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June 2012
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In our Tour de Pattaya we present the latest developments in this ever changing city.
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My God!
Analysts say that Thailand will get at least US$ 2.7 billions from selling new Mobile Phone Licences.
Where all that money will go?

High-Tech in Thailand
On June 21st 2012 a simultaneous breakdown of both the main and back-up power supplies paralysed the radar system of Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport.
The radar breakdown may be the longest in the world for 45 years!
Aircrafts short of fuel were redirected to Pattaya's International U-Tapao Airport. The other ones had to returned to their departure point.
The incident frustrated thousands of passengers.
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd (Aerothai) president Prajak Sajjasophon said that the company has followed inspection and maintenance guidelines.
Things happened unexpectedly, he added.
The airlines will seek compensation from Aerothai. The air navigation service provider is operating under Thailand's Transport Ministry.
Since June 11th international carriers already have been struggling to lessen the impacts of the 60-day maintenance shutdown of one of Suvarnabhumi's two runways.
Thailand's Officials seem to be swamped with todays technologies.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport opened during September 2006. During all that years the Airport faced problems with corruption charges, delayed or purloined luggages, slow passport controls, inefficient transportation systems, sub-standard construction and cracks in the runway.

Directives from the Top!
Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Police Captain Dr. Chalerm Yubamrung, told Police Officers at Nong Nooch Gardens in Jomtien on Monday June 18th 2012 he want to see immediate action on the well-documented Jet Ski Scams which have plagued Pattaya for many years.
He also demanded action on late-opening Bars. He stated that all bars in entertainment zones must be shut before 02:30 from now on.
We will report how Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and his lazy Sheriffs will fellow the directives from the top.
Some of this officials reportedly make good money from ignoring all regulations.

myLady™ asks
myLady™ already asks are A Go-Go Clubs, Dancings and Pubs simply bars - and what is a Beer Garden?
If the bars close at 02:30 I can enjoy only the first half of EURO 2012 games.
Will GMM Grammy pay back 50 % of the collected fees?

Blah Blah
Last month we reported that Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh told the press on March 30th that pornographic DVD sellers, sex-show touts, beggars and flower sellers will be removed from Pattaya's Street.
With all the different Police Agencies 'working' on Walking Street, the street is full of Policemen.
Nevertheless, the sex-show touts are still there - and more of them than ever, even the ladies with the monkeys are back.
It seems that only blind Police Officials are allowed to work on Walking Street.

Not Competitive!
IMD International's World Competitiveness Scoreboard 2012 shows that Thailand scored very poorly in technology, scientific advancements, health and education infrastructures as well as in productivity and efficiency.

Train your brain
Jomtien, Jomtein, Jomtian, Jompthien & Chom Thian describe the very same remote area of Pattaya, the City of Variety.

Dirty Water!
In parts of the City, Pattaya's Waterworks are delivering dirty tap water with a brown color.
Before you take a shower or clean your teeth please check the water quality!
It's a pity that this resort isn't capable to deliver clean tap water around the clock.
You can't expect anything better from a City managed by a Mayor wasting taxpayer's money for completely stupid projects only.

No Ladies on Beach?
Should you miss the lovely ladies on Pattaya Beach Promenade, you can find them in Soi 9.
Pattaya's Police is now collecting Beach Road's Coconut Ghosts on a daily basis. The collecting mania is overwhelming Pattaya's pitiful Police already during the early afternoon hours...

Drug selling Police
On June 2nd Pattaya Police arrested a 'well-known and respected member' of the Banglamung Civil Defence Force, known as the Thappraya 2310 Volunteer Unit on Tepprasit Road.
He made his living as a Police Volunteer, a motorbike taxi driver and, with the help of his wife, as a drug dealer.
Pattaya Police arrested both and found Yabba Tablets, packets of syringes, bullets and blank Civil Defence Volunteer ID cards.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome launched his Thappraya 2310 Police project to protect people's lives and property...

Pattaya Mayor lose another member of his Thappraya 2310 Police Organisation
A former Pattaya Journalist and member of the Banglamung Civil Defence Force, also known as Thappraya 2310 Police, is one of two men currently being sought on charges of extorting an Englishman and his Thai girlfriend.
The former journalist and his accomplice reportedly have stolen a passport, a mobile phone and 12'000 Baht in cash.

Cheating Police!
Widespread cheating in a national police exam is being investigated by the Royal Thai Police Office.
The entrance exam to the police's non-commissioned officer school has been declared invalid after evidence of a major fraud employing sophisticated communication instruments was discovered.
Candidates were each required to pay 350'000 Baht in instalments to receive the cheating service, the investigating police said.
65(!) people are involved in the scam.

Welcome to Itthiphol Kunplome's Police Resort of Pattaya!
Pattaya just got another new Police.
On June 14th 2012 the Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police have opened an office in Pattaya.
The new office is located on South Pattaya's Thappraya Road, near the Bali Hai Port.
The initial aim of the new office is suppressing crimes in Pattaya, its Commander said during the opening ceremony.
It seems that every Police here in Thailand like to have a slice of the cake...

The Yellow Shirts are back on Bangkok Streets!
The movement, sponsered by Bangkok's influent Elite and supported by Thailand's Military, is against the government's reconciliation bills.
The Yellow Shirts are historically close to the opposition 'Democrat Party', which came to power after 2008 rallies by the movement that culminated with the seizure of two Bangkok airports, leaving more than 300'000 travellers stranded and causing crippling economic damage.
Thailand's House of Representatives already erupted into chaos in parliament on May 30th as opposition 'Democrat Party' MPs protesting the reconciliation bill. Scuffling broke out between female Democrat and Pheu Thai MPs.
Thailand's House of Representatives
Police had to cool down the scuffling (and highly educated?) Thai parliamentarians.
On June 1st People's Alliance for Democracy (!) demonstrators and protesters from the multi-coloured group sealed off all routes leading to parliament, blocking MPs from getting to the House to debate the contentious reconciliation bills.
According to PAD's core leaders the rally had successfully forced a postponement of the debate.
The People's Alliance for Democracy announced the rally will resume on Tuesday, June 5th 2012, at 15:00 at Bangkok's Makkhawan Rangsan Bridge on Ratchadamnoen Avenue.
It seems that the Yellow Shirts as well as the Democrats are planning conditions for a coup, as it happened in 2006.
Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Saturday, June 3rd, warned the deeply divided kingdom faces a cycle of violence unless steps are taken towards reconciliation after years of civil unrest - or the country will have no way out.

Democrat Party MP charged for murder
Democrat Party MP Khanchit Thapsuwan has been charged with murdering Udon Kraiwatnussorn, the former president of Samut Sakhon Provincial Administration Organisation. Udon was shot dead at a petrol station in Muang district of Samut Sakhon on Dec 25 last year.
The MP, who is also charged with illegal possession of firearms, has not reported to police until now because he was protected by parliamentary immunity.

BigC's daily Scam
The daily BigC Scam
The 400-gram package of Ham doesn't cost 52 Baht nor 59 Baht. The cashier will ask 119 Baht.

New on Soi Buakhaow
New on Soi Buakhaow
During the last few days of June Soi Buakhaow's first Tesco/Lotus express shop opened at the new Rahtree Bar Complex in South Pattaya. It's a reliable 24hrs alternative to 7-ELEVEN.

7-ELEVEN reopened
7-ELEVEN reopened
Walking Street's popular 7-ELEVEN, located just in front of Pattaya's Mobile Tourist Police Booth, reopened after an extensive renovation.

A Go-Go Rehab Clinic on Soi Buakhaow?
A rumour says that on Soi Buakhaow's Southern part an A Go-Go Club will open soon.
At the time of writing it is not clear if The Rehab will rehabilitate the dancers or their clients.
The new 'clinic' will be located at the new Blue Rahtree Bar Complex.

New Rip-Off Club?
New Rip-Off Club?
Rus.Cabaret Club opened at the back of the ailing Dragon Entertainment Complex on Pattaya's 2nd Road.
The new club is integrated into Rasputin's Body Massage Parlour.

The Comeback of the notorious Model Club
The Comeback of the notorious Model Club
Since a few months a bunch a busses are transporting Tourist from Asia daily to Pattaya's revived Model Club at the Dragon Entertainment Complex on 2nd Road.

Relax again
Relax again
Club Relaxx A Go-Go on Soi 16, off Walking Street, re-opened once again.

Take it Easy!
Since Saturday, June 9th 2012, the former Eazy Room A Go-Go Club, located on Soi 15, off Walking Street, is a simple Eazy Room open bar featuring nice ladies.

House of Condom
House of Condom
The House of Condom re-opened on the second floor of North Pattaya's BigC.

At a meeting between the Pattaya Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Department and Bureau on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, city director Na-anya Janthramas said a shortage of free condoms is increasing the risk of AIDS spreading in Pattaya.

New Fastfood outlet at CentralFestival
Carl's Jr. opened a new fastfood outlet at CentralFestival's 3rd floor. It likes to sell you charbroiled burgers.

New on Soi LK Metro
Black is in at Soi LK Metro
The former Zottekot building on Soi LK Metro gets a face-lift in black.
Some people believe it will be transformed into a new and exclusive restaurant or a French inspired clothes shop, but others are simply opting for another A Go-Go or Coyote Club.

Tony's goes Market
Tony's goes Market
Tony's Fitness Group steps on the gas when others in the same league are struggling to survive.
Tony's is on the way to open a new Gym and a Sports Bar at Soi Buakhaow's Night Market.
The new businesses will open later this year.

On Sale
Coffee Shop on Sale!
Soi Buakhaow's most beautiful Coffee Shop is on sale!

Sorry, but we had to close!
Mai Sabai
Russian Sabai Club closed
Sabai Club located on Walking Street, but across from Soho Square and attracting Russian tourists only, had to close at the end of May.

Bye Bye Soho Square?
Flexx Hip Hop Club on the block
The ailing Flexx Hip Hop Club located on Soho Square, off Walking Street, is on the block, but still opens for Hip-Hop fans after 01:00, I was told.
It's just another belt for the (still not existing, but widely announced) World Super Club at this location.
World Super Club sign vannished
The large World Super Club banner on the back of the area vanished - and with it the dream of Asia'a largest Disco Club on Soho Square...?

Circus Closed
Circus Closed
Circus, the Beer Bar located on Soi Diamond, closed and is on the block.

The well-known Spaghetti Factory, located on Pattaya's Beach Road at the entry to Soi Postoffice, closed.

Info à la Thai
Info à la Thai
Charoen, a popular small restaurant on Naklua Road, closed with the message we will move to another location...

Pan Pan closed!
Pan Pan closed!
Pan Pan, a Pizza outlet on Pattaya's Beach Road, located a few meters from Royal Garden Plaza at the entry to City Walk, closed and is directing its former customers to its restaurants with the same name at CentralFestival and on Jomtiens Thappraya Road.

More closures:
Boom Boom Bar, New Plaza
Streamline Bar, Soi 7
Zum Pfälzer Bier Stüble*
Casablanca Beer Bar, Walking

*Zum Pfälzer Bier Stüble will re-open at the end of September 2012.

Good Bait
catches Fine Fish
Good Bait catches Fine Fish
Show Girl 45'000 Baht
Coyote 30'000 Baht
A Go-Go 30'000 Baht
PR Girl 12'000 Baht

Don't forget:
You have to pay them!

Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...

Collecting rain for the flowers
myLady™: Collecting rain for her flowers...
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash June 2012 - The Source
NightWalker's News
New A Go-Go Club on Soi LK Metro
New A Go-Go Club on Soi LK Metro
Queen Club celebrated its official opening on June 2nd with a big party for all its friends from Walking Street's Iron Club and for all the new customers at the new club. Inofficially the new club opened on May 26th 2012.
Queen Club is located on Soi LK Metro just across from Pattaya's Lolitas.
New A Go-Go Club opened on Soi 7
Pattaya's latest
A Go-Go Club promises
happiness and more
On June 19th 2012, as announced by a large banner, Pattaya's latest A Go-Go Club opened on Soi 7.
Happiness A Go-Go replaces the now defunct Tiger Club Tattoo Bar, a former Coyote Dancing Den across from Soi 7's famous Eagle Bar.
The new club employs more than 50 beautiful and co-operative ladies.
New A Go-Go Club on Soi 7
New A Go-Go Club at Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza
New A Go-Go Club at Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza
The new club will open soon on the 2nd floor of the Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza.
New Massage Parlour with SPA
New Massage Parlour with SPA
My Girl Massage & SPA
My Girl Massage & SPA opened at T.W. Place, off Soi Yume.
The new Massage Parlour provides all kind of services, including Hotel and Home visits in full privacy.
Please check its Website for more information.
New Massage Parlour with SPA
New Beautiful Restaurant in Naklua
New Beautiful Restaurant in Naklua
La Ferme, a new beautiful restaurant, opened just in front of the Woodland Suites in Naklua, just about 200 meters after the Dolphin Roundabout.
New large Entertainment Complex
From Shopping to Entertainment
New large Entertainment Complex
In our News Flash from January 2012 NightWalker recommended to fill up the rooms of the ailing Avenue Shopping Center on Pattaya's Second Road with Bars, Discos, A Go-Go Clubs and a Beer Garden - or with motorcycle shops and maintenance centers.
The owners of The Avenue decided to transfer the shopping plaza into a giant entertainment complex. The same cure brought the failed Bali Hai Plaza back to life - as Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza.
As our pictures show, work is already on the way.
New large Entertainment Complex
Tony's Shopping Center?
Tony's Shopping Center?
Tony's are preparing a one floor shopping center at Pattaya's 3rd Road/South Road intersection. Let's hope it will be managed more professional than Tony's now defunct 24hour market in the neighbourhood a few years ago.
New Apartment House
New Apartment House
The 9th is the name of a new Apartment House on Soi Arunotai. The apartments are fully furnished and each room has a small balcony. A nice place for longterm stay. The 9th is on the way to open its own website. Its phones: 038 373 987, 038 373 988, 038 373 989
Timeout Gelato reopened its popular IceCream outlet on Walking Street under the new name Frozzen - and without its funny and photogenic mascot.
PS: Timeout closed its outlets at Tukcom and BigC.
Carlsberg is Back in Thailand!
Carlsberg is Back in Thailand!
Let's hope Carlsberg picked this time a credible partner...
Pattaya's Police get perkier with every single day!
Don't sit on Pattaya's Beach Promenade with your wife - or she will get registered as a Prostitute!
On Sunday, June 3rd 2012, a Farang was sitting with his legal Thai wife on Pattaya's Beach Promenade, when a group of Policemen arrived to check the identity cards of the ladies. The Police asked to see the identity card of the married lady too. She even could produce a copy of her marriage-certificate and of her passport. The 'polite' Policeman snatched her identity card with the words 'I have to check the card. I believe you are lying'.
To get the card back the lady had to pay 100 Baht and is now registered as a Pattaya Beach Road Prostitute!
A protest of her husband at the Police Office on Soi 9 didn't bring any solution.
Pattaya's Police really seem to be a bunch of uneducated blighters.
It seems that Thailand's most incompetent Policemen are all deported to work at Itthiphol Kunplome's designated Family Resort of Pattaya.
For Pattaya's rude & stupid Policemen all Thai ladies sitting on Pattaya's Beach Promenade seem to be Prostitutes!
Greetings from Russian's latest Weather Satellite
Greetings from Electro-L
Our beautiful Earth, but Pattaya is in the clouds (of the internet?).

The original picture is made by a 121-megapixel camera 40'000km above Earth.
The resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. The images are taken in four different wavelengths of light, on infrared and four visible. In this image, the infrared appears orange and indicates vegetation.
City Hall's Dolphinarium on North Road
Enjoy City Hall's Dolphinarium!
Odd/Even Day Parking Regulation
Odd/Even Day Parking Regulation
Nobody cares, not the drivers of the parked vehicles and not Pattaya's lazy Police, but the signs are still on Pattaya's South Road...
One Hour of Rain
One Hour of Rain
June 6th 2012: One hour of heavy rain only and Pattaya is under water...

Wrong priorities: The flooding isn't a problem for North Road's Dolphins, pictured above. They are well above the water level. But Pattaya's citizens and the City's tourists are suffering. Obviously our Officials are not interested in the well-being of their guests. Pattaya City Hall prefers to spend the money for expensive and useless but prestigious objects!
On June 21st 2012 pupils from Pattaya School No. 8 started an unofficial parade to promote Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever prevention and monkhood.

Denge fever spreads mainly during the rainy season. It can be deadly. City Hall provides the still water spots all over Pattaya for the mosquitoes to lay eggs. Buddhist's monkhood is only for real men. Ladyboys or gays ar not allowed to enter the monkhood.
Flood Prevention
Flood Prevention
City Hall's approach to prevent a flooding of Pattaya. The cleaning cars block whole the street, without announcement and without traffic controls...
It seems our Officials will never learn to do a job the professional way...
Now you can enjoy Pattaya's yearly Floodings!
Enjoy Pattaya's yearly Floodings!

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - but this one is a joke, inspired by Pattaya's reality.
Think Thai, think Big!
Think Thai, think Big!

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - this one too!
Thailand has its own Traffic Signs - Pattaya doesn't have to create them new!
But Pattaya's Officials do it - to show the world their stupidity!
Pattaya's Stupid Officials are creating its own traffic signs
Pattaya's Traffic Signs are created using the wrong colors and therefore are misleading Pattaya's Road users. For many drivers a reason to ignore them.
Thailand has its own Traffic Signs - Pattaya doesn't have to create them new!
Thailand has its own Traffic Signs - Pattaya doesn't have to create them new!
Top: Some of Thailand's official Traffic Signs. Bottom: International Signs
International Signs

Dear Officials: If you don't understand the signs, we are ready to help you!
Information for Pattaya City Hall
Why don't do it the correct way?
Information for Pattaya City Hall

If you are used to use your brain it's an easy task.
Pattaya's dangerous cables are still everywhere!
Pattaya's dangerous Cables
During a meeting at City Hall it was decided that on Wednesday April 11, 2012 from 9am. - 16.30pm, all sectors will have to check their cables. Unused cable have to be cut off. If a division has more than 10 cables, they must bundle the cables together into one big cable for reason of safety of the people and the traffic, the new regulation said.
On April 11th we run around Pattaya.
We couldn't spot any people checking any cables.
And for sure, until today (May 30th, 2012) nothing happened. Tangles of electrical and telephone wires give Pattaya still a messy and dirty appearance.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and his crew are promising Blah-Blah only.
Pattaya's dangerous cables are still everywhere!
Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking
2012 is the Year of English Speaking
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team take the same approach - since many years. Google as well as the designer of the advertisement shown above too - or TMB's (Thai Military Bank) warning below:
2012 is the Year of English Speaking
2012 is the Year of English Speaking

Free Ewtry to Continoos Show at XZONE A Go-Go on Soi 16, off Walking Street...
You - but not me!
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is employing a nutrition expert. She tells you everything about the correct (?) nutrition: Avoid salt, avoid the yellow part in the eggs, avoid fat, sugar, transfats and cholesterol, don't drink (to much) coffee and reduce the daily intake of calories.
I checked the (excellent) food the hospital is serving to its patients: The daily amount of calories is around 2'500 kcal/patient. That's about 20-25% too much for a man or 35-40% too much for a woman lying in a hospital.
Start your obesity at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya...?
Quality made in...
Nothing ever changed
MRI Scanner
Bangkok Hospital Rayong runs a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagine) scanner from Philips. The doctors at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya have to deal with a MRI from a well known American company.
More often than not, the hospital in Pattaya has to transport its patients to Rayong. The American MRI scanner 'strikes'.
When I learned the story, I just remembered my own experience: In 1970 I started to import goods from a well known American company to my homeland. The company designed and manufactured its 'high-end' goods in California. Their 'low-end' products were designed and manufactured in Japan.
When the products arrived in our distribution center we could despatch the goods from Japan directly to our customers. The Japanese manufacturer did an excellent job. We never had to re-check their products.
All the goods from America we had to despatch to our service department. They checked them and mostly had to finish the work of their counterparts in California and/or improve the goods to satisfy our customers.
1980 we ended our relationship with the Californian company. They showed no sign to improve their design and manufacturing departments.
It seems that in all that years nothing ever changed.
If you want to have real quality goods you have to buy products designed and manufactured in Germany, Japan or Switzerland.
It's simply not possible to produce high quality products with people that are not addicted to their works.
Nothing is as Constant in this City as the Change!

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Friendship Supermarket on Pattaya South Road removed all newspaper dispensers, and in fact, its entry presents a lot cleaner than before.
Family Resort Pattaya: Soi Arunotai/Sukhumvit Road
Family Resort Pattaya (Soi Arunotai/Sukhumvit Road): Children's playground...?
Pattaya City Hall calls this a cleaned up place!
Waste disposal site on Soi Arunotai, allegedly cleaned up by City Hall's workers.

Please read Definitely More Garbage published in last month's News Flash!
Scam in Pattaya
High Speed Internet by Air Cards in Pattaya?
High Speed Internet provided by Air Cards in Pattaya

'High Speed Internet' provided by Pattaya's Air Card Providers (Speed: kbps!)
Technology News EXTRA!
Microsoft announced its own Tablet Computer!
Microsoft's new Surface Tablet
As predicted on our inlet from Saturday, June 16th 2012, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer announced Microsoft's very own Tablet PC on Monday, June 18th 2012 at a previously unnamed event in Los Angeles.
Microsoft had scheduled the event secretively for Monday at 15:30 (local time) June 18 in Los Angeles, where it would make a "major" announcement whose nature had not been disclosed.
"This will be a major Microsoft announcement," the enigmatic invitation read. "You will not want to miss it."
The new tablet presented at Hollywood's Milk Studios will be known as Surface and will come in two versions, but both featuring the same case built around a 10.6-inch Gorilla Glas display. The cheaper version will run on ARM based CPUs and supporting 32GB or 64GB memory-chips. The more advanced (?) Surface is built around Intel based CPUs with 64GB or 128GB of memory. All Surface tablets will run on Microsoft's Windows 8 Operating System.
Analysts say that if Microsoft's Windows operating system is to stay relevant in an increasingly integrated, mobile world, the company needs to offer its own hardware.
Some critical specifications Microsoft not mentioned - including price, screen resolution, battery life or the specific release date.
The Surface isn't the first hardware Microsoft is distributing. It already produces mice, keyboards, Webcams and some other gadgets as well as the Microsoft Xbox gaming console.
Game console producers all over the world are losing customers.
The gamers are increasingly using mobile phones or tablets to play their games.
This seems to be the main reason for Microsoft to launch its own tablet.
Rumors say that Microsoft probably will integrate Microsoft's popular Kinect camera, used on Xbox, as well as its Skype Internet phone software into its tablet. It could give the Surface an unusual twist - voice and motion controls.
We estimate that the Surface will replace the Xbox - sooner or later.
But according to Acer founder Stan Shih Microsoft has no real intention to sell own-brand tablet PCs and the offering is a simple ploy to boost adoption of Windows 8. Selling hardware bring much less profit than licensing software products, he said.
My source tells me that Microsoft's 10.6-inch Surface tablet PCs will be manufactured by Qunta Computer. The end-market price of the Windows 8 Pro-based Surface tablet PC with Intel's Ivy Bridge processor will be above US$799, the Windows RT-based model, featuring Nvidia's Tegra 3, an ARM based CPU, will be priced above US$599.
PS.: Please do not forget, Microsoft was the inventor of the Tablet Computers - years before Apple launched its iPad. It was named Microsoft Surface too!

Microsoft's arch-rival Google released its US$199 Google Nexus Tablet at Google I/O. Google I/O is a developer event that happened from June 27-29 2012 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Google and Asustek Computer jointly developed the 7-inch Nexus Tablet PC. It is manufactured by Taiwan's Quanta Computer in China.
Initially the Google's Tablet will cost about US$199 including 8-GB and one of the world's fastest CPU. A 16GB version is priced at US$ 249.
It is running on a Nvidia Tegra 3 chip set, including a quad-core ARM based CPU and a 12-core GPU, along with a 1280 x 800 HD display. The tablet offers a front facing camera, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communications.
The Nexus 7 is supporting up to nine hours of video playback and up to 300 hours of standby time on a full charge.
The Nexus 7 runs on Android 4.1 and is currently supporting more than 600'000 apps.
The Nexus 7 will initially be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, with other countries expected to follow soon.
You see, the market heats up - and you get a lot more for your bucks from Google!
Safety first in Pattaya?
Safety first in Pattaya
Safety first in Pattaya
Safety first in Pattaya

The only protection I really need here in Pattaya is a condom!?
Pattaya United
Pattaya United
The Mayor's Theater of Dreams...
Last Month
Princess Bar Buakhaow
Porto Restaurant, Bali Hai
Silver Star A Go-Go Soi 8
Carousel A Go-Go
Relaxxx A Go-Go, Soi 16
Mum Coyote, Soi Diamond
7-ELEVEN Walking Street
Muay Thai Walking Street
Buffet King Walking Str.
Versace Walking Street
Greg's Kitchen from Second Road to Drinking Street/North Pattaya
Big Events:
Scams in Pattaya

For more information
click May News.
I am watching you!
I am watching you!
Pattaya Election
As expected, the winner of Pattaya's Election from June 17th 2012 is Pattaya's #1 moocher Itthiphol Kunplome!
We congratulate the new (and old) mayor and offer our condolences to the People of Pattaya!
Fatal Error
Fatal Error to stay in Pattaya?
Message displayed on City Hall's Website on June 17th.
Wasted Money
Wasted Money
Quality bought by Pattaya City Hall...
No Crossing?
No crossing during weekends?
No crossing allowed on Beach Road for pedestrians during weekends? Pattaya's 'High Tech Traffic Lights' do not know a neutral display mode.
It seems the designers of Pattaya's traffic lights are as stupid as its clients.
Clean City
Clean Knokke-Heist
If you prefer a City full of garbage we recommend Itthiphol Kunplome's Family Resort of Pattaya.
myLady™ asks
Why lingerie products from 100 & 200 Baht companies are a lot nicer and more appealing than the ones from Triumph, Sabina or Wacoal?

myLady™ ©2012

The answer is quite easy:
The designers at cheap manufacturers are real men and women, not types like Lagerfelt & Co that prefer bones in skin only.
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!
Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Warning #5
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Stop them anywhere!
Stop Nuclear Plants anywhere, not only in Japan - but in India too!
Tuna transport radiation!
Bluefin tuna may have transported radioactive material from Japan's quake-struck Fukushima nuclear plant across the Pacific Ocean to US shores.

iScientist™ ©2012
Bikers wear Helmets
Real Bikers wear Helmets!
Struggling Nutritionists
A new study shows that cutting back on salt may not be as beneficial for your heart as nutritionists once thought.
While a diet low in salt can have a small effect on blood pressure, it increases the levels of cholesterol, fat and hormones in the blood that are known to increase the risk of heart disease.

iScientist™ ©2012
Brown Sugar
or White Sugar?
White sugar is 99.9% sucrose, brown sugar is about 97% sucrose, 2% water and 1% other stuff (mostly molasses).
Molasses can contain microscopic amounts of hundreds of vitamins and minerals - or harmless but scary-looking bacteria.
Sucrose, our regular table sugar, is the combination of glucose and fructose.
Each sugar has six carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms arranged into a rough circle, with the atoms arranged differently for each sugar.
But the real differences between white and brown sugars are their colors.

iScientist™ ©2012
Get Fat with Fruits!
Our body burns the glucose immediately for energy.
If glucose is not needed for energy immediately, then it is converted into glycogen in the liver or in the muscles.
If the body has an excess of glucose, and all of the glycogen stores are full, the surplus glucose is converted to fat by the liver and stored as bodyfat around the body.
The sugar of fruits, fruit juices, or any of the derivatives is known as fructose. Our muscles do not have the necessary enzymes to synthesize fructose into glycogen.
Only the liver is able to convert fructose into liver glycogen. Once its stores are full, the liver is signaling the body to store glucose as glycogen or convert it to fat.
In essence, fruit sugar is easily converted to fat.
It would only take three 2.5 dl glasses of orange juice to fully replenish liver glycogen stores.
After that, fructose is converted to fat and released back into the bloodstream to be stored as bodyfat.
Therefore be careful:
A fruit is a healthy food, full of nutrients, high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and itself low in fat and calories - but once in your body it can produce quite a lot of bodyfat!

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Drink Coffee!
According to data analyzed by Harvard Researchers drinking between 5-6 cups of coffee a day cut the chances of men suffering from Type 2 Diabetes by 54% and cut the chances of women suffering from the same by 30%!
Studies carried out by the Scottish Heart Healthy group show that men and women between the ages of 40 and 59 who drink large quantities of coffee were more likely to lower their chances of dying from heart disease.
The anti-oxidants your coffee provides is also lowering the risk of suffering from Parkinson's Disease, the study showed, but the coffee must contain caffeine to be effective.

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Exercise doesn't help!
In full contrast with current clinical guidance which recommends exercise to help those suffering from the mental illness, a study, carried out by teams from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, shows that exercise doesn't help alleviate the symptoms of depression.
The study is the first large-scale, randomised controlled trial to establish the effects of exercise on depression.

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Never believe in these Green 'Experts' - they tell you rubbish only!
Scientists discovered that two to three viruses and a small parasite called Nosema wiped out millions of bees colonies - not our environment!
Parasitic mites wiping out bee colonies by transmitting a deadly virus directly into the bloodstream of the bees.

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Technology News
Moody's downgraded Nokia to Junk.
A few years back Nokia was the #1 producer of mobile phones.
Nokia said it will close its main manufacturing plant in Salo, Finland, while shuttering research facilities in Germany and Canada.
Some 10'000 people are to be let go worldwide in response to poorer-than-expected sales.
Nokia is the main promoter of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system for mobile devices...

New Chance
for Android?
Microsoft is reportedly considering upward adjusting licensing fees for OEM versions of its Windows 8 Operating System.
With Intel reluctant to lower quotes for its overpriced processors, times get shiny for ARM based processors and Google's Android Operating System(s).
Intel's processor platform still remains the component with the highest cost in a computer or tablet PC...

Struggling Windows?
Windows 8 tablet PCs are expected to struggle to compete with Android tablet PCs and iPad because the number of available applications is much smaller and Windows 8 licensing fees will significantly increase production costs, industry sources say.
Let's say Good Bye to Microsoft and Intel!

Android 4.0 tablets below 3'000 Baht!
Many vendors at Pattaya's Tukom IT center adjusted the prices for Android 4.0 tablet PCs. 7-inch Android 4.0x based tablets are now available for 3'000 Baht - or less...

The Rebirth of the PC
Computex 2012, Taiwan's huge show for the PC industry, actually shows the rebirth of the PC industry.
The new PC is thin, very cool, colorful, has great battery life, is secure and affordable to boot.
It runs on silicons from Nvidia, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, MIPS and Intel and AMD of course.
And you have the choice between 3 different Operating Systems: Microsoft's Windows 8, Google's Android 5.0 and a bunch of innovative Linux distributions!

Don't buy!
Don't buy a Smartphone or a Tablet PC running on an Android version lower than 4.0!
Android 4.0x is Google's latest and most stable version - at least until July 2012, when Google will unveil Android 5.0!

China TV orders exceeding capacity!
Taiwan-based (LCD) panel makers are seeing orders from China-based TV brands that are exceeding their production capacity.

Same Procedure as usual...
Microsoft announced that smartphones running on Windows Phones 7 can't be updated to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.
In other words: Dump your Nokia Lumina and buy a Windows Phone 8 compatible one - or buy something else and simply dump Microsoft!

Number 2!
With expected shipments of 12-15 million tablet PCs Taiwan's Quanta Computer will become the world's largest ODM maker of non-iPad tablet PCs in 2012.
The company is producing Google's Nexus 7-inch tablet PC and Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire among others.

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