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December 2012
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Breaking News
City Hall's Website collapsed again!
Pattaya survived the projected Mayan apocalypse, but not City Hall's very own Website! was down on December 22nd, 23rd & 24th. It happens every few weeks.
Pattaya's officials prefer to work with people that don't know what they do!

Travel to Cambodia with your Thai Visa!
Starting from December 27th 2012 a new regulation will enable tourists from 35 countries to obtain one visa to visit both countries.
The visa would allow visitors to stay up to 60 days in Thailand and 60 days in Cambodia.
Be careful: It is not clear if you can stay 60 Days in one country and another 60 days in the second one. The wording is vague - as mostly in this funny country...
How it works with your one-year Visa remains obscure too!
The 35 countries announced are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Update: If a visitor applies for a visa at a Thai embassy, the documents will be forwarded to its Cambodian counterpart for approval, which will have the authority to reject the application, and vice versa. Also, visa fees for both countries will have to be paid. Neither country will issue a multiple-entry visa!

Myanmar plane crashed
Air Bagan Fokker-100
December 25th 2012:
An Air Bagan Fokker-100 plane carrying 65 passengers including foreign tourists crash-landed in eastern Shan state.
The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing three kilometres from Heho airport, a popular tourist destination of Inle Lake.
Government official said a fire was reported in one of the engines as it approached Heho airport at around 09:00 local time on December 25th.
Crashed Air Bagan Fokker-100
Crashed Air Bagan Fokker-100
Because of the emergency landing near the airport, the plane broke up in the middle. All passengers were evacuated from the burning plane, but two passengers and a motorcycle driver on a road near the airport died. At least 11 people were injured.

Phuket Airport Emergency Landing
Air Berlin A330-200
December 20th 2012:
An Air Berlin Airbus A330-200, registration D-ABXA performing flight AB-7425 from Phuket (Thailand) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with 249 passengers, was climbing out of Phuket's runway 27 when the crew stopped the climb and returned to Phuket for a safe landing on runway 09 about 40 minutes after departure at 21:26L (14:26Z). The aircraft was disabled on the runway, there were no injuries. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs onto the runway.
The airport reported the crew reported an engine (PW4168) fire before turning back to the aerodrome. Passengers reported repeated bangs and sparks flying off an engine. The tyres were blown during landing.
Information for passengers waiting at Phuket Airport was scarce. The board just said delayed, delayed, delayed. The airport provided no information to people.
Phuket's single-runway airport is at peak capacity at this time of the year.

Thais Asia's most happy people!
Thais are Asia's most happy people and the world's #5 a new survey says!
The world's most Happy people are living in:
#1 Panama and Paraguay
#2 El Salvador
#3 Venezuela
#4 Trinidad and Tobago
#5 Thailand
#6 Guatemala
#7 the Philippines
#8 Ecuador
#9 Costa Rica
We badly miss the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan which famously measures policies by their impact on a concept called Gross National Happiness.
Therefore never believe in a poll, unless you conducted it yourself...
Or as my Thai neighbour says:
I have to be 'mau' every night - otherwise I can't stay here whole my life.

New Restrictions on Alcohol Sales!
On 12/12/12 Thailand's Health Ministry approved a new regulation prohibiting the sale of alcohol on footpaths, in public parks, and in public areas nationwide.
Retail alcohol sales will be permitted only from 11:00-14:00 and from 17:00-24:00, except at international airports and at licensed entertainment venues.
The new regulation will take effect on January 1st, 2013.
On December 22nd an official accused people of trying to delay or distort information about the restriction campaign. The restriction on the sale of alcoholic drinks on public footpaths cannot be imposed in time for the New Year due to delays in the bureaucratic process. The official said some sources had told him that the new law could be delayed for a year.
Nothing ever works as announced in this country...

Nothing works as expected!
Thai scientists reported that almost half of the breathalysers used by Thailand's traffic police give erroneous readings or do not work at all...

Condom House
Condom House reopened!
Pattaya's one and only Condom House, located on North Pattaya's BigC CentralCenter re-opened.
Officers from the Police Region 2, the Child and Women Protection Unit and the Anti-Human Trafficking Division raided the popular shop on November 23rd 2012.

Sexy Submarine re-opened!
Sexy Submarine re-opened!
Sexy Submarine, the A Go-Go Club on Soi LK Metro re-opened on December 22nd! The Police closed the bar on November 8th, 2012.

New York New York re-opened!
New York New York re-opened!
New York New York, the A Go-Go Club on Marine Plaza, off Walking Street, re-opened on December 6th! The bar was closed since November 8th, 2012.
New York dark at 21:39 December 22nd.
If the Club should be closed and/or in the dark as on this photo, don't care! It will open sooner or later during the evening. We are in Thailand, therefore opening and closing times are always relative.

Tipsy opened
Tipsy opened
Tipsy, an (e)xclusive Nightclub opened on Soho Square.

The Cedars Club opened
The Cedars Club opened
The Cedars Club opened on Soho Square.

Playhouse opened
Playhouse opened
Playhouse opened on Soho Square.

New Bar on Soi 7
New Bar on Soi 7
In the rooms of the former Anna Jet Bar a PJ DJ Bar opened.

Coming soon
J.J. Market goes Pattaya!
J.J. Market goes Pattaya!
A copy of Bangkok's well-known JJ Weekend Market (also known as Chatujak, Chatuchak or Jatujak weekend market) will open soon in North Pattaya near the Dolphin Roundabout as J.J. Supermarket.

New Coyote Club
Roxy Bar will open soon at Pattaya Avenue's 2nd floor as a Coyote Club.

Don't throw bricks!
Glass House A Go-Go
Glass House A Go-Go is in the works on Pattaya's Walking Street.

The Pattaya Avenue, located between Pattaya's Second Road and Soi 15, will get a Dang-Dum Food Center on its first floor.

A Harem in Pattaya?
A Harem in Pattaya?
A Harem is announced on top of Baron's Club A Go-Go on Soi Diamond.

Sensations erupt from Cavern!
Sensations erupt from Cavern!
Sensations A Go-Go will open in a few weeks on Walking Street. The new Bar will replace the former Cavern A Go-Go as well as the Honey Beer Bar.

Soi 14 A Go-Go
New A Go-Go
A new A Go-Go Club is also in the works in a new building located on Pattaya's Walking Street at the entry to Soi 14.
New A Go-Go
Named Sugar Baby, the new venue offers up to 25'000 Baht for the Mamasan, 17'000 - 20'000 Baht for Showgirls, 9'000 - 12'000 Baht for Dancers, 8'000 Baht for Hostesses and 6'000 Baht for Service Girls.
Let's hope they are choosing full-grown babies - or the bar will have a very short life. Police from the Children and Women's Protection and Anti-Human Trafficking Center always have a close look at Pattaya's Bars and Clubs.
The new club opened on December 25th, 2012!

New Disco
New Disco
On the first floor of the Absolute Entertainment Complex on Pattaya's Walking Street The Pier Disco Club will replace Lollipop A Go-Go, Cosy's A Go-Go, Bartime's and the Calif Exclusive Bar.

Atelier closed again!
In our August News Flash we could report that Atelier, a bar on Soi LK Metro, reopened. In the meantime the venue closed again and is on the block.

Glamour A Go-Go closed.
Glamour A Go-Go, located on the second floor of the Bali Hai Entertainment Complex, didn't reopen the door on December 25th. It had a short life: The club opened during November 2012.

Sands closed!
Sands closed!
Sands, a Thai Pub with an eventful story and located on South Pattaya Road, closed. Its building will be destroyed.

Sai 3 Fishing Park closed!
Sai 3 Fishing Park closed!
On December 13th Pattaya's famous Sai 3 Fishing Park on (3rd Road) was closed (again).
Sai 3 Fishing Park reopened!
It's hard to believe, but the Sai 3 Fishing Park reopened on the last day of the Mayan calendar! As ist seems, people here can't respect ancient times and the festive days from other cultures. Fortunately Nostradamus never visited Pattaya...

Margarita Station closed!
Margarita Station closed!
The Margarita Station, located on Pattaya's Walking Street at the entry to New Living Dolls 1, closed. The venue is on the block.

Alois closed
Alois closed
The highly praised Alois Restaurant & Wine Bar, located at the entry to Thappraya Road, closed.
Since December 1st ALOIS is under a new management. The business runs now as LOUIS in Soi Naklua 31.

Good News, Bad News
Dangerous Thailand
According to internet security firms Thailand is the world's third most-dangerous base for accessing the web.
Thai web users have a 20.8 per cent risk of being attacked or becoming infected with some sort of malware.
Only Indonesia, with a 23.5 per cent cyber-risk factor, and China with 21.3 per cent ranked higher than Thailand!
The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Mexico, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Taiwan and Hong Kong are following up Thailand.
If you like to surf safely you have to move your computer to Norway, Sweden or Japan.
Thailand is also one of the world's leading internet censors: Thailand blocks ONE MILLION URLs (November 2012).
If you are using Thailand's Internet Cafés you are even in a greater risk to pick-up some malware.
If you use a memory stick, check it on a Linux or Android device for possible threats - before you put it back on your Window-based computer.
Avoid visiting Thai websites as well as it's counterparts mentioned above - or try to access them from Google. Google provides some pre-testing.

Thai Police: Your best Friend?
Three police officers and a bank employee have been arrested in Nakhon Phanom. They were charged with robbing a Lao lumber trader of 3.5 million baht in cash.
The victim told police he was driving his pickup truck on December 12th on the way back to Laos. He just had withdrawn 3.5 million baht in cash from a Thai bank. On a road in Nakhon Phanom province a vehicle carrying three men dressed like police officers cut in front of him and forced him to a stop.
The men grabbed him from his vehicle, threw him inside their car and took the bag containing the money. They later dumped him on a lonely roadside in Na Rat Khwai, the lumber trader told Police.
I am your best friend!
Regional police just spent 1.2 million baht on smiling Police mascots. They should tell residents and tourists that we (the Police) are your best friends.

Double Earners: Police as Drug Smugglers!
On December 13th five officers from a police station in Nan province have been fired after being arrested for smuggling 1 million speed pills.
The five officers - Pol Lt Col Thammanoon Nakbua, chief of Ouan police station; Pol Sub Lt Jittipong Sochai, deputy crime suppression investigation chief; Pol Snr Sgt Maj Nonthawat Pansa; Pol Snr Sgt Maj Atthapol Khamsaen; and Pol Snr Sgt Maj Sakkapong Chiangnoon - were fired from the police service on the spot.
The five allegedly confessed they had been hired for 2 million baht by a drug trafficker in Chiang Rai.
Pol Sub Lt Jittipong had already been involved with a major drug trafficking gang in Chiang Mai while serving as a border patrol officer. He was recently transferred to Ouan police station.
It's only the Dip of the Iceberg...

Pattaya's Reputation
During a meeting between Thai and Russian officials and tour operators, the embassy counselor informed Pattaya's officials about Pattaya's increasingly negative image in Russia.
The increasing frequency of gold and handbag snatches and hotel burglaries, as well as the notourious Jet Ski scams are continuously destroying Pattaya's reputation in Russia.
Russian's Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturism) also mentioned the disparity in the prices charged to Thais and Russians for medical services.
The Russian consul does not agree with the common practice of hotels taking tourists passports. He said passports were the property of the Russian government and that Thai officials showed negligence in instructing hotels to demand and hold them.
Please read:
Crisis of tourist safety, published by Bangkok Post. If something happens, our police is interested in your money only...

A new broom every few months!
Pattaya Police got a new director (again). His name: Pol. Col. Kittanes Chiawnawintawat.
The former Superintendent was transferred to another post following a well-documented poor performance.
The heads of Pattaya Police change every few months. It seems the city gives every single Policeman in Thailand the chance to collect some money in this resort...

Thailand's Public Health Ministry warns!
Thailand's Public Health Ministry informs that the HIV infection rate among male homosexuals has increased by 11% over the past 24 years!
The Ministry also said the anal cancer diagnosis rate among gay men was 35 per 100'000 people compared with only 0.8 to 100'000 for the overall population.

Bank of Thailand warns!
Bank of Thailand has expressed concern over the rising levels of personal loans and household debts.
Household debt is now on the rise and this is worrying because without proper management, it can lead to social and economic problems, the spokesman from BoT said.

Not so Rich?
A few days ago we paid a visit to The Rich Home Short Time Motel on Pattaya's South Road.
The about 2-year old venue is known for its nice, uncluttered and very clean rooms.
You pay 280 Baht for a 3-hour use and you get a not working shower water heater from Panasonic, a large size LCD TV without remote control and no signals, and the temperature of the air-conditioner can't be regulated anymore. It not even can be switched off!
The word maintenace seems to be unknown in this country!
For more information about Short Time Motels please click PattayaSweethearts.

We check first!
We check first
On November 8th 2012 Police closed the New York New York A Go-Go-Club on Marine Plaza.
On November 26th we got an e-mail telling us to publish that the club will reopen on December 1st 2012.
We didn't publish the message. We don't have the tendency to be the first with some news. We try to be your most reliable source of news from Pattaya.
Therefore we always check the news before we publish them.
On November 4th the club in question was still closed, but the sign telling that it is closed because of renovation was replaced by a large banner searching new dancers...
On November 6th the New York New York Club could re-open!

Wasted Money?
Empty Tower
Since many weeks Pattaya's highly praised Observation Tower at the entry to Walking Street is almost empty.
It emphasize an article published by Bangkok Post that it isn't the strength of Thailand's Police to do their duties...
Click here to read about the same subject, but written by a Thai Journalist.
No matter what she is writing, the tower was always empty. We checked it every night from December 1st to December 14th.

H.M. the King's VolksWagen
An armada of Benz had the privilege to accompany H.M. the King of Thailand's Van built by Volkswagen (VW) on his birthday to the waiting well-wishers at the Anantasamakom Throne Hall in front of the Royal Plaza.
On December 5th 2012 His Majesty the King of Thailand celebrated his 85th birthday. King Bhumibol took the throne in 1946, making him the world's longest reigning monarch and the world's longest serving head of state.
200'000 well-wishers at the Anantasamakom Throne Hall in front of the Royal Plaza.
More than 200'000 people from all over Thailand come to pay respect to Thailand's King. King Bhumibol dedicated his life to the poor citizens in his country.
Celebrating the King's birthday.
Millions of people in every part of Thailand celebrated the Kings birthday.

Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...
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Pattaya News Flash December 2012 - The Source
NightWalker's News
Pattaya, the City where your Passion is still a Possibility
©2012 NightWalker, Pattaya News Flash & Rainbow Production Switzerland.
Amazing Pattaya
Since a few days the City is full of tourists. Most of them are pedestrians. To improve their security Pattaya Police shot down almost all the pedestrian lights in the Resort.

Can anybody else beat the stupidity of our officials?
Jet Ski Scams - and no end in sight!
On December 25th a 27-year-old Swiss tourist who refused to pay for an alleged damage of a craft was reportedly beaten by four men who worked for a jet ski owner at Koh Samui's Chaweng Beach.

Koh Samui's Police charged the attackers with physical assault and kept them in police custody. Koh Samui's tourism promotion association wanted stronger controls on the more than 50 jet ski owners on the island. In Pattaya the Police usually release the scammers after a generous donation to the needy commissionaire...
Hey, we are still here!
Pattaya survived the projected Mayan apocalypse!

And the moral of this story? Never believe any voyeur, fortune teller or forecaster - not even a weather forecaster! They all tell rubish!
We don't need the new Dictator!

People in Portugal and some other countires already think they got a new Dictator - and they are right! During the last 100 years Europe had to deal with a lot of Dictators. We realy don't need the new one.
Stupid City Hall
In a few days is New Year, but Pattaya City Hall still did not informe the City and its tourist if there is a Countdown 2013 in Pattaya and/or when it will start.
Obviously Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and his brother Wittaya Khunplome from Chonburi Administration Organisation really don't have the slightest idea how to run an international beach resort!
During the last few year the countdown usually started on December 25th on Bali Hai.
Last year Pattaya's lazy officials announced the Countdown 2012 on December 22nd!
No events

Update: On December 19th City Hall started placing banners all over Pattaya to announce a Pattaya Countdown 2013. It will happen on Bali Hai Pier from December 25th until December 31st, 2012, and will include an unannouced market blocking almost whole of Pattaya's Beach Promenade.

iSay™ ©2012 by NightWalker
City Hall's Motto:
Never announce an event in advance!
Some stupid Farangs could get the idea to book a fly to Pattaya to attent the event.
We organise our festivals for City Hall's hard working people only! We don't need any foreign onlookers!

All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke - based on reality.

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Khon Kaen Countdown 2013
We recommend our Mayor to take his brothers and go to the Isan. Khon Kaen knows how to organize an atmospheric Countdown that attracts a lot more happy visitors than the one in Pattaya!
Be warned!
The second floor of South Pattaya's Tukcom Center is full of Samsung labeled Tablets and Smartphones.
Gadgets that never have seen a Samsung Factory...

Update (December 22nd): The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has declared South Pattaya's Tukcom Center as red zone selling fake brand products, but our police...
Be warned!
Bumpy Streets
Pattaya's Second Road is now as bumpy as Pattaya's South Road!
Obviously Pattaya City Hall likes to work with people that don't know what they do!
Be warned!
Dirty Water in Pattaya
At least in some parts of Pattaya the Waterworks are delivering dirty water.
The water has a drab colour and smells of faeces!
Buakhaow Beer Festival
Buakhaow Beer Festival
Enjoy Soi Buakhaow's Beer Festival! It happens from December 15th 2012 until March 15th 2013 a few meters only from Bangkok Bank's new Office.
Naklua Walk & Eat Weekend Night Market
Naklua Walk & Eat Weekend Night Market
Since December 2nd Naklua celebrates its Walk & Eat Weekend Night Market. The popular Night Market runs every Saturday and Sunday until January 20th 2013 from 16:00 until 22:00 and presents performances from local bands, Pattaya students and Thai (Country) Celebrities.
Brussels ready to Cash In!
Curiosity discovers carbon dioxide
During its analysis of the Martian atmosphere the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity detected that the Martian atmosphere contains mostly carbon dioxide (95.9 percent). Oxygen is accounting for only 0.14 percent.
The news triggered leaps for joy among Brussels' Eurocrats. They immediatly scrapped the carbon dioxide-emission fees on flights in and out of the EU to get a previously canceled order for 60 A320 planes from state-backed China Eastern Airlines.
The high carbon dioxide concentration on the Mars is good news for the EU's empty cash boxes, a spokesman said.
We will immediately start an investigation. If Thailand's notorious farmers in the North of the country should be responsible for the dangerous high carbon dioxide-emission on the Mars they have to pay, but if the inquiry shows that it is the work of God, the EU will not hesitate to knock the door in Rome. The Pope still claims to be the representative of God. If so, he will have to pay the bill, the spokesman from the European Union said.
Intel, Google, Apple and Microsoft already know that the bureaucrats from the European Union start acting like wild animals if they can smell some money...
Stupidity à la Doha
To reduce Carbon Emissions the United Nations produce them first with their yearly conferences!
To reduce the world's carbon emissions the United Nations organise yearly meetings.
The 2012 World Climate Conference was held in Qatar's capital Doha. Qatar is one of the world's leading carbon dioxide producers per capita and a major exporter of crude oil and natural gas.
This year's event attracted about 25'00 participants from all over the world. They alone produced more 130'000 tons of CO2. That means every single person produced more emissions during the 14-day stay in Doha than a citizen of Mali does in 5 years!
The talks, scheduled to have closed on December 7th, ran a whole day into extra time, paralysed as rich and poor nations faced off on issues including finance and compensation for climate damage. But as expected UN's expensive Blah-Blah show ended without any other result as to repeat the same stupidity next year in Poland.
Most of the events organised by organisations like the United Nations are a complete waste of money, time and resources.
Adventure Holidays on Koh Samui
Koh Samui without Power, Telecommunication and Gasoline!
Koh Samui without Power, Telecommunication and Gasoline!
On December 4th an underwater power cable ruptured and cut the power on Samui, Tao and Phangan islands in Surat Thani province.
The islands were without power on December 4th and 5th. The wireless telecommunication network had also been knocked out and the islands gasoline stations couldn't serve their customers.
Usually Samui island would have about 20'000 tourists, but the tourists fled the islands and the number of tourists had shrunk to about one thousand.
The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in Koh Samui district explained that the outage was caused by a rupture to the submarine power cable connecting a substation on Samui island with the mainland. The reserve power supply was only able to distribute electricity to one fifth of the islands' area at a time, on a two hour rotation. Many hotels were running out of fuel for their power generators.
Other sources say that the electricity blackout was caused by an underground cable line at the connection point of Amphur Koh Samui that had short circuited. To repair the damage work crews were waiting for equipment to be delivered from the provincial electricity authority in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.
On Tuesday morning power supplier Khanom Electricity Generating Company in Nakhon Si Thammarat temporarily shut off the electricity for 'maintenance'. The system failed when they tried to restart it.
According to Thanongsak Somwong, the chairman of Koh Samui's tourism promotion association, Koh Samui is the face of the nation, but the power outage had brought the islands to their knees.
At least people could do some cooking, an official said...

Update (Thursday Dec. 6th): Koh Samui and Koh Phangan still without power. Thailand's highly skilled technicians are still looking for the cause...

Update (Friday Dec. 7th, 04:00): Electricity is back on Koh Samui and Phangan after engineers spent the night successfully restoring electricity Channel 3 TV said, but the chief of the Provincial Electricity Authority's (PEA) said the repair work is 85% completed only and officials were expected to be able to start supplying electricity by 12:00. The power cable rupture, now located in a section of a 30km-long cable at tambon Taling Ngam in Samui district on the island(!), resulted from a surge in electricity demand from the high tourism season this month, he added... In other words YOU, the tourists, triggered the problem!
Tit for Tat
Tit for Tat
Tit for Tat
BigC Extra! closed the parking area for motorcycles in front of its supermarket.
Pattaya's clever bikers found a 'solution' for the problem. They simply park now the bikes at the entrace and block the entry for cars, taxis and busses...
Police besieged City Hall
Police besieged City Hall
On December 24th Pattaya City Hall was occupied by a bunch of Police officials and their cars. Farangs speculated about the reason for the parade: Do they already arrest Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome for continuously wasting the taxpayers money or did he hide his (allegedly criminal) father in the building?
At least the large scale Police operation was very unusually (in the eyes of some farangs) in a time where Police should protect Pattaya's tourists...

In reality Police Volunteers and local Government Officers joined Pattaya Police in a Christmas Eve Parade to encourage the local Police Divisions to work together in protecting and serving the Pattaya community over the festive period. Police General Wutti, a Senior Advisor to the National Police Commissioner, presided over the parade. He confirmed the importance of maintaining security for tourists in Pattaya at all times of the year, but especially during the High Season. He warned everyone that Thailand and the rest of the world is watching. The picture above shows: We, Pattaya's Tourists, are watching too...
Pattaya makes it easy!
In Pattaya you don't need to be an equilibrist.
You just can step into next door's A Go-Go Bar to study a woman's anatomy.
Sugar Baby!
Sugar Baby!
On December 25th Walking Street's newest A Go-Go Club opened its door at the entry to Soi 14: Sugar Baby!
New A Go-Go Club on Soi Post Office
Opened on December 22nd!
New A Go-Go Club on Soi LK Metro
New A Go-Go Club on Soi LK Metro

On December 14th a Lady Love A Go-Go Club opened on So LK Metro.
Winchester Club reopened in Jomtien
Winchester Club reopens in Jomtien

Winchester Club reopened on December 14th at 12:00 as a Gentleman's Club in Jomtien.
The management announced to organize oil wrestling, bikini, bunny, school uniforms and domination nights with hot sexy nurses, police babes and lap dancers.
Check it! Perhaps the new club fits your taste!
New Bar on the Dark Side: Soi Khao Talo 2-4
New Bar on the Dark Side

For more information please click into the picture!
3rd Indian Dance Club in Pattaya
We just discoverd a 3rd Indian Dance Club, located on Soi Phratamnak.
New Bungalow Hotel

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
New Apartment House on Soi New Plaza
New Apartment House on Soi New Plaza

NP Residence on Soi New Plaza, located between Soi Buakhaow and Pattaya 2nd Road, is a new apartment house in Central Pattaya. The rooms are between 35 and 40 sqm large and cost between 15'000 and 21'000/month excluding water and electricity. WiFi connections are free.
Italian Restaurant moved
Italian Restaurant moved

Da Giulio & Nan, a famous Italian Restauarant located on Pattaya's Second Road, moved from its former location near the entry to Wat Chaimongkon to a building located across from Soi Pattayaland 1.

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Dung Coffee
Dung Coffee
The Chiang Rai-based Black Ivory Coffee Company came up with the unusual idea of making its Black Ivory Coffee from Elephant Dung. The company was founded by Canada-born Blake Dinkin. He first worked with civet cats in Ethiopia, producing exotic and expensive coffee beans with them. But his coffee suffered a blow when scientists linked civet cats to the outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
Mr. Dinkin first started feeding Arabica coffee berries to elephants in Canada almost a decade ago, and after years of experimenting, he decided to use an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand as his home base. Now his exclusive coffee is produced at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.
At US$ 1'100 per kilogram, it's the world's most expensive coffee.
The coffee will be available at all four Anantara-brand resorts in the Maldives, at Anantara's Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Chiang Rai, the Anantara Phuket Villas as well as at Anantara's Resorts in Abu Dhabi...
Mayan Calendar
Contrary to the popular myth, Mayan experts have known for a long time that the Mayan calendar is not a countdown to the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.
Rumors surrounding a projected apocalypse on December 21st, 2012, is a misconception.
The Mayan used a series of cycles to track time in which there were 13 baktuns each representing a 400-year chunk. On December 21st, 2012, the cycle of 13 baktuns will be complete and a new cycle begins.
The Mayan calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future, researchers said.
Enjoy the Mayan's new cycle in Pattaya, the city where you can meet your future, your present and your past.
And Nostradamus said:
Nostradamus said
Size matters!
Size matters!
Size maters if you want to have nice Souvenirs!
In Theorie it's very easy: The more pixels you camera has the sharper your picture!
At least if your camera is equipped with good lenses and an appropriate sensor.
Today it isn't a big problem for designer to squeeze 16 million pixels (or even more) into a 25 mm2 large silicon.
The problem starts if you try to take photos with such a camera in a low light environment.
The smaller the pixels, the less signals and the more noise they generate. You can't outfoxing the physics. But I bet, in the near future you will see some mobile phones with cameras producing coloured noise...
Where is WiFi in Pattaya?
Lake of Zurich
During November 2008 Pattaya City Hall announced that it has plans to convert Pattaya into a complete IT city. The city will have a TOT wireless internet network covering the 2.5 km long beach. Pattaya will be the first city to have a WiFi Beach in this country, Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said. He also said that CAT Telecom is developing (!) a 10Mb fiber optic ADSL cable connection to all housing. According to City Hall's Big Mouth Pattaya will be the first location in Thailand to have complete wireless (!?!) internet coverage.
On August 28th 2012 Pattaya City Hall signed an agreement with True Corporation (Public) Ltd. over the installation of 1'000 Wi-Fi Internet hot spots, with 2 Mbps of broadband, all around Pattaya in the near future. According to Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome Pattaya City is a World Class Tourist Attraction where high speed internet and free Wi-Fi are a necessity. Pattaya residents and tourists can subscribe to a Monthly 5 Free Hours of Wi-Fi-Internet by registering through the True Wi-Fi Website.
During October and November 2012 we tested WiFi connections along Pattaya's Beach Road with tablets and notebook. If you can get a connection, the data transfer is lousy. On some days it not even was possible to read an e-mail.
Almost every hotel in Pattaya provides a more reliable connection.
Nothing in Pattaya works as announced and/or expected!

Conclusion: Pattaya is a big Circus and City Hall's officials are its Clowns.
That's it!
est cola
New Cola Brand launched in Thailand
Serm Suk, Pepsi Cola's bottler for the last 58 years, launched its own cola brand on November 2nd 2012.
Serm Suk's bottling and distribution contract with Pepsi-Cola expired on November 1st. On April 30th 2011 Serm Suk itself decided to end the contract with PepsiCo Inc.
The company had an exclusive bottling contract for Pepsi, Seven-up and Mirinda as well as all other Pepsi trademarked beverages.
Serm Suk has set an ambitious target of making its est brand the leader of Thailand's 30-billion Baht cola segment within three years.
We are sure they don't will reach the target: The new drink tastes like a medicine from a nearby hospital.
A drink for Gays?

PepsiCo Inc. itself invested 5.2-billion-Baht into its new production plant at Rayong's Amata City Industrial Estate. The facility is one of PepsiCo's largest global beverage plants, comprising eight high-speed production lines. They can produce up to 800 PET bottles per minute! PepsiCo Inc. is teaming up with DHL, the international logistics company, to distribute its soft drinks all over Thailand.
Pattaya's 'Historical' Buildings
Pattaya's Historical Buildings
Located on Pattaya North Road, just in front of the Loma Roundabout and projected as a shopping center, this building is empty since many years. We doubt the installed escalators can be reawakened...

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - this one too!
The Miracle Year of Amazing Thaiand
For more information please visit
December 6th 2012:
A report of the United States Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) ranked Thailand eighth in a global list of 158 countries where terrorism has had the most impact in the past decade, but Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said there is no terrorism in Thailand, just political demonstrations and the insurgency in the deep South. Thailand is not yet the land of terrorism because we're a Buddhist country, we don't take sides and we're friends with everyone. I'm not worried about the terrorism news, the Minister said.

December 7th 2012:
Police in Ayutthaya had to arrest two monks for inappropriate behaviour and possession of drugs. The two were drinking beer and watching pornography in Wat Phra Ngam. They also took some methamphetamine pills (yaba) before they started partying. On October 18th police already raided a temple in Chon Buri province and arrested five monks having a party with alcohol, drugs and women in their living quarters.

December 12th 2012:
Computer software glitches frustrated many couples trying to register their marriages Wednesday on the auspicious date of 12/12/12. Couples to have the special date printed on their marriage certificates faced hours of delays at district offices. The Interior Ministry was changing its computer system handling registration for documents nationwide. The new software had developed malfunctions that delayed the process, a spokeman said.
Nothing ever works as expected in High-Tech Thailand...

December 22nd 2012:
Airports of Thailand (AoT) has been ordered to improve its emergency response systems after an emergency landing at Phuket International Airport on December 20th, 2012. More than 1'000 passengers were left stranded. Airport staff took six hours to clear the sole runway. The accident delayed at least 20 flights. 1'046 passengers were affected by the runway closure. Information for passengers waiting at Phuket Airport was scarce.
Nothing ever works as expected in High-Tech Thailand...

December 25th 2012:
It has taken the police five years to crack seven major criminal cases in Prachin Buri. On December 24th Pol Lt Gen Winai Thongsong announced the arrest of a prominent provincial councillor and accomplices linked to election-related murders and bid collusion. The cases comprised seven murders and attempted murders in Prachin Buri. Responsible for the dust off is Pol Lt Gen Winai Thongsong. He took over the post in October 2012 only...

December 27th 2012:
Thailand's South Samut Sakhon provincial court has issued an arrest warrant for Democrat MP Kanchit Tabsuwan on a charge of premeditated murder. He is the main suspect in the murder of the former chairman of the Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organisation. The chairman was killed at a petrol station on December 25th, 2011. But Mr Kanchuit, the alleged murderer, was released because the House was in session and he had immunity as an MP...

Last month we published another set of Miraculous Stories from Amazing Thailand.
Cheating à la Tesco/Lotus
Tesco/Lotus just launched a promotion: Buy goods for 800 Baht and you will get a vaucher for 120 Baht.
If you have your voucher it tells you that you have to buy goods for another 400 Baht until you can claim the promised 120 Baht.
Nevertheless its a 10% discount, but all my neighbors told me that they think that's just another scam of a supermarket.
At least for the next few weeks the good reputation Tesco/Lotus built up in my neighborhood ended (once again) in smoke...

It seems Tesco/Lotus is currently working with a very lousy marketing crew, anything else but real professionals.
Be aware!
Be aware!
Praise the EURO!
Praise the EURO!
A visitor is writing
Thank you to the Tuk Tuk Driver!
We traveled to Thailand, Pattaya in October. When we arrived from Bangkok to Pattaya our clothes weren't suitable and the weather was so hot. So, me and my brother decided to go and purchase some clothes. After we bought some shorts & t-shirts we were getting back to our hotel the driver told us i want to turn this street (he asked us where we want to go and we told him we are residents at which hotel) and i'm not going to ... street. So we jumped out from the tuk tuk and after 10-15 minutes i told my brother: where is your handbag? At the first he thought i pulled him on but when he realized i'm not jokking he remebered that he lost his handbag in tuk tuk. So, i called to his cellphone which was in her bag and a woman picked up. When i talked to him i realized she's from our hotel and the taxi driver had given back our bag to hotel which contains 7900 us dollar. From here i just wanted to thanks all the good people and crystal heart of Thailand and specially that driver. So, if you want to have a memorable trip, always be careful. (Original e-mail from Iran).
2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking
Nitht Plaza on Pattaya Beach Road
2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking
Facts why English is hard to learn
Advertisement in Switzerland (not targeting Pattaya!)
Advertisement in Switzerland

You have the plug - we have the socket!
Fledgeling Myanmar
Fledgeling Myanmar
A new monthly magazine called Nhyot hits the news stands in Myanmar, a country also known as Birma or Burma.
It is filled with erotic images from front cover to back, but its publishers say the magazine covers sex from a health perspective. Nevertheless, the new magazine, the first of its kind in Myanmar, has been an instant hit...
Funny Pattaya
Mityon's sales persons trying to sell you Yahama Motorcycles are driving Honda's Bikes. (Never forget to look behind the scenes...)
Funny Jomtien
British Honorary Consulate (located in Jomtien!) Pattaya for Rent!
Thailand's slow Postal Services
Thailand's slow Postal Services
Jomtien's Post Office is closed for renovation since October 1st 2012. The renovation takes as long as a letter from Bangkok to Pattaya. You never know if it arrives...
The Winners of Pattaya's First Pussy Cat Contest
Royal Garden Plaza Cat Contest
Royal Garden Plaza Cat Contest
He got a special prize for his motorcycle riding cats...
Royal Garden Plaza Cat Contest
Artist in Pattaya...
Greetings from Hokkaido
Greetings from Hokkaido
I am watching you!
2013 Years?
Happy New Years!
CP's advertising experts are joining Thailand's Year of English Speaking with their advertisement at CentralFestival.

Thailand's richest man, the owner of CP Group and CentralFestival, obviously has no money to pay a proofreader...
Asia at Night
Asia at Night
Countdown 2013
Pattaya City Hall put up this banner on December 19th 2012!

Pattaya City Hall put up this banner on December 19th 2012 - three days sooner than last year!

Responsible for the (dis)organization of the Countdown is Wittaya Khunplome, the brother of Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, and his Chonburi Administration Organisation. Sontaya Khunpleum, the Mayor's other brother and Thailand's Minister for Culture, opened the event.
Pattaya is a Family Affair.
The term Family Resort gets a completely new meaning!
Global Cooling!
Japan faces the coldest December ever recorded.
Some other countries suffer from extremely low temperatures too, therefore the Global Warming Association decided to keep quiet.
The promoters of the Global Warming will be back in a few weeks.
Their slogan doesn't have to tell the true - but it guarantees big business.

Next month Nightwalker will start an initiative against the Global Warming Scam!
Rent a Bicycle!
Rent a Bicycle!

90 Baht/day at Voodoo Bar at Jomtien's Rompho Bar Complex.
Dear Mister Obama
Disarm all arms manufacturers!
Dissolve the EU!
Every nation gets the government it deserves.
Every nation gets the economy it deserves.
Every nation gets the currency it deserves.

The European Union distorts it all!
Leave the EU!
If Britain is leaving the European Union it is 'not the end of the world', but the beginning of a new success story!
Relearn the ABC!
Assume nothing!
Believe no one!
Check everything!

Use it when surfing the Internet!
Mohamed Morsi
Mohamed Morsi
Egypt's new Dictator?
Peer Steinbrück
Peer Steinbrück

Germany's new SPD sponsered self-portrayer and sponger.
Arrivederci Italia
Stop supporting Israel!
With Israel's decision to authorise the construction of 3'000 more housing units in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israel's Government shows that it is not interested in Freedom but in Provocations.
Stop to support all
War Game players!
The NATO takes every opportunity to show the world its inability to solve a conflict.

iSay™ ©2012 by NightWalker
We Congratulate
We Congratulate

We congratulate North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un to the successful launch of the weather satellite. We believe that the country will use the new technology for the benefits of its people and the rest of our world.
Last Month
Thai Night City Club
Kanika Hotel
Glamour A Go-Go
The Frog Lounge
Dream's Bar Soi 8
Mum Bar Soi Diamond
New York New York
A Go-Go Club
Sexy Submarine
A Go-Go
Lollipop A Go-Go
The Cavern A Go-Go
Anna Jet Soi 7
Honey Beer Bar Walking
House of Condom
British Consulat Jomtien
Name Change:
Utopia A Go-Go now
Upstairs A Go-Go
Big Event:
Loy Kratong

For more information
click November News.
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!

No progress on jet ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!

Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever

Thailand's Public Health Ministry warns, but Pattaya City Hall is completely ignoring the issue!
Update November 5th 2012: The number of people diagnosed with dengue fever in all parts of Thailand has risen significantly this year.
Warning #5
Date-rape drug warning

According to Pattaya Police, it is common that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed by prostitutes in their hotel rooms.
Warning #6
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade

Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Warning #7
Pattaya's dirty beaches

Enjoy Pattaya's and Jomtien's dirty beaches!
Latest StreetArt
StreetArt on Pattaya's Beach Road
StreetArt on Pattaya's Beach Road

StreetArt on Pattaya's Beach Road: Not even the Police knows the meaning...
The colour dissolves itself...
The colour used is so bad that it will dissolve itself in a few weeks only, as shown in front of Mantra Restaurant!
Be Aware
No parking for bicycles!

At CentralFestival, Mike's Shopping Mall and Tukcom South Pattaya you can't park nor lock your bicyle!
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!

Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Bikers wear Helmets
Real Bikers wear Helmets!
Only stupid ones don't!
Stupid people don't have to wear Helmets in Pattaya!
Wasted Money
Wasted Money
Installed during May 2010 along Pattaya's and Jomtien's Beaches but never used!
Wasted Money
During the day pigeons are observing the beach, during the night homeless people.
Wasted Money
Exception: The tower in front of CentralFestival is sometimes populated with volunteers provided by Thai Life Savers. During Sundays a tower on Jomtien's beach is also used by Life Savers.
Technology News
We discovered:
The world's first SmartPhone!
The world's first SmartPhone!

Deadly Apple Maps!
Australian police warned motorists about using the map system on new Apple iPhones.
The Police already had to rescue several people left stranded in the wilderness.
Six motorists have been rescued in recent weeks from the Murray Sunset National Park after following directions on their Apple iPhones.
The park has no water supply, temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees Celsius. Some people being stranded for up to 24 hours without food or water. If it was a 45-degree day, someone could actually die, Police said.
Apple was not reachable for comment...
If you like to stay alive, we recommend to use an Android based phone.
Update (December 13th):
Google's Map App is back on Apple's Store - and it's free!

Google Notebook
Google will launch a 12.85-inch touch-controlled notebook.
It is powered by Google's Chrome OS, a variation of Linux.
Compal Electronics is responsible for the production and Wintek is supplying the touch panels.
Compal will start shipments at the end of 2012.

Microsoft's Surface RT Tablets flops!
Microsoft reduced its orders for its Surface RT tablets by half.
Microsoft expected to ship four million Surface RT devices by the end of 2012, but has recently reduced the orders to only two million units.
Windows RT-based tablet from other manufacturers are also seeing weak performance.

Microsoft says it sold 40 million licences of its new Windows 8 OS in the first month after its launch.
I didn't buy one!
Did YOU?

Customers decided smaller is better!
Apple is seeing an as high as 20% decrease in orders for its original iPad.
Buyers all over the world prefer to order the company's new miniPad.
Apple's highly praised Guru Steve Jobs was against the launch of a small version...

NightWalker's Technology News
Best advise
Give it to mother!
Made by Professionals!
Made by Professionals!
Professional Ad?
The main sponsor can be read by Thais only!
The main sponsor of the event remains a secret for non-Thais!
Pattaya Lager
Pattaya Lager
Pattaya Lager: Facts
The 'new' Pattaya Lager hit some bars in the resort during August 2012.
On December 8th 2012 Raja Distributor Co. Ltd., the distributer, launched a introduction party at the Cape Dara Hotel in North Pattaya.
It was said that a company called Pattaya Beverage Marketing is the producer of the new beer.
A website was registered on November 21st 2012 by Raja Distributor, but is not working at the time of writing.
Pattaya Beverage Marketing can't be found on the internet. Therefore there is also no address available.
The producer of Chang Beer, Archa Beer and Federbräu is known as Thai Beverage Plc.
Since 2000 Phuket has it's own beer too: Phuket Lager. Produced by Tropical Beverage Company and allegedly brewed by a team of the San Miguel Brewery in Thailand.
Pattaya Lager
Pattaya Lager
Guinness Breakfast
An excellent Breakfast in Jomtien with Guinness or Heineken...
Knowledge is power.
The Mayas knew it.
Bangkok's Elite know it.
Therefore they are against good education for all Thais: Stupid people are cheap workers.
The Mayas died out - as will Bangkok's Elite.

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