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February 2012
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Pattaya in Love?
Pattaya in Love?
Yes, you can get a lot of (verbal) love here in Pattaya - as long as your wallet is full of cash.

Airport closed
On February 26th Lampang Airport had to be closed because of poor visibility, triggered by Thailand's annually forest fires and slash-and-burn farming in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Nan, Phrae and Phayao provinces.
Many people have sought medical treatment for respiratory ailments and eye irritations.
Thailand's Public Health Ministry warned residents, especially the elderly, pregnant women, children and people with chronic diseases to stay indoors.
Officials say the haze problem is even worse than the most recent haze crisis five years ago.
The chief of Thailand's Pollution Control Department (PCD) urged state agencies to strictly enforce a ban on burning activities in affected provinces.
The northern haze crisis repeats every year at this time.
Stupidity can't be replaced, it's native.

Back on Streets
Be warned:
The multi-colour-group, a faction of Thailand's Yellow Shirts, announced that they will be back on Bangkok's streets on February 25th.

Ridiculous Show
During the early morning hours of February 22nd Pattaya Police rounded-up 43 Transsexuals on Pattaya's Beach Promenade, on Walking Street and at Bali Hai.
Pattaya Police escorted the Katoeys to Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9 and fined each Ladyboy with 100 Baht.
After the procedure the police released them unattended, so they could return to their workingplaces.
According to the police they had to start the 'pointless show' after a barrage of complaints from Tourists.
On February 20th and 21st at about 22:00 Pattaya Police amassed almost all lonely ladies on Pattaya's Beach Road, carried them to the Police Station and collected 100 Baht from each beauty. On February 23rd at about 02:00 and at 22:00 Police staged the same spectacle.
For most of Pattaya's ladies Thailand can't provide an alternative job. It's a pity, but the reality.
The way they are collecting money from the ladies, the Police is acting as their pimps, a Farang told me.
Pattaya's Police really must be short of money...

More Checkpoints
New Checkpoint
At the entry to Walking Street's new Latino Café, a police called Thappraya 2310, opened a new 'checkpoint'. There are now four Police observation posts on that street.
The new police run their own battery operated car.
Therefore, be aware of a nightly traffic chaos on Walking Street.
PS: The Thappraya Network 2310 is a project, under the management of a chief executive in City Hall(!), that is aimed to protect people's lives and property, Pattaya City Hall says.

From LimaLima to Nina & Sima
One day after the Police closed the LimaLima Disco at the Bali Hai Entertainment Complex the management reopened the disco as Nina Discotheque and the once never finished building place to its right as Sima Lounge.
LimaLima's website doesn't exist anymore.
Pattaya always is full of surprises...

Funny Pattaya
A few weeks ago Pattaya Police closed Soi Diamond's new Spanky's A Go-Go Club.
Since a few days the ladies are dancing again, but outside the bar is still in the dark...
A rumor says that Spanky's management runs the club under another license and therefore can't enlighten the club's Spanky's sign...

Never forget:
Thailand is a Developing Country
On February 18th 37 people, including 26 foreigners, were rushed to a local hospital after a chlorine leak at Phuket Orchid Resort and Spa on Karon Beach.
A day later 12 people could be discharged but 25 had to be referred to a larger hospital.
The leak caused skin irritation and sore eyes.
The shoreline near Chonglom Temple in Naklua is an experimental mangrove tree nursery area. Researchers and university students use the area to study marine ecosystems and reforestation.
Signs are saying that clamming and fishing is prohibited. Nevertheless, local residents don't care. They are using the area for fishing and to dispose food containers and smashed bottles. Pattaya officials simply ignore it.
Stupidity can't be replaced, it's native.

Lucrative Begging
Laem Chabang Police arrested a couple at the Bungalow England Motel on Pattaya-bound Sukhumvit Road.
During the interrogation, the police learned that 43-year-old Hon Sompetch and his wife, 48-year-old Tem Cholrum posed as blind beggars to ask for money from patrons who dine at restaurants in Laem Chabang area.
They confessed to made around 3'000-4'000 Baht a day, or up to 120'000 Baht a month, from begging.
Begging seems to be a lucrative occupation, but many of Pattaya's beggars have to share their income with their 'protectors'.

I am an iPad too!
Almost all tablet computers displayed at Tukom South Pattaya are now marked as iPad2.
The real ones as well as the fake ones.
Last month's Police raid was a clownery, a show for the media only...

Labeling at BigC
I bought a new saddle for my bicycle.
The label at the shelf told me that it will cost 299 Baht.
BigC's cashier asked 139 Baht.
I just got back to buy another one to replace the one on my second bicycle too.

Destination Destiny
Destination Destiny
Destiny will be the name of Soi LK Metro's new Coyote Club & Guesthouse located across from Metro Apartments and their Sports Bar.

Frog with Snooker
Frog with Snooker Room
The successful Frog Bar on Walking Street added a snooker room to its venue. Frog(s) can be found at the New Simon's Bar Complex.

Multipurpose B4
Multipurpose Club B4 can be rented on a daily basis
Multipurpose Club B4 at the Phratamnak entry to Soi Diamond can be rented on a daily basis, therefore it doesn't open every night to everybody.
Be prepared to wait in front of a closed door on some days...

Action Street
Action Street
The new bar area at the Southern part of Soi Buakhaow, and located across of Tina Suite Hotel, got a name: Action Street.
Almost all bars are now fully working. There is also ample parking space for your motorcycle, but not for your car(s).

NewsFlash Exclusive
Rolls Royce presents its new Beetle in Pattaya!
Rolls Royce presents its new Beetle in Pattaya!
Click here for
NightWalker's Pictures

U too
back in Pattaya!
U too back in Pattaya!
The popular U too Bar, known from a now closed Bar Complex across from Alcazar, opened at a new location: At Pattaya's famous Drinking Street!

No Fair Trade?
Seven employers' confederations will team up with the Federation of Thai Industries to file a petition with the Administrative Court to stop the government implementing its 300 Baht daily minimum wage policy.
The bosses seem to be affraid of not being able to buy the latest Benz...

We are closed!
Gentlemen's Club closed
On our Tour de Pattaya on February 2nd we discovered a closed Gentlemen's Club on Soi Diamond...
Insomnia Club closed
as well as a closed Insomnia Club on Walking Street.
Insomnia's ibar opened on February 3rd
Insomnia's ibar on the first floor reopened on February 3rd, but its dancing on the second floor remained closed.
Insomnia's Disco Club reopened on February 23rd with a Welcome Back Party.
It's up to your very own speculation why Insomnia and Lucifer obviously get some very special treatment from our lovely Police.
Noir now black!
Noir, the dancing located in North Pattaya between 3rd Road and Hollywood Disco on Soi Phettrakun, closed.
Venus back in the all?
Venus Lounge, a Gentleman's Club and located on Pattaya's 3rd Road, closed once again.
Nana Bar & Massage, located in South Pattaya on 3rd Road, closed too.
Cool Kitchen at Tops Supermarket closed
Cool Kitchen, known for its tasty and inexpensive steaks at Tops Supermarket on Pattaya's Central Road closed for renovation, the small kitchens at the same place are still open, but have to close down too in a few weeks.
From Soi LK-Metro we have to report some closures too: Zottekot, L'ATELIER and Another Session, located across from Pattaya's famous Lolitas, they all closed their doors.

School outing for Government Officers
School outing for Government Officers
On February 2nd a large group of men in black clothes, marked as Government Officers, could be spotted on Walking Street and its small Sois. The men preferably visited A Go-Go Clubs, always accompanied by people from a local Radio Station. We don't know if they made the excursion in accordance with their respective wife(s)...

Eazy Room opens again
The small Eazy Room A Go-Go on Soi 15, off Walking Street, (re)opened again on February 1st 2012.

Pattaya Police prefer to collect ladies on the beach.
No Thai Ladies please!

Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...
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NightWalker's News
Pattaya's Professional Police
Pattaya's Professional Police
Pattaya's Professional Police like to play a computer game during interrogation.
Street Beautification
Itthiphol's Flying Dolphins ready to Take-Off
Itthiphol's Flying Dolphins ready to Take-Off
To beautify Pattaya's Streets Itthiphol Kunplome's City Hall is installing new candelabrums on Pattaya's Streets, all decorated with flying dolphins.
The first installations can be admired all along Pattaya's North Road and just in front of City Hall.
An elephantine purchase order for the producer: The new candelabrums are placed at a distance of about 15 meters only!
But who will clean them and where is the money to make Pattaya's bumping streets fit for the traffic?
We just learned that City Hall will spend 140 million Baht to upgrade its Pattaya Beach.
Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said the planting of new trees and gardens, painting and other work as well as the add of another traffic lane will begin in March.
The project is split into five zones:
The first zone is running from the Dusit Thani Hotel to Soi 6.
The second zone from Soi 6 to Central Road is planned as the city's main center for beach activities.
The third zone, running from Dolphin fountain to Soi 11, will 'maximizing the enjoyment of public spaces'.
The forth zone from Soi 11 up to Walking Street will have gardens installed to serve as backgrounds for tourists' photos and serve as a relaxing place after strolling along Walking Street, Pattaya's Mayor said.
Itthiphol Kunplome didn't give details for the mentioned fifth zone. Perhaps it will be his next surprise...
Itthiphol's Flying Dolphins
Witching Hour
Witching Hour
Tourist Police close Discos & A Go-Go Clubs on Walking Street
Around midnight on February 15th 2012 marked Government Officer and Pattaya's Tourist Police started a 'midnight special' on Walking Street and found some reasons to close Tony's two dancings, the LimaLima club at Bali Hai's Entertainment Complex as well as the Caramel Strip Hall at the same location.
One of the officiers used his digital pocket camera to document the closures, possibly for his family album.
It seems Pattaya's Tourist Police is trying everything to get a bad press. They shock innocent revelers, but let impertinent beggars, just about 100 meters in front of them on South Road, do their 'business'.

Witching Hour?
PS: On February 16th Tony's Discos re-opened as did the Caramel Strip Hall and the LimaLima Club. But, at least according to its ticker, LimaLima changed its name to Nina Discotheque Pattaya! SilverStar 3 A Go-Go got closed too because the bar were employing underage and foreign bar workers without work permits. It will reopen on March 8th 2012. SilverStar 1, located on Soi 8, and SilverStar 2 on Soi 7 were not affected by the closure and remain open.
A lady working at one of the closed clubs told me with a smile 'with some cash and the right connection(s) it's usually no problem to re-open a closed business here in Pattaya. Closures mostly are based on misunderstandings', she told me...
Tuned Up
The Tune Hotel Group opened low price hotel
The Tune Hotel
The Tune Hotel Pattaya
The Tune Hotel Group runs its hotels like a Low Budget Airline:
You get a nice, clean and about 11 sqm 'large' room without wardrobe but including a shower room and a toilet.
For using TV, Air Conditioner, Internet Connection or a Safe you have to buy Add-ons.
Nevertheless, Tune Hotels are popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines as well as in London and Hat Yai (Thailand).
For more information please click here or into the picture!
Left: An artist's imagination.
Bottom: The reality, decorated with Pattaya's famous 'powerlines'.
The Tune Hotel
Valentine's Day
One Day not Enough!
One Day not Enough!
One day is not enough to collect the presents from all my lovers, a desperate lady told me on February 14th. She is not alone with her statement.
Flowershops, Doll distributors, resellers of Balloons and owners of Gold Shops are taking the same view. They all are demanding at least 4 successive Valentine's Days for Pattaya. It shouldn't be a big problem for City Hall, the people told me. Pattaya already is extending Thailand's famous Songkran Festival from a three-day festival to a full one week lasting splash water fight.
Pattaya City is 'completely safe'
Pattaya City is completely safe from terrorist attacks, Tourist Police Superintendent Lt. Col. Arun Promphan said during a meeting on January 17th.
After the arrest of a Lebanese man and the discovery of a large arsenal of explosives in Bangkok the United States and 16 other nations warned their citizens to exercise caution when visiting public areas in Thailand.
Tourist Police Superintendent Lt. Col. Arun Promphan says that the U.S.'s refusal to drop its warning after the arrest of Atris Hussein on January 13th 2012 is damaging the country's tourism industry.
Tourists can be affirmed that the threat of terrorist attacks in Pattaya is not something to be concerned or panicked about, credulous Arun said.
Every well educated person knows that not one single place in this world can be called 'safe from terrorist attacks'. Terrorists can be everywhere, even in a small resort like Pattaya.
'Completely Safe' Update
On February 14th 2012 three explosions rocked Sukhumvit 71 in Bangkok. The explosion injured a total of 5 people, including one of the suspected terorists.
Bangkok's police could arrest at least two persons. They all carried Iranian passports.
It's proved that the three Iranian bomb suspects, known as Saeid Moradi, Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh and Mohummad Hazaei stayed in Pattaya from February 8th until February 13th 2012 at the Top Thai Hotel, a six-storey hotel located in a small Soi, known as Soi White House(!), connecting Walking Street with Soi Phratamnak, just behind the P72 Hotel and Restaurant - and completely unmolested by Pattaya's 'wary' Police.
The suspects partied in Pattaya with Service girls. National police chief Priewpan Damapong said police invited one of the ladies, Ms Nan, to the immigration bureau in Bangkok to make Mr Khazaei feel more at ease. Mr Khazaei had showed signs of stress and refused to eat. After he met Ms Nan, he appeared more relaxed and agreed to eat some food, Pol Gen Priewpan said.
Thailand's Police is searching two more person, one of them a Iranian woman known as Rohani Leila. They are at large. The woman seems to be already in Iran. Ms Leila stayed at the Nasa Vegas Hotel on Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkok. According to the police the fifth person, a 'bomb' expert, is still hiding himself in Thailand.
According to the Police the Top Thai Hotel wasn't reporting details of their guests to Immigration within the 24 hours required by Pattaya's regulation. Without this vital information Immigration Police can't detect foreign criminal elements, Colonel Choosak, a chief from the Immigration Police said.
Pattaya is a popular destination among immigrants, investors and drug dealers from Iran. The city already has a few bars and dancings designated to welcome all kinds of tourists from Iran. Many are located on Soi 16 and on Soho Square.
Immigration police have been told to beef up security at all airports and checkpoints nationwide.
The British Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory for Thailand. The statement warned British citizens to take caution when visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani and Udon Thani.
The explosions show drastically how irresponsible Tourist Police Superintendent Lt. Col. Arun Promphan's message to the press on January 17th 2012 was.
High ranking officials should use their brain before talking, or be replaced by more intelligent once.
Remembering Burapha Week 2012
Enjoy the Pictures from Pattaya's Bike Weekend
Enjoy the Pictures from Pattaya's Bike Weekend
NightWalker joined the bikers on February 10th and 11th at the National Indoor Sports Stadium in Jomtien. Click for his pictures!
Pattaya Blah Blah
The left hand doesn't know what the right hand says...
On January 11th 2012 waterworks Assistant Manager Chaitat Idsang said area reservoirs and pipelines can funnel more than 250'000 cu. meters of water to Pattaya per day. The city, however, uses only an average of about 150'000 cu. meters. The city has more than enough water to last through the dry seasons.
On February 7th 2012 a Committee studying Pattaya's Water Shortage Problem had its meeting at Pattaya City Hall and approved a 900 million Baht budget for a Water Recycling System to take care of the water shortage problem in the city.
Does Pattaya has a water shortage problem or do our City Hall members simply have the opportunity to make some easy money? Who tells the true?
Attended by Accident
Pattaya's International Bedrace
Pattaya's International Bedrace
Pattaya's International Bedrace
Pattaya's International Bedrace is a funny charity event, but it is badly promoted by our lazy City Hall.
Most spectators attended the event by accident, simply because Pattaya's stupid officials aren't capable to provide a reliable event calendar.
Pattaya's International Bedrace
Others can do it!
Lady Kaga publishes an Event Calendar!
Kaga can do it!
Do you know Kaga?
Kaga-onsen-kyo is a collection of hot springs villages located in the southern part of Japan's Ishikawa prefecture.
They are known since 1'300 years for their beautiful Japanese bath houses.
Recently Kaga-onsen-kyo launched a new tourism campaign to promote the culturally-rich region under the name Lady Kaga.
The administration is even capable to provide a nice and intuitive Event Calendar in English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese. The calendar gives every information about the many events in the prefecture.
Made by real professionals, the villages even run promotion videos on YouTube!
Kaga can do it!
Kaga can do it!
Double Standards?
What's the difference between a Thai Lady sitting at Pattaya's Beach Promenade and a Thai Lady waiting for customers on Pattaya's Walking Street, myLady™ asks.
The one sitting on the Beach gets arrested and has to pay 100 - 500 Baht to Pattaya's Police, the one on Walking Street can do her business unmolested...
According to Thailand's law prostitution is illegal all over Thailand, not only on Pattaya's Beach Road. Pattaya's Police seem to have their own interpretation.
Dolphins near Pattaya
Dolphins at Huay Yai, Najomtien
During December 2012 the Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort opened in Huay Yai, Najomtien.
We had a large discussion in our team if we should publish the news or not.
But the Dolphins here are living in a large natural lake in the outback of Najomtien and it seems that they have a better living area than all this questioned aquaria filled with concrete you usually have to visite.
Dolphins at Huay Yai, Najomtien
Busy Place
Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Fun at Jomtien!
Jomtien's Rompho Bar Complex is a popular meeting place. During our latests visits it always was full of happy Farangs and smilings Thai beauties.
The ever growing area not only offers bars but also a few small and cozy restaurants serving all kind of international foods. You even can find Burger and Kebab boothes, a lot of Thai kitchens and a small night market.
Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien

Nevertheless, a few bars already had to close. There are always a few 'entrepreneurs' thinking they can make a fast money without really knowing the businessrules.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
The 2nd floor of Zap Café is waiting for a new use.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
The former Beavers A Go-Go.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
Between the new 7-ELEVEN and New Simons Bar Complex.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
The room(s) on top of Walking Street's Candyshop, once known as Hammer Disco, got new walls and a ceiling and will open soon, probably as an A Go-Go or Coyote Club.
Vive la Différence!
Jim Bean Cocktail LoungeNot Blues as announced, but Cocktails,
and not Jim Beam but Jimbean...
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
Between the new Bangkok Bank Office and the new Walking Street Food Court happens something new too.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
In front of Silver Star A Go-Go.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
Between New Simons Bar Complex and Moulin Rouge.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
The former Play Boy Fashion outlet to the left of Nui's A Go-Go is searching an investor.
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
Announced to open during January 2012 at Soho Square's World Club: Jim Beam's Blues Lounge and a SUBWAY sandwich booth. It's still in the works - and open for changes (see above: Vive la Différence!).
Buoyant Construction Work on Walking Street
The new Club or Restaurant at Bali Hai, just after LimaLima, takes shape. Looks like Spain comes to Pattaya.
The daily Earthquake
Made by Friends?
The daily Earthquake
If you have to wait on the right lane for the green light and a bus is passing, the street vibrates in every possible direction - as during an earthquake.
It shows impressively that the builder of Jomtien's Thappraya Road didn't had the slightest idea how to prepare a durable street.
Sometimes your best friends are the greatest fumblers...
Absolute Entertainment
Deathless Advertisements
Deathless Advertisements
You pay and I will protect you
You pay and I will protect you
Bars close
before Police Raids
During January 2012 Superintendent Pol. Col. Somneuk Jangaid ordered 20 of his Police and Police Volunteers from Banglamung Police Station to the South side of Naklua to investigate and search the karaoke bars in this area.
When the Police arrived at the bars almost all karaoke venues were already closed.
The Karaoke Bar owners pay a man known only as 'Kuan' to inform them of any impending police raids.
It is not known if the raid was organised without knowing that there is an informant within the Police Organisation.
But a rumor says that the raid was initiated to show the public that the police don't know of any corrupt person - and to show the (not) paying bars the benefits of the monthly payments.
A few days later Officials from the Social Development, the Human Security Ministry, the Child and Women Protection Offices from Region 2 Police and Pattaya Police raided Boy Bars on Soi Sunee Plaza in South Pattaya.
The police visited a number of venues along the street in search of underaged sex workers; but, what a coincidence, they couldn't find any.
Dr. Pechawat, Chief Adviser to the Ministry and the conductor of the raid, is sure that bar owners had been pre-warned of their arrival...
We are lazy, we don't care and we aren't liable
Be aware
Electric cables, Phone cables and TV cables are everywhere in Pattaya, at eye-levels, lying on the ground or simply twisted around a pole.
They are a danger for life and limb, but they remain in place for weeks and sometimes for months.
Pattaya's officials are used to see them daily, but they don't care.
It seems they not even know that these cables are extremely dangerous for children and every single driver of a bicycle or a motorbike.
You have to take care yourself!
In case of an accident Pattaya City doesn't pay!
Pattaya isn't liable, Thailand doesn't have the law you know from your country!

Thailand's Culture Ministry:
Technology can be harmful if it is being used inappropriately...
Cables are everywhere
Cables are everywhere
Cables are everywhere
Cables, 'installed' and 'attended' by Pattaya's highly skilled professionals...
Cables are everywhere
Cables are everywhere

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Thailand's funny Side of Declarations
Red Wine
Orange Juice made from Red Wine
Red Wine Vinegar
In Thai: Nam Som (Orange Juice) made from red wine, slightly alcoholic
Nevertheless, you can buy it during whole the day. You remember: Alcohol can only be sold between 11:00 and 14:00 and between 17:00 and 24:00.
Upper Class Tourists?
Upper Class Tourists in Pattaya?
The result of upper class tourists brought in by the Tourists Authority of Thailand (TAT)? Can be seen almost every night at the entry to Pattaya's Walking Street.
Drink your Beer during Driving?
Drink your Beer during Driving?
Another View of Pattaya's Eyecatcher
Another View of Pattaya's Eyecatcher
3G High Speed Mobile Internet in Thailand
Installed by Ericsson and run by dtac (Thailand)
Since about mid February dtac's High Speed Internet runs with a throughput of about 390kbps using 3G and about 200kbps running on EDGE. Nevertheless, be prepared that the connection can break down in the middle of a data transfer.
February 23rd, PS.: Just a few days after publishing the above message, dtac's transfer speed is back to an unusable 85kbps (if any).
Last Month
The Lighthouse A Go-Go
Idol Disco
Fusion Disco
Konfusion Club
Latino Café Russian Club
Sabai Club Karaoke
Michael Kebab Tukom
Anna Kebab BigC Extra
Baby Boom Ladyboy's A Go-Go
Lek's Classroom Bar
La-La Pub
The Privi Hotel Soi Yamato
Pattaya Night Bazaar
Lisa Bar Coyote
Big Eye Soi Phettrakun
Bpaa Uan Restaurant
Polo 'Striptis On Stage'
Eazy Room A Go-Go
Fortune Restaurant
Boom Boom Pub
B4 Soi Diamond
Big Events:
Pattaya's Bedrace
Lunar New Year
dtac's failed update

For more information
click January News.
Visitors write
Very nice site for Pattayafans. I'm looking on the website every week. Thanks.
The first financing package didn't help.
The second financing package will not help.
The country will come back and will ask money again.
Greece is cheating the European Union since more than 30 years.

iFarang™ ©2012
Global Warming?
This winter is on track to become the coldest as a whole since the 1980s or possibly even the late 1970s.

iScientist™ ©2012
Nature never took care of its occupants.
But that doesn't give us the opportunity to destroy our world.

iExpert™ ©2012
Global Warming is big business, supported by manipulated facts.

iFarang™ ©2012
Ice Age is coming
Mojib Latif, one of the world's leading climate modelers, says we're in for 30 years of cooler temperatures.
His theory is based on an analysis of natural oscillations in water temperatures in the oceans.
It's a smack down of much of the climate science in the last 30 years that attributes the cause mostly to CO2 increases...
Bravo China!
We welcome China's decision to bar its airlines from joining the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).
The EU's Carbon Tax is opposed by more than two dozen countries including India, Russia and the United States.
We hope that all these countries will follow China's decision.
The CO2 Tax doesn't help the nature. It's simply another opportunity to collect money and to prevent the EU's politicians to introduce economy measures.
We oppose the CO2 theory since many years and the latest findings are supporting our idea.
Who was responsible for the end of the Ice Age a few million years ago?
Toyota, Boeing or Europeans's Farmers?
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Tschernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Under Control?
Fukushima's reactors start radiating again, as predicted, nothing is 'under control'.
Murphy is everywhere.

iScientist™ ©2012
Free Parking
Parking in Pattaya is free, collecting money is illegal!
Don't pay the unauthorized parking fee collectors!
In case of difficulties call Tourist Police (1155) or Pattaya's Call Center (1337).
Do not call Pattaya Police:
It seems that at least two officials from Soi 9 are involved in the scam!
Do you know?
By Thailand's law, pavements are public spaces and it is illegal to use them for business.
The same is true for parking lots.
Nevertheless, pavements and parking lots in Pattaya are crawled with hawkers.
City inspectors, in Thailand known as Tesakij, collect (illegaly) money for using the space.
Tesakij kept records of all the street hawkers, detailing who owned which space and how much each one has to pay.
Tesakij have good connections to the Police and the Military.
In cases of difficulties Thailand's Police usually supports the arguments of the mafia.
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Mayor's Blah-Blah
In our August 2011 Newsflash we reported about the Jet Ski scams.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem and his officials promised to move against this criminals, but as expected, nothing really happened since then.
The scams continue: Read about the latest Pattaya Jet Ski incident and City Hall failure to regulate jet skis costs Ukrainian tourists 30'000 Baht!

A rumor still claims that at least a part of the fraudulent Jet Sky business is in the hand of a few unscrupulous high-ranking police men and/or their families...
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!
Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Wasted Money
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th 2010 the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
But nothing ever happened: The observation towers are still empty.
Bikers wear Helmets!
Don't forget to wear your Helmet!
Silly PitPit claims
Thailand is safe.
It banned knifes from dinning tables.
Do not believe your Fruit Drink is healthy. It can be enriched by Fungicides, Vodka or any other kind of Alcohol and will destroy your liver as well as your Pancreas.

iScientist™ ©2012
Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States of America as well as a few other countries are used to live with other people's money.
And they will do so in the future, no matter what their politicians promise.

iExpert™ ©2012
myLady™ says
I like people from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States of America.
They live my style of money spending.

myLady™ ©2012
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MediaTek (Taiwan), one of this world's largest producer of telecommunication chips, announced a new Cortex-A9 processor for mid- and entry-level Android 4.0 smartphones.
The new chip supports 720p high-definition video playback and recording with an 8-megapixel camera. It runs on a 1-GHz clock frequency.

Android 5.0
Google is likely to launch Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) in the second quarter of 2012.
Android 5.0 will be further optimized for tablet PCs.
Google will integrate its Chrome system functions to push dual-operating system designs.
Brand vendors can either choose to adopt only Android 5.0 or add Android 5.0 to Windows 8 devices with the ability to switch between the two OSes without the need to shut down the computer.
With Android 5.0 Google also tries to enter the notebook and netbook markets.

cash-in on Android
Microsoft's cash-in on Android
Android, developed by Google, is based on GNU/Linux, an open-source operating system.
GNU was introduced by Richard Stallman, Linux by Linus Torvalds.
Linux always was a thorn in Microsofts's side.
With the help of its lawyers and some courts Microsoft is now collecting up to US$15.00 for each tablet, computer or mobile phone running on Android.
According to Goldman Sachs Microsoft's royalties from its patent claims on Google Android devices are now in the range of about a half-billion dollars a year.
It always was my dream to make my income from the work of other people, but unfortunately I am not Microsoft...

Ultrabook prices to drop
To digest notebook vendors' inventories prices of the existing ultrabooks are expected to see a 20-30% drop in early March to April.
Mainstream notebooks and desktops featuring existing Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs will also drop to a lower level.
The cause for the price reductions is Intel's next-generation Ivy Bridge platform. It will hit the market during April 2012.

ON Semi, one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, decided not to restore production at two of its three Thai test and assembly facilities that were damaged by flooding.
Given the severity of damage to our internal manufacturing facilities in Thailand, we made the decision to migrate our internal production out of Thailand and into other locations within our global internal and external manufacturing network, On Semi said.

Google's Tablet
Google's Tablet
Google's Tablet will hit the shops during April 2012 our Chinese source says.

One Tablet per Child
One Tablet per Child in Thailand!
Thailand's Education Minister Professor Suchart Thadathamrongvej is promising to distribute 900'000 tablets to all first grade students and some forth grade students.
The tablets would be sourced from China.
Under the purchase agreement three Chinese tablet manufacturers are likely to supply the 900'000 tablets at US$75 per unit to the Thai Government.
According to our source ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo will be the suppliers.

Thailand's ICT welcomes Twitter's move to censor or block content!
Thailand's Information and Communication Technology Ministry (ICT) will work with Twitter to ensure that tweets disseminated in Thailand are in compliance with local law, ICT permanent secretary Jeerawan Boonperm said.
The ICT has blocked thousands of websites in recent years, mainly for violating pornography laws or the lese majeste law.
Twitter, which insists that it remains committed to free speech, has attracted a firestorm of criticism from freedom advocates.
Twitter's new system will be self-censoring, the company said.

Thailand's Culture Ministry:
Technology can be harmful if it is being used inappropriately.

CCDs out of Focus
Shipments last year of CMOS sensors accounted for 92 percent of all image sensors used in imaging equipments.
CCD, Charge Coupled Device sensor, use is declining. CCD use will shrink to just 1 percent by 2014.

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Do you remember VisiCalc, Mosaic and Netscape?
Believe me or not, the same will happen with Yahoo!, twitter and facebook in a few years.
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