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September 2008
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Money lost
According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the current political crisis has cost Thailand 2.6 billion baht in lost tourism revenue.
TAT should collect the lost money from PAD and its sponsors.

U.S. Navy in Pattaya
Early October USS Ronald Reagan will give its crew four days of 'unrestricted' liberty in Pattaya.
During November USS George Washington will boost the local economy during 6 days.

In case of emergency: 7-Eleven
All 7-Eleven stores in Pattaya and Koh Chang have become emergency police contact points for tourists.
Tourists can telephone Tourist Police for assistance directly from all 7-Eleven stores 24 hours a day.
In Pattaya the emergency number is 1337, on Koh Chang it is 1155.

Honey wasn't healthy
Honey A-Go-Go in front of the Honey Inn Hotel on Soi Honey closed its door. The venue is on the block.

Shenanigans Specials

On Saturday September 20 2008 Tesco/Lotus on Sukhumvit Road sold a 1.5 litre bottle of its Tesco Cola at 12 Baht. At its outlet on Pattaya North Road you had to pay 19.5 Baht for the same bottle.
It wasn't the first time I discoverd large price differences for the same goods at the two outlets.
A few days before Tesco/Lotus on North Road sold a computer table for 299 Baht, the same day the Sukhumvit outlet asked 699 baht for the very same table.

New Beer Garden
New Beer Garden
Soho Square tries to attract more customers with its new 'Beer Garden'.

Stay at home
Just another reason to stay at home:
Thailands new Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat is Pol Lt Col Thaksin Shinawatra’s younger brother-in-law.
The Gang of 9, also known as the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), already insisted it will not accept Mr. Somchai as the new premier.
The Gang of 9 will carry on demonstrating at Government House.

Chaotic Thailand
Because of the chaotic political situation in Thailand foreign arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport had fallen by one-third the normal level.
Hotels, airlines and tour operators have seen massive cancellations in bookings as 14 countries have issued advisories warning their citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Thailand.

Political unrest affects Thailand's tourism
According to the Thai Tourism Services Association the number of international arrivals having fallen by 70 per cent and that of local tourists by 60 per cent.
The association conceded the political standoff had directly impacted the tourism business.
Almost all Chinese tourists had cancelled trips to Thailand upon concern over the ongoing political unrest.

No Insurance
Be warned: AOT (airport) limousines run on Thailands roads without insurance.

Sushi ?
The word Sushi doesn't mean anything else than 'seasoned rice'.

Sweet Times on Walking Street
Sweet Times Saloon
Sweet Times Saloon replaces Coleen's Bar on Walking Street.

A Threat for Microsoft
September 02 2008:
Google launched its own Internet Browser.
Download it for free.

Same procedure as last time.
August 18 2008:
100 police officers and 50 volunteers conducted a massive sweep of Pattaya’s beachfront to get rid (?) of prostitutes, transvestites, hawkers and beggars.
About 200 female prostitutes, homeless men and flower vendors were fined 100 baht each, another 29 tested positive for drugs face charges.
Most are back on the streets.

24 Hours same Color
South Pattaya Road / Second Road
This light never change its color - it remains red during 24 hours.

On the Block:
Carousel Club A-Go-Go on Soi Diamond and
Ice (the new Coyote Club) on Soi LK Metro.

Funny Sign
Funny Sign seen at Carrefour Pattaya
On Walking Street
On Walking Street
Whether or not people approve of the current Thai government, the fact remains that it was legally elected.
If the people in the government are incompetent, vote them out. If they are corrupt, take them to the courts. Blockading airports, streets or TV-stations and building barricades is not the answer.
The People's Alliance for Democracy's (PAD) campaign against the Samak Sundaravej government has plunged the country into anarchy.
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Pattaya News Flash September 2008
NightWalker's News
Living in an Icebox
Living in an Icebox
Need time to cool down?
-5º icebar on Soi Phettrakun (the street behind BigC North Pattaya) is kept at –5 degrees all year round, with the bar, glasses and furniture made of crystal clear ice. The venue runs a restaurant called -5 superclub at air-con temperature.
From 77 Yamoto to Las Vegas
From 77 Yamoto to Las VegasFrom 77 Yamoto to Las Vegas
77 Bar was the name of a new Girlie Club on Soi Yamoto, a few meters only from the well-known Wonderfulbar Bar.
As announced last month it transfered itself into an A-Go-Go Club and changed its name to 'Las Vegas Go Go'.
Bamboo Boo Malibu
Bamboo Boo Bamboo Boo
Bamboo Boo
Bamboo Boo Malibu has opened at the site of the old Malibu Bar at the corner of 2nd Road and Soi Post Office. It featuring a live band and some disco music in a mix. As its big sister on South Road it provides a small dance floor too. According to the 'menu' the new venue is also supporting Pattaya's 'new' Hineken beer.
Peaches on Walking Street
New Bar pays 3'500 Baht/month for sexy peaches
Peaches on Walking Street
Peaches, the new small bar in front of Lollipop A-Go-Go will open soon. At the moment the bar is looking for sexy peaches. Dear Mamasan, Villa Market at the Avenue at least has tasty ones - and they don't ask 3'500 Baht/month.
Heart Attack ?
Heart Attack ?
Heart Attack ?
In the Dark
Once announced as 'the new heart of entertainment in Pattaya', the site is deserted since many months.
Heart Attack ?
Construction Sites on Walking Street
Nang Nual
Nang Nual Restaurant
Concert stage on Soho Square
Concert stage on Soho Square
Goodfellows will open soon
Goodfellows or Goodfellas, announced as the new meeting point on Walking Street, will open soon. The bar on the ground floor already changed its name to Goodfellas... - Same name, but - until today - not same services as on Soi 6.
Entry to Goodfellows on Soi Lucky
New entry to Goodfellows (or Goodfellas) on Soi Lucky
Lobster Pot got a new entry
Lobster Pot gots a new entry
Tuna Bar
Tuna Bar on Walking Street got a 'New Zealand Natural' Ice Cream Booth, new colors and a new stage.
New Beer Bars across from Soho Square
The new Beer Bars across from Soho
New Beer Bars across from Soho Square
Square will open soon.
Friendly Takeover
From September 12 to September 16 2008 Pattaya was occupied by the U.S. Navy
An aircraft carrier and a destroyer made a port call in Sattahip.
The two ships had a combined complement of 6,018 men and women, most of whom participated in the four-day 'rest & relaxation' Pattaya visit.
It is anticipated that the U.S. military forces spended about 200 million Baht during the four-day visit, or 8'300 Baht (US$ 250) per day and person.
The visit was a godsend to Pattaya’s economy.
Friendly Takeover
With the exception of Pattaya's noisiest area every bar tried hard to welcome
the soldiers and their money.
The area around Soi Marina Plaza, usually a meeting point of Arab people, was virtually closed - empty and quiet.
Lollipop A-Go-Go on Walking Street replaced its lovely 'receptionists' by respect teaching Lady Boys.
Friendly Takeover Friendly Takeover Friendly Takeover
Friendly Takeover
Art Market on Walking Street from September 12 to 14
Art Market on Walking Street from September 12 to 14 2008.
Art Market on Walking Street from September 12 to 14 2008. Art Market on Walking Street from September 12 to 14 2008.
Tony's Shopping Mall on 3rd Road
Tony's Shopping Mall
Tony's Shopping Mall on 3rd Road Tony's Shopping Mall on 3rd Road
Full action at Utopia Lounge
Full action at Utopia Lounge
Full action at Utopia Lounge on Soho Square, but the A-Go-Go Club on its second floor was closed during the last few days.
Nice Idea
Pattaya Beer Garden Pattaya Beer Garden
Chillin' or Lookin' beer mats will make everyones intentions more transparent.
The beer mats are green for go on one side and red for stop on the other.
Hollywood Plaza Hollywood's attractive vehicle can be seen very often in South Pattaya at the former Hollywood Disco site - now called Hollywood Plaza - and occupied by new apartment- & shop-houses and a small nightmarket.
New A-Go-Go
Air Port Club
Air Port Club opened on Walking Street.
Ignore the boys in front of the door. It's a girlie club and belongs to the same owner who runs Nui’s Club, Smile Rock Girl's, Hot Girls, Pinky Girl, New Star and the new Playgirl A-Go-Go that opened last month on top of Air Port Club.
Air Port Club also introduced an all new beer: Hineken Draught ...
New Food Court
New Food Court
Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya (Sukhumvit Road) improved its popular Food Court: New kitchens with new foods - a cozy place. Food starts at 25 Baht/meal.
Pattaya Taxi
Pattaya TaxiPattaya got its own Taxis
You can order the yellow and blue cabs by phone (038-368113) or book them on Second Road in front of the Avenue and on Beach Road at Mike Shopping Mall.
The Avenue
Google Phone
Google Phone
T-Mobile, HTC and Google presented Google's first mobile phone.
The G1 is a dual-band HSDPA (1700/2100) and quad-band GSM device.
Built by HTC, the phone features a 320x480 touch screen, a hidden QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3G, and an accelerometer. Integrated on the G1's keyboard is a trackball for thumb-based navigation, a 3-megapixel camera and a dedicated Internet and phone search button.
Electric Car
General Motors just presented its all new (environment friendly ?)electric car, the Volt.
During the presentation, GM forget to answer my question: Where they got the electricity from?
From gas, charcoal or oil?
Here in Thailand Big C and Carrefour are selling electric motorcycles from China.
When I ask the selling persons where the electricy comes from to recharge the batteries, they told me:
From the power sockets.
Copycat Products
This camera, made by a Chinese manufacturer, is on sale at MBK Center in Bangkok for about 3'000 Baht and is labeled as Sony 8 Megapixels Digital Camera...
False Sony Camera
Most MP3 and MP4 Players on sale at MBK, Pantip Plaza and other locations, including Tukcom Pattaya, are (falsely) labeled as iPod or Sony Products...
The Thai distributors buy the goods brandless from the manufacturers and are adding the false brands later in Thailand.
At markets and at a lot of other outlets you can buy Sunglases between 50 & 100 Baht.
The vendors claim that the glases have 100 % UV protection. If you examine the glases you even can discover a professionally engraved 'Ray Ban' trademark.
The glases as well as the vendors tell a lie.
Last Word
Thai government can't change the life of the poors - but business can.
Mechai Viravaidya
(known as Mr. Condom)
In Thailand condoms are called 'mechais'.
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