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Welcome to Pattaya
Welcome to Pattaya
Enjoy Pattaya's large beaches
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We are Businessmen, not Caretaker
We are Businessmen, not Caretaker
The benches along Pattaya's lovely Beach:
A real feast for your eyes!
A Family Affair
A Family Affair
Last month Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem presented his latest project for Pattaya: The Tram! He revealed that a 70 million Baht budget has already been received for hiring experts who are designing, studying and surveying transportation links.
In our view just another mega-project the Khunpluem Family is known for.
Shortly after the inauguration in 2008, Sonthaya's younger brother Itthiphol Kunplome (or Khunpluem), Pattaya City's former Mayor, launched the Pattaya Sky Train project to connect Pattaya City Hall, his office, with Bali Hai through Pattaya Beach Road. After strong opposition Itthiphol presented a new plan using Pattaya second Road instead of Pattaya Beach Road. Thailand's Government stopped the (stupid) project. Nevertheless Itthiphol's City Hall wasted millions of Baht for feasibility studies, planning, sessions and publication-materials.
2016, Shortly before Itthiphol had to leave his office, he initiated a new project: A Tram should be built in Pattaya.
So what Sonthaya Khunpluem now presents is nothing more than an old hat puffed up with new feathers - and another waste of Taxpayers money.
On August 25th, 2017, Pattaya Mail reported that the Military Junta's very own Pattaya City Council called many of the projects initiated by Pattaya's former Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome (or Kunplome or Khunpleum) wasteful.
Such a verdict will hardly happen Sontaya anymore: With wise foresight, the Kunplome Family decided to support Thailand's Dictator with their very own political party. As a reward for taking this step Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha appointed Sonthaya Kunploem as adviser to the Prime Minister and Itthiphol Kunploem as assistant to the Tourist and Sports Minister. A few months later, on September 25th, 2018, General Prayuth Chan-ocha appointed Sontaya Khunpleum as new Mayor of Pattaya.
After the Dictator's controversial election victory, Prayuth Chan-ocha decided on July 16th, 2019, to appoint Itthiphol Khunpleum as Minister of Culture.
A Tram won't fix Pattaya's traffic problems
On the contrary, the tram will help to clog the streets even more.
Pattaya's problem are the tourist buses that take tourists to their hotels and to the 'sights of Pattaya'. It's impossible to solve this problem with a tram!
Thailand's Pilots without Jobs
Thailand's Pilots witout Jobs
International Airline Operators are competing to offer jobs to pilots, but most Thai pilots are failing to find work after graduation.
According to Piya Atmungkun, the president of Thailand's Civil Aviation Training Centre, 'between 600 and 700 newly graduated pilots are struggling to secure seats in cockpits'.
Newly graduated Pilots from India and Indonesia face about the same problem: Aviation programmes and pilot training schools have mushroomed in these countries, but many - if not most - fail to meet international standards.
Thailand's plan to establish a city of aviation in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) will only increase the supply of domestic - but jobless - aviation personnel.
The Swiss IMD (International Institute for Management Development) report shows why: Thailand ranks 11th only in the Asia-Pacific World Talent Rankings.
Thailand's Pilots witout Jobs
It shows once more how stupid and uneducated Thailand's college graduates really are.
Update (December 5th):
Bangkok Post: Cut school years
The Pattaya News: Thai students rank well below average in reading, writing and science, latest PISA study shows
Merry Christmas
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Pure Horror or not?
Horror Quest in Pattaya is a small but nice Guest House in Jomtien's Soi Welcome, also known as Jomtien Soi 12.
It's located a few meters only from Jomtien Beach and is managed by Russians.
George's Cafe Restaurant & Grill
George's Cafe Restaurant & Grill is the successor of Porky's at the Rompho Bar Complex on Jomtien 2nd Road.
Give it a try!
Naklua turns to China
In full contrast to all the promises made by the TAT (Tourist Authority Thailand), tourists from Germany and Russia are still turning their backs on Pattaya, therefore Naklua is orienting itself towards China.
A handful of businesses have already set themselves on customers from China, others are just about to do so.
Naklua turns to China
Naklua turns to China
Naklua turns to China
Naklua turns to China
We will keep you up-to-date.
Format changed
Best Supermarket at the Dolphin Roundabout closed its Best's Eat Restaurant. It was a flop.
The new Eatery is called Wok 'n' Roll and serves Asian Foods, whatever else?
Bicycle Parking
You can park your bicycle free of charge in the guarded CentralMarina motorcycle parking lot.
The parking lot can be reached via Soi 1, off Northern Pattaya's Second Road.
CentralFestival Pattaya Beach opened its all new Food Hall on its basement and introduced new opening hours for the Food Hall.
A part of its new Food Hall is called Beach Eats and replaces the CentralFestival's former food court.
The new Food Hall is very airy and impressed by its sheer elegance, luxury and cleanliness.
Unfortunately luxury also has its price in Pattaya. So many of the popular and inexpensive dishes have disappeared from the menus.
Whether the customers accept the higher prices or not will show the future. Some Thais, in any case, have already announced that from now on they will increasingly eat their meals at Terminal's Pier21 in North Pattaya.
Eating at Pier21 is much cheaper, they claim.
CentralFestival Food Hall
CentralFestival Food Hall
Tequila Reef Cantina Restaurant Bar
The wellknown Tequila Reef Cantina, Restaurant & Bar closed down on Soi 7. The rooms are on the block.
The Mexican Restaurant reopened on December 10th as The Reef at the (until today not very successful) Welcome Town Complex, off Central Road.
The Reef at Welcome Town
Yellow Massage
In the Northern Part of Pattaya 2nd Road, where Amorn Seafood used to be, Yellow Massage prepares to open an large Massage Parlour.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Indian A Go-Go Bar reopens
Bollywood A Go-Go reopened in Soi Pattayaland 1, also known as Soi 13/3.
Due to missing licenses Pattaya's Authorities have closed the club in the first week of October 2019.
Obviously, the management of the club was able to solve the problems.
Skandinavian Food
Hovdingen Restaurant opened in Soi Post Office. As its name implies, it serves Skandinavian Specialities.
A VIP Bar opened in Soi Post Office, also known as Soi 13/2.
Let's hope the ladies are trained to please VIP guests ...
Mr. Veg closed down
Mr. Veg, an Indian Restaurant at the P.S. Bowling Building on Pattaya Central Road, closed down.
Unlimited Indian Food & Coke
A few meters only from the closed Mr. Veg the management opened Mr. Veg's Unlimited Indian Food & Coke.
Eat as much (Indian food) as you can for 179 Baht.
Captain Kebab on Soi Buakhao
Another new Indian Restaurant is announced to open 'soon' on Soi Buakhao. It is called Captain Kebab and promises a traditional Northwestern Indian Amritsari Cuisine.
The new Restaurant is located a few meters only from the (still ailing) Active Street Bar Complex.
Golden Times on Soi Buakhao
The management of Babylon, a Gentlemen Club in Soi Bongkoch, announced that it will open a new branch called Golden Time in Soi Buakhao on December 4th in the rooms of the failed Surprise Yourself with a walk on the wild side Ladyboy Bar.
The new Club is located opposite the Pattaya City Hospital and the Asia BackPackers Hostel at the entrance to a still unnamed Street that connects Soi Buakhao and Soi 15.
Shaggers is the name of a new Bar in Soi LK Metro, previously known as White Room and/or Magic Motown Nights. It now offers Birds, Booze and Banter. Enjoy it!
Reports claim that Smokin' Joe's BBQ as well as Steak & Co. on Soi Lengkee, off Soi Buakhao, where sold to Investors from Korea.
If something should change, you will read it here!
New Beer Bar
In the last week of November, the brand new Yes Bar Beer was opened on Soi Buakhao, directly opposite the Sawasdee Hotel, in the abandoned rooms of a Boots Pharmacy.
New Lingerie Outlet
Opposite the entrance to Soi Honey, J&S opened their Sexy Shop 2.
New Indian Restaurant
On Soi Buakhao, just in front of the R-Con Blue Ocean Hotel, an Indian Theme Restaurant called Sholay opened.
Smoke & Kisses
Smoke & Kisses closed down without giving reasons, but we will keep you up-to-date.
Updated The Bar reopened a day later.
It is simply a sign of bad management to leave customers standing in front of closed doors without giving reasons.
Format change before opening
Format change before opening
The successor of the Coming Bar, which was closed by our Authorities, was announced as Kiss Restaurant. But on the second weekend of December the banner was changed to Kiss Bar.
Walking Street
Closed A Go-Go Clubs
On December 1st, 2019, the following rooms of former A Go-Go Clubs were closed. Most of them are available for new Investors:
Black Bananas on Walking Street
Black Banana Club
A Black Banana Club is announced to open soon in the rooms of the miserably failed Hidden A Go-Go Bar.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Premium Shark-Fin Soup on Walking Street
Sea Potion
Sea Potion opened a restaurant that specializes in the preparation of the controversial Shark-Fin Soup in premium quality.
The venue is located near Soi 16, directly opposite the Nang Nual Garden Restaurant.
Walking Street's Darling is now a Spicy Girl
Walking Street's Darling is now a Spicy Girl
Spicy Girl is the successor of the failed Tee Rak A Go-Go Club
New Coyote Club but same Procedure Updated
Roof Top Club
In the rooms of the badly failed Indian Rajah Hip-Hop Bar a Roof Top Club announced to open on December 12th, 2019.
The existing infrastructure was partially changed: In the entrance area a door to the Walking street was installed. the existing escalator to the second floor was removed.
The new venue will still support Hip-Hop Rnb and Garage as well as Coyote Girls - same procedure as last time.
Updated As expected: The construction workers did not finish their work in time. The venue could not be opened.
Roof Top Club on December 13th
Roof Top Club on December 13th, 2019
Nevertheless, we will keep you up-to-date.
Subway closures
Subway closures
Both Subway sandwich shops, the "new" one on Walking Street and the one on South Road, opposite the legendary Bamboo Bar, closed in the first full week of December.
They were immediately replaced by Sam's Fast Food on Walking Street and Türkiyem Kebab on South Road.
Both outlets seem to have the same management.
Subway closures
Amsterdam is now in Soi Diamond too
Amsterdam is now in Soi Diamond
Look on Soi Diamond presents some of its Ladies in small windows.
The only difference to Amsterdam is that the ladies in Soi Diamond are called 'Entertainers' and as such, they know almost all kinds of entertainment.
The bar is located in the rooms of the former New Carousel Bar & Restaurant, but has been completely renovated.
Peppermint is History
Peppermint is History
Peppermint A Go-Go had its last night on November 30th, the venue is on the block.
We will keep you up-to-date.
New Star A Go-Go closed
New Star A Go-Go closed
New Star A Go-Go on Soi Diamond was closed on December 1st, the staff had to move to Nui's Runway on Walking Street.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Indian Disco disappeared
Irany is back
The sign from Masti, the failed Indian Disco on Soho Square, was removed and replaced by a Irany Club Parsian banner.
Panda's rebirth?
Panda's rebirth?
Tony's Group announces that the currently closed Panda Club will have its comeback on December 31st, 2019.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Panda's BBQ closed too!
Panda's BBQ closed too!
Tony's Group seems to have some real problems.
First the group renamed the Panda Chinese Food Outlet to Panda BBQ, then they closed the Panda Club and then they closed the Panda BBQ as well ...
Maybe just a little bit prayer will help.
The final out for Red Square
Red Square has gone
Red Square, the failed Russian Nightclub at the entrance to The Pier Disco, has gone.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Has the Long Wait come to an End?
Has the long wait come to an end?
For more than a year we have been told again and again that Western Brew wants open 'soon'. A few days ago we already saw light in the apparently completely furnished restaurant.
Has the long wait come to an end?
We will keep you up-to-date.
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