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Emergency Decree
Emergency Decree extended
On June 30th the military-backed government has formaly extended Thailand’s state of emergency for a third time, to the end of July. The National Security Council, led by the Dictator himself, is citing the threats of coronavirus.
The emergency imposed late March gives Thailand's Prime Minister, Dictator, Songwriter and a man of many words Prayut Chan-o-cha sweeping powers, including a ban on large gatherings that prevents anti-government protests.
The extension is a consolidation of power, and an unnecessary use of power, said Anusorn Iamsa-ard, a spokesman for Pheu Thai, the largest opposition party. The state of emergency allows Prayut Chan-o-cha to bypass democracy.
But Thailand’s Deputy Premier Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon, the man of 'borrowed' luxury watches, claims fear of a second wave of infections, and not politics, is behind the government’s need to extend the emergency decree. The government is being cautious about a possible second wave of Covid-19 infections, he added.
Don't forget:
Thailand is still under Dictatorship!
With the help of the Emergency Decree Prayut Chan-o-cha and his vasals intimidate, arrest or simply make opponents of their policies disappear without trace, even if they are located in neighbouring countries - but protect its own MPs from prosecution:
  • Prachatai: It’s been barely one month since Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha told the press that His Majesty the King had instructed him not to use the lèse majesté law. Now we’re seeing a new protocol exercised by the administration and it’s even more disturbing.
  • Khaosod English: Watching how two young protesters were taken away by police in Rayong province earlier this week after protesting against the Prime Minister, I am reminded of the need for greater decentralization.
  • BBC: The Thai satirist abducted in broad daylight in Cambodia.
  • Bangkok Post: Exiled Thai activist 'abducted in Cambodia'.
  • Prachatai: The Cambodian authorities have denied any knowledge about the disappearance of Thai activist in exile Wanchalearm Satsaksit
  • Khaosod English: Thai Police Deny Role in Dissident’s Disappearance in Cambodia.
  • Khaosod English: Police arrested and fined a group of student activists who held a rally Tuesday against the alleged abduction of an anti-government dissident.
  • Bangkok Post: The Constitutional Court has rejected a petition asking that it rule whether Palang Pracharath MP for Phayao Thamanat Prompow is ineligible to hold his seat because his wife holds shares in Klongtoey Market Ltd.
  • Bangkok Post: Vocal opponents of the planned Chana industrial estate have refused to take part in an “illegitimate” public hearing on the project after being blocked from attending it.
Generous Immigration
Generous Immigration
New TM30 Regulation
New TM30 Regulation
Effective June 30th, holders of one year visas, the Elite visa, non-immigrant visas of all types and 60 day tourist visas have to be registered on the immigration data base only once. They do not any more need to re-register if they make a domestic trip or leave the country and return on a multi-entry basis or with a re-entry permit. But if they change their permanent address in Thailand, they must report that to the immigration bureau locally, or risk heavy fines.
Thailand recommends
Delay the purchase of airline tickets to Thailand
Do delay the purchase of flight tickets to Thailand
Thailand opens
List of Travelers allowed into Thailand
Quarantine Rules for People entering Thailand
Quarantine Rules for People entering Thailand
Conditions for entering Thailand:
  • Being Thai national
  • Persons with exemption or persons being considered, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister, or the head of responsible persons accountable for resolving state of emergency issues to enter the Kingdom, as necessary. Such consideration, permission or invitation may be subject to specified conditions and time limits
  • Individuals in diplomatic missions, consular affairs, international organizations, government representatives, foreign government agencies working in Thailand, or individual in other international agencies as permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including their spouse, parents, or children
  • Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return after completion
  • Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission, and have a specified date and time for return
  • Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national
  • Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of residence, or permission to take up residence in the Kingdom
  • Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid work permit or are allowed to work in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children
  • Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand, and their attendants. However, this shall not include medical treatment for COVID–19.
  • Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students.
  • Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter Thailand under a specialarrangement
For further information please contact the Thai Embassy in your country!
Good News
are Bad News
Do our visitors return?
On June 29th, Thailand's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) decided that all businesses and activities including entertainment venues and soapy massage parlours which have been suspended to control the spread of Covid-19 will be allowed to resume on July 1st, 2020, but have to strictly observe the following rules:
  • Controlling the number of patrons to ensure the venue does not get congested
  • Checking every customer and staff member's temperature
  • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitising gel at all entrances and other areas as necessary
  • Ensuring groups are no bigger than five
  • Ensuring customers queuing to be seated maintain social distancing
  • Ensuring all tables are at least 2 metres apart or are partitioned
  • Ensuring seats are at least one metre apart
  • Ensuring all venues are properly ventilated
  • Only eating and drinking is allowed
  • Beverages can only be served individually, and shared jugs or ice buckets are prohibited
  • Serving staff are required to wear a mask or face shield at all times
  • Stage or performance area must be partitioned, and audience must be at least 2 metres away from the stage
  • Event comperes or speakers are required to wear a face shield at all times
  • Patrons are not allowed to be loud or walk around the venue if not necessary
  • If the sharing of food or beverages cannot be avoided, everyone at the table must be provided with an individual serving spoon or glass
  • Toilets must be cleaned every 30 to 60 minutes
  • All tables, chairs and frequently touched surfaces must be cleaned regularly
  • No sports matches or competitions that will attract large groups of people are allowed
  • No video gaming or pub games like pool and darts are allowed
  • Social distancing measures must be observed in smoking areas
  • No service personnel or public relations representatives are allowed to sit with customers.
From July 1st Bars, Pubs, A Go-Go Clubs and Dancings can open until 24:00 but Shopping Malls, Schools and Educational Institutes will be able to operate as normal.
According to the Thai government, the coronavirus apparently belongs to the nightshade family
Rules apply to everyone
but Officials!
No Social Distancing for Big Boys
No Social Distancing for Thailand's Big Boys
Social distancing and the wearing of face masks are still essential and mandatory in Thailand. A violation of this order is liable to a fine of up to 20'000 Baht. That's the rules for you and me, but obviously not for Thailand's Big Boys.
The smallest boy in the picture above is the country's strong(est) man Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Thailand's Minister of Defence, known as the man of 'borrowed' luxury watches and - after an internal feud incited by his supporters - the new boss of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party.
It is known that the 74-year old General stops at nothing and has no scruples.
One rule for them and one for the rest of the country
My opinion
My opinion
Because politicians all over the world listened to the WHO's worn-out 'experts' and followed their recommendations - but ignored the warnings of renowned Immunologists, Virologists and Epedemiologists - they have ruined the entire global economy.
The stupidity of our politicians has once again been fully confirmed.
Disease deaths per day worldwide
Insight of the Year
Insight of the Year
Mike Baird's Cartoon: Welcome Back
Please Click for Mike Baird's Cartoons
Click into the picture to watch more of Mike Baird's great cartoons
Dry Days
Dry Days
Next Sunday and Monday – July 5th and 6th – are Buddhist days and alcohol cannot be sold. July 7th is a substitution day for Songkran, all of which means next weekend is a long weekend and two of the four days are alcohol-free.
Thai stupidity: The sale of non-alcoholic beer is also prohibited!
Long Weekend on July 25th
Long Weekend
Thailand's cabinet has approved July 27th as a substitute holiday for Songkran it postponed earlier, creating a second four-day holiday for this month.
So far no restriction on alcoholic beverages.
Motor Show
Monta Burger
Monta Burger
What Apple Bar was at the Rompho Bar Complex on Jomtien Second Road is now Monta Burger.
The place is at least worth a try!
German Kitchen
German Kitchen
Bei Gerhard, the famous German restaurant is very happy to serve its customers on Soi 33 of Naklua Road again.
Waiting for Customers ....
Waiting for Customers
Taxis are waiting for customers on Pattaya Second Road, near the entrance to Walking Street.
Beefeater reopens!
Beefeater, located on Soi Diana's Central Shopping Arcade and known for its perfect steaks at fantastic prices, announced to reopen on July 24th!
Differ Club comes back
Differ Club
The completely redesigned Differ Club in Soi Phetrakul opens its doors on July 25th.
Life comes back to Soi 8 Updated
Rolling Live 3, Soi 8
With the reopening of Rolling Live 3 life comes back to Soi 8.
It didn't work. The bar is without life (and music) again since July 21st.
We change again ....
Sam's Fresh Market Seafood Restaurant
The owner of the shop seems to like to change the name of his venue located a few meters from the entrance to Walking Street and across from the legendary Bamboo Bar every few months. He started out as a Subway Sandwich Outlet and switched to Türkiyem Kebab in December 2019. Since a few days the venue is called Sam's Fresh Market Seafood Restaurant.
Inexpensive Steaks
Beans and Beer, Regional Land Road
Inexpensive Food
On Pattaya Regional Land Road (sometimes referred to as an Extension of Soi 17), Beans & Beer opened an inexpensive steak restaurant in some rooms of the former Lions Pub and Sports Bar.
Beans and Beer, Regional Land Road
Inexpensive Food
Inexpensive Food
Inexpensive Food
In front of the parking lot of P.S. Bowling on Pattaya Central Road (Pattaya Klang) a small buffet restaurant called Krue Tha Rim Lae (Round Frying Pan) opened. The eat as much as you can outlet offers mainly pork food.
Pizza Factory closed
Sergio's Pizza Factory closed
Sergio's Pizza Factory at Pattaya Avenue on Second Road, did not survive the corona crises and closed down.
Amazon goes Avenue
Amazon goes Avenue
In parts of the abandoned rooms of the former Korean Firepork outlet at the struggling Pattaya Avenue, Amazon is opening another of its obviously popular cafè shops.
Café & Tasty Food
Market Cafe, Soi New Plaza
The Market Café reopened on Soi New Plaza. The small restaurant is also known for its delicious and inexpensive food.
The Gallery closed
The Gallery Cafe, Soi New Plaza
The Gallery Café, a nice Snack & Café bar in Soi New Plaza closed down.
No more Chinese Food
No more Chinese Food
Ju Xiang Ge, a chinese restaurant on Pattaya Second Road (opposite Mike Plaza), closed down.
We will keep you up-to-date.
End of Indian Taste
Gujarat Indian Taste
Gujarat, an Indian Taste Restaurant on Pattaya Second Road is closing down. The venue is on the block.
If you should be interested please call +91 99796 76675 (India) or +66 62023 0677 (Thailand).
We will keep you up-to-date.
News from Soi 7 & Soi 8
Chill Chill Bar, Soi 7
The former Soi 7 Club got a new owner and opened as Chill Chill Soi 7.
Give it a try!
Eagle Bar, Soi 7
The iconic Eagle Bar, during decades a popular meeting point on Soi 7, closed for good.
If you are interested to rent the venue please call 061 878 2941 or 081 614 7737.
Silverstar A Go-Go, Soi 7
Silverstar A Go-Go on Soi 7 closed down too.
The business is up for sale. If you are interested please call 081 949 8978.
Black Angels Bar, Soi 7
Black Angels is a new bar on Soi 7. It opened on July 1st in the rooms of the former Mods & Rockers.
Candle Bar, Soi 7
The popular life music Candle Bar in Soi 7 is currently getting a facelift, but will open soon.
A7-DJ Assienda Bar, Soi 7
The A7-DJ Assienda Bar in Soi 7 was one of the first venues to open on July 1st, but also one of the first to close due to lack of revelers.
Sky Music Bar, Soi 8
In Soi 8, the sky music bar is up for sale. If you should be interested please call 095 051 0900 or 099 441 2565
Soi Happy 44, Soi 8
The large Soi Happy 44 bar with its main entrance in Soi 8, just in front of the still popular Sailor Bar, could not survive the corona pandemic and closed for good.
Soi Buakhaow
Serenity A Go-Go
Bachelors Club
Harrys is back
Harrys Hotel, Bar & Restaurant reopens
Harrys Hotel, Bar & Restaurant on Soi Diana, off Soi Buakhao, announced to reopen on July 21st.
Improved Den
The Den, Soi Chaiyapoon
The Den in Soi Chaiyapoon reopened with a new show table, a chrome pole corner and a revamped 4m 'fish tank' for its beauties.
Change of Mind
Brooklyn Diner reopens
Last month we reported that the management of Brooklyn Diner on Soi Buakhao - at the entrance to Soi LK Metro - has thrown in the towel, closed the restaurant and put it up for sale.
Obviously someone changed the mind: Since July 12th, the venue has reopened, supposedly under the same owner.
That's Pattaya!
New Bar in Soi LK Metro
Celona Bar
Celona Bar opened on July 10th in the rooms of a former G.M. Travel shop and its failed successor, the Relax at LK Bar.
Refurbishing Queen
Queen Club
Workers are still renovating Queen Club in Soi LK Metro, but it seems that it will be ready soon.
The venue opened on July 17th!
Not so Easy?
Easy R-Con Bar cleared out
R-Con cleared out both its Easy R-Con Bar as well as its Easy R-Con coffee shop on Soi Buakhao.
Easy R-Con cafe cleared out
We will keep you up-to-date.
Kiss up to Sale!
Kiss up to Sale!
On Soi LK Metro, Kiss A Go-Go is up for sale.
Rent a Hotel
Marin Place to rent
Marin Place, a small hotel in the southern part of Soi Buakhao, is looking for a long-term tenant. The hotel is very close to the entertainment scene and has a nice outdoor pool, but the place will probably need renovation.
If you are intersted please call 096 419 6656 or 093 464 9955.
Price Hike
Price Hike at Hungry Hippo
In the last week of June the new management of Hungry Hippo increased the prices for all its promotional menus by 10 Baht, the only exception being the 49 Baht Early Bird Breakfast.
A dish with a former price of 99 Baht now costs 109 Baht, for a 119 Baht menu you have to pay 129 Baht now.
American Breakfast: 79 Baht
At All Cafe, Soi Buakhao
On Soi Buakhao, At All Cafe serves a tasty American Breakfast for 79 Baht, including coffee or tea. Enjoy it!
At All Cafe, Soi Buakhao
Take Away closed
Sarasota Cafe, Soi Buakhao
Since July 3rd the Take Away in Soi Buakhao, known as Sarasota Cafe, is closed without giving any reason..
We will keep you up-to-date.
Negan Bar & Restaurant closed
The Negan Bar & Restaurant in the southern part of Soi Buakhao was closed.
We have already seen some construction workers who try to create something new.
We will keep you up-to-date.
On Sale
On Sale
The Hungry Panda & The Grill restaurant was opened in the middle of the Corona crisis in Soi Lenkee.
Now we learned that the venue is already for sale.
If you are interested please contact
No Return? Updated
No return
The owners of Sweethearts Bar, which has been a Ladyboy Bar on Soi Buakhao since September 1st, 2019, decided that they can no longer pay the rent for a business that generates no income and closed their venue for good.
Obviously the announced closure was a publicity stunt: The bar has been open again for several days and also employs a bunch of ladyboys.
Soi 6
Early Bird Breakfast
Do not miss the Early Bird Breakfast at Queen Victoria Inn
Queen Victoria Inn, the famous English pub in Soi 6, introduced an early bird breakfast for 99 Baht.
Do not miss the Early Bird Breakfast at Queen Victoria Inn from 09:00 until noon!
Do not miss the Early Bird Breakfast at Queen Victoria Inn
Walking Street
No Relief
No Relief
The bottlenecks on the left and right side - on South Pattaya Road and on Beach Road - of the entrance to Pattaya's Walking Street remain despite the very expensive restoration work on Pattaya Beach Road.
Obviously not enough money can be earned with small but long overdue adjustments.
For decades, City Hall Officials have been more concerned with their own pockets than with the well-being of Pattaya's visitors.
Desolate Walking Street
Desolate Walking Street
Desolate Walking Street
Desolate Walking Street
Temporary Shutdown?
First the management publisched this:
Mixx Bali Hai, Walking Street
A few days later, on July 12th, we got this:
Mixx Bali Hai, Walking Street
And on July 21st the venue published this:
Mixx Bali Hai, Walking Street
We will keep you up-to-date.
Cavalli by Nashaa
Cavalli by Nashaa
In the impressive all new building between the Rock House and Gulliver's Walking Street, the ever-present Nashaa Group announced the opening of Cavalli, a new kind of nightclub with an Indian touch, on July 17th.
Pattaya Beer Garden
Pattaya Beer Garden
Pattaya Beer Garden will reopen on July 1st right in front of the entrance to Pattaya Waking Street.
The bars, boxing ring, the tailor shop and the small hotel in front of the popular restaurant will remain closed. The landlord decided to create something new.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Pattaya Beer Garden
The Comeback of Dollhouse
The Dollhouse, Soi 15
The Dollhouse on Soi 15, off Walking Street, reopened on July 17th.
Short Life
Sea Portion, Walking Street
Sea Portion, Walking Street's controversial Shark Fin Soup outlet did not survive Covid-19 and has closed for good.
Please call 089 931 3780 or 090 992 7697 if you are interested in renting the rooms.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Fish Spa closed
Fish Spa, Walking Street
Fish Spa, the controversial fish pedicure opposite the entrance to Soi 16, where the fish supposedly feed on dead skin, closed for good.
Please call 081 924 3095 if you are interested in renting the rooms.
We will keep you up-to-date.
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Mike Baird's Cartoon: Not your Bus
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Coming soon
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The Quarantini
The Quarantini
Kill your Wife!
Kill your Wife!
Easy to Carry
Easy to Carry
Grass full of Houses
Grass is full of Houses
Corona supported Massage
Corona supported Massage
Overloaded Car
Overloaded Car
Overloaded Bicycle
Overloaded Bicycle
Overloaded People
Overloaded People
I'm hungry too!
I'm hungry too!
Save our Status!
Save our Status!
Part of Thailand's Culture
We love our Cables
Suggested as UNESCO World Heritage Site
We love our Cables
Amazing Switzerland
Amazing Switzerland
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