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October 2011
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Still Empty!
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th 2010 the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
Nevertheless, the observation towers are still empty...

IKEA in Thailand
IKEA comes Thailand
On November 3rd 2011 IKEA will open its first 40'000 sqm IKEA home furnishing store in Bangna (Bangkok), if the current floodings don't delay the event...
Please click the button for more information and/or to download its catalog.

Experts say:
Floodings like the one we currently face will happen every 50 years only.

You know it: Pattaya-at-Night likes Experts.

Bangkok's Flooding
is Big Business!
Sand Bags cost 60Baht/each in Bangkok!

Empty shelves!
In Pattaya's supermarket many shelves are completely empty, as seen about 25 years ago in East European countries...
For Thais and many tourists an entire new shopping experience.

Mismanagement is responsible for Thailand's Floodings
According to an article published by Bangkok Post Decades of mismanagement and short-sightedness are the main reasons for today's crisis in Thailand.
We do not know what we are doing.
Thailand is paying an exorbitant price for poor water management.
Why we lose.
impressive pictures
Click here for impressive pictures of a men-inflicted disaster.
Click here for Pictures from Bangkok Post.

One hour only...
On October 6th the nature needed one hour only to show the city's inability to provide an adequate drainage throughout the city.
Pattaya's citizens are waiting for over 25 years for a solution of the problem, but our officials seems to have other preferences - and friends.

A usually well informed souurce told us that Pattaya City Hall was upset. The national media didn't cover the the floodings in Pattaya. The nation-wide TV-stations showed the floodings at Nakhon Sawan and Ayutthaya only.
As long as the national media ignore Pattaya's problems we don't solve them. We will spend our money for bootless projects only, Pattaya City Hall was quoted.

All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke - describing Pattaya's current state of life.

No Fakes!
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome insists that the city's closed-circuit television cameras are real. Pattaya isn't putting up fake cameras, the Mayor said.
Despite the broken cables and dark lights around the town, a few of the installed cameras are even working...

Friends - no good!
After the floodings of South, 2nd and 3rd Roads as well as a lot of other streets in Pattaya have up to 30cm deep holes.
It shows again that good friends aren't capable to do the work of a real professional.

In Pattaya businesses usually happens between good friends - not between professionals. The results can be seen almost everywhere.

For Aristocrats
For Aristocrat
On Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, a new Baron Club A Go-Go is replacing the failed Mirage Bar.
The new venue opened on October 28th, 2011 and is welcoming everybody with some money, not only aristocrats.

Enhanced Exotic
New Gentlemen Club
On October 22nd exotica opened on Pattaya's Pratamnak Road.
The new club is located between the road's Soi 4 and Soi 5 and is another addition to Pattaya's Gentlemen Clubs.
The air conditioned venue offers a swimming pool, live sports (on TVs) and a bunch of lovely ladies.

La Baguette Blanche
La Baguette Blanche is replacing Délifrance at BigC's CentralCenter in North Pattaya.
La Baguette Blanche

The Fish & Chips Shop Restaurant on Central Road, a few meters from Tops Supermarket closed and is on the block.

During the second weekend of October the Mirage A Go-Go Club on Soi Diamaond closed its door and shut down the lights.
The club (re-)opened on September 24th 2011.
Sometimes Pattaya doesn't have any patience.

Viva Luv Motel on Soi Phaniad Chang (Soi Yume).
PattayaSweethearts reports that the Viva Luv Motel on Soi Phaniad Chang (Soi Yume) opened its Shortime & Longtime Rooms on October 1st 2011.
The new motel is easy to reach from Pattaya Central Road (BigC Extra!) or from Sukhumvit Road through Soi 36/1.
Viva the rooms
Using a room for shorttime activities (about 3hrs) costs 285 Baht, longtime rent is 750 Baht.
Viva isn't the last new opening: During December or January another Love Inn will open, this time in Northern Pattaya. We keep an eye on it.
Pattaya has more Love Inns than Fitness Clubs...

Gentlemen's Club on Soi Diamond is known as Blue Bar and as GC Sexy Lady A Go-Go as well, but doesn't has any connection to Switzerland's Grasshoppers Club, known as GC and once famous for its talented football players.

Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf is the name of a new and very nice bar at Bali Hai, just at the Southern entry to Walking Street.

Weekends are working days for Pattaya's Police!
The first weekend of October was a working day for 273 officials from Banglamung and Pattaya Police.
The officers had to inspect bars, karaoke and night clubs, check all the licenses and had to see that that customers were not underage or under the influence of illegal drugs.
The police arrested at least 31 bar employees and patrons who failed the on stop urine tests.
1 bar owner was arrested for selling alcohol without a valid license.
On Friday, 30 September 2011, the head of Thailand's national Tourist Police already warned Pattaya business owners that they are under closer watch amid increasing reports of scams against tourists.
Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome urges business owners in Pattaya to be honest.

New Hope for Pattaya
New Hope for Pattaya
Director Mr. Niti Kongkrut of the Tourist Authority of Thailand (also known as TAT) announced that there will be an increase in tourists during the next few months leading up to Christmas and the New Year.
The tourist will flock in mainly from Asia. It is expected that the high season will be up to 30% higher than last year, Mr. Niti said.

Russians are back!
Russians are back!
Tourists from Russia are back in town. To get a seat of one of their prefered meeting places, the Food Fair on Walking Street, they already have to book their tables.

Pattaya City Hall announced the rebirth of Naklua's three-month event beginning on the 12th November 2011.
This time promoted as Walk and Dine Festival the event will provide exhibitions on local community history and culture, traditional Thai dancing, singing and some OTOP products.

New Band
The Utopia Rock House on Pattaya's Walking Street has a new Band called DragonEye, obviously replacing the Thaitans - the former Climax Band.

Noisy Bar
The Little Hut Disco, once announced as Pattaya's smallest disco, ceased the disco. It's now a simple, but noisy bar on Soi 16, as most other new places on this Soi.

Wrong Address!
Wrong Address!
The ad for Honey Body Massage in a new publication called Pattaya Pocket Handbook suggests Soi 2 as the address of the venue.
It's wrong: Honey Body Massage is still on Soi 11, off Second Road (or Sai 2) & Soi Buakhaow.
Advertisements without an address - or a wrong one - are worthless.

Since October 2011 you have to pay 60 Baht for a Kebap on Soi Diana, up from 50 Baht.

Allex Bar on Soi New Plaza, located about 100 meters from the entry to Soi Buakhaow, sells a glas of Sangsom Mix for a lousy 15 Baht!

2nd Attempt
Motoroom re-opened
On September 30th Motoroom on Walking Street re-opened its Night-Club for a 2nd season.
The club was closed since May 9th 2011.
2nd Season ended?
Motoroom 2nd season already ended?
On September 12th the club had its lights on outside only. Inside it was dark.
Update (Oct. 21st): Since a few days the club's outdoor speaker are making ear-deafening noise. It's almost impossible to enjoy a coffee at the King's Café located underneath the venue.

2nd Closure, but...
2nd Closure
On September 30th X-Zone A Go-Go on Soi 16, off Walking Street, was in the dark again and its Website was stripped of almost all its pictures. But since October 1st the door to the bar seems to be open for visitors.

Katie's Lounge
Katie's Lounge is the name of a new club on the Pattaya side of the Thappraya Road.

Closed for Renovations
Growing old fast.
Sapphire Club A Go-Go on Soi 15, off Walking Street, closed on October 1st for renovations. The reopening is announced for November 12th 2011.
The 2 bars located between Smile Rock Girl's A Go-Go and the Sapphire Club will be integrated into the 'new' venue.
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Pattaya News Flash October 2011 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City of Surprises.
Funny Bangkok
We cope with run-off from the North.
We cope with run-off from the North
Bangkok's Governor: City officials had worked real hard to prepare Bangkok's defence against water from the North, though it may not have appeared so to the public...
No State of Emergency
It could cause panic among foreign tourists.
Despite Thailand facing a critical flood situation, Thailand's government would not declare a state of emergency, Justice Minister Pol Gen Pracha Promnok said and Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa said the Cabinet decided not to declare a state of emergency as it did not want to cause unnecessary panic among foreign tourists.
The Cabinet also rejected the proposal to declare the rest of the week as a public holiday. It can't be done because the government needs all civil servants to help tackle flood-related issues, Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said. If there are holidays, no officials will be available to distribute relief supplies.
It is known that Thailand's officials like public holidays more than anything else...
Thais are helping Thais?
Thais scam Thais - MyLady™ says
Bangkok's Hotels announced to help victims of Bangkok's flooding by providing hotel rooms for the needed for 600, 900 or 1'200 Baht/night.
With a monthly salary of 6'000 to 12'000 Baht (or no income at all because of the floodings) the victims simply can't afford the rooms, MyLady™ says.
A ridicule offer by Bangkok's Hotels - or simply an advertising stunt?

Exodus: Bangkok's residents are leaving the city and are heading for Hua Hin and Pattaya where they can rent dry rooms and 'horn thews' for 2'000 to 3'500 Baht a month.
But according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Pattaya office about 80 per cent of hotel rooms in Pattaya are already occupied by tourists from Russia and Europe.
Just another misinformation from TAT, a businessman from Pattaya told me.
If we had an 80% occupancy our restaurants, shops and entertainment venues had to be full of tourists - but that's not the case.
And, please, where all that (upper class) tourists from Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Iran are sleeping? In overbooked hotels - or on the beach?
Why the Tourism Authority of Thailand has to tell such a rubbish, he asked me!
Sundown in Pattaya
Sundown in Pattaya
Welcome to Pattaya Beach Road
Thank you City Hall
Pattaya Beach Road without Power Cables
What a surprise:
Since a few days Pattaya's famous Beach Road is free of Power Cables, even the posts disappeared!
Enjoy the Beach Road's new look, it's a completely new experience.

It really was the work of Pattaya City Hall and not the action of some unscrupulous thieves.
Lazy Police
Police in Pattaya don't know their duties!
Police in Pattaya don't know their duties!
At the seaside parking area in front of the entry to Walking Street Pattaya's maffia is now illegally collecting 20 Baht for every parked motorcycle - and they do it with the help of at least 4 children.
But as usually neither Pattaya Police nor the Tourist Police can see anything. They prefer to sit on Walking Street or like to smoke a cigarette on Bali Hai. They not even can see the sex club touts in front of them that are molesting almost every single tourist - and they are still ignoring all that shopping malls on Pattaya Beach Road and the IT-center on South Road with all their copycat products!
TiP (This is Pattaya)!
Pattaya doesn't have a real police.
It has a bunch of lazy bummers in uniforms!

The man in the green shirt is a main parking fee collector, the boy in the brown shirt is one of his underaged 'assistants'. Hidden behind the 'woman in red' are 2 other underaged helpers.
New Cozy Club
New Club opened on Pattaya's 2nd Road
New Cozy Club
The new Cozy Club & Café across from Amorn Seafood on Pattaya's Second Road opened on October 20th 2011.
All Bars closed
The End of Fun on Soi 2
The End of Fun on Soi 2
All Bars at the Soi 2 Bar Complex, located opposite of CentralCenter's BigC in North Pattaya, closed.
From Old to New
As some kind of compensation the first bar at the new - old - Bar Complex at the entry to Soi 4 already opened. It's called The One Bar No. 3. A few month ago - and before the de- & restruction - the place was best known for its U too Bar.
During July 2011 we read rumors on the internet that the U Too Bar will open at the nearby Drinking Street, but it never happened. Perhaps we can witness the rebirth of You Too at its old location. Perhaps.
You never know in good old Pattaya.
Pattaya remains the city of the big surprises.
Enjoying Pattaya without Condoms is as dangerous as running a Computer without Anti Virus Software!

One of the world's best Condom for your computer comes from Microsoft and is free of charge.
Tutti Frutti doesn't work in Pattaya!
GoodFellas closed
Tutti Frutti doesn't work in Pattaya!
GoodFellas, the Pub, Restaurant, Dancing, Coyotee & Go-Go Bar on Walking Street, located on Soi Lucky Star and opposite of Pattaya's famous Marine Disco, closed during the second weekend of October. A Banner tells that the venue will reopen as an A Go-Go Bar, perhaps under a new name: PlayPartyClub.
We are quite sure that a second Tutti Frutti venue on Walking Street will have to learn the lesson too: If I want to see nice bodies I go to a Go-Go Club, if I want some good food I choose a restaurant, if I want to dance I go to dancing and if I'm in the mood for some exercises I probably will go to a Fitness Club, but I never will do all this things at the same time in the same shop.
Soon in Pattaya
Soi LK Metro
Soon in Pattaya
Soi LK Metro will soon get another A Go-Go Bar just opposite of the Submarine Club and managed by the 'Kiss Group'.
Rumors say that the RedZ Bar on the other side of the street will be transformed into an A Go-Go Club too.
Second Road
Soon in Pattaya
At the new The One Shopping Plaza, located in North Pattaya accross from Amorn Seafood (right picture), Cozy opened a new Beer Bar & Coffee shop with live music, pool tables and nice ladies on October 20th 2011.
Soi Buakhaow
Soon in Pattaya
Near the Southern end of Soi Buakhaow works are on the way for 6 (six) new open bars. The first bar already opened.
Soon in Pattaya
Amorn Seafood on Pattaya's Second Road and at the entry to North Pattaya's new 'Health Center'.

Soon in Pattaya
Tukcom is building a new ITcenter on Pattaya's Central Road just to the right of the popular Foodland Market. It will be much bigger than the one on South Road.

MBK goes to the Beach
Soon in Pattaya
Bangkok's most popular shopping center, known as MBK or Mahboonkrong is on the way to Pattaya. The center will be build on the grounds investors bought during October 2007 from Pattaya's Montien Hotel.
The Pattaya MBK will address the same group of customers and will have a similar layout like its original in Bangkok but will include 2 (two) hotels.
Mahboonkrong's new mega-center will be located on Pattaya's Beach Road, in the neighbourhood of the Hard Rock Hotel. Works will start next year.
Soon in Pattaya
The banner on Soi Sukrudee (Soi A.R.) announces that the new Idol Club will open very soon at this location accross from Jameson's Irish Pub, but we expect that it will take another few months until the new club is ready to open - assumed is should ever happen. Sometimes Pattaya is very patiently...
Announced on Soi Diamond
Announced on Soi Diamond
Maximum closed
Maximum closed
Maximum Coyote and
A Go-Go Club closed!
Maximum Coyote and A Go-Go Club, located on Pattaya's 2nd Road in front of Sabailand Body Massage, closed and was immediately replaced by the Dancehall Club.
The new Dancehall opened on October 7th 2011 and features international and Thai DJ's along with live bands and a few coyote dancers as almost all dancings in Pattaya.
According to its management, the club is open seven days a week and plays almost all popular styles of music.
MyLady™ called the new venue a
Do-it-yourself Coyote Club.
CPN-Land Pattaya
The popular Food Outlets at Tops Supermarket have to close for a CPN managed Fastfood chain!
CP-Land Pattaya
On October 5th the management informed the tenants of the kitchens at Tops Supermarket on Pattaya's Central Road that they have to close their venues at the end of October.
Cool Kitchen and the other small boothes will be replaced by a Fastfood chain that belongs to the CPN Group of companies, as well as Thailand's Tops market.
According to our information KFC will take over the place.

The CPN Group runs BigC, Tops super and Tops daily, True Corp. (truemove etc.), CentralWorld and CentralPlaza, PowerBuy, Office Depot, B2S, Supersports, Homeworks and Watson's as well as the CentralCenter (BigC North Pattaya), the CentralFestival on Beach Road and the Centara Hotel (& Condominium) Group.
Update: It seems that most of the current kitchens can return to Tops after a (long overdue) renovation of the building's toilets and make-up of the kitchens. According to the latest information the Fast Food Spook disappeared.
We hope the management uses the closing time to instruct its personal on 'how to clean tables correctly'.
Refurbished Namchai
Refurbished Namchai
Namchai, one of our prefered Thai restaurants and located opposite to Soi Buakhaow's Night Market, invested in new seats. The new seats are a few centimeters higher than the old ones and dining is now more comfortable. MyLady™ told me that now even smaller people can reach the table and enjoy the food with their eyes... The restaurant closes always on Buddhist Holidays.
Boat Bakery
Serving tasty food since 1970
Boat Bakery on Second Road: Serving tasty food since 1970
Boat Bakery, located on the Southern end of Pattaya's Second Road and opposite to Soi Pattayaland, is serving tasty and very inexpensive food since 1970. Owned by a Chinese Family, the management is obviously interested in longtime prosperity and not in making fast money. I enjoy Boat Bakery's food since more than 25 years. You can enjoy its western inspired food too and your girlfriend will be happy with the restaurant's Thai cooking. During lunch-time the venue is usually full of nearby's business people.
It's excellent ice creams cost up to 50% less than at other outlets in the town - and you can taste the ice creams' fruits - and not their chemicals!
The only drawback I know: The Boat Bakery closes at 21:00!
Holland Tulip Resort
The Toscana Village in Pattaya
Holland Tulip Resort
Your dreams can be true at the Holland Tulip Resort on Soi Nernplubwaan, about 4 Km from Pattaya City.
The rent for a 95 sqm 2-floor 1-bedroom house is 13'000 Baht or 15'000 Baht for a 100 sqm 2-bedroom house. The rent is based on a 3-month minimum stay, but a 1-month stay is negotiable.
Shame on you!
No McSaver for Farangs?
No Saver for Farangs?
McSaver promotions are written in Thai only, with almost no chance for Farangs and their children to place an order.
The signs are placed outside of the outlets only.
Farangs have to buy the regular priced items.
Dear McDonald's,
You ever heard the words of Pattaya's Great Leader Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome?
He is telling almost everybody that our Pattaya is a family friendly resort...
Melt me!
Melt me!
Hokaido (inspired) Chocolate & Italian (inspired) Gelato are now on sale at the Beach Road entry at Royal Garden Plaza. The new venue, called melt me, attracts a lot of people, not only from Japan but from all over the world. The shops are run by the same people that launched the Thai made Oishi brand.
New Market Place
New Market Place
New Market Place
Tipp Plaza is now
a Market Plaza too!
Tipp Plaza, located beween Beach Road and Second Road and near the entry to Soi Diana, is now a Market Plaza too.
But don't let you bluff, the name Factory Outlet is nothing than a popular name (in Pattaya).
As all other shopping areas with the same labelling this outlet has nothing to do with Factory Outlets you probably know from your home country.
In Pattaya shops at Factory Outlets sell the goods at almost the same price as every other shop in this funny City.
Nevertheless, if you compare carefully, you can - perhaps - get a real bargain.
New Indian Restaurant on Walking Street
New Indian Restaurant on Walking Street
The Italian Copacabana
In Pattaya everything is possible...
The Italian Copacabana
Remixed and merged on Soi 15: Brazilian's Copacabana and Italian Food.

Copacana is probably the world's best known Beach (just behind Pattaya Beach - of course). It got its name from a chapel holding a replica of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron of Bolivia.
Almost anything can happen in Pattaya
Almost anything can happen in Pattaya
Pattaya Revenue Department Officials impounded this motorcycle!
The owner bought this Keeway motorcycle for 59'900 Baht at one of Mityon's shops in Pattaya. On June 10th 2011, during the dinner, officials from Pattaya's Revenue Department arrived and wanted to know if the Import-Tax was paid for this bike. Because the owner of the motorcycle could present the receipt from Mityon only, the lovely officials impounded the motorcycle until Mityon's manager could present a fax confirming the payment of all due taxes...
TIP (This Is Pattaya!)
In many countries the Keeway cruiser is known as Keeway Superlight with engines of 125cc or 150cc. In Thailand the motorcycle is available with a 200cc engine only. Some like it hot.
Honda and Kawasaki are ceasing the production of their small cruisers, known as Phantom respectively Boss, in Thailand. The cruisers were, or even are, popular among Pattaya's Farangs.
Therefore resellers like Mityon, Pattaya's largest motorcycle dealer, had to look out for some replacements. Mityon is now selling cruisers from Zongshen and Keeway.
Both manufacturers are from China. Keeway was a Hungarian manufacturer but was bought up by China's Qianjiang Group. Qianjiang sells its products since 1999 under the Keeway brand name. In 2005 the very same Qianjiang Group bought Italy's well-known motorcycle manufacturer Benelli. The Qianjiang Group says that it is China's largest motorcycle manufacturer with an annual output of more than 1'000'000 bikes.
In Thailand Keeway is distributed by M-Bike, which is selling some bike's, mostly scooters, under the M-Bike brand too, sometimes also known as JAF or MBike JAF. M-Bike also sells SYM motorcycles. SYM stands for Sanyang Motors of Taiwan. Until January 2002 SYM also was an assembler for Honda. SYM has factories in China's Xiamen province. And here is the link to SYM-Thailand, if you should need a tax-confirmation for Pattaya's Revenue Department.
Zongshen itself says to be China's major motorcycle manufacturer with an annual output of 1'000'000 bikes too. Zongshen and Piaggio, the Vespa producer, have a joint venture to produce Vespa scooters (and motorcycles!) in China.
The original Vespa, the beautiful one, is still available. It is produced as 2- and 4-stroke versions in India on Piaggio's original machines. It's known as Stella.
Jomtien #1:
It's a success!
Jomtien's new Bar Complex is called Rompho
Jomtien's new Rompho Bar Complex, located on Jomtien's 2nd Road opposite to the entries to Jomtien's Soi 5 and Soi 7, seems to be success: The owner is already enlarging the area with new buildings for another bunch of new bars.
We are just waiting for Rompho's first A Go-Go Club.
Jomtien #2:
Sea Breeze
Jomtien's Sea Breeze Resort got a new 'make-up', including a new restaurant and a new bar. Real musicians are now entertaining the guests.
Jomtien Soi 3
Jomtien's Soi 3 gets a new Upper Class Restaurant at its Beach front entry.
Amazing Pattaya
Nobody is Perfect - except your Teacher
A few days ago MyLady™ told her longtime boyfriend which is also her sponsor, the financier of whole her family and her 24-hour entertainer: Your English is as bad as your Thai and decided to re-activate her brain and to go back to school.
After her first 3-hour lesson she told me that her teacher warned the students to learn English with a Farang. Farangs don't know to speak a correct English. Use the book only, it tells you the perfect pronunciation, the teacher told her.
Your teacher is right, I told her, the English you hear in this multicultural resort of Pattaya must be a nightmare for every Oxford educated person.
After about 30 minutes of absolute silence, she suddenly asked me: How can Farangs know the difference between 'lay' and 'lay'?
I didn't understand her question and had a look at her book. The book told her to spell rice as 'lay' and like as 'lay' (as well).
That was interesting indeed and I had to have a closer look at her teaching aid.
I learned a lot. I know now why there are so many Shemales in this amazing country and in Pattaya in particular:
According to her book - and her teacher - he and she is the same.
Handsome Pattaya
Handsome Pattaya
We no comment. You stand?
Pattaya's Provincial Electrical Authority announces:
Private survices
The Provincial Electrical Authority announces
Under you stand? We speaken language farang.
Ready for Halloween
Ready for Halloween
Ready for Halloween
Utopia Rock House is ready for the night of the nights
Utopia Rock House on Soho Square, off Walking Street, is already ready for Halloween, as is the Utopia A Go-Go Club on the building's second floor.
Enjoy the spook!
I phone in Pattaya ...
I phone in Pattaya
Last Month
Mirage Soi Diamond
Joy Soi Buakhaow
City Man Club
Heaven Land Motel
Flexx Club Soho Square
Halo Walking Street
Fortune Siren Square
Nana Happy Hand Massage
X-Zone A Go-Go Soi 16
Duncan's Soi Buakhaow
Okinawa Soi Diamond
Pat'ya Pub 3rd Road
Privacy Motel
now Money Motel
Fraser Resort
now Aya Hotel
Big Event:
Pattaya flooded
September 10th - 12th.

For more information
click September News.
In the European Union the industrious countries are financing the lazy and corrupt ones!
It was an error to admit Greece into the Eurozone.
Nicolas Sarkozy,
French PM, 27.Oct. 2011

Greece allegedly entered the Eurozone with false economic figures.
We Agree
It's time to dissolve the European Union.
Most Thai adults are at high risk of bankruptcy because they spend more than they earn, and even those who spend within their means are courting financial disaster.
Thais earning less than 3'000 Baht are spending 6'513.06 a month, those earning between 3'001-5'000 Baht are spending 6'522.04 Baht/month on average.
Only those earning more than 75'000 Baht/month have their expenses under control: They spend about 34'471.37 Baht/month.
76% earn less than 15'000 baht/month, 75.6% have no savings.

Abac Poll, Sept. 30th 2011
Some European countries as well as the United States of America are in deep depts, and why?
Their politicians spend more than they have.
It seems they all learned from Thailand's citizens...

iScientist™ ©2011
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Tschernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
In our August 2011 Newsflash we reported about the Jet Ski scams.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem and his officials promised to move against this criminals, but as expected, nothing really happened since then.
On September 24th Pattaya Tourist Police arrested 5 Jet Ski Operators, accused of attempting to extort 200'000 Baht from two tourists from Saudi Arabia and brought them to Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9 for further investigation.
It didn't help that the Saudi Arabia Embassy announced a criminal prosecution: According to our information, the Jet Ski scammers are back on the beach...
True Story
Same Law for Thais and Farangs?
Dong is from Nakhon Sawang. She was married to a Thai man for 4 years. They produced a son.
Then her husband met another woman, ceded the son to his parents and left Dong.
And who has to pay for the living and the education of their son?
Her former husband doesn't have the money to support his son. He need his money for his new wife and his daily bottle of whisky.

In our July 2011 News we reported about a seminar for Thai women with foreign spouses organized by the Chonburi Social Development and Human Security Department. The seminar educated Thai women about their rights if abandoned by her foreign husband or/and are missing child support.
During October 2011 American lawer Drew Noyes from P.A.P.P.A. Law Office in Pattaya told the media that the Thai Law is the same for Thais and Farangs.
There are thousands of Thai women working in Pattaya for the sole reason to support their children, abandoned by their former Thai husband(s).
A lot of work for Mr. Noyes to proof his words!
We just learned that Dong also has to pay the debts of her former husband...
Unhealthy Sport
Sport seems to be unhealthy: Most members of Pattaya's Sport Club enjoy overweight...

iFarang™ ©2011
The MINI lost its charm
Under the reins of BMW the MINI grown-up - and lost its charm.

iExpert™ ©2011
MyLady™ says
I'm learning.

MyLady™ ©2011
Silly PitPit claims
Economy in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain is far more worse than expected.
Politicians never tell you the reality.
Fun in Pattaya
Fun in Pattaya
Shopping is my #1 Sport!
Fun in Pattaya
Don't look at my shoes!
Technology News
HDD Factories closed!
The heavy floods in Thailand urged almost all of the world's Hard Disk manufacturers to close down their factories.
Power shortages and a breakdown in transportation in Thailand were the main reason that Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) and Toshiba halted production.
With Thailand's Rojana Industrial Park, where several related players are located, has already submerged by the flood, the plants have all been shut down, while plants that are not flooded are suffering from power shortages and a transportation breakdown.
HDD supply is unlikely to recover within the next six weeks.

Apple delayed
On October 4th 2011 Apple rolled out its new iPhone 4s and not the avaited iPhone5.
The new device comes with new features: A new Apple dual-core A5 chip, an 8-megapixel camera, full 1080p HD resolution video recording and Siri, a voice-recognition tool.
With the iPhone4s Apple also launched the iOS 5, according to Apple the world's most advanced mobile operating system with over 200 new features.
Apple also presented iCloud, a set of free cloud services that work with Apple's devices to automatically and wirelessly store users' content in iCloud and push it to all their devices.
The LTE-capable iPhone5, which will support 4G, will arrive in late 2012 or mid-2013.

$ 35 Tablet!
The Indian Government launched a tablet computer for students priced at a subsidised rate of US$35!
The very same gadget will be sold to the general public at a retail price of US$60.
The tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud-based storage, 256 MB of RAM, a 32-GB expandable memory slot and two USB ports.
It runs on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) platform, uses a 2'100mAh battery, features a 7-inch resistive touch screen with 800x480 resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity for internet access and cloud storage.

Price Reduction!
The prices for 8-inch tablets and 7-inch netbooks at Tukcom South Pattaya featuring the Android 2.2 Operating System dropped during the last few weeks from 3'990 Baht to 2'990 Baht.
Be warned: This gadgets run with WiFi only. Thailand's Aircards do not run with the Android OS yet!
No WiFi No Fun!

It's not the same!
There is a big difference, not only in the price, at Tukcom South Pattaya between an iPad 2 and an I Pad 2!
Last Word
During the last 20 years governments in Europe propagated the polluter pays principle.
Why they don't use the causer pays principle now to tackle the financial crisis?
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