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March 2009
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A Go-Go closed
Pattaya Sweethearts reports that Utopia A Go-Go on Soho Square closed its doors during the last weekend of this month. Utopia's Lounge remains open.

Arm Wrestling at
Royal Garden Plaza
Arm Wrestling at Royal Garden Plaza

Free Education
Thailand's Ministry of Education has put the 15-year free education policy into action after transferring more than 18 billion Baht to local schools.
The free education policy covers fees for education, books, educational tools, student uniforms and recreational activities.
About 11.8 million students nationwide will benefit.
Most Thai people believe this information is a joke - it's not - it's true!

New Name
New name for a 45 days old club
K A Go-Go is the new name for the ~ 45 days old Counter A Go-Go Club on Soho Square.

New Hotel
Sabai Empress
On March 20 2009 the all new Sabai Empress Hotel on 2nd Road opened, a few meters only from Pattaya's famous Sabaidee Massage.

On the Block
Sportsman's Inn on Soi 6 is on the block.
The Sportsman's Inn on Soi 6 is on the block.

No more Popcorn
Pattaya Sweethearts reports that Popcorn A Go-Go on Pattayaland closed its door again.

Seen on Soi 16
X Zone A Go-Go

Tony's heavyweights
The nights get warm in Pattaya and Tony's heavyweights like to welcome the guests on Walking Street.
Tony's heavyweights
How about a few weeks at Tony's Fitness Club?

A-Go-Go News
Pattaya Sweethearts reports that Pinkys A Go-Go on Walking Street closed during the first week of March 2009 and that X Zone at Covent Garden, Soi 16, off Walking Street, opened X Zone 2 in the old Taboo Club at Covent Garden.

Smog Alarm
Northern Thailand is under smog alarm.
Thailand's farmers didn't learn anything from last years problems.
They burn their fields and hurt Thailand's citizens and Thailand's tourism industry again.

Silver Star 3
Silver Star 3
Silver Star 3 A-Go-Go on Walking Street has now the most professional entry of all venues on Walking Street.

Change the name and change it again and again and ...
A few months ago Utapao Airport announced a name change to Pattaya International Airport.
Now the director of the airport announced that the new name of his airport will be Utapao International Airport.
Marketing professionals, he said, recommend to change the name to Utapao International Airport Pattaya, which is waiting for approval...
Today Utapao Airport can serve about 400 passengers a day. The airport will upgrade its facilities to be able to service up to 1,200 passengers daily, the director said.
The airport is also the home of the Center for Artificial Rain Operations 6 (EAST). The rain center runs 6 aircrafts to make rain in the region.
To remain in the media, we recommend a monthly change of the airport's name.
We already prepared a few names for the remaining months:
Utapao International Airport Koh Samet
Utapao International Airport Koh Chang
Utapao International Airport Rayong
Utapao International Airport Pattaya
Utapao International Airport Chonburi
Thai Military Airport Utapao/Sattahip
International Military Airport Sattahip
Artificial Rain Airport Utapao
Thai Raindrop Airport Sattahip
Frustration Airport Utapao

Expensive Thailand
1 liter of (real) milk costs in good old Germany about 32 Baht.
For a 800 ml liter bottle of milk I have to pay here at least 38 Baht (1 liter = 48 Baht!) and I am not shure if I get the real thing or water mixed with some milkpowder.

Seen at Tesco/Lotus
Expensive Doublepack:
Betagen drinking yoghurt, 800ml bottle: 38 Baht.
Advantageous (?) doublepack: 2 bottles à 800ml: 78 Baht!

Pattaya Immigration
Pattaya Immigration opened a new Website.

The new CentralFestival Pattaya Beach Shopping Complex opened its own Website.

Thai ladies
are discontent
A few weeks ago almost all of Pattaya's beauties complained about the cold weather - now they complain about the hot days and nights.
Like farmers - Petrus never can satisfy them.

Global downturn and political unrest hits Thailand hard
The Department of Business Development said 1'307 companies went out of business in January 2009.
The Fiscal Police Office expects that about 1.2 million workers, or about 4.2 per cent of the total work force, would be unemployed this year.

Expensive Fun
Thanks to the closure of Bangkok's main airports by PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy), high fuel prices and the economic downturn Thai International Airlines reports a loss of US$592 millions.
According to Thailand's Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, a former speaker at PAD's rallies, the closure of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports was great fun.

Dear Mr. President
After America's Banks and Car Manufacturers, the Schools in America run out of money...
Dear Mr. President,
I am running out of money too - I don't need 1 trillion US$ - I will survive the crisis with 1 billion US$ only, but in full contrast to all the other beggars mentioned above I will say 'thank you' for your help - and don't will come back anymore.
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash March 2009
NightWalker's News
For visitors of Thailand and Pattaya, the type of tourists threatened by extinction.
Utapao International Airport Pattaya (?) recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Pattaya's most popular Clochard on Beach Road
The dog's first choice: Beer Chang
The dog's first choice: Beer Chang - but if you donate a few Baht he will pose for Leo, Singha, Heineken, Marlboro, Red Label or any kind of Vodka.
International Music Festival 2009
International Music Festival 2009
International Music Festival 2009
International Music Festival 2009Hundredthousands of spectators attended Pattaya's International Music Festival from March 20 - 22, 2009 on Bali Hai Pier and on different locations along Pattaya's Beach Road.
During the event, Beach Road was closed for traffic. Whole the street was transformed into one big 'shopping, food and drinking center'.
Knowing the shaky electric situation in Thailand, the operators of the shows produced their own electricity with huge generators.
Thai officials and Thai presenters are merciless: Once they catch a microphone, they speak for hours...
Shortly after the concerts ended, the police opened Beach Road for traffic, destroying the unique atmosphere on this road. The road got dangerous too.
New on Soho Square
Southern Swing Soho Square
Southern Swing Soho Square
New open bar with 'authentic cowboy music' and 'original Thai squaws'.
Southern Swing Soho Square
A Law is a Law
Thailand's Prime Minister during an interview broadcasted on Monday March 16 2009 by BBC:
A Law is a Law.
Club Insomnia raided
The law in Thailand requires that all entertainment venues close at 02:00. If a club forget to close its lights and its soundsystem the police has the right to raid the place and to arrest the manager of the venue as well as its visitors.
That's exactly what happened on Saturday morning March 14 2009 at about 05:30 at the new Insomnia Club on Walking Street. The police acted generously and expelled all farangs from the club, but checked the remaining people for the presence of narcotics. 34 women and 6 men failed the test and got arrested.
Nevertheless, I never will understand how the Police choose a venue for its raid. There are a few well known venues in town that are open every night - and never got a visit from a Police, not from Pattaya's Police, not from the Tourist Police, not from Chonburi's Provincial Police and not from Bangkok's Police.
Perhaps Thailand's Prime Minister forget to add that a law is a law, but nothing else. It's up to the police to decide who is breaching a law - and who is not. It would be interesting to understand how the police make their decisions and why all the different Police divisions involved in the control of Pattaya's Nightlife forget to check the very same venues year after year...
Update: At about 03:30 on Monday March 16 2009 Police raided the Mixx Nightclub at the Bali Hai Pier. The manager of the club as well as 46 people with traces of illicit drugs in their urine had to accompany the officials to the police station on Soi 9 for further investigations.
News from Walking Street
Walking Street gets new Face
Walking Street
Walking Street Walking Street
All the buildings between Lobster Pot and King Seafood, including Pinky's A Go-Go, got demolished. A crew is working around the clock to 'create something new'.
Fantastic new Business Idea
The Topless Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop in Pattaya Donald Crabtree from Vassalboro, Maine (USA) has found the the recipe for his success.
He opened a Coffee Shop where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless. His brother describes the business as 'fantastic'.
Donald Crabtree hired 10 women and five men. Hiring the people wasn't a problem, he said. The flood of job applications - more than 150 - for his Grand View Topless Coffee Shop reflectes the rough job market in the USA.
Who opens the first Topless Coffee Shop in Pattaya - Starbucks, Ninety-Four Coffee, McDonald's, KFC, Segafredo, Jim Thompson or - YOU? Thailand will face 1.2 million workers without work this year. Give them a nice and funny working place.
According to Donald Crabtree the coffee shop jobs are paying off: One waitress received a US$100 tip for a single cup of coffee, and most of the wait staff make about US$30 a table.
A waitress told us "I'm so excited, so excited to have a job".
It's not exactly what you will hear from your Thai staff, but it will sounds similar: "I'm so excited, so excited to make so much money!"
New Bar on Walking Street
New Bar on Walking Street
The first bar at the new bar complex across from Soho Square on Walking Street opened. Its name: C & C Bar. A nice place. You can play your game, drink your beer, chat with your darling - and enjoy the music from nearby Utopia Lounge's famous Climax band. And perhaps you start philosophizing why a good band can attract a lot more people than a house full of beautiful ladies...
Happy Night on Soi Post Office
Happy Night on Soi Post Office
On March 02 2009 most ladies from Soi Praisani had a happy night with a band and a comedy show performing at the entry to the Soi. During the last few years I never saw such a lot of happy faces on that street. Two cameras recorded whole the event.
New Shopping Complex on Sukhumvit Road
The Village Shopping Centre
On Sukhumvit Road, about 1.5km from Jomtien Beach and 5km from Central Pattaya Road, a new & beautiful Shopping and Entertainment Complex opened.
The Village Shopping Centre
The Village Shopping Centre
The Village Shopping Centre
The Village Shopping Centre
The Village Shopping CentreThe new Village Shopping Centre offers a unique shopping and dinning experience for all visitors & expatriate residents of Pattaya.
Please click
The Village Website
for more information.
All pictures courtesy of The Village.
Motorcycles in Pattaya - just another Nightmare
We don't repair any Chinese Motorcylces
Thailand's motorcycle market is dominated by 4 Japanese brands: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. These manufacturers run assembly plants in Thailand.
Three smaller Thai 'manufacturer' claim to run assembly plants in Thailand too - JRD, Platinum and Tiger - but all their products are identical to products manufactured by Chinese manufacturers.
Sachs MadAss Tiger is also the importer and distributor of Sachs branded motorcycles.
Dealers & repair shops here in Pattaya believe that Sachs is a German brand and that their motorcycles are made in Germany. A dealers told me, that he got this information from the distributor.
This information is wrong.
Sachs equity had been acquired in February 2006 by New Superior Ltd, a holding company controlled by Hong Kong investors fronting for China's Huanan motorcycle company (Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Motors Group Co., Ltd). Sachs (Germany) declared itself insolvent and went into voluntary administration in July 2006, just three months after celebrating its 120th birthday. All Sachs branded motorcycles are manufactured in China by Huanan or one of its affiliates.
Tiger is distributing another brand called Stallion and sells that product with the appendix 'Japan Technology'. In fact all Stallion products are nice copies of Honda or Yamaha motorcycles, but are made in China.
Ryuka Another Brand - Ryuka - can be seen on Pattaya Streets too. A dealer told me that Ryuka is a Japanese Brand.
I asked my friend in Tokyo, a dealer and exporter of motorcycles and he told me that he never heard of a Japanese manufacturer of this brand and thinks that the Japanese name is part of a scam to hide its origin.
The manufacturer of the Ryuka branded motorcycles is Zongshen, a chinese company.
Ryuka is a Japanese term for short lyric songs traditional to the Amami, Miyako, Okinawa and Yaeyama island groups.
Zongshen itself advertises its products in Thailand with the appendix 'European Technology'.
All retailers will tell you that they run their own service station(s) and that the flow of spare parts is 'no problem'.
We first tried to get some selected spare parts from the retailers of JRD and Platinum. 'Don't have' was the answer.
Then we wanted some spare parts for a popular Kawasaki cruiser from Pattaya's largest dealer. Same answer: 'Don't have!'.
None of the dealers wanted to order the parts from the manufacturer, they all told us that the local repair shops will have this parts 'in stock'. If we contacted the repair shops on 3rd Road, Central Road and on South Road for JRD and Platinum parts all the people told us the same: 'We don't make repairs on Chinese motorcycles. Chinese motorcycles are bad'.
But they are inconsequential. Most of the accessories they are selling in their shops are 'Made in China' and are used by Chinese manufacturers. The repair shop classify the origin of a motorcycle according to its brand. None of the tested repair shops discovered that the Sachs MadAss's components are made in China.
In no single case we could get an original part, not for a Chinese motorcycle and not for a Thai made Japanese one...
One of my neighbours drives a Kawasaki Boss, 175cc cruiser. Its hand bar is fully rosted as well as many of its screws. Another neighbour owns a 1 year old Honda Wave 100. Its exhaust already shows a lot of rust. A third neighbour wakes me up almost every morning when he tries to start his Yamaha Fino in front of my window. It needs between 5 and 10 kicks until it starts. None of the owners complain about the quality of the motorcycles. If the same happens with a chinese bike, the owners as well the repair shops would complain about the bad quality of motorcycles made in China. That's Thailand.
Be carefull if you buy a second hand motorcycle.
On Beach Road I discovered a BMW branded motorcycle. After a careful inspection it showed up its real brand: Platinum.
Honda Or Yamaha? At a shop on 3rd Road I discovered a double branded motorcycle: On the front it told to be a Honda, but the back suggested to be a Yamaha. A few days later I saw the same motorcycle again - without the Yamaha sign.
There are even Harley-Davidson rebranded scooters on Pattaya streets There are even Harley-Davidson rebranded scooters on Pattaya streets.
A Pattaya policeman showed me his 'Dirt Bike'. The dealer told him that's a Honda, made in Japan. I had a closer look. In reality his second hand bike was from a popular Chinese manufacturer and never had seen a Japanese factory. The engine was one of the many Honda copies made in China. For repair you even can use the original engine parts from Honda. The dealer not even replaced the brandless engine cap with a ready available Honda one. I didn't tell the policeman my discovery. He was happy with his 'new' toy.
Low Tech Country Thailand
No sales person could answer the questions about the capacity of the fuel tank of a specific motorcycle or its fuel consumation.
'Service intervals' is a unknown term in Pattaya's motorcycle shops.
Air pressure gauges usually are 'out of order'.
Air pressure of tyres are 'measured' by hand or by feet.
The most used tool at a motorcycle service shop is a - hammer!
Don't ask for an 1156 or 1157 bulb. Dealers don't know any bulb classifications.
LED replacements for motorcycle bulbs are virtually unknown in 'High Tech Thailand'.
Europe's badest serviceman would be a 'king of knowledge' in this country. The only problem: He never will get a work permit in Thailand.
According to Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force.
I don't know where the Senator discovered this 'skilled work force'...
Without professional training Thailand never will have a 'skilled work force'.
Don't believe blatant politicians
Potential investors should have a closer look at Pattaya's electro instalations, at Pattaya's repair shops, at Pattaya's building sites and its streets & pavements. I bet, they can't spot any 'skilled work force'.
As long as Bangkok's so called elite doesn't change its mind Thailand will remain a nice but underdeveloped country. Underdeveloped in every sense.
Quality Made in Thailand
Open for about 1 month and already under repair.
CentralFestival Pattaya Beach (Pattaya's new shopping center), made by Thailand's 'skilled work force': Open for less than 1 month and already under repair. Any comment superfluously...
No booze ban
for Everybody
The National Committee on Alcohol Consumption Control has rejected the proposal to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages during the Songkran Festival.
The Committee fears a ban may hurt the economy and the tourist industry.
Seen on Beach Road
On Monday March 30 2009 the Committee agreed to allow alcoholic drinks to be sold during Songkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration and will happen from April 13th to 15th 2009.
However, alcohol sales will be banned on national religious holidays, including Visakha Bucha, Makha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent days.
No problem: Every single Thai, including the underaged and all officials, knows where to get beer and whiskey during this days:
Almost all small shops in this amazing country do not bother about any of the imposed restrictions and sell the desired liquids 'under the table'.
Changing World
MV Agusta Group in Italy joines the Harley-Davidson Family!
On March 23 2009 James L. Ziemer, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson Inc, visited for the first time the MV Agusta and Cagiva Headquarters in Schiranna, Varese, Italy.
He expressed the desire to personally meet and welcome all MV Agusta Group employees to the Harley-Davidson family.
Buell motorcycles in the USA are already members of the growing Harley-Davidson family.
Jim Ziemer has dedicated his entire 40-year professional career to Harley-Davidson and declared Harley-Davidson, MV Agusta and Cagiva have a great and common tradition, a tradition of creating the world’s best motorcycles in the segments where they compete.
sales figures down
Motorcycle registrations in the first two months of this year totaled 229'417 units, 19 percent down.
Honda, the best selling brand, was hardest hit with registrations down 25 percent to 146'484 units.
Yamaha registrations fell 6 percent to 66'894 units.
Suzuki fell 6 percent to 12,166 units.
Kawasaki registrations rose 37 percent to 2'064 units.
JRD sold 353 units.
Tiger Motorcycle sold 161 units.
Platinum sold 143 units.
Other brands, including BMW, Harley-Davidson, MBike, Ryuka, Triumph, Zongshen and others, sold 1'152 motorcycles during the first two months of 2009.
Mad Off
Bernard (Bernie) Madoff had got to jail for what the media calls 'the largest money scam in history'.
But what about his former supporters in the media and his investors?
Their greed for money shutdown any logical thinking: Educated fools.
iFarang™ ©2009
Do it yourself!
Your union bosses waste your money.
Your bank's executives waste your money.
Your insurance company wastes your money.
Your government wastes your money.
Madoff and Stanford wasted your money.
Why you don't waste your money yourself?
Wasting money makes a lot of fun, but your waste would help the ailing economy.
Thailand in a Glass
Thai Cocktail
Thailand launched its own cocktail, the Siam Sunray.
According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) the drink is made of a shot of vodka, coconut liqueur, a dash of chilli pepper and sugar, lime juice, a few slivers of lemongrass and ginger.
The cocktail gets served in a glass with ice and soda water.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday: 10 years Channel News Asia 10 years on air.
10 years online.
10 years unbiased news.
World News
Hide your Nipples
Bra for men
Wishroom, a Japanese underware manufacturer and online distributor, announced the launch of bras for men. The bras are sold with matched panties and are available in black, pink and white for about US$ 35.00/set.
Bra for men
Next step:
Bikinis for men
(the preferred outfit on Pattaya's Beaches).

New Face
Despite the economic downturn hospitals in Shanghai report an increase of patients for cosmetic surgery.
Usually patients are between 25 and 45 years old and female, but the hospitals report an increasing number of male patients and students.
Many Chinese believe that 'your face paves your future'.
Almost all cosmetic operations have to be repeated every 10 years.
Crazy World
The world's largest capitalist country has to ask the world's largest communist country for help to get out of its self made economic turmoil.
Israel destroys the Gaza strip and 70 western and arab countries provides the money to rebuilt the destroyed country again - without taking recourse.
Last Word
Thailand's new cocktail, the Siam Sunray, gives tourists an instant taste of Thailand's charms. (TAT)
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