand and LemonPuff Munchee candies from Sri Lanka.
On October 25 2008 Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety said Melamine has been found for the first time in eggs imported from China. The Centre annonced that testing for Melamine will be expanded to non-dairy products such as meat samples.
Provincial public health offices in Thailand have begun asking shops and department stores to pull Mali non-sweetened condensed milk off the shelves after the Food and Drug Administration ordered manufacturers to recall the product.
Dr. Pipat from Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said consumers should not be too alarmed as there was no grave risk to public health...
That's Thailand.
Finally open
Peaches on Walking Street
Peaches opened on October 01 2008 on Walking Street.
On Saturday October 04 the bar celebrated the opening with a big party.
New On Soi 7 / Beach Road
Lovely Corner Bar on Soi 7 / Beach Road
Lovely Corner Bar on Soi 7 / Beach Road At the corner of Soi 7 / Beach Road the all new 'Lovely Corner Bar' replaces the former Poppy Bar.
It's a large black bar with live music, comfortable seats and nice ladies.
It even has some space if you should be in the mood for dancing.
New On Soi 8
Jenny Bar Soi 8 Jenny Bar Soi 8
The new Jenny Bar on Soi 8 is just another variation of a 'Girls behind Glas' bar that are emerging in Soi 8.
Bada Bing A-Go-Go Soi 8
Jenny Bar is a few meters only from Silverstar A-Go-Go, Bada Bing A-Go-Go and the new Baron Beach Hotel.
As New
New Hotel: White Inn Soi Pratamnak/Soi 15
New Hotel: White Inn Soi Pratamnak/Soi 15 New Hotel: White Inn Soi Pratamnak/Soi 15
A cozy hotel reopened after a complete renovation at the corner of Soi Pratamnak / Soi 15: White Inn.
Soho Square Map
Soho Square Map
The latest Soho Square Map isn't up-to-date: Ice Pack and Taboo already closed and Sangkeaw Boat Service area is being transfered into an new bar complex.
Amazing Tourism Authority of Thailand
Censorship in Thailand
Children of the Dark is a Japanese-made film on child prostitution in Thailand and tells the story of a Japanese activist and journalist who try to secure young Thai girls from the sex trade.
TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has withdrawn the movie from the Bangkok International Film Festival 2008. TAT said that Children of the Dark presents Thailand in a bad light...
Paper cannot wrap up embers, a film from Cambodia that looks at the sex trade in Cambodia passed TAT's censorship, but another movie from Japan, Nanayo, about a Japanese woman who comes to Thailand to learns Thai massage got screened too.
Comments superfluous.
Beautiful Pattaya
Beautiful Pattaya
Sexy Pattaya
Beautiful Pattaya
Foreign Husbands
New survey shows:
Foreign husbands of women from Thailand's Buriram province are pumping 230 million Baht (6.7 million US$) into the local economy each year in remittances and spending.
Most of the foreign husbands were British, followed by Germans, French and Italians, and the Mayority were aged 51 to 60.
Most of the women cited 'a better life and financial security' as their main reason for marrying a foreigner.
Financial Crisis
The current financial crisis brings large losses to local economy and huge problems to Thai families.
The loss in currency exchange from Euro countries is about 20% with each transfer.
If the daughter is married to a man from Iceland the loss is an alarming 50%.
In the past foreign husbands have proved to be good providers for the local economy.
Now the affected Thai families should establish an association protecting their assets and asking the government for help.
Banks around the world showed how to squeeze out the last penny from their governments.
Tattoos by Armani...
High quality tattoos have became a symbol of higher status, just like wearing an Armani suit or a Rolex...
Last Word
Girls are naturally tougher. They are willing to go through much more in the name of beauty... and money.
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