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November 2011
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B4 re-opens
B4 re-opens
B4, the club located in front of Soi Diamond's new Baron A Go-Go Club, reopens as a bar with DJ, disco and - nymphets.
The club was closed since May 2011.

New Mini Bus Service
New Mini Bus Service
Pannipa runs a Mini Bus Service from Pattaya's Central Road to Bangkok's Victory Monument.
Between 05:00 and 21:00 Pannipa drives their Mini Buses every 30 minutes from Pattaya to Bangkok.
Price is 150 Baht/person at the moment of writing.
New Mini Bus Service

Lazy Police
It took Police two hours to respond to an incident on Soi Chaypreuk in Jomtien.
The lazy police initially refused to attend the crime scene and suggested the victims should make their way to the Police Station to report the crime.
The delay allowed the perpetrators to escape...
It sounds like a joke but Chonburi, Pattaya and Tourist Police announced joint patrols and checkpoints to bring more security to a city now playing guardian to thousands of flood evacuees...

In our September 2011 News Flash we reported about a 'crackdown' on Foreign Beggars in Pattaya and asked why our Police 'don't touch' the influent people behind the beggars.
On November 9th Officers from Immigration Office and Police Volunteers arrested another 44 beggars working on Pattaya's streets.
After some beggars claimed to have to pay up to 6'000 Baht/month to 'protection gangs', officials promised to start an investigation to trace these ruthless beggar operators.
We really like to see some results and not only the Blah-Blah usually distributed by Pattaya's Officials to protect their fellows...

Same same, but different
According to Thai Law Discos have to be closed at least at 03:00 and most do so, but Marine Disco on Walking Street seems to have the right to stay open until 07:00.

According to American Lawer Drew Noyes from Pattaya's P.A.P.P.A. Law Office Thai Law is the same for everybody - but apparently not everybody is everybody...

Tourist Authority of Thailand comes down to the People!
Tourist Authority of Thailand comes down to the People
The TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) opened a new information booth in front of Pattaya School 8 on South Pattaya Road at the intersection of Soi Phratamnak and Pattaya Second Road.
The TAT was 'hiding' itself for many years on a side road on Soi Phratamnak - near the Big Buddha - and ignored by most maps published in this funny City known as Pattaya.

The above information is a joke! The TAT is still hidding itself in the wood on Phratamnak Road.
Pattaya Police opened the information booth in front of Pattaya's Smart Student School...
Pattaya School No.8  - the Smart Student School

5D Cinema
5D Cinema
Across from the ailing Soho Square, opposite of the Utopia A Go-Go Club, a 5D Cinema will open soon.
All in a room of about 15 square metres...

Premature Climax
The End of Climax
PattayaSweethearts reports that the Climax A Go-Go Bar on Soi 15, off Walking Street, closed its door on November 17th and shut down its lights.
Until March 2011 the venue was known as Sakura 69 A Go-Go.

The noise from Motoroom's outdoor loudspeaker system drives away almost all customers from the King Café on Walking Street.

New on
Walking Street
Eat as much as you can on Walking Street
Across from McDonald's an upperclass Buffet King Restaurant opened on Walking Street. It provides an eat all you can buffet for 345 Baht.
The new restaurant claims to offer an international cuisine based on Thai Food, Sea Food, Sushi, Dim Sum as well as some unspecified Grill Specialities.
Eat as much as you can on Walking Street

Changed Name
Basaya replaces Centera
The Centera Hotel on Pattaya's Beach Road / Central Road changed its name to Basaya Beach Hotel & Resort.
The Hotel was known for many years as Nova Lodge.

Rasputin II
Moonlight Complex
The ruin that houses North Pattaya's only MacDonald's, and was announced as Moonlight Complex a long time ago, will get a dependant of the successful Rasputin Spa and Massage on the same location. It will open somewhere next year.
Body Massage seems to be the most profitable business concept in Itthiphol Kunplome's Family Resort...
Daruma Japanese Restaurant
In front of Rasputin II a Japanese Shabu & Sushi Restaurant opened on November 25th 2011.

You ever wondered what will happen in the new building behind Hollywood Disco in Northern Pattaya?
Hollywood Karaoke
The nice building will be the home of Pattaya's most sophisticated Karaoke Club with a lot of VIP Rooms for S.I.Y. (sing it yourself) people.

Subway closed
Subway, the sandwich bar at the entry to Walking Street, closed.

Delayed #1
Sapphire Club on Soi 15, off Walking Street, widely announced its re-opening for November 12th, 2011.
But the works on the 'new' bar are delayed.
It will take at least another one or two weeks until you can adore its ladies in the new enlarged environment.
The expanded Sapphire Club re-opened on November 25th 2011.

Delayed #2
Made in Thailand Night Bazaar
Pattaya's new Made in Thailand Night Bazaar should be ready to open during October 2011.
Made in Thailand Night Bazaar
But it wasn't. It will take another few weeks until Pattaya's tourists can repopulate the new shopping area on Pattaya's Second Road.
Made in Thailand NightBarza
The nearby Night Barza already opened.
Made in Thailand Night Barza
In Pattaya every shop seems to be a Bar - at least for the designer of this banner...

Play is the name of the successor of Walking Street's failed Goodfellas.
It will re-open on November 25th with a Northern Soul Night.

Ducati comes to Pattaya
Ducati, Italia's well-known motorcycle designer, is opening a shop on Pattaya's Third Road. It's located in Northern Pattaya, just when the street starts to climb the hill to Pattaya's North Road.
The perfect place to start a test-drive...
Since Sunday November 27th 2011 you can adore Ducati's masterpieces - and buy them - if you have the money.

One-2-call, operated by AIS, is Thailand's most annoying mobile phone provider.
The company still floods your mobile phone almost daily with unneeded messages and stupid advertisements in Thai.

Baby Boom re-opened
Baby Boom, the A-Go-Go Club located a few metres off Soi Buakhao's Siam Sawasdee Hotel, re-opened on November 11th, 2011.
The venue was closed since August 20th, 2011.

The End of a Dream: Exodus at the Covent Garden Complex
Exodus At Covent Garden Complex
At the end of October the Play Boy, the Micky and the Maxies beer bars as well as the Dream A-Go-Go closed. All this venues were located at the Covent Garden Complex, Soi 16, off Walking Street.
The closed A Go-Go Club was known first as Catz A Go-Go, later as ToyZ A Go-Go. On July 1st 2011 it opened as Dream A Go-Go. The bars are on the block.
On November 5th Club Relaxx A Go-Go at the same location closed too.

Coming Soon
A Circus comes to Soi Diamond
A Circus Beer Bar is coming to Soi Diamond.

490 Baht
490 Baht
A sign of full occupancy?

Constant Change
A few days ago a new club opened near the Northern end of Pattaya's 3rd Road.
It is called @Club and replaces the failed Pat'ya Club, which replaced the failed Marocco, which replaced the failed The Girls, which replaced the failed Embassy, which replaced ....
A never ending story?!

The Live Music Bar that replaced Tina's Malibu Bar at its temporally place of action on Second Road at the entry to Soi 10 is closed since November 1st 2011.

Still Empty!
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th 2010 the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
Nevertheless, the observation towers are still empty...
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No Firework Competition
November 25th:
We just learned that City Hall rescheduled the worldwide announced Pattaya International Firework Competition on November 18th 2011 from November 25/26 to December 16/17 2011. No reason announced for the rescheduling.

No comment...
On the way to your heart (or pocket)!
Bada Bing A Go-Go
Spanky's A Go-Go
TOP: Spanky's A Go-Go on Soi Diamond, scheduled to open on December 3rd 2011 with a party.
November 27th: Bada Bing A Go-Go on Soi BJ is replacing TQ2 (Tahitian Queen A Go-Go 2). The new venue will open during the next few days.
Pattaya's Highly Skilled Workforce...
New Food Court on Walking Street
New Food Court on Walking Street
At the entry to Walking Street, about 30 meters from South Road, a nice Food Court opened.
During the opening day everything was OK, but not its sign. Pattaya's highly skilled workforce tried a few days to bring a simple Neon sign to life. They didn't succeed...
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Alcatraz Sign
Since Alacatraz opened its A Go-Go Club on December 2nd 2010 its sign never worked completely. If one part gets repaired, another part stops working...
Kung Yiab Nam
Alcazar on Pattaya's Second Road replaced its failed Kung Yiab Nam restaurant with its Triangle Club.
The clubs former premises are now the home of a few workmen. It seems that they are creating something new.
Pattaya's Center 1 Plaza
Pattaya's Center 1 Plaza
Across from Alcazar a Center 1 Plaza @ Pattaya will open soon.
It was expected that the new building will be the home of new and old bars, as the U too Bar that was a tenant at this location.
It seems now that the building will house clothing shops, as Bangkok's Center 1 Plaza.
The Northern Part of Pattaya gets reputable - and boring with all its (empty) shops.
Tune Hotels: To Thailand with love
Suvarnabhumi Airport Review
Click to connect
The retail section, run by King Power (the self-declared King of Duty Free), is pricy when compared to the average price on the street in the surrounding areas of Bangkok.
The food area on the 4th level is a complete rip off. Avoid it!
Floodrelated Scams at Pattaya's A Go-Go Bars
Don't pay the expensive prices for Beers and other Drinks at Pattaya's A Go-Go Bars!
Buy your Beer at Foodland, Friendship, FamilyMart, 7-ELEVEN or at Tesco/Lotus, Tops and BigC. They sell their beers and all the other Spirits at the same low prices as before the floodings. As does the Dolphin Beer Garden on Pattaya's Beach Road, just in front of the Centera Hotel. The venue is always selling Pattaya's Cheapest Draught Beer: 28 Baht/glass.
Pattaya's A Go-Go Bars obviously are buying their spirits from the country's most crooked suppliers - or are simply cheating you.
Loy Kratong 2011
Loy Kratong 2011
On November 10th 2011 citizens, tourists and 'refugees' from Bangkok celebrated a peacefull Loy Kratong Festival on an overcrowded Beach Promenade.
Welcome to Thailand!
IKEA finally arrived in Thailand
IKEA finally in Thailand!
IKEA opened its first Thai outlet in Bangna (Bangkok) on November 3rd, 2011. Please click into the picture for more information and IKEA's PDF-Catalog.
Bangkok, Venice of South East Asia
Bangkok, Venice of South East Asia
Comfortable shopping with Thailand's latest waterproof Tuk-Tuks guaranteed.

Thais are helping Thais:
Flood-aid trucks ran over spikes on roads in flooded areas including Vacharapol Road and Wongsakorn Market in Sai Mai district, the Don Muang section of Phahon Yothin Road and the Bang Phlat area of Charan Sanitwong Road.
Boat operators in flooded areas are suspected of placing the road spikes to deter rescue vehicles. The trucks provide free transportation - the boat operators not: They are often overcharging their passengers.
Bangkok Police are still looking for evidence. Pol Maj Gen Winai admitted police could not do anything about overpriced boat tickets.
Solidarity in Thailand...
Pattaya - a victim of Bangkok's Flooding
Pattaya - a victim of Bangkok's Flooding
Pattaya - a victim of Bangkok's Flooding: KFC out of Softice
Empty shelves!
Since October 28th Pattaya's streets are crammed with cars.
Shelves at supermarkets are empty: No vegetables, no drinking water, no softdrinks, no yoghurts.
Some restaurant had to close or are out of drinking water and softdrinks.
KFC ran out of its SoftIce and its Egg Tart.
Yamazaki sells breads only. The bakery ran out of paste.
Depending on the location of the companies' distribution centers, their cars can't reach Pattaya anymore.
Thai TV & PM exposed the Liars from TAT
TV says that Pattaya is badly missing its Tourists
In our October News Flash NightWalker reported that according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) about 80 per cent of hotel rooms in Pattaya are occupied by tourists from Russia and Europe.
NightWalker dissented the TAT's communique and called the information 'rubbish'.
On November 4th 2011 Thai TV Channel 7 broadcasted a report about Pattaya and informed its viewers that the Resort is badly missing its tourist from Western countries.
Tourists populating Pattaya's Beaches are mainly 'refugees' from flooded Bangkok.
Update (November 18th, 2011): Pattaya Mail (PM) reports that because of cancellations better than usual deals are now possible for travelers in Pattaya. Pattaya has not been under water at any time, and is in fact serviced by two dry airports (Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao), annoyed businesses in Pattaya says.
Once again: Why the Tourism Authority of Thailand has to tell such a rubbish?
In the meantime the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced an aggressive overseas-promotion strategy to bring tourists from Turkey, India and Indonesia into our flood free (TAT statement) resort. Our well-disposed readers already know that floods are floods only if they are halting the life for more than a day. Pattaya's regular few hour floods are additional and free entertainments only, generously supported by Pattaya City Hall and its hard working Officials.

Do not trust any information published by the Tourism Authority of Thailand! Read:
October 2011: Thais scam Thais - myLady™ says
September 2011: Do not trust the TAT Statistics!
Thanks to Bangkok's flooding the popular kitchens at Tops Super(market) on Central Road can stay open at least for another few weeks, but the Chicken Lady closed her Johnny's Food Booth. It got (temporarily) replaced by Everest Indian Food.
The floodings gives the management the opportunity to rethink the situation.
Nevertheless, we hope that the shop's toilets will get a complete refurbishment and the people responsible for the cleaning of the area some instructions on how to keep the eating place and its tables clean.
Halloween 2011 in Pattaya
Halloween 2011 in Pattaya
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween Pattaya 2011
Halloween 2011 in Pattaya
New at Royal Garden Plaza
Scream in the Dark opened
New at Royal Garden Plaza
The new attraction at Royal Garden Plaza's 2nd floor, a ghost train, is even rating the loudness of your scream(s).
New Showground
New Showground
On the back of the former Palladium Disco, located on the corner of Soi 1 and Soi Pettrakun, just in the neighbourhood of BigC North Pattaya, a new showcase will join North Pattaya's popular Alcazar and Tiffany entertainment temples.
The new entertainment complex will open sometime next year as biq eye.
BIQ EYE - Pattaya's New Showground
Latest Trend in Pattaya
Renovate your Hotel at the Beginning of High Season!
Renovate your Hotel at the Beginning of High Season!
Pattaya's Hard Rock Hotel, on Beach Road, the Penthouse Hotel, on Soi Pattayaland, and the Siam Bayview Hotel, also located on Pattaya's Beach Road, are currently renovating their rooms.
IT-Land Pattaya
'Hi-Speed' Internet in Pattaya
Good bait catches fine fish!
During the last 45 days we tested EDGE Air-Cards from AIS one-2-call, dtac and true move in Pattaya. Here are the results:
Download speed with true move and AIS one-2-call was usually between 15 and 45 kbps during daytime and somewhat higher after midnight.
dtac usually showed a better performance with download speeds between 100 and 170 kbps during the day and up to 220 kbps during the night time.
Connecting with Newspapers (e.g.: Bankok Post) or Hotmail was a mess with true move and AIS one-2-call. Surfing with true move and AIS one-2-call was nerve-racking - forget it!
Between 13:00 and 21:00 uploads were sometimes impossible with dtac. Uploads with true move and AIS one-2-call never failed, but required 2.5 to 6 times more time than with dtac.
dtac usually managed an upload of a 100 KB file within 15 seconds. For the upload of the same file the other 2 providers needed between 35 and 90 seconds! Calling this HI-SPEED is misleading customers.
Hi-Speed Internet in Pattaya
Above: EDGE Air Card: 'HI-SPEED' Internet by true move. Recorded at about 00:30. During daytime download 'speed' was usually between 15 and 30 kbps!
True Move Hi-Speed Internet in Pattaya
Above: EDGE Air Card: 'HI-SPEED' Internet by true move. Recorded at about 15:45, November 2nd 2011.
Warning: true move and AIS one-2-call are cacheing downloaded webpages, therefore you never will get the latest version of a webpage. A reload doesn't help! You always will see the cached page - and not the recently updated one...

A short test in Bangkok, 2 days only, showed the same disappointing results...
A test with a true move 3G SIM card constantly failed. The card connected with EGDE only.
Why Thailand's most stupid Officials have to work in Pattaya?
Barricaded Central Road
Pattaya's Traffic Police like to create a Chaos!
Pattaya's highly educated police stops traffic on Pattaya's Central Road and is causing a traffic chaos on Second Road and its small Sois connecting Pattaya Beach Road, Central Road and Soi Buakhaow.
myLady™ asks:
How stupid I have to be to be promoted to one of Pattaya's lucrative top jobs?
Pattaya Police don't know the Traffic Regulations
Or are simply ignoring them!
Pattaya Police don't know the Traffic Regulations - Picture submited by a Visitor
New Schitzel
Different Laws for different Peoples?
American Lawer Drew Noyes from Pattaya's P.A.P.P.A. Law Office recently told the media that the Thai Law is the same for Thais and Farangs.
It's not true. In Thailand some people have more - or different - rights.
Pattaya Police at least has the right to park its vehicles everywhere in this city, even on pedestrian crossings. Tourists from all over the world get angry.
On Soi Photisarn, on Pattaya's Central Road and the City's Second Road tourists can spot officials from Pattaya Police driving their motorcycles without wearing any helmets - sometimes in a 'convoy' of 4 to 5 bikes. They show the public that Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and its City Hall are wasting time and money with its 100% Helmet campaign.
According to tourists the very same officials are ticketing drivers of motorcycles for not wearing a helmet - a few minutes later only.
Why nobody in this town is fining this ignorant Police men?
Pattaya's Police is maltreating the image of this resort on a daily basis.
We meet & talk since years
And we will do so during the next few years,
but please do not expect any results!
Pattaya face a lot of problems and it is the duty of Pattaya City Hall to solve them.
City Hall's solution to the problems are meetings.
The officials meet and talk and usually decide to meet and speak again.
One of these problems are the many masseuses working on Pattaya's and Jomtien's beaches and that are hampering your holidays.
After years of complaints Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh and his crew promised to look into matter. Since 2009 they are discussing how to handle the masseuses on local beaches. Pattaya's officials couldn't find a solution for the problem yet, but they promised to meet again.
The same is true for the scams and extortions by Pattaya's jet ski mafia and the yearly floodings of Pattaya's streets and sois.
According to long time residents, nothing ever will happen here in Pattaya, at least as long as there is no additional income in sight for the involved parties...
New Schnitzel
Paulaner (Beer) Garten created a new Schnitzel
New Schitzel
New Schitzel
Paulaner's Weiner Schnitzel
Nomen est Omen at Royal Garden Plaza's 3rd floor!? (Weinen = cry)
Seen in Pattaya
ATP Tuk Tuk from Udon Thani
They are now on Pattaya's Streets too, the ATP Tuk-Tuks manufactured by Atipong Motor in Udon Thani. Please check Udon Thani's APN by Ake Panich too!
Last Month
Baron Club A Go-Go
Exotica Gentleman's Club
La Baguette Blanche
Viva Luv Motel
Banana Leaf Bar
Cozy Bar & Café
Tipp Market Plaza
Melt Me
Dancehall Club
Fish & Chips Shop
Mirage A Go-Go
Little Hut Disco
Sapphire Club A Go-Go
Maximum Coyote
GoodFellas Walking Street
Soi 2 Bar Complex closed
Soi 2 Bar Complex

For more information
click October News.
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Tschernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Free Parking
Parking in Pattaya is free, collecting money is illegal!
Don't pay the unauthorized parking fee collectors!
In case of difficulties call Tourist Police (1155) or Pattaya's Call Center (1337).
Do not call Pattaya Police:
It seems that at least two officials from Soi 9 are involved in the scam!
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
In our August 2011 Newsflash we reported about the Jet Ski scams.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem and his officials promised to move against this criminals, but as expected, nothing really happened since then.
America's double moral standards
If you demonstrate in my country I will punish you. If you protest somewhere else I will support you.

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Funny Advertisement
Newly Renovated Pretty Girls?
Newly Renovated Pretty Girls at Heaven Body Massage, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya.
Made in Thailand
Quality Made in Thailand
Greece is manipulating European's stupid politicians to get all the money it wants.

iFarang™ ©2011
Don't believe anything journalists tell you about the upcoming changes in debt ridden countries.
In reality nothing will change.
The corrupt and influential people in the background will play the same game as before - using replaced marionettes and a few new words.

iScientist™ ©2011
Genius at BigC
Advertised at BigC:
58 - 29 = 9!
Don't ask Google,
ask my wife!

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Funny Thailand
Greymrket or Greymarket?
myLady™ says
Last weekend Pattaya saw a lot of visitors - but no customers.

myLady™ ©2011
Security First
Security First? Picture submited by a Visitor
... but not in Pattaya!
When they will ever learn?
Security First
Security First? Picture submited by NightWalker
... but not in Pattaya!
When they will ever learn?
Security First
Security First? Picture submited by NightWalker
... but not in Pattaya!
When they will ever learn?
Silly PitPit claims
Most tourists deposit their brain at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
Funny Pattaya
Pattaya Police - always!
Technology News
Back on Earth
Apple, the world's leading gadget company, woke up from its dream.
Reports from Taiwan and China say that Apple is cutting back on orders of components and parts for its latest iPhone 4S and its iPad tablet.

Shocked Mobile Phone Manufacturers
Adobe announced the discontinuation of its Flash Player for mobile devices. The move will result in layoffs for some 750 employees.
Adobe announced that it would instead focus on building applications for mobile devices and the support of HTML5.

Shocked Intel
Asustek Computer and Acer have recently reduced their ultrabook orders from 250'000-300'000 units originally to 150'000-180'000.
Both companies are reporting unsatisfactory sales during the initial month after their launch.
Nevertheless, Intel sees a rosy future for notebooks using its new CPU's. The company is expecting that 2015 at least 42% off all sold notebooks will be ultrabooks.
Let's wait and see who is right, Intel or Asus/Acer and their customers.

Kindle Fire orders increased
Amazon has increased its Kindle Fire orders to more than five million units before the end of 2011, up from 3.5 million units.

No Intel Inside
Market share loser Intel announced a new CPU lineup designed exclusively for tablet PCs.
Intel's new tablet processors will be based on an ARM kernel and not on Intel's very own 8086 kernel used in today's (outdated?) PCs.

Phase out
The pure PC hardware players do not having any advantages to compete in the tablet PC market.
It is anticipated that Acer, Asustek, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) will phase out from tablet PC market in 2012.

New Smartphones
Samsung has unveiled two new high-end smartphones, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus.
The Galaxy Note integrates smartphone and tablet PC functions in a single mobile device. It is built around a new high resolution 5.3-inch display.
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