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April 2013
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Before you invest in any Condominium in Pattaya, Jomtien, Naklua - or somewhere else in this country - read this!

The Pattaya Floating Market, located on Pattaya's Sukhumvit Road, is now charging an entry fee of 200 Baht - from Non Thais only!
To visite Mimosa, the City of Love, you have to pay an entry fee of 50 Baht!
Until today entry was free to both venues...

The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) has proposed to extend nightlife closing times by two hours to 04:00, for Bangkok - but not for Pattaya!
The bureau is preparing to submit the proposal to the Interior Ministry.
It seeks to amend the law controlling entertainment venues so bar and nightclub closing times can be extended.
The Police is justifying the extension as part of the preparations for the Asean Economic Community (AEC) launch in 2015.

Beastly Weather
Thailand's Meteorological Department said the average temperature in the hot season, from March to May, is 38-40ºC. It predicted the hottest day of the year will be April 27th, with 42ºC in Bangkok.

Switzerland #1!
The World Economic Forum just published its annual Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report and says that Switzerland is the world's best destination. Thailand ranks 43rd in the world's rankings, but behind Singapore and Malaysia!

Police Colonel Suwan, currently the Chief of Pattaya Police, told Bar Owners and Managers on March 27th, 2013, that they strictly have to comply with the conditions of their licenses.
All bars within Pattaya's Entertainment Zone have to close at 02:00, all the others have to shut at midnight.
Employees must be aged over 18. Customers must be no younger than 20.
He didn't elaborate if an A Go-Go Club - or a Dancing - is a bar or not!
In Pattaya A Go-Go Clubs closed at 03:00 and many Dancings (exception Bamboo Bar) even later...

On April 1st Pattaya City Hall placed banners along Pattaya's Beach Road to inform its citizens and tourists that on April 2nd the International Marching Band Competition will happen in Pattaya.
But the ads forget to tell the time the Competition will start. They not even told the interested people that the competition will happen three days. They also forget to inform the people about the places the event(s) will happen.
To get some information you had to contact the Pattaya City Call Center on 1337.
The participants are investing a lot of time to present a perfect show and the sponsors invest a lot of money, but it seems our City Hall thinks the event is not worth to attract a larger public!
Let's praise the Fumblers!
Please click for Pattaya Days' beautiful pictures!
Nevertheless Pattaya Days has some beautiful pictures from 'Pattaya's secret event'!

All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Hainan Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airlines
Singapore Airlines
According to Skytrax the carriers mentioned above are the world's 5 Star Airlines. Some Asian Airlines apparently know what Travellers are asking for. The other ones are simply ignoring their customers needs.

Collapsed bridge
On April 28th, during the evening hours, a 31-year-old suspension bridge collapsed in Ayutthaya.
According to the authorities the bridge is 120 meters long and about 4 metres wide and had undergone restoration work last year.
It is believed that the slings broke.
At least five people were killed and 45 others injured.
Police Colonel Jitkasem Sonkham told the press the bridge has not been well maintained. He said investigators believe that the bridge was not overloaded but in poor condition.

Siam Makro
CP All Plc, the owner of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand and True Corporation, announced to pay about US$6.6 billion to acquire Siam Makro Plc.
CP All, controlled by Dhanin's Charoen Pokphand Group, will putting control of the discount retailer back in the hands of Thai billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont.
Dhanin Chearavanont is Thailand's richest man and was - or still is - a main supporter of the yellow shirt movement.

After the speedboat accident (mentioned below) Pattaya's officials promised to introduce immediate checks on crews and boats transporting tourists to Pattaya's various islands.
On April 24th we spend a few hours on Bali Hai Pier. We were curious to see some Pattaya officials working and do their duties - at least ones in our life.
But we are very sorry, we couldn't discover one single official. Therefore the owners could speed away with their overloaded boats as usual.
Just another proof that promises aren't worth anything if made by Pattaya City Hall!

On April 21st during the morning hours two speedboats crashed about 800 metres offshore from Koh Larn's Tawaen Beach.
Eighteen (or even twenty) tourists from South Korea were injured, ten of them were sent to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and eight to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.
A 62-year old Chinese tourist lost one leg and a 51-year old nearly lost both of his legs, a spokesperson of a hospital said.
A total of 28 South Korean tourists were travelling on the two speedboats to the island when the crash took place.
The two drivers of the speedboats, allegedly aged 27 and 22 years, left the scene before the Police arrived and remained at large.
Police announced that they are now searching for both boat drivers...

On April 22nd 30 Chinese Tourists had to cut-short a Koh Larn Tour when whole the group showed symptoms of food poisoning.
The Thai Guide had to rush the group back to Pattaya for emergency treatment at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.
The hospital kept 6 of the victims in for further treatment. The remaining 24 were sent back to their Hotel with medication.
The Public Health Department announced an urgent investigation and ordered the restaurant to close, but declined to notify the name of the eatery.

During a recent meeting in Chonburi Maj. Gen. Ronakorn Dulyarat invited residents to have a role in preventing and solving various issues affecting the stability and peace within this country.
He said the Internal Security Operations Command's own intelligence has proved insufficient to the challenge and the organization needs to establish a network of informants to pass on information.
The Internal Security Operations Command, also known as ISOC, was founded as part of the Thai military in the 1970s to suppress leftist groups.
After the 2007 military coup that oust then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the ISOC was given sweeping powers to handle new forms of threats.
The ISOC can now implement security measures without seeking approval from the Prime Minister...
An ideal starting position for the next military coup!

Samoa Air has become the world's first carrier to charge passengers according to their weight.
People wishing to travel with Samoa Air have to submit their weight, including their luggage, when booking to calculate their fare.
The carrier claims:
Samoa Air are keeping airfares fair, by charging our passengers only for what they weigh. You are the master of your Air'fair', you decide how much (or little) your ticket will cost.
People have always travelled on the basis of their seat but, as many airline operators know, airlines don't run on seats; they run on weight and particularly the smaller the aircraft you are in the less variance you can accept in terms of the difference in weight between passengers.
We are quit sure, other airlines will copy the new fare calculating scheme - sooner or later.

When the Baht goes high and the EURO loses its value, BigC is increasing the price of its imported products bought from French Casino Group.
Happy shopping!

Old Mark
Old Mark
The water tower at Pattaya's upcoming J.J.Market still shows the failed Pattaya Bazaar sign. Will it ever change?

Taksapol Thammarangsi, the director of Thailand's Centre for Alcohol Studies informed the press that the number of retail shops selling alcohol has increased by 120'000 in the past 10 years!
Nevertheless, the recorded alcohol consumption in Thailand has been stable at seven-to-eight litres of pure alcohol per capita since 2001 (The average cosmopolitan drinks 6.13 liters of pure alcohol).
Every single Thai person aged 15 years or older is drinking 18 litres of whisky, 61 large bottles of beer and one bottle of wine during a year, the statistics say.

Investigation paper
According to a paper issued by Chonburi's Investigation Department and fixed on the door of the currently closed Club Blu on Soi Buakhaow, the club was run without any valid licences.
The police arrested the responsible person, in this case a lovely Thai Lady.

Most of my beautiful neighbours are ladies working in bars and a go-go clubs and are living with men - Thai men of course, and usually a few years younger and slim.
Most of these men are driving a Baht taxi or a motorcycle taxi.
What made me think is the fact that almost all this men like to use lipstick and nail lacquer.
A few days ago I got the explanation for this phenomenon:
Researchers from the University of Stirling and the University of Glasgow found that women were attracted to less masculine male faces after going on the pill...

On April 22nd Pattaya Police raided a commercial building in Soi Yensabai and seized 5 illegal slot machines.
When Police arrived at the location adult and teenage players as well as the owner of the business already disappeared in the clouds.
It is thought they have been tipped-off about the impending Police visit - by the very same organization.

On April 8th Pattaya Police arrested a former Deputy Mayor from Sriracha District with 14'000 Yabba tablets.
The 44-year old lady told Police that after she lost the election she fell into debt, with the delivery of drugs she hoped to make fast money...

Because a 16-year old boy denied possessing and selling drugs, 3 men, two of them Police Officers, placed him in handcuffs and beat him until he was ready for a hospital. One of the puncher is a Huay Yai Police Officer, the other rowdy is from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau.
Police Major General Katcha said if the Police did injure this young man, he would not protect the punchers. If they are guilty of harm, legal proceedings will be applied.

Pattaya Police just set-up an anti-gambling unit and closed down a fairground attraction at the car park of Tesco/Lotus North Pattaya.
According to Pattaya Police they got the order to shut down all attractions which are suspected of contravening the Gambling Act of 1935 from Thailand's Ministry of the Interior as well as from Chonburi's Provincial Governor.
A sometimes illegal Attraction
You can see this kind of (now) illegal 'Attraction' at almost all temple fairs.
When I asked myLady™ why the police shut-down the booth at Tesco/Lotus and not the ones at the current temple fair at the Chaimongkon Temple on Pattaya South Road she told me with a smile:
The booth at Tesco/Lotus wasn't on public ground.
From gambling places located on public grounds Pattaya's Yakuza can extort money...
You understand?
Illegal gambling on temple grounds allowed?
Amazing Thailand: I just learned that the Police can't hamstring gambling on temple grounds. Therefore people can play their games untroubled until April 7th, when the South Pattaya's temple market closes. As long as the monks think that gambling is fun, Thais can play their games on temple grounds... I also learned that Police can't arrest a gangster in military uniform. Police have to wait until the delinquent change his/her clothes.
Illegal gambling on temple grounds possible!
Nevertheless, if you are walking around Pattaya you can see these stalls almost everywhere, even the ones that are working like roulette tables. The proceeding of Pattaya's Police has nothing to do with a rule of law. It's completely highhanded, like an act of revenge.
If something is forbidden it should be forbidden for everybody - and not only for the ones that don't like to 'support' Pattaya's Yakuza!

Pattaya Zoom Festival happened April 5th - April 7th, 2013

This is Thailand: The Website was announced on the ads but was still 'under maintenance' on April 5th.
Obviously Pattaya's Biggest Electronic Music & Dance Festival on 3 Stages was managed by Fumblers too: Last minute announcement without a working website until the event started!
April 7th: In the meantime somebody updated the site.

New Name
Pattaya People, (once?) the community's leading newspaper, renamed Walking Street's Pier Pub in Pierce Pub.
On March 23rd, 2013, the very same publication discovered a non-existing stage at Pattaya's International Music Festival on Bali Hai...

Change of Format
The venue that claimed to sell Pattaya's best Burgers changed its name and its format: Yenjit is now a Thai & Western Food eatery.

Hostess Bar gets Coyote
Walking Street's famous FLB Bar changed the format: Since April 1st it's a Coyote Bar. No Joke!

On April 27th a Dreamliner (?) from Ethiopian Airlines has flown from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. It was the first commercial flight by the Boeing aircraft since all 787s were grounded in January 2013.
The crew didn't report any problems.
On April 23rd a Boeing executive said it was too early to determine whether problems with the lithium ion batteries on its new 787 Dreamliner that led to the plane's grounding in January stemmed from a design error or some manufacturing problem. He said there was no evidence that the batteries involved in two issues in Japan had been subjected to any abuse.
Nevertheless, Boeing is installing new versions of the batteries. They run at a much cooler temperature. The new batteries are now enclosed in stainless steel boxes and have a ventilation pipe that goes directly to the outside of the plane.
According to Boeing this means that in the unlikely event of a future fire or smoke, it would not affect the rest of the aircraft.
You have to be an American 'Professionals' to tout such a stupidity.
In other parts of this world engineers know Murphy's Law...

Rebirth of a Dragon
Last month we reported the closure of Dragon, the Bar and Restaurant on Soi Buakhaow.
The venue reopend during the first week of April 2013.

After Pattaya's Songkran Festival the well-known EOR's Bar on Naklua Road remaind closed. As the photo shows, the bar is now empty, the furniture disappeared in the meantime too, as did the ladies.

Halo, the Dancing, A Go-Go Club and Coyote Bar located near the Northern entry to Pattaya's Walking Street, closed.
On April 25th, during afternoon, whole the rooms of the bar were empty. Perhaps something very new will erupt (again) from the ruin(s).

Still waiting for the Better
Movida, the new Night Life Concept on Soi 14/15 was open for a few days only during March 2013.
According to its banner it is still walting for a Change for The Better...

Papa go-go on Soi Diana and Club Relaxxx A Go-Go on Soi 16 closed again.
Some sources believe the venue on Soi Diana will reopen somewhere during May 2013. The future of Relaxxx remains in the clouds.

Lolitas on Soi Lk Metro had its last day at the end of March 2013.
A new management will replace Pattaya's famous Blow Job Bar with an A Go-Go or a Disco Club.
What else?

Baron closed
Baron Club A Go-Go on Soi Diamond, of Soi Pratamnak, closed, but the banners are still searching new dancers...

On March 31st Pattaya Police closed an illegal gambling den, they said. It was known as Casa Games and located in Pattaya's Soi 7.
Police arrested the Chinese owner, 4 suspected gamblers, 5 employees and confiscated 10 machines.
Any kind of gambling is illegal in Thailand - unless the den is run by high-ranking Police officers.
Update: On our walk on Soi 7 on April 25th we noticed amazed that the door to the gambling den was open. The venue was fully equipped. We don't know if the ownership changed to a high-ranking police, but we expect...
TIP (This is Pattaya)!

For Sale
Guugle on the Block!
Guugle, the closed A Go-Go Club on Walking Street, announced it will - probably - re-open on April 28th.
A banner on its door now tells that it is on the block...

April 1st

Pattaya short of water!
To educate people to save water Provincial Waterworks Authority (Pattaya) decided to restrict the supply of clean water.
Clean water will be available in Pattaya between 06:00 and 12:00 only. During the rest of the day Tourists as well as Expats in Pattaya have to live with dirty and stinky water, the chief of Provincial Waterworks Authority (Pattaya) said.
We will use our famous pump-station at the entry to Walking Street to bring the service water back into Pattaya's water cycle.
With my new concept Pattaya can save a lot of water and the Provincial Waterworks Authority can invoice the same water two times, he added.

Lying once a year is better than lying the whole year!
Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand's Prime Minister-to-be.

Sing A Song
I don't speak Thai!
I don't speak Thai!
This song currently is exhilarating Thailand!
Pattaya News Flash April 2013 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from the City where your Passion is still a Possibility©
Important Notice:
During the last few years we always published a special April 1st News Flash.
We decided to break with the Tradition this year for one single reason:
Today's Pattaya is a joke itself - you can't top it anymore!
Therefore we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Advice for Foreigners
Thailand banned Truck water fights!
Thailand bans Truck water fights!
On March 28th Deputy Interior Minister Chat Kuldilok informed the people of Thailand that drenching battles carried out by people on the back of trucks during the heady days of Songkran, Thailand's New Year, are now history. Police have the strict order to inforce the tightened regulations during the Songkran holiday.
Funny: National Police Spokesperson Pol Maj Gen Piya Uthayo has denied the existence of such a regulation, saying vehicles will be allowed to carry water during the festival but police will tighten regulations on speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol in order to reduce the number of road accidents.
Nevertheless all media across the country are still publishing the ban!
In this 'well organized' country obviously the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing...
Pattaya celebrates Songkran from April 12th - 19th, 2013.
April 13th is Thailand's equivalent of New Year's Eve, April 14th marks the first day of Thailand's New Year.
Update April 7th: All weatherforcasts we consulted predict light rain, shower and/or thunderstorms during Pattaya's Songkran Festival. It seems the weatherman likes water-splashing too!
Update April 10th:Thailand's Public Health Ministry has ordered public hospitals nationwide to go on full alert to cope with an expected influx of accident victims during Songkran. All hospitals would provide free treatment in emergency cases regardless of the patients' healthcare schemes. Patients are only required to show their ID card when seeking treatment, Deputy Public Health Minister Cholanan Srikaew told the press today.

As our pictures show, Pattaya is really a special administration zone where Bangkok's regulations can be fully ignored!
Update April 22nd: Pattaya Days about Pattaya's SAZ (the Special Administration Zone).
April 10th: Streetvendors warned us that Pattaya's Water Battles will start on April 11th on Soi 7 and Soi 8. Obviously some people couldn't wait any longer.
April 11th: We just heard that Hua Hin doesn't have enough of water to celebrate Thailand's Water Splashing Festival.
April 11th: Bangkok already partly 'under water' before the festival started!
April 11th: Heavy rain is supporting Thailand's Songkran Festival in Bangkok, Pattaya, Naklua and Jomtien!
April 11th: Thailand's Public Health Minister Pradit Sinthawanarong said people should be careful, gentle and enjoy the festival in a traditional way.
People should ask permission before splashing water on each other, the Minister recommends.
April 12th: This year 86 locations in 66 provinces across the country celebrating the Thai traditional new year have been designated alcohol-free zones, under a joint campaign by the Culture Ministry, the Thailand Health Promotion Foundation and the StopDrink Network. One of these locations is within Pattaya, we learned from deputy national police chief Pol Lt Gen Ruangsak Jaritek, but our lovely Mayor and his City Hall didn't publish the location yet - and Pattaya's City Police claimed not to know any details...
April 12th: 39 (+9, compared to last year) people were killed and 342 (-31) injured in 326 (-17) road accidents on April 11th, the first of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 13th: 62 people were killed and 496 injured in 465 road accidents on April 12th, the second of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 14th: 72 people were killed and 688 injured in 656 road accidents on April 13th, the third of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 15th: 45 people were killed and 494 injured in 451 road accidents on April 14th, the fourth of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 16th: 37 people were killed and 419 injured in 393 road accidents on April 15th, the fifth of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 17th: 30 people were killed and 344 injured in 291 road accidents on April 16th, the sixth of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
April 17th:
Police announced the closure of Pattaya Beach Road on April 19th from 09:00 to 22:00 for traffic!
April 19th is the last day of Pattaya's Water Splashing Festival and therefore usually the wettest day of the event. Police Major General Katcha, the Provincial Police Commander, said that 600 officers will control Pattaya Beach Road and all roads leading down to the Sea. Undercover officers will be looking out for gangs of youths and people who may be in possession of drugs, guns or alcohol.
April 18th: 36 people were killed and 257 injured in 247 road accidents on April 17th, the last of the seven dangerous days of Songkran.
Nationwide a total of 321 people were killed and 3'040 injured in 2'828 road accidents during the festivities. Three out of four road accidents during the Songkran festival involved motorcycles. Drunk driving was the biggest single cause of crashes.
The Road Safety Centre set up 2'354 checkpoints throughout the country. 69'369 officials were on duty. They fined 232'600 motorcyclists for not wearing a safety helmet. 222'601 motorists will face charges of driving without a valid licence.
That means that every single Police Official fined 3.35 motorcyclists and charged 3.2 motorists during the seven days. An amazing performance...
Thailand is Songkran!
Thailand is Songkran!
The way Thai men are celebrating Songkran in Ko Sichan (Chonburi).
Let's hope they bring the lovely lady back again - you never can predict what will happen next in this amazing - and sometimes funny - country...
We Make People Fly (Lion Air slogan)
We Make People Fly
Songkran in Bali?
On April 13th, 2013, Lion Air missed the runway and made people swim.
On April 8th, 2013, a 50-year old man reported the loss of cash and a cheque from a truck operated by his Rice Production Facility and he assumed the money would never be seen again.
But a 42-year old man and his family went to the Sophon Cable TV Station to report the find and Sophon Cable's Reporters went to work to ensure the money, 90'000 Baht in cash and a cheque for 106'146 Baht, would be safely returned to its owner.
The honest finder is being called one of the most honest people in Pattaya.
On April 9th, 2013, a taxi driver from Surin has been praised for his honesty. He returned more than half a million Baht in cash to a couple who had left the money in his cab. He found the money in a paper bag on the back seat of his vehicle.
I never thought of keeping it, the 41-year-old taxi driver said who is driving his car in Bangkok's Bang Kae district.
For more information please visit
For more information please visit

On April 1st the Bank of Thailand issued Thailand's new 20-Baht banknotes. The notes have the same size as the current series but are made of better paper quality to provide a longer life cycle. They also have Braille so the blind can identify the value. High-technology anti-counterfeiting measures will prevent copying.
Works already started on March 26th, 2013

In our March 2012 News we reported that on February 7th 2012 Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announced that his organisation will start a major beach beautification program. Pattaya City Hall will planting new trees and gardens, do some painting and a lot of other works, our beloved Mayor told the press.
Itthiphol Kunplome also announced that the 140 million Baht project will include an additional 3rd traffic lane to Pattaya's Beach Road.
We first understand that our Mayor will remove all the parking lots along the street and use the space as a third lane, but in the meantime we learned that's not the case!
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and his team will purloin the needed 3 meters from the almost nonexisting Pattaya Beach Promenade*.
* A Beach Promenade usually describes a 4 to 5 meter wide pedestrian lane along a clean and sandy beach. Also known as Esplanade. It allows people to walk for recreational purposes. Not even influential motorcycles drivers are allowed to use it as their prefered racing circuit.
Little news were available in last few months about the projected new Promenade. During March 2013 some people told us that the works for the new Promenade will start during July 2013.
But on March 26th we saw that the works already started: The fountain at the Northern end of Soi 1 got closed and the first trees already lost their life...
The current Promenade was built under then acting Pattaya City Mayor Niran Wattasartsathorn during 2006.
City Hall projects usually have a short life-cycle in this resort. Eventually every new Mayor has to take his chance to fill up his pocket during his reign - and the father of Itthiphol Kunplome showed his sons how to make a fortune within a few years only as the Mayor of a small community.
In our News from October 2006 we published the following pictures from the then 'new' Pattaya Beach Promenade:

The following pictures show sketches from Pattaya's new Beach Promenade and the enlarged Beach Road:
Pattaya's New Beach Promenade
Pattaya's New Beach Promenade
Pattaya's New Beach Promenade
As you can see on the sketches, the new footways are very small, they just provide the space for a small, very small, buggy. Therefore our ingenious Mayor proposed an even/odd day Walking Regulation for Pattaya's new Promenade:
During even days walking on Pattaya's upcoming Beach Promenade will be permited from North to South, during odd days from South to North only. Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome's famous Thappraya 2310 Security Group will control the observance of the new regulation, 24/7.
Pattaya's New Beach Promenade
Pattaya's cluttered Sidewalks

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Carrefour dies slowly
About two years ago BigC rebranded the former Carrefour Shopping Centers, nevertheless Carrefour didn't die here in Pattaya. My friends still make their appointments at Carrefour - and not at BigC Extra! And many companies didn't change their advertisements on the internet, in TV spots or in magazines:
Carrefour dies slowly
Carrefour dies slowly

Most people don't know where to find Soi Paniatchang (official Name of the street!), but they know Soi Carrefour or remember Soi Yume. The 3 descriptions refer to the very same Soi!
We bet it will take centuries until somebody will refer to Soi BigC Extra!
On April 12th Uniqlo, Japan's largest clothes chain, opened a shop at CentralFestival! It's Asia's equivalent to H&M Hennes & Mauritz.

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!

Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
A Bird's Eye View
Since a few weeks you can enjoy a bird's eye view of Pattaya with Ripley's Helium Balloon installed on the roof of Pattaya's Royal Garden Plaza.
The short 'fly' isn't free. It costs 1'200 Baht/person. Ripley's announced a special promotion price for Pattaya's early birds: 300 Baht only from 07:00 - 11:00!
Using Latex can be deadly!
Be Careful!
There are quit a lot of shops touting Latex products in Pattaya - and they are popular among customers from Russia.
But almost all customers are ignoring the fact that allergy to natural rubber latex is increasingly common and serious in children and adults.
Latex is the milky fluid derived from the lactiferous cells of the rubber tree, known as Hevea brasiliensis.
More than 200 polypeptides have been isolated from latex. Latex proteins vary in their allergenic potential. Protein content varies with harvest location and manufacturing process.
Futhermore, freshly harvested latex from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and South America is treated with ammonia and other preservatives to prevent deterioration during transport to factories.
Latex is treated with antioxidants and accelerators including thiurams, carbamates, and mercaptobenzothiazoles. It is then shaped into the desired object and vulcanized to produce disulfide cross-linking of latex molecules.
Therefore don't forget:
Condom and Latex glove users are at increased risk for developing a latex allergy.
Not every Natural Product is save to human bodies, and with all that chemical treatments Latex isn't a Natural Product anymore!
Latex can threat your health! A Latex allergy can be deadly!

iScientist™ ©2013
Security firms are warning that smartphones were at risk. Malicious software can be found and downloaded easily on the internet.
App shops from Google and Apple now start checking their apps for malware and are removing suspected software. Be very carefull if you download from other sources!
In Thailand scammers made lookalike apps for all the main Thai banks.
Thailand's banks have warned that smartphone users put their accounts at risk if they download an apparently legitimate app. The fake application programmes can steal your OTP [one-time password] SMSs that are sent from the Cyber Banking System to your mobile phone, and make fraudulent transactions.
Be aware of forged or false messages that may be sent to you via SMS or email claiming to be from your Bank in an attempt to extract your personal banking information.
These messages try to trick you into downloading or installing malicious software or applications onto your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PC.
If you follow their instructions, thieves can steal your personal ID, password and One Time Password (OTP) for making a funds transfer from your account via internet banking. The fraudulent funds transfer can be made without your awareness as you do not receive the One Time Password as it has been diverted.
Real Bank Offices never send an SMS requesting you to download or install any software or application to make a transaction with them!
NightWalker's News Flash already warned its readers of mobile phone scams in its News Flash publications from January 2011 and October 2012. Please read them carefully and don't forget:
Whether you have pay-as-you-go or a monthly account, that money is going to come from the account and can go to a criminal.
This Ducati is in reality a Honda MMSX, discovered at a motorcycle shop on Soi Phratamnak. The shop had 2 other look-a-likes apparently based on Kawasaki Motorbikes. Ducati currently is Thailand's 'Dream Bike', a study says...
North Pattaya, Second Road: Street 'improved' a few month ago by Patttaya's highly skilled professionals: Bumpy and dangerous for bicycles and bikes as well.

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.

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The Miracle Year of Amazing Thaiand
For more information please visit

Thailand's New Year starts every year on April 14th!
April 1st, 2013:
Chuvit Kamolvisit, the Rak Thailand Party leader, is producing an 800-page travel guidebook to casinos across Thailand. His book, entitled Travel and Casinos Nationwide - Amazing Thailand is for free distribution.
Those who are interested in visiting a casino in Thailand during their holiday, or the coming Songkran festival, can come and pick it up from me for free, Chuvit Kamolvisit says.
Back in August 2011 the Rak Thailand (Love Thailand or in Thai Rak Prathet Thai) Party leader presented video clips showing a casino operating on Ratchadaphisek Road in Sutthisan district. He accused police of turning a blind eye to the operation because senior police officers owned the casino.
Mr Chuvit said that since he presented his evidence not one single officer had faced disciplinary punishment by the 13-member fact-finding panel chaired by then Pol Lt Gen Sathaporn, then deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau, even though six senior Bangkok police officers, including chief of Bangkok Police Division 2 and Sutthisan police station chief, were transferred to inactive posts!
He is now asking the National Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate four senior police officers - including former police chief Priewpan Damapong and former deputy police chief Pongsapat Pongcharoen, Pol Gen Sathaporn Laothong, a former police inspector-general as well as deputy national police chief Pol Lt Gen Jate Mongkolhattee - for lack of action over the exposure of illegal casinos in 2011.
Chuvit Kamolvisit on Wikipedia.

April 2nd, 2013:
A study conducted by the Sodsri-Saridwongsa Foundation during the last five years shows that government employees, especially teachers, frequently travel to casinos in Cambodia.
The study also shows that gambling had a wide and serious impact on the addict's family.
The governor of Surin province, where apparently most of the addicts live, had to forbid officials and employees from travelling to any casinos. He also had to told them not to gamble in any way.
In Chiang Rai civil servants are taking bribes to make it easier for people to travel to casinos in the Golden Triangle, across the border in Myanmar and Laos.
A lecturer at Rangsit University, said that each province has at least one or two large gambling houses. In his research made during 2011 he counted 189 illegal casinos operating in Thailand. The lecturer also said his research showed that illegal casinos in Thailand continue to exist because of an 'exchange of benefits', or a 'win-win' situation, between government officials and the owners of the casinos.

April 3rd, 2013:
Flys 2 times daily to Macau
THAI Smile is Thai Airways International's second budget carrier and was introduced during July 2012. It brings tourists twice a day to Macau, also known as Macao. The island is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China and the regions largest gambling place...
According to Thailand's Ministry of the Interior all attractions which are suspected of contravening the Gambling Act of 1935 have to shut-down!
Who will be first to prevent the take off of a Thai Smile Plane with destination Macau? Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Thailand's Crime Suppression Division (CSD), The Royal Thai Police or Thailand's Tourist Police?
Thai Airways International is owned by the Thai Government.

April 7th, 2013:
On April 7th at about 02:00 more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 raided the notorious Tao Poon Casino in Soi Khao San in Bangkok's Bang Sue district.
Our 'leaky' Police failed to arrest a single suspect after the Police met with resistance from both gamblers and residents in the community.
The gamblers obviously sensed the police. They blocked all entry points and set off fire distinguishers before fleeing the casino.

Thailand still has the biggest illegal ivory market in the world. It continues to drive the poaching of African elephants. Some Thai Police are even involved in the slaughtering of elephants: It is known that Songkhla Police officers smuggled elephant ivories worth more than 10 billion Baht. The officers were using the official vehicles of the Royal Thai police and are using the red siren lights to transport the ivory. To get the ivory more than 10 Thai elephants were killed.

Amazing conclusion: On April 24th Thailand's five-member censorship panel banned a documentary movie on Thai-Cambodian border conflicts. It claimed the film is misleading and would disrupt public order.
One day later only, Thailand's 'highly respected' government censorship board lifted its ban on the documentary film. However, the board asked the filmmaker to remove a few seconds of background sound from the film.
Thailand's censor office director Pradit Posew said the sub-committee, which had previously banned the film, acted beyond its jurisdiction.
The panel itself cited the ban a 'technical mistake' on its part.
The five-member censorship panel runs under the Ministry of Culture, managed by Sontaya Khunpleum, the brother of Pattaya's contested Mayor. It seems the members of this family can produce a chaos everywhere.

Last month we published another set of Miraculous Stories from Amazing Thailand.
Bangkok's Cable Art
Cable Art in Bangkok, for more pictures please visite Pattaya Days
It seems City Hall's information booth is such a big success that they have to built a second one on the same grounds of Pattaya School #8, located on Pattaya's South Road...
English is different!
English is different!

Differ Disco, Soi Phettrakun: The difference is in the education, or inside your brain!
English is too difficult to learn!
English is difficult to learn, especially for Thai language teachers...
English is too difficult to learn, especially for Thai language teachers...
2012 was the Year of English Speaking, initiated by the Thai Ministry of Education.
How to drive in a Roundabout
Instruction still needed
In our Pattaya News Flash from March 2012 we published this animation to show the correct behaviour when driving a vehicle in a roundabout.
I cross Pattaya's Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya almost daily. Most drivers, including Police and Baht Bus drivers still do not know the simple regulation.
Therefore we decided to publish the animation monthly during Pattaya's high season and hope that we can help to improve the situation and spread the word: Vehicles running in the circle have right of way!
Perhaps even some of Pattaya's most reckless Mini Bus drivers can understand and follow the law - before our Police have to fine - or to jail - them!
Pattaya City Hall says: Circle First!
More Information
The Godfather's Story
The Kunplomes
Last Month
Movida Disco, Soi 14/15
Night Lovers A Go-Go
Oasis short time hotel
Phantom Bar Buakhaow
Mimosa the City of Love
Name Change:
MUM Club Soi Diamond
Jesse's Joint Bar
Italian Cafè now
Banana split cafè
New Format:
Classroom A Go-Go
--> Hostess Bar

Playhouse Cafe
House of Condom BigC
Dream Bar Soi 8
Dragon Soi Buakhaow
Frozzen ice creams
Dejavue night club
New York New York
Guugle A Go-Go
Movida Disco Nightclub
Shenanigans Avenue
Car Park Avenue
Roxy Live Avenue
Cedar's Club Soho Square
Big Event:

For more information
click March News.
The Eurozone crisis seems to be infectious.
Every single country in the union likes to take profit.

iSay™ ©2013 by NightWalker
It never ends!
Portugal and the Republic of Ireland are to be given an extra seven years to pay back their bailout loans from the European Union - and Cyprus is asking even more money.
Shut down the European Union and the Eurozone immediately!
Global Warming Scam
Freezing temperatures in March made it the UK's joint second coldest since records began more than 100 years ago, the Met Office has said.

We claim since many years: Global Warming is nothing than big business!
Since many years we tell you in this publication that vehicles powered by batteries are anything else but environmentally friendly.
If you don't believe us, perhaps you trust BBC London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology:
The global warming potential from electric vehicle production is about twice that of conventional vehicles.
Wasted Money
Installed during May 2010 along Pattaya's and Jomtien's Beaches but never used!
Wasted Money
During the day pigeons are observing the beach, during the night homeless people.
Wasted Money
Exceptions: The tower in front of CentralFestival is sometimes populated with volunteers provided by Thai Life Savers. During Sundays a tower on Jomtien's beach is also used by Life Savers.
Pattaya's latest Cock-Up!
Empty Tower
Placed on Walking Street during October 2012, Unused since November 2012.
Pedestrian Lights!?
Security for Pedestrians?
Pedrestian Lights!?
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and his City Hall wasted millions of Baht for something that never worked the way it should and that our Police not even like: During Weekends, when our resort is full of visitors, they had to blink only; between December 21st 2012 and March 2013 they didn't do anything else but blinking. 24/7!
After only five years...
Bye Bye Lighthouse!
Pattaya's Lighthouse at Bali Hai Pier was a nice gadget installed about five years ago. As usual with projects from City Hall it never was maintained and installed by people not knowing what they do. As shown in our slideshow about Pattaya's new Port, the whole area has sunk and the installations are unusable. The Lighthouse will disappear. Perhaps our lovely Mayor will replace it with one of his flying dolphins...
March 1st: At a recent meeting at Pattaya City Hall Mr. Sanit Boonmachai, Deputy Chairman of the Pattaya Council, grilled Pattaya's chief of security, Mr. Theerasak Jatuphong, for Pattaya's wasteful security spending.
Bikers wear Helmets
Real Bikers wear Helmets!
Only stupid ones don't!
Stupid people don't have to wear Helmets in Pattaya!
Microsoft makes money with every Android based device.
Do you know that Microsoft gets some money with almost every single device loaded with an Android Operating System?
The avarice Microsoft is pursuing more than two dozen related patent infringement claims against Google in the US and some others in Germany. In the meantime Microsoft signs patent licence deals with the makers of Android and Chrome based operating systems to collect the money directly from the assemblers of the phones and tablets.

Size matters!
Samsung's new 6.3-inch phone is bigger than 75 percent of human penises.
Remember when your penis was bigger than your phone?
Samsung's new 6.3-inch phone is bigger than 75 percent of human penises.
1990 cellphone.
But the staus symbol of the 90's was even larger.
Nevertheless, myLady™ claims that the one made by nature is still a lot more handy, at least in her small hands - and sometimes it can provide a lot more fun too, she says.

7-inch Surface
Our source in China told us that Microsoft is preparing a 7-inch version for its Surface Tablet Line.
The new tablet will hit the shelfes later this year.

Apple cuts orders!
Various components sources report that Apple decreased its orders for tablets by 20% and may continue to slightly decrease throughout the quarter to bring total shipments of the iPad mini to as low as 10 million units.
Apple had to cut the orders because of increased competition from various 7-inch Android tablets.

Apple has stopped placing component orders for its Mac series products, component sources report.
Apple's Mac orders dropped to almost nothing after the Lunar New Year holidays. It seems that Apple hardly mis-estimates its shipment forecasts.

Microsoft is developing Windows Blue as an independent project. It will help merge Windows (PC) with Windows Phone.
Microsoft is also developing another new operating system. It will serve as the next-generation Windows and will be released in October 2013
The Windows Blue project is being developed to compete against Google's Android and Chrome.

Acer prepares the launch of the Iconia A1-810 tablet. It featuring a 7.9-inch IPS display with an resolution of 1024-by-768 pixels.
The panel of the new product is manufactured by AU Optronics (AUO), the processor is sourced from MediaTek and the tablet is manufactured by Wistron. It runs on Google's Android - what else?
Wistron will start mass production later this month.

Same same
but very different!
Lenovo, one of China's big players in the computer and smartphone market, decided to design its very own CPUs for its product.
The America based industry-watchers are crying foul! and predict a failure and anything else.
When Apple made the same decision a few years ago it was the right decision, at least according to the very same commentators.
Perhaps you remember last month's information in this column about MediaTek's worldfirst quadcore CPU for smartphones?
When the company announced the quad-core chip almost all the big US chip maker asked: Who needs quad-core powered mobile phones? Nobody! they asserted. But only a few months later the very same companies presented their own quad-core chips for smartphones and claimed: You can't live without them!
This commentators forget that America isn't number one anymore in this world. The times have changed. Even Intel's CPUs are designed by Chinese-born engineers.

During March 2013 Compal Electronics shipped 3.8 million notebooks and 400'000 tablets.
Compal is manufacturing business-use notebooks for Dell and entry-level tablet for Acer - among others.
The top-five brand vendors together enjoyed a shipment growth of 20%, but Asustek Computer and Toshiba reported weak sales!

Your next must have gadget will be the SmartWatch, industry analysts claims.
Microsoft, Apple and the Android Group are working on it!

Microsoft tries everything to lure its Hotmail users to join its Outlook services.
Microsoft is pushing users of Android based Smartphones and Tablets to download sometimes not compatible and therefore not working app of Outlook.
If you don't agree to move, you can't access your account anymore.
If your smartphone doesn't provide enough of memory to install the new app you simply can't connect to hotmail anymore. If this happens to you, delete the Hotmail or Outlook app and install a third-party Hotmail app from Google's Play Store!
If we resist Microsoft can't closedown Hotmail!
Or simply say goodbye to Microsoft and move your accounts to gmail or somebody else!

NightWalker's Technology News
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!

No progress on jet ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as jet ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!

Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever

Thailand's Public Health Ministry warns, but Pattaya City Hall is completely ignoring the issue!
Warning #5
Date-rape drug warning

According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes.
Warning #6
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade

Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Warning #7
Pattaya's dirty beaches

Enjoy Pattaya's and Jomtien's dirty beaches!
Be Aware
No parking for bicycles!

During his election campaign Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announced to transform the city into a bicycle friendly place. Nevertheless, you still can't park your bike securely at Pattaya's supermarket and post offices, not even at Pattaya's City Hall!
Dangerous Street
Dangerous Street

Large parts of Jomtien's Second Road are covered by sand and the Southern Part of the street is still not illuminated. Nevertheless, there is an untold number of people trying to drive their cars or motorcycles to their speed limits.
No Nuke Please!

Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!

After the Disaster:
Visit uninhabitable Fukushima now!
On the way to Namie
Ghost town Namie [A]
Ghost town Namie [B]

There are now three tanks to leak at TEPCO's troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
Never use a technology you can't master completely!
Dear Russians
Not on Pattaya Beach Please!
Silly PitPit claims
If you want to make God laugh, tell him the pope's recommendations.
Silly PitPit caims
The unusual cold winter in Europe is part of the United Nation's Global Warming Policy!
Last Word
Pattaya tops every Joke!
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