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Major Criminal Cases 2023 Updated News
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Fire at Central Investigation Bureau
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Bad start into the new year:
Bangkok Post Top cops linked to illegal site
Chuvit Kamolvisit is calling on the national police chief to take immediate action against two senior police officers accused of being behind a large online gambling network. He said the macau888 network, which had about 5.5 billion baht in circulation, was relatively small compared to another gambling network run by "Inspector Sua" and "General Jor".
Bangkok Post Investigators await totals in online gambling kingpin's bank accounts
No arrest warrant, delays in freezing accounts and banks unable to assess how much money is in accounts - a truly trustworthy Department of Special Investigation (DSI) ....
Bangkok Post 'Sua' has a parlour: Chuvit
"Inspector Sua", the police officer allegedly involved in an online gambling network, used an appointee to run a massage parlour, says Chuvit Kamolvisit, the massage parlour tycoon turned whistleblower.
Bangkok Post Investigation begins into 'inspector Sua's' alleged business empire
Bangkok Post 15-day deadline for probe into 'police gambling network'
Bangkok Post Hundreds of links to 'Inspector Sua' probed
Bangkok Post Latest 'triad' network boss faces charges
Bangkok Post Alleged Chinese 'triad' leader detained, visa revoked
Bangkok Post Alleged triad leader faces three charges, say police
Bangkok Post Official says 33 scholars guilty of academic fraud
Prachatai Thai senator's deep involvement with Myanmar junta crony exposed
Bangkok Post Move Forward not worried about senator's lawsuit
National Geographic Society Thai poaching kingpin is on the run after prison sentence
Thai PBS World Five Thai Excise Dept. officials suspended for alleged extortion
Bangkok Post Police headquarters commander shot dead 'by wife'
Khaosod Thai Famous Cop Killed by His Wife, Who Was Also a Cop
The Pattaya News CCTV Catches Thai Excise Officers Allegedly Extorting Money from Elderly Grocer
Bangkok Post Police to probe Saipay69 Senior officer linked to gambling site
Bangkok Post Local police chief in Chon Buri probed for gambling link
Bangkok Post Police chip away at network of 'Inspector Sua'
Bangkok Post Chuvit targets Chidchob clan
Bangkok Post Fire destroys police building in Bangkok's Sathon
Bangkok Post Bail opposed for aide to 'Inspector Sua', 5 others in gambling case
Bangkok Post Chuvit swears he's acting on his own Whistleblower to step up campaign against graft, cannabis policy linked to Bhumjaithai Party
Bangkok Post Legal disputes may delay Orange Line, warns MRTA Media claim that about 30 billion baht have been siphoned off through corruption ....
Bangkok Post Visa racket report fingers 107 immigration officers This is certainly only the tip of the iceberg
Bangkok Post Sattahip resort 'acquired land from former politician' But the Navy has not released his name or the person in charge of the land trade. We only know the name of the Minister for Defence under whose authority and command this happened: Prayut Chan-o-cha.
Bangkok Post Sukhumbhand facing Green Line graft charges NACC names 13 individuals and entities in connection with extension contract signed in 2012.
Bangkok Post Chuvit petitions graftbusters to probe Saksayam He petitioned the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to look into four cases of alleged misconduct relating to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob and the Bhumjaithai Party.
Bangkok Post Probe into revoked drug arrest warrant for senator The national police chief has ordered an investigation into the revocation of a warrant for the arrest of a senator suspected of involvement in a drug and money-laundering case.
Prachatai Leaked letter alleges Court top brass had Thai senator's arrest warrant revoked Leaked testimony from a police officer shows that executives in the Criminal Court stepped in and revoked an arrest warrant on drug and money laundering charges issued against Thai senator Upakit Pachariyangkun.
Bangkok Post Tearful senator denies drug allegations Upakit says accusers have fabricated evidence linking him to accused Myanmar trafficker for political gain
Bangkok Post Probe sought into Upakit's assets Drug-link allegations 'not politically driven'
OCCRP Experts Warn of Political Interference After Thai Court Quashed Senator's Arrest Warrant Judicial officials in Thailand revoked an arrest warrant for a powerful senator on drug trafficking and money laundering charges
When this - according to media reports - illegal junta government appoints a rightly convicted drug trafficker and a suspected drug trafficker as minister and senator respectively, one knows what to think of this country and its government.
Bangkok Post Ex-top cop denies drug lobby claims
Bangkok Post Agitated cop fires shots in housing estate The police man with mental problems is working at the Special Branch Bureau, holding the position of inspector.
Bangkok Post Police-shooter standoff continues in Bangkok
Bangkok Post Police-shooter shot, wounded, siege ends Pol Lt Col Kittikarn Saengbun, 51, an inspector attached to Special Branch Bureau's Intelligence Development Centre, was shot and wounded by police commandos at 12:19. The officer succumbed to his injuries on the same night.
Bangkok Post Police to undergo mental health checks nationwide Police officers across the country will undergo mental health screening to prevent a recurrence of a 27-hour police siege at a house in Bangkok this week.
Bangkok Post Chakthip in hot water over smart cars Former national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda guilty of procurement irregularities in relation to the acquisition of 260 smart patrol cars worth more than 900 million baht.
Thai PBS World Former national police chief Chakthip to face corruption charges Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has decided to file corruption charges against former national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda and 45 other individuals and legal entities over the procurement of 260 "smart" electric police patrol cars
Khaosod Five Patong Police Are Removed After DOPA Raid Underage Sex Bar The police officers from Patong Provincial Police Station allowed the bar in Patong to provide underage girls as prostitutes to foreign customers.
The Nation Three police charged with kidnapping Chinese man in botched scam Three police officers were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly kidnapping a Chinese national and his female interpreter during a botched passport-renewal scam at the Chaengwattana government complex in Bangkok.
Bangkok Post Warrants issued for 4 immigration officers for crypto extortion Arrest warrants have been approved for four immigration police accused of the abduction of a Chinese man and Thai woman
Bangkok Post Immigration officers suspended, named in crypto extortion case Four immigration officers accused of the abduction and crypto extortion of a Chinese man and his Thai interpreter have been suspended from the police force pending further investigation.
Bangkok Post Immigration officer wanted for abduction, extortion surrenders Fourth and final suspect remanded in custody in case involving Chinese and Thai victims
Bangkok Post Kalasin police trio investigated for bribery Officers accused of demanding B500'000 for release of drug suspect
Bangkok Post Three police charged with extortion A committee in Kalasin will investigate three police officers accused of demanding 500'000 baht in bribes in exchange for the release of a suspect caught with 2'000 methamphetamine pills
Bangkok Post Chuvit to sue Sittra over 'bribe' claim Whistleblower says donations returned
The new year has not started well for Thailand's civil servants: One scandal after another shakes the Royal Thai Police, senators and other officials!
The Pattaya News Chinese Woman Abducted for 4.7 Million Baht Ransom in Pattaya A Chinese woman has been abducted while getting her kid at a school in Pattaya. Her husband filed a complaint with the police, saying the suspects wanted 4.7 million baht in exchange for his wife's freedom.
The Pattaya News Pattaya Police Bust Alleged Indian Scammer in Pattaya for Scamming American Victims of Three Billion Baht An Indian man and his Thai wife have been taken into custody by Pattaya Police today for allegedly scamming multiple American victims of over three billion baht.
Bangkok Post Police raids target swindlers preying on American retirees An Indian man and three Thai women were detained for questioning during police raids on 36 premises in four provinces.
Bangkok Post More arrests in phone scams targeting Americans 15 Thais and 5 Indians now detained in connection with network that bilked people out of B3 billion
Thai PBS World Three suspected insurgents killed at Narathiwat jungle hideout Three suspected insurgents were shot dead by Thai security forces at a jungle hideout in the Si Sakhon district of the southern province of Narathiwat on March 20th.
Bangkok Post Police nab 11 linked to online gambling, raid four properties Police raided four properties and arrested 11 suspects allegedly involved in online gambling websites
Bangkok Post: 'Influential' Thais linked to fishy bank account Case centres on attempts to gain access to B176m believed to come from Chinese-run scams.
Bangkok Post: New arrest in immigration abduction-ransom case Police have arrested a Thai man as an accessory in the alleged abduction and crypto-ransom by immigration police officers of a Chinese man and his Thai interpreter.
Bangkok Post: Police raid 17 locations with online gambling links Home owned by husband of actress Yardthip Rajpal among targets.
Bangkok Post Whistleblower Chuvit denies knowing Amlo bigwig Whistleblower Chuvit Kamolvisit has denied knowing a high-ranking anti-money laundering official personally, after the latter was allegedly linked to a 6-million-baht bribe.
Bangkok Post Senior district official caught with envelope holding B3.2m bribe A senior Bangkok district official caught with an envelope containing 3.2 million baht in cash has denied it was a bribe he allegedly demanded from a development company, telling police he thought it held only a document.
Bangkok Post Cash, bribes list found at arrested official's house Almost 7 million baht in cash and a list of suspected bribe takers were seized during the police search at the house of a senior Bangkok district official charged with demanding a large bribe from a real estate company.
Bangkok Post Tax bribery case investigators eye 10 more capital officials. Police have found that more than 10 officials were involved in the case of a senior Ratchathewi district official in Bangkok who allegedly took bribes from many business operators.
Bangkok Post Suspected hacker 'a soldier' A hacker who claimed to have obtained the personal data of 55 million Thais is an army officer.
Bangkok Post Army can't find suspected hacker of personal data of 55m Thais The army has yet to find a way to contact a sergeant suspected of hacking the personal data of 55 million Thais.
Bangkok Post Army still looking for 'hacker' Maj Gen Sirichan Ngathong yesterday denied the army was procrastinating on a warrant for the arrest of the sergeant major. Rumour has it that the hacker has connections to an "influential person" ....
Bangkok Post Search for military hacker escalates as police give seven day deadline The army is keen to interrogate a hacker alleged to have worked in its ranks after the Royal Thai Police (RTP) on Saturday submitted a letter to the suspect's supervisor andthe army staff judge advocate to have him brought in for questioning within seven days.
Bangkok Post Army, cops pressed to nab hacker Critics say there is no reason not to arrest the suspect. They allude to a cover-up and say influential people could be behind the hacking, which would explain the delay in arresting the suspect.
Bangkok Post Fugitive data hacker-soldier suspended from duty The army has suspended a sergeant major who is absent without leave and is wanted by police for allegedly hacking the personal data of 55 million Thais.
Khaosod Hacker '9Near' Surrenders to Police The hacker accused of stealing and trying to sell personal data of almost every Thai citizen on Wednesday (April 12th) turned himself in to police after hiding to avoid arrest for weeks.
Bangkok Post Man says cops misused seized car The Royal Thai Police (RTP) was urged to investigate a case where a police officer in Rayong seized a vehicle as evidence, but instead of being stored in a lot, the car was used to travel 1'700 kilometres over six months.
Bangkok Post Cop suspected in Surat Thani house attack that left 4 dead. A police officer attached to the Khirirat Nakhom police station was suspected to have been involved in an armed attack at a house in Khirirat Nikhom district.
Bangkok Post Khirirat Nikhom police chief transferred as murders manhunt continues The Khirirat Nikhom police chief has been transferred pending an investigation into the lethal attack by three gunmen, led by an officer under his command.
The question of why at least one policeman or member of the army is involved in every major crime remains unanswered.
Bangkok Post Key man in police-run gambling network arrested Police on Tuesday morning raided 16 premises in connection with the online gambling network linked to a police inspector and arrested three suspects
Bangkok Post B2bn in assets seized from 'Inspector Sua' gang Police officer who is still at large sold 'franchises' to others to run online gambling
Bangkok Post Manhunt intensifies for police gunman Officers search Surat Thani reservoir area for policeman wanted after attacks that left six dead
Bangkok Post: Major arrest opens Pandora's Box of crimes 53-year-old Chinese woman is the suspected boss of a syndicate involved in fraud, surrogacy and human trafficking.
Bangkok Post: 2 abducted Chinese rescued Officers from Bang Phong Phang police station rescued a Chinese man who had been abducted -- with the kidnappers demanding a ransom of 1.8 million baht -- from a hotel in Sathorn on Tuesday (April 18th, 2023). Three of the 11 suspects were arrested.
Bangkok Post 3 'security officers' arrested for B3.1m extortion Three men have been arrested for posing as security officers, using a fake arrest warrant and extorting 3.1 million baht from a man in Bangkok.
Thai Woman suspected of serial murders
Thai PBS World Woman arrested on suspicion of involvement in deaths of at least 8 people A woman is being held in police custody on suspicion that she may be involved in the mysterious deaths of eight people, some of whom are thought to have been poisoned with cyanide.
Bangkok Post Senior cop's wife arrested, suspected of serial murders The wife of a high-level police officer has been arrested for the cyanide-murder of a woman from Kanchanaburi
The Guardian Thai police investigate 10 deaths as woman accused of poisoning friend Woman had been travelling with friend who was found to have cyanide in her body at autopsy.
Khaosod A Pregnant Woman Is Investigated For Possible 11 Serial Murders The death of a 32-year-old healthy woman, who was reported to have suddenly fainted and later died, triggered an inquest as relatives did not believe it was a natural death. The investigation leads to the discovery of serial murders—at least 11 murders and one attempted murder.
BBC News Thai woman accused of murdering 12 friends in cyanide poisonings Police say Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn is suspected to have poisoned at least 13 people since 2020.
Bangkok Post More charges await serial-killing suspect Police are preparing more charges against Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, who is now suspected of involvement in the deaths of at least 13 people.
Thai PBS World Police claim 13 people may have been poisoned by Srarat, only two survived The police believe that there are more victims of cyanide poisoning and a command centre is to be set up by the 7th Region Provincial Police Bureau to receive complaints from members of the public.
Thai PBS World Thai police question husband of the 13th suspected cyanide poisoning victim He said his wife was healthy and normal, but, on November 25th, 2020, he received a call from his elder son to tell him that his mother had collapsed and died.
Khaosod 'Am the Cyanide' Is Not Confirmed as a Mental Disorder One of the most common questions in this case is how one woman could cause such heartless crimes.
Bangkok Post Cops now suspect 14 murders The number of reported victims of the suspected serial murderer Sararat "Am" Rangsiwuthaporn reached 14 as of Friday, according to police.
Bangkok Post Money trail sheds new light on serial-murder suspect Many large fund transfers made in last two years by people who later died.
Bangkok Post Evidence implicates police officer in 'Aem Cyanide' case Possibly Thailand would be a much safer country without a police force ....
Bangkok Post Aem Cyanide's police husband arrested A police lieutenant colonel who is the ex-husband of suspected serial cyanide killer "Aem Cyanide" has been fired from the force, arrested and charged with related crimes.
Bangkok Post All 15 reported victims of 'Aem Cyanide' poisoned Detained ex-husband of suspected serial killer has also admitted to two charges, say police.
Bangkok Post Ex-husband of 'Aem Cyanide' granted bail Court says police have yet to show evidence linking sacked officer to murders.
Thai PBS World Serial murder suspect's former husband surrenders to police
The Nation Actress summoned for questioning over cyanide purchase The police have summoned Thai actress Preechaya “Ice” Pongthananikorn for questioning early next week to find out why she purchased cyanide, a regulated toxic substance, deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said on Thursday.
Bangkok Post Actress bought cyanide 'to repel pests' Popular actress Preechaya “Ice” Pongthananikorn has admitted she bought cyanide online to repel monitor lizards that had been attacking her dogs and insisted the purchase was not aimed at hurting anyone.
Bangkok Post Ex of accused serial killer unsure how she paid off his debts The ex-husband of Sararat "Aem" Rangsiwuthaporn admitted to investigators that his former wife paid 4 million baht of his debts but said he did not know how she acquired the money, according to Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, deputy national police chief.
Bangkok Post 'Aem Cyanide' accomplices sought Police now believe that suspected serial killer Sararat “Aem” Rangsiwuthaporn had help when purchasing cyanide and they will seek arrest warrants for any accomplices, according to deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
Bangkok Post Police follow B78m money trail in 'Aem Cyanide' case Police are following the trail of about 78 million baht that circulated through bank accounts operated by alleged serial killer Sararat “Aem” Rangsiwuthaporn.
Bangkok Post Cops to arrest abettors of Aem Cyanide Police will request arrest warrants from the court for associates of alleged serial killer Sararat "Aem" Rangsiwuthaporn, who advised and helped her destroy evidence of her crimes, according to the deputy national police chief.
Bangkok Post New charge filed against Aem Cyanide's ex-husband Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police have filed another charge against the sacked police officer who is the former husband of accused serial poisoner Sararat "Aem" Rangsiwuthaporn.
Bangkok Post Gambling habit 'factor' in serial murders A serious gambling addiction could have been a factor that pushed Sararat "Aem" Rangsiwuthaporn to murder 14 people using cyanide, the police said after investigating the suspect's money trail.
Bangkok Post Aem Cyanide's lawyer faces police charges Police will summons a lawyer representing alleged serial killer Sararat "Aem" Rangsiwuthaporn to hear a charge of helping her client destroy or conceal evidence of her crimes.
Thai Examiner Am Cyanide sues man who raised alarm over alleged killing spree. Former lawyer summoned Activist who helped push public demand for police action into the alleged serial killer Am Cyanide served with defamation proceedings.
Bangkok Post Police look at resale of cyanide Police will press charges against a company that imported cyanide compounds and sold them to other retailers, after an investigation determined that alleged serial killer, Sararat "Aem Cyanide" Rangsiwuthaporn, had purchased the cyanide she used to kill at least 13 people from a reseller.
Bangkok Post Alleged serial killer's lawyer denies charges A lawyer representing alleged serial killer Sararat “Aem” Rangsiwuthaporn has denied charges of assisting her client in destroying or concealing evidence of her crimes.
Bangkok Post Aem Cyanide case nearly ready for prosecutors Police are preparing to wrap up their investigation into suspected serial killer Sararat “Aem Cyanide” Rangsiwuthaporn and submit their report to prosecutors next week.
Bangkok Post 80 charges await 'Aem Cyanide' Alleged serial killer Sararat "Aem Cyanide" Rangsiwuthaporn will be hit with at least 80 more criminal charges for her actions, according to deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
Bangkok Post Police wrap up ‘Aem Cyanide' case Police have wrapped up their case against the suspected serial killer Sararat “Aem Cyanide” Rangsiwuthaporn, who is accused of fatally poisoning 14 people.
Khaosod Police Close Thailand's Historic Case of Serial Killer 'Am Cyanide'
Asean Now Thailand's serial cyanide murder suspect, her husband and lawyer indicted Serial cyanide murder suspect Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, her husband, Pol Lt-Col Vitoon Rangsiwuthaporn and her lawyer, Tannicha Aeksuwannawattana, were indicted yesterday (Tuesday) in the Criminal Court on charges of murder, robbery and concealing evidence.
Khaosod Police Bust Online Gambling Ring Responsible for Cyanide Serial Killer Police arrested 14 people suspected of running an online gambling network which might have been responsible for the cyanide serial killer.
Bangkok Post 80 Indian gamblers arrested in Pattaya hotel raid Gambling in Thailand is still illegal
The Nation Pattaya tourist gambling den 'bribed officials with 2 million baht' Thai suspects confessed that a bribe of 2 million baht was paid to government officials ....
Bangkok Post Mayor, public works director charged with demanding bribes The mayor of Khlong Luang municipality in Pathum Thai and the director of the municipal public works division have been charged with collusion in demanding and receiving bribes.
Khaosod Famous Monk Alleged Embezzler 180 Million Baht Mr. Kom or Phra Ajarn Kom Apiwaro of “Wat Pa Thammakhiri, 39, a former prominent monk, was arrested by Crime Suppression Division police as the alleged embezzler of more than 180 million baht from the Wat Pa Thammakhiri Temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province.
Bangkok Post Former monk denies theft of temple funds A former monk, arrested with two others for allegedly embezzling 180 million baht from Wat Pha Dhammakiri in Nakhon Ratchasima during his tenure there, denied the charge during police questioning.
Bangkok Post High-profile monk's 'embezzlement' tally nears B300m Police have found more money and gold bullion worth about 100 million baht buried behind Phra Ajarn Khom's temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province, raising his alleged embezzlement to almost 300 million baht.
Bangkok Post Ex-pilot, accomplice caught for luring women into sex and posting online clips A former pilot and another man have been arrested in Bangkok and Chanthaburi for allegedly luring women into having sex and posting sex shows for payment from subscribers in online chat groups.
Bangkok Post Royal guard officer dismissed for serious misconduct A royal command has dismissed an officer of the Royal Security Command from the military and the royal guard service, without pension, for serious misconduct.
Thai Crackdown on foreign tourism abuses with police in hotspots targeting Chinese and Russian gangs Authorities in Thailand have begun a crackdown on rogue traders and corruption within the tourism industry seen as responsible for tarnishing the country's perception in key tourism markets and also responsible for undermining the benefit of the industry to local operators.
Bangkok Post Sino-Thai crackdown on Chinese criminals Thai and Chinese police are joining forces to crack down on Chinese criminals who settle in the country as well as those who arrive temporarily to victimise their compatriots here, according to the Immigration Bureau.
Bangkok Post B150-million gambling network busted Police have arrested 10 more members of an online baccarat gambling network with more than 150 million baht in circulation during raids in Bangkok and two nearby provinces. Man Linked to Crooked Thai Cop and Gambling Ringleader Commits Suicide in Jail Authorities in Thailand have lost a key piece of evidence in a case against a police officer who allegedly ran a major illegal gambling ring and drug operation.
Bangkok Post Police arrest 30 in 'Sua' network raids Thirty people were arrested in a three-day crackdown on a criminal network allegedly linked to "Inspector Sua", a former officer accused of involvement in a multi-billion-baht gambling network, authorities said on Monday.
Bangkok Post District chief charged with demanding bribes A district chief was arrested at his office in Nakhon Sawan on Friday for allegedly demanding bribes from a cockfighting operator.
Bangkok Post Child rights advocate 'Khru Yun' facing charges Police have completed their investigation into alleged child assault at a children's foundation in Samut Songkhram and recommended charges against a prominent child rights advocate, his wife and the foundation.
Bangkok Post THAILAND GENERAL Journo held for 'exploiting police connection' A journalist was arrested for allegedly using her connection with a senior police officer to demand 14 million baht from a Chinese suspect in exchange for having charges dropped.
Thai PBS World Reporter arrested for allegedly taking bribe from commercial surrogacy gang A female reporter, who claims to have close ties with Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police chief, is being held in police custody on bribery charges. She allegedly demanded 33 million baht from a key member of a transnational commercial surrogacy gang, who is currently in custody, in return for help in ensuring that the suspect is not prosecuted.
Bangkok Post Police bar Chinese bribe suspect from leaving Thailand Police seized the passport and blocked the departure of a Chinese journalist arrested for allegedly demanding a multi-million-baht bribe from a suspected Chinese gangster to arrange for charges against her to be dropped.
Bangkok Post 'Superpimp'-turned-whistleblower won't give up fight Chuvit Kamolvisit, who says Thailand is corrupt to the core, advocates legalising gambling and sin taxes to top up junior police salaries.
Highway police in hot water
Prachatai MFP unveils trucks' Easy Pass stickers involving corruption Move Forward Party's Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a party-list MP designate, has exposed a so-called 'Easy Pass sticker' scam involving trucks, and urges an end to this form of bribery.
Bangkok Post Police chief seeks bribe claim truth National police chief Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas has ordered highway police to investigate claims that drivers of overloaded lorries are not being arrested because they display special bribe-paid stickers.
Bangkok Post Highway cop boss shunted in bribe saga Pol Maj Gen Ekkaraj Limsangkat, commander of the Highway Police Division, was on Tuesday transferred to an inactive post at the Operations Centre of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) following allegations of kickbacks for overloaded lorries.
Bangkok Post Highway bribery long entrenched, police chief admits National police chief Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas has admitted the practice of highway police demanding and taking bribes from truck operators has long been in existence.
Bangkok Post MFP urged to end graft in logistics Lorry operators called on the Move Forward Party (MFP) to stamp out bribery in the transport sector on Thursday, saying the practice has been around for about two decades.
Bangkok Post Highway cops to report on bribery All sub-divisions of the Highway Police Division (HPD) were instructed on Friday to submit reports about any cases of highway lorry bribery occurring in their precincts within five days.
Bangkok Post 6 more officers embroiled in lorry 'sticker' scandal The investigation into "sticker bribes" for illegally overloaded lorries has incriminated another six officers from the Highway Police Division (HPD), according to Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew, the Counter Corruption Division (CCD) commander.
Bangkok Post 40 police transferred over 'bribe stickers' High-ranking police ensnared in dragnet
Bangkok Post 12 officers charged in truck sticker bribery case Twelve highway police officers out of 40 implicated in the truck sticker bribe controversy have been charged with extortion and misconduct.
Bangkok Post Chinese couple arrested for alleged B10bn fraud A Chinese couple living in a 67-million-baht house in Bangkok were arrested on Wednesday for alleged multinational fraud, with damage estimated at 10 billion baht, the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau said.
The Pattaya News Loan Shark Gang in Pattaya Threatens Reporter A reporter in Pattaya filed a complaint to police alleging he was threatened by a loan shark gang after he warned them not to litter loan flyers in front of his residence.
The Pattaya News Wanted Chinese Man Arrested in Pattaya, Accused of Major Call Center Scam A wanted Chinese man was arrested in the Pattaya area after he was allegedly involved in a call center network with hundreds of millions of baht of money laundering.
The Pattaya News Restaurant Employee Murdered by her Husband While Serving Food at Work in Pattaya A jealous man in Pattaya gunned down his wife and later tried to kill himself to evade consequences at noon today, June 1st. Banglamung Police received a report of a woman being shot by her husband at a small local open-air Thai restaurant in Banglamung district, Chonburi province.
The Phuket Express Five Senior Kathu Police Transferred After Two Illegal Nightclubs Raided Five senior Kathu Police including the chief have been transferred after two illegal nightclubs were raided in Kathu for allegedly opening over the legal closing times and allowing minors to enter the venue.
The Thaiger National Park predator arrested for attempted rape of Lithuanian tourist An employee of the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi province was arrested after he attempted to rape a Lithuanian tourist.
Bangkok Post Drunken provincial councillor fires into police booth Offender reports to police after video captures incident in Phetchabun.
Bangkok Post Foreign man attacked, seriously injured in Pattaya A foreign man was attacked and seriously injured in Pattaya late on Saturday night, police said.
Bangkok Post Nun arrested for B1.3bn online fraud Police from the Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (IDMB) have arrested a Buddhist nun on fraud charges for luring people to invest in a fake cloud storage rental business and loading false information on a computer, causing over one billion baht in damage to victims.
Bangkok Post Tour fraudsters arrested in Surat Thani Three men and three women were arrested for allegedly selling bogus overseas tours worth about 27 million baht.
Bangkok Post HPD to probe oil tanker bribe The Highway Police Division (HPD) will set up a committee to look into a recent attempt by a senior official at the Excise Department to lobby the HPD to avoid taking legal action against a tanker carrying illegal oil.
Bangkok Post Prosecutors under fire over bribery case An activist is pressing prosecutors for answers as to why they decided not to indict senior police officers charged with accepting a bribe from an entertainment venue in Kanchanaburi in 2015.
Bangkok Post Suspicion over police promotion The quick rise of a former beauty pageant contestant, who went from a police lance corporal to a police captain in less than two years, has raised suspicion over whether the promotion is evidence of patronage in the police force.
Khaosod The New Stars of "Captain Cat" That Spark Thai Police Scandal This week's recurring scandal in Thai society stems from a photo posted on social media by "Captain Cat", a well-known former beauty queen.
Bangkok Post Meddling claim sparks excise probe The Excise Department has come under fire after it was claimed that one of its high-ranking officials attempted to persuade the police to release a truck which had been seized for carrying 15'000 litres of smuggled oil.
Bangkok Post DLT targets licence vendors The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has lodged complaints with the police after an elected MP from the Move Forward Party (MFP) revealed the names of people selling driver's licences illegally.
Bangkok Post Chuan's son faces NFT fraud claims worth B15m Surabot Leekpai, a young Democrat Party politician and son of parliament president Chuan Leekpai, is facing accusations of involvement in a fraudulent non-fungible tokens (NFTs) investment project. The alleged fraud has resulted in damages amounting to 15 million baht.
Bangkok Post Quick police promotion spurs action Application process to be reviewed, fixed.
Khaosod Thai cyber police arrest Koh Kong boss' right-hand scammer The Police Cyber Taskforce (PCT) announced the arrest of Surachai, also known as Arfu Saejang, 27, from Chiang Rai on June 14, 2023. He is believed to be a stooge of the boss of a call centre scammer in Cambodia's Koh Kong province. This fraudster is known for its 'bait to love' technique of faking a handsome man or woman, resulting in the loss of more than 16 million baht to victims.
Bangkok Post Clock ticking for Suwichak The National-Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) is preparing to proceed with a criminal case against the House of Representatives' former secretary-general Suwichak Nakwatcharachai for his alleged involvement in irregularities in procuring overpriced clocks worth 15.4 million baht for parliament in 2013.
Bangkok Post Senior officials arrested for sale of seized frozen fish Five state officials and two civilians have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the sale of frozen fish seized from an illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) vessel.
Bangkok Post Excise director axed for supporting oil smuggling An excise director has been suspended and will face severe disciplinary action for trying to persuade police to release an oil-smuggling truck, according to the Excise Department.
Bangkok Post Bureau chief tied to illegal oil incident The director of the Excise Department's Prevention and Suppression Bureau was involved in a case of illegally transported oil detected by the Highway Police on June 7, according to the results of an internal probe.
Bangkok Post NACC ordered to disclose all details of Prawit watch probe he Supreme Administrative Court has ordered the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to disclose all details of the findings from its investigation into the luxury watch controversy involving Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon.
The Pattaya News Chonburi Police Commander Accused of Allegedly Extorting 140 Million Baht From Victims Over Online Gambling The Chonburi Provincial Police Commander is being accused of allegedly extorting 140 million baht from victims over online gambling websites. Six unidentified victims have filed a reported to the Kukot Police in Pathum Thani on Friday (June 16th).
Bangkok Post Chon Buri police chief moved pending B140m extortion probe The Chon Buri provincial police chief is among eight senior officers who have been moved to inactive posts for allegedly colluding with civilians to extort 140 million baht from online gambling suspects.
Bangkok Post Cops seek 3 over extortion Police have issued arrest warrants for three civilians over their alleged involvement in the extortion of six suspects who are under investigation in an online gambling case.
Bangkok Post 3 in hot water over B30m 'pink ID' case Tak: Three Registration Department officials in Mae Sot district are under investigation after they allegedly took 30 million baht in bribes to issue identification cards to 700 Myanmar migrants in the past three months.
Bangkok Post 10 police charged in B140m extortion case Ten police officers, including the former chief of Chon Buri police, have been charged with involvement in the alleged extortion of 140 million baht from six suspects in an online gambling case, deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said on Monday.
Khaosod New Thai Police Scandal "How Deep Is Your Love, Pay to Show Thai police have again come under suspicion of taking bribes from illegal: This time the suspect is the provincial police commander.
Bangkok Post Cops accused of extorting B300k from drug dealer NAKHON SI THAMMARAT: The police chief of Nakhon Si Thammarat province has ordered Bang Khan police station to investigate four of its officers accused of extorting 300,000 baht from a drug dealer in exchange for letting him go last Thursday.
Prachatai Victims of Pegasus spyware sue government over unlawful operation Yingcheep Atchanont and Arnon Nampa have filed a lawsuit against nine government agencies for violating their rights by using “Pegasus” spyware to steal citizen's private information.
Bangkok Post Deputy police chief's classmate arrested for running online gambling A police commander who was an academy classmate of deputy national police chief Surachate Hakparn has been arrested on charges of running three gambling websites.
Bangkok Post NSB top brass among 9 held over online gambling sites A police major general from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) is one of nine suspects who have been arrested on suspicion of running three online gambling websites, according to deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
Bangkok Post Prosecutors indict 'Mek Rama' for online gambling Husband of actress among 10 facing charges including money laundering.
Bangkok Post Major Chinese scam gang busted Police have arrested the alleged leader of a Chinese call centre scam gang and 10 others wanted for duping people into investing in gold by claiming a link with the Crown Property Bureau.
Khaosod Street Food Vendors Are Targets of Extortion by Thai Officers Thai police are not only suspected of taking a 140 million baht bribe from the online gambling operators but have recently made a name for themselves as the ones who extorted money from street food vendors who are trying to fight a stagnant economy.
Bangkok Post Vendor 'extortion' police surrender Two police corporals suspected of collecting a bribe from a food vendor in Nonthaburi in exchange for a special sticker have reportedly surrendered after a video of them went viral on social media.
Bangkok Post NACC brass call in on delayed visitor centre SATUN: The provincial National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) office on Friday sent a team to inspect the construction site of a new visitor centre in Kuan Don district after receiving reports of corruption.
Bangkok Post Navy faces 15% kickback claim over B440m AV deal The Royal Thai Navy is investigating a claim about irregularities in the purchase of armoured vehicles (AVs) worth more than 440 million baht.
Bangkok Post 3 arrested in crackdown on kidnapping-for-ransom gang Three suspected members of a kidnapping gang were arrested in two Southern provinces and one in the Northeast in an operation performed by the Crime Suppression Division (CSD)'s special weapons and tactics unit on Sunday.
Bangkok Post 10m criminal records removed The Royal Thai Police (RTP) is in the process of cleaning up its criminal records, with about 10 million innocent people set to be removed from its database.
Bangkok Post Inquiry into allegation judges demanded B175m bribe A fact-finding committee has been set up to investigate an allegation by a core member of the former People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) that two senior judges of the Court of Appeal demanded 175 million baht to clear him of all charges over the street rallies against the government of Yingluck Shinawatra in 2013-2014, the Office of the Judiciary announced.
The Nation AI camera catches woman trying to cheat motorway auto toll system A woman thought she could fool automatic toll gates, but the Highway Police's smart camera system tracked her down and she was caught for cheating the system.
The Thaiger Thai police accused of demanding 500,000 baht from Kazakhstan suspect A Thai lawyer and Kazakhstan thief accused officers from the Immigration Bureau of demanding bribes of 500,000 baht.
Khaosod reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account: On Saturday July 1st, 5 highest-ranking officials at Pathum Wan Police Station were removed from their positions after officials from the Department of Provincial Administration raided a secret pub on the 2nd floor of Yaso Larb Duck Restaurant in Bangkok. Police ignore an unlawful business & let other agencies handle the arrest instead. Thais & foreign tourists, including youth, had personal data recorded. Store owner, manager & 8 foreign workers face charges of operating a brothel, selling alcohol without a license.
Asean Now Drunken Police Officer Shoots Wife Dead After Argument in Chanthaburi In a shocking incident, an inebriated police officer named Wuttichai Thongmak shot and killed his wife, Amphaiphann Khongkrachang, following a domestic dispute in their home in Bang Ka Ja, Mueang District, Chanthaburi Province. Authorities found Amphaiphann, an immigration officer in Rayong Province, lying lifeless in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to her forehead.
Bangkok Post Police arrest serial rapist in Chon Buri Police have arrested a serial rapist with an extensive criminal record in Chon Buri.
Khaosod 'Jack Ma of Thailand' Is Sentenced to Over 1,000 Years for Fraud Prasit Jeawkok, a billionaire businessman who called himself the 'Jack Ma of Thailand,' was sentenced to prison by the court for fraud.
Bangkok Post 20 Arrested in a Raid on Car Smuggling Rings Twenty people were arrested in cities across the country on Wednesday for running a major car trafficking operation.
Bangkok Post Uzbek man held in connection with Pattaya sex trade Suspect lured compatriots with promises of restaurant jobs but then forced them into prostitution.
Khoasod Police Raid Gay Sauna In Search Of Illegal Prostitution After learning that the Phoenix Fitness and Sauna Service Centre, Bangkok, was a location of illegal prostitution
Prostitution in Bangkok (Thailand). How is it possible?
Asean Now Fugitive British National Arrested in Thailand over £7m Fraud Case Under the command of regional and provincial police chiefs, investigations were carried out to apprehend foreigners staying beyond their visa limit or illegally residing in the Kingdom. This was particularly focused on popular tourist spots like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao as part of the mission to "clean the house."
German businessman from Pattaya missing
Khaosod Reward 3 Million Baht to Find A Missing German Businessman A police official at Nong Prue Police Station in Chonburi Province, said on July 8 that the family of Mr. Hans Peter Ralter Mack, a 62-year-old German businessman, came to report on July 5 that he had gone missing and sought the police for help in finding him.
Khaosod The Fate Of Missing German Businessman Is Concerned The inquiry into the disappearance of Mr. Hans Peter Ralter Mack, a German real estate businessman, 62, since July 4 is still ongoing, but it has revealed that his fate is not looking good.
The Nation Two foreigners questioned over disappearance of German businessman Two foreigners were summoned by police on Sunday night to help with enquiries into the disappearance of a German businessman.
The Thaiger Mystery at bay: Foreign trio grilled by police in German businessman's vanishing act Officers from Nong Prue Police Station questioned two foreign men and a woman in connection with the disappearance of German businessman Hans Peter Mack. The investigation was prompted by the discovery of a suspicious financial transaction.
Bangkok Post Extortion suspected in German's disappearance Police suspect extortion was the motive in the disappearance of a wealthy German businessman in Pattaya last week.
Matichon Online reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account: The body of the missing German businessman was found in a one-storey townhouse in Banglamung district. The body was hidden in a freezer.
Bangkok Post Missing German broker found dead Police found the body of a missing German property broker hidden in a freezer at a house in tambon Nong Prue of Bang Lamung district on Monday night.
The Pattaya News One of three main suspects in the murder and dismemberment of a German businessman in Pattaya, Hans Peter Mack, surrendered to Thai police this afternoon, accompanied by her lawyer. A German woman who Thai police issued an arrest warrant for under suspicion of being involved in the murder of German businessman Hans Peter Mack, 62, in Pattaya, Thailand has surrendered to Thai police.
The Pattaya News Thai Police Find Disabled German Woman Connected with Suspects who Allegedly Murdered Hans Peter Mack in Pattaya Immigration and tourist police in Pattaya tracked down and found a disabled German woman who was a tenant at the home where the dismembered body of German businessman Hans Peter Mack, 62, was discovered early this morning.
Bangkok Post Main Suspect in Murder of Hans Peter Mack Arrested in Pattaya by Thai Police A team of police led by Surachate Hakparn, better known by his popular nickname of Big Joke, Thailand's most well-known cop, arrested Mr. Oraf Thorsten Brinkmann, German, this evening, July 11th, 2023. Oraf, sometimes called Olaf, had been the main suspect wanted in the murder of Hans Peter Mack, a 62-year-old German businessman and is accused of being the ringleader of the operation.
The Nation Three arrested for murder of German businessman Police have requested arrest warrants for three suspects for their alleged involvement in the murder of a 62-year-old German businessman on Tuesday.
Khaosod Police Arrest Gang Members As Suspects In A German Murder The investigative police detained Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann, a 52-year-old German, on Tuesday evening in Bangna, Bangkok, as he was a suspect in the kidnapping and murder of a German businessman, Hans Peter Ralter Mack, in Chonburi Province.
The Pattaya News Pakistani – Thai Suspect in Murder of Hans Peter Mack Arrested in Kanchanaburi A Pakistani – Thai man who was the last remaining free prime suspect in the gruesome murder of German real estate broker Hans Peter Mack was arrested in Kanchanaburi.
Bangkok Post All four suspects in Pattaya slaying in custody Three Germans deny killing and dismembering wealthy Pattaya property broker.
The Pattaya News Family of Thai-Pakistani Suspect in Murder of Hans Peter Mack Says He Was Threatened and Forced to Help Dispose of Body The family of a Thai-Pakistani suspect in the murder of German Businessman Hans Peter Mack, 62, in Pattaya, says that they have spoken to their son and they believe his statements that he was forced and threatened by alleged ringleader Olaf Brinkmann, 52, from Germany, to help in the disposal of the body of Mack.
Khaosod Saw and Phone Found in German Businessman Murder Case Police are looking for more evidence after arresting at least three suspects in the July 4 kidnapping and murder of German businessman Hans Peter Ralter Mack in Chonburi province: German Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann, 52; German Petra Christl Grundgreif, 47; and Pakistani Sahruk Kareem Uddin, 27, who has Thai citizenship.
Bangkok Post Police seize speedboat of Pattaya murder suspect Police have seized a speedboat belonging to a prime suspect in the murder of a German property broker, as they believe he might have intended to use it to dump the victim's dismembered body at sea.
The Pattaya News Lawyer's Assistant to Prime Murder Suspect Claims Hans Peter Mack May Have Had Heart Attack and Suspect's Panicked A lawyer's assistant has told the Associated Thai media that the death of German businessman, Hans Peter Mack, 62, might be an accident and not an intentional murder.
The Pattaya News Pattaya Police Arrest Several Outlaws Motorcycle Gang Members, Including the Alleged Leader, in Pattaya after Murder of Hans Peter Mack The Pattaya police arrested the leader of the so-called “Outlaws” gang, along with several other foreign members in connection with the alleged murderer of Hans Peter Mack.
Bangkok Post Navy to sack officer accused of ammo thefts The navy has decided to sack an officer for prolonged absence from work amid allegations that he had stolen large quantities of ammunition from a naval base in Chon Buri.
The Nation Over-zealous policing at airport lands 9 officers in hot water Nine immigration police officers have been transferred to inactive posts at the Royal Thai Police headquarters after their actions allegedly caused congestion in the passenger arrivals terminal of Suvarnabhumi Airport on the night of Tuesday (July 18).
Bangkok Post Immigration police transferred after Jackson Wang escort Nine immigration police have been transferred to inactive posts following their appearance in viral video clips where they were seen escorting Chinese superstar Jackson Wang at Suvarnabhumi airport. The incident led to extended waiting times for other passengers at the immigration counters.
Khaosod Police Facilitating Jackson Wang Wait For Investigation Nine police officers who were transferred from the Immigration Division Suvarnabhumi on July 19 in response to allegations that they facilitated Jackson Wang, a Hong Kong K-Pop star’s entry, leaving other foreign tourists in long queues, are awaiting the investigation.
Khaosod CIB Raids An Illegal Beauty Clinic for Foreign Clients in Bangkok The Consumer Protection Division of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) announced the results of the search at "C Coco Beauty Clinic"
Bangkok Post Pattaya police probe suspected love-triangle killing Pattaya police have arrested a former football referee who allegedly stabbed a local guesthouse owner to death and then attempted suicide on Saturday.
Bangkok Post Senior police in hot water after raid on illegal pubs Ratchaburi Provincial Police have launched a probe into five senior officers at Ban Pong police station following a raid on two unlicensed pubs where 77 customers tested positive for drugs early on Saturday.
Asean Now RTP Charges Chakthip, Sompong, and Associates in 2.1B Baht Biometric Case The Royal Thai Police Commission's major committee has decided to file formal charges against Pol. Lt. Gen. Chakthip Chaichinda, former National Police Chief, and three others: Pol. Lt. Col. Tinnapat Phumarin, former Head of Logistics Support Bureau; Pol. Lt. Col. Sompong Chingdang, former Immigration Bureau Commissioner; and Pol. Lt. Gen. Surapong Chaijan, former Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 7.
Bangkok Post Ex-police chief Chakthip accused of graft in biometrics procurement The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) plans to file charges against former national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda and three other high-level officers in connection with the 2.1-billion-baht purchase of biometrics equipment for the Immigration Police Bureau (IPB) in 2019, a police source said.
Prachatai MFP MP discloses additional evidence in Saksayam's alleged asset concealment case A Move Forward Party (MFP) MP has revealed additional evidence of alleged asset concealment by Saksayam Chidchob, the suspended Transport Minister, and prepares to file a complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).
Khaosod reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account: The National Anti-Corruption Commission on Tues concludes there's enough ground to believe that former Culture Minister Ittiphol Khunpluem was involved in corruption related to Pattaya Water Front project when he was Pattaya mayor. It will refer the case to the Criminal Court.
The Pattaya News Anti-Corruption Organization Finds Possible Guilt Against Former Pattaya Mayor in Waterfront Suites & Residences Condo Scandal The National Anti-Corruption Commission on Tues concludes there's enough ground to believe that former Culture Minister Ittiphol Khunpluem was involved in corruption related to Pattaya Water Front project when he was Pattaya mayor. It will refer the case to the Criminal Court.
Bangkok Post Ex-mayor jailed for 9 years Prai Pattano has been sentenced to nine years of imprisonment without a suspended jail term by the Supreme Court for abuse of power while working as mayor of Hat Yai municipality in Songkhla in 2005.
Bangkok Post Saksayam 'misled' over assets The Move Forward Party (MFP) on Tuesday provided new evidence which it claims substantiates allegations that Transport Minister and Bhumjaithai Party secretary-general Saksayam Chidchob concealed assets belonging to his family's company.
Bangkok Post Deputy PM returns B400m from Chinese gang to Beijing The government has returned about 400 million baht seized from a Chinese online scam gang to the Chinese government, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said on Tuesday.
Bangkok Post NACC red flags local student lunches Food billed as being substandard for kids.
Bangkok Post NBTC hints at withdrawal of AIS lawsuit Some commissioners on the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) have sent signals to Advanced Info Service (AIS) to withdraw its lawsuit against the NBTC board's resolution last year acknowledging the merger of True Corporation and Total Access Communication (DTAC), says an NBTC source who requested anonymity.
Bangkok Post Rethink after shady street lamp buys A fresh effort is under way to ensure accountability and transparency in any new local administrative organisation procurement projects and installation of so-called sculptural street lights.
Khaosod Thai Customs Appoints Investigation Committee After Counterfeit Watch Scandal The Customs Department issued a statement saying that the internal investigation will reach a conclusion within 15 days after the agency opened a watch auction offering at least 4 counterfeit watches of luxury brands such as Rolex, Richard Mille and Patek Phillips with a total value of 9.1 million baht.
Bangkok Post National park chief probed after discovery of encroaching resorts The head of Khao Kho National Park has been ordered to be transferred to an inactive post, and an inquiry has been launched after several resorts were found encroaching on a forest reserve in Phetchabun province.
The Nation Kuwaiti gang in Pattaya faces police prosecution Pattaya police confiscated 15 motorcycles from a Kuwaiti gang for disturbing traffic on Yen Sabai Road in Chonburi's Bang Lamung district in the early hours of Monday morning.
Bangkok Post Axed cop wanted 'sex for leniency' A police lieutenant colonel was yesterday dismissed from the force for allegedly demanding 100,000 baht and sex from a woman motorist in exchange for dropping a charge of trespassing after her car broke down one night in Saraburi province.
Bangkok Post Senior cop dismissed, woman recounts harrowing experience A police lieutenant colonel has been dismissed from the force after allegedly demanding 100,000 baht and sex from a woman motorist in exchange for dropping a charge of trespassing, after her car broke down one night in Saraburi province.
Bangkok Post Man seen holding tourists at gunpoint in Pattaya Police are hunting a man seen on video threatening a group of foreign tourists with a gun at a viewpoint on a local hill.
Bangkok Post Woman accused of heading romance scam gang Police have arrested a 33-year-old woman who is the alleged head of a romance scam gang who used photos of a well-endowed woman to gull men into buying new cars on time payment, and then stole them.
Asean Now Officials may be involved in illegally changing vehicle registration information Thailand's Land Transport Department (LTD) has insisted that its officials, who have access to the car registration database,were not involved in the altering of information to apply for new licenses for illegal cars, but a Thai PBS investigative team has discovered that one of the two suspected hackers is very close to one of the officials and can use the official's computer in his office.
Bangkok Post 16-year-old girl busted for pimping minors Police arrested a 16-year-old girl on Tuesday in Kamphaeng Phet province for human trafficking and luring minors to be prostitutes.
Khaosod Fake Luxury Watch Auction Case: Customs Files a Civil Lawsuit "This was the first such mistake in the history of the Customs Department," Pachara Anantasilp, the Director General of Customs, announced on August 10 the closure of the case involving the auctioning of counterfeit luxury watches by Customs.
Bangkok Post Officers transferred after gambling raid Five senior police officers from Chang Phueak police station have been transferred to inactive posts for allowing a gambling den to operate under their watch.
Bangkok Post Former insurance agent 'sold fake policies worth B22m' A former insurance salesman who continued to sell fake policies has been arrested in connection with damages totalling over 22 million baht, say police.
Bangkok Post New scam targets uni students Police have warned about a new scam where call centre gangs trick students into sending fake abduction video clips of themselves, which are then used to get money from their parents.
Bangkok Post Phone-scam warnings stepped up The government has warned people about the increasing number of call centre scam gangs claiming to be state agencies.
Khaosod Cyber Police Arrest Parcel Delivery Scammers Worth 20 Million Baht On August 12, the Cyber Police, led by Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau commissioner Pol Lt Gen Worawat Watnakornbancha, reported the arrest of a gang of scammers at the CCIB Headquarters for mailing cash-on-delivery parcels valued more than 20 million baht.
Bangkok Post Charges sought in 36 cyanide misuse cases The Department of Industrial Works has asked police to take legal action against 36 people including the accused serial killer whose crimes triggered a closer look at the use and misuse of cyanide.
Thai Examiner Biggest Sex for Sale site shut by police unit in early morning raid targeting foreigners Police arrest American Thai couple in Hua Hin after they suppressed what they believed to be Thailand’s leading prostitution website.
Bangkok Post Nigerian, 13 Thais arrested over romance scam A Nigerian man and 13 Thais, who were members of a romance scam gang responsible for siphoning about 800 million baht out of Thailand over a span of three years, have been arrested following police operations conducted across seven provinces.
Thai PBS World Police seize luxury houses and expensive cars from Chinese romance scam gang Twelve luxury houses in Bangkok’s Krungthep Kreetha area, worth a combined Bt600 million, along with several expensive cars, were impounded during raids at 30 targeted locations in Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Udon Thani provinces on August 30.
The Nation Police raid 30 sites in Bangkok, provinces to seize assets of Chinese cryptocurrency scammers More than 200 police officers and officials from the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) and the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) swooped in on some 30 sites in Bangkok and two provinces.
Thai PBS World Call centre gang suspect apprehended at Aranyaprathet A Thai woman, wanted by police in Samut Prakan province as a suspected member of a Cambodia-based call centre gang, was arrested at the Thai immigration checkpoint in Aranyaprathet district of Sa Kaeo province on Tuesday night.
Bangkok Post 'Big Joke' hunts Poipet gang Deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn will go to Cambodia today to work with Cambodian police to track down a Chinese-led scam gang based in Poipet who have been linked to a family tragedy in Samut Prakan.
Bangkok Post Vietnamese caught running gambling website in Pattaya Thirteen Vietnamese nationals were arrested while runing an online gambling operation from three hotel rooms in Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday.
Khaosod Chinese Couple Arrested in Thailand for Massive Scam Police on Tuesday said they arrested a Chinese couple wanted in their home country for allegedly running a large-scale fraud scheme that caused more than 1.5 billion baht in damage.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account: Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, the leader of the Help Crime Victims Assistance Club, has filed a police complaint against the Director of the Customs Department and 12 other officials under his command for alleged malfeasance..
Atchariya said he possesses evidence demonstrating that certain smuggled meats discovered at a cold storage facility in Samut Sakhon last October bore official department stamps. However, rather than being accurately declared as meats, they were falsely labeled as plastic beads. The contraband items encompass 100 tonnes of frozen pork valued at approximately 21 million baht, as well as 35 tonnes of frozen chicken legs valued at an additional 700,000 baht..
According to Atchariya, this evidence potentially signifies the existence of an illicit network engaged in meat smuggling aimed at evading taxes, which involves complicit officials from the department. He contends that the Director should face charges of malfeasance due to his alleged allowance of this operation to persist..
Atchariya has also urged the police's anti-corruption division to conduct a thorough investigation into officials directly implicated in these activities and to prosecute all individuals involved in this operation.
Bangkok Post Police bust Chinese scam gang in Pattaya Thai maid held for questioning said Chinese tenants were reportedly earning B48,000 a month each.
Thai PBS World TAO vice chair and one other arrested with 216,000 meth pills in Kalasin The vice chairman of a Tambon (sub-district) Administrative Organisation (TAO) was apprehended, with another man, at a petrol station in the Somdet district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Kalasin on Sunday, after police found 216,000 methamphetamine tablets in their car.
Thai PBS World Three treasure hunters nabbed with over 1,000 antiques Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers have arrested three treasure hunters and seized over 1,000 antique items, some of which are thought to be over 1,600 years old.
Bangkok Post Teen arrested after French father beaten to death A 19-year-old man was arrested after his French father was found beaten to death with a hammer at their home in Phra Khanong area of Bangkok.
Bangkok Post Immigration cops arrest scammers trafficked by Chinese gangs The Immigration Bureau (IB) has arrested at least 20 Chinese nationals smuggled into the country from Cambodia over the last few month while en route to Myanmar to work for call-centre gangs.
Khaosod A Turkish Fitness Trainer Flirts With Wealthy Thai Women To Defraud Mr. Onur GunGor, 43, a Turkish citizen, was arrested for fraud by police from the Economic Crime Suppression Division on September 4 at the Q Nuvo Residence Hotel, Soi Phibun Upatham, Ladprao Road, Samsen Nok Subdistrict, Huai Khwang District, Bangkok, on an arrest warrant issued by Phra Khanong Provincial Court on March 23, 2015.
Bangkok Post Informant 'stuck in the middle' of cops' bribery spat with gang A police informant has sought help from an emergency response Facebook page after claiming he was threatened by police officers and a drug gang he has exposed in Bangkok.
Arrest warrant for former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 5th, 2023:
According to news reports, the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Region 2 has issued an arrest warrant for former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem.
The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has accused him of granting an improper construction permit to Bali Hai for the construction of a high-rise condominium complex called Waterfront Suites & Residences back in 2008 when he was serving as the mayor of Pattaya.
Itthiphol was summoned by the prosecutor to acknowledge his charges on September 4, but he failed to appear. Consequently, the NACC requested an arrest warrant from the court, which was granted on September 5.
If found guilty of violating Section 157 of the Criminal Code, he could face imprisonment ranging from 1 to 10 years, and the statute of limitations for this case is 15 years, meaning it will expire on September 10.
Itthiphol Khunpluem reportedly left the country on August 30th, 2023, on Cambodia Airways flight KR0702 and was headed to Phnom Penh. He left the country on the same day that the Attorney General ordered his prosecution. Like father, like son.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 6th, 2023:
Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem could escape arrest if his case expires before apprehension, according to Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, the Secretary-General of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), which filed the case against Itthiphol.
An arrest warrant was issued for him on September 5 for failing to appear in court to acknowledge his charges. The NACC accuses him of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 when he was Pattaya's mayor.
Niwatchai told Isranews that if Itthiphol isn't arrested by the case's September 10 expiration, authorities can't take further action, even with an existing arrest warrant.
If found guilty of violating Section 157 of the Criminal Code, Itthiphol could face 1 to 10 years in prison. The case has a 15-year statute of limitations. The NACC filed the case on August 3, but Itthiphol didn't appear when summoned by the Office of the Attorney General.
Isranews reported he left the country on August 30, flying to Phnom Penh.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 7th, 2023:
The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has requested the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to seek a new arrest warrant for Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem.
Before issuing the initial warrant, the OAG had recommended that the NACC petition the court for an arrest warrant with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled. However, the initial warrant does not include the provision.
Consequently, the OAG has now asked the NACC to approach the court for a new warrant that includes the aforementioned provision. This is urgent because the statute of limitations on the case is set to expire on September 10. Itthiphol failed to appear for his court date on September 4, and the latest reports indicate that he left the country on August 30.
It took the NACC nearly 15 years to accuse Itthiphol of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 during his tenure as Pattaya's mayor. The NACC only forwarded the case to the OAG on August 3.
For many, it seems that Itthiphol Khunpluem as culture minister under dictator Prayut Chan-o-cha and as a member of his party was untouchable and may still enjoy some protection today.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 7th, 2023:
A new arrest warrant, with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled, has been issued for Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem, who left the country on August 30 and did not appear for his court date on September 4.
Before issuing the initial warrant, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) had recommended that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) petition the court for an arrest warrant with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled. However, the initial warrant does not include this provision, which led to the issuance of the new arrest warrant.
It took the NACC 14 years and 10 months to accuse Itthiphol of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 during his tenure as Pattaya's mayor. The NACC has yet to provide an explanation for the lengthy delay.
The NACC only forwarded the case to the OAG on August 3 of this year. The statute of limitations on the case is set to expire on September 10.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 12th, 2023:
Senator Tawin Pleansri warned the new government that if they continue to allow blatant inequality in the so-called incarceration of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, it could lead to more conflict in the future.
"Do not keep trampling on the feelings of the entire country until they can no longer accept it because it could lead to a major problem," he said.
He said the government's promise to uphold the rule of law would mean nothing if they still permit wealthy and influential individuals to undermine the justice system, such as the delays in the prosecution against former culture minister Itthiphol Khunpluem, the special privileges granted to inmate Thaksin, and the Red Bull heir case.
He urged the government not to use the excuse that they are only following regulations because people can see through such claims.
Wikipedia: Itthiphol Khunpluem
Thai PBS World: Arrest warrant issued for former culture minister
The Nation: Arrest warrant issued for former Pattaya mayor Ittipol Khunpluem
The Pattaya News: Former Pattaya Mayor Faces Arrest Warrant Regarding Waterfront Condo as Case Nears Expiration in Four Days
PS The Pattaya News report also provides some background information on the controversial Waterfront project
The Pattaya News: UPDATE: Wanted Former Pattaya Mayor Reportedly Flees Thailand to Evade Arrest in Waterfront Condo Case
Bangkok Post: Arrest warrant for missing former culture minister and Pattaya mayor
The Nation: Prosecutors race against time to keep Ittipol's corruption case alive
Bangkok Post: New arrest warrant suggested for ex-minister
The Pattaya News: Staff Member of Former Pattaya Mayor Surrenders Himself for Alleged Involvement in Waterfront Condo Controversy.
September 17th, 2023: Smoke and Mirrors clarifies on their Twitter account:
As is becoming the norm in liberal reporting on issues related to the incoming administration of PT, only one Kunpluem politician is mentioned.
Probably because he is the only one of the clan associated with Prayut.
The rest of Kamnan Poh's political progeny are Pheu Thai now.
September 22nd, 2023: Bangkok Post: Former culture minister and Pattaya mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, facing an arrest warrant for malfeasance in connection with the approval of a controversial condominium development in Pattaya in 2008, has reportedly contacted authorities to surrender.
Update: (October 9th, 2023)
Thai Enquirer reports on its Twitter account on October 9th, 2023:
Former Culture Minister Ittipol Khunpluem has been arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Ittipol fled to Cambodia on September 5th after the Office of the Attorney General filed charges against him and nine others for their involvement in issuing an illegal construction permit to Bali Hai. This permit was for the construction of a luxury condominium at the base of Phra Tamnak Mountain in Pattaya during his tenure as the city's mayor in 2008.
Ittipol is now being transferred to the Office of the Attorney General, Division 2, in Rayong.
The Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Region 2 has granted bail to Ittipol with a surety of 120,000 baht, even though he fled the country in an attempt to escape prosecution last month.
Ittipol has denied all wrongdoings, and his next court date is scheduled for October 31st.
Thai PBS World Former culture minister Itthiphol Kunplome freed on bail after indictment on corruption charges Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Kunplome was indicted on corruption charges this afternoon (Monday) in the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, after his return from Cambodia this morning.
The Nation Ex-culture minister back from Cambodia to face charges over Pattaya condo Former culture minister Itthipol Khunpluem returned to Thailand on Monday to face charges stemming from an illegal Pattaya condominium project back in 2008.
Bangkok Post Former Pattaya mayor arrested, released on bail Itthiphol Kunplome, until recently the minister for culture, was arrested on his arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport from Phnom Penh on Monday morning for alleged graft in a controversial condominium project he approved 15 years ago when Pattaya mayor.
Wouldn't it be interesting to know what negotiations Ittipol Khunpluem and/or his family conducted between September 22th (the date Ittipol offered to surrender to the authorities) and October 9th (the date of his return)?
No new investigative findings have been released since Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, who was previously in charge of the investigation, was appointed to lead security and special affairs.
Bangkok Post Meddling judges face probe The Judicial Commission will launch a serious disciplinary probe against Criminal Court judges who interfered with the police's attempt to arrest Senator Upakit Pachariyangkul in connection with a major drug trafficking bust last year.
Bangkok Post 86% of police stations fail transparency test Eighty-six percent of nearly 1,500 police stations nationwide have failed to pass integrity and transparency tests, according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).
TNA BMA's Civil Works Technician Arrested for Alleged Extortion Police apprehend a senior civil works technician at the Lat Krabang District Office, alleging extortion of 50,000 baht for construction permits with CCTV footage as evidence.
The Nation Anti-graft body says 15 people helped Red Bull heir evade justice Fifteen people have been accused of wrongdoing in the 2012 hit-and-run case involving Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya, National Counter-Corruption Commission secretary-general Niwatchai Kasemmongkol said on September 6.
Bangkok Post Drug couriers arrested, border smuggling operation exposed Two alleged drug couriers were arrested after 2 million methamphetamine pills were found in their vehicle when they were stopped in Muang district of this northern province.
Bangkok Post Former House deputy speaker in graft scandal Former House deputy speaker Charoen Jankomol was guilty of graft in connection with the alleged abuse of a parliamentary project about a decade ago, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)ruled on Wednesday.
Thai PBS World Ex-police chief among those allegedly tampered with evidence in Red Bull heir case National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has found 15 individuals, including former national police chief Somyot Poompanmuang and former deputy attorney-general Nate Naksuk, guilty of involvement in changing the speed of the car driven by Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya, to help him avoid speeding charges in the infamous hit-and-run incident in 2012.
Thai PBS World 29 state officials accused of involvement in precious wood trafficking A formal complaint has been lodged with National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) by the director of the National Parks Office,accusing 29 state officials at various agencies of involvement in the trafficking of precious wood out of the country.
The Thai Enquirer Impunity for the rich and powerful undermines Thailand’s democracy Thailand is a country where the harmonious façade is deeply cherished yet the grim reality of unequal justice frequently breaks through. The saga of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, the Red Bull heir accused in a fatal 2012 hit-and-run incident, paints a vivid portrait of an entrenched system that seems to favor the wealthy elite at the expense of everyday citizens. The National Anti-Corruption Commission’s recent accusation of 15 officials for alleged misconduct in dropping charges against Vorayuth adds another layer to an already complex tapestry of injustice and corruption.
Bangkok Post Ex-deputy House speaker faces graft rap Former deputy House speaker Charoen Jankomol committed graft in connection with the alleged abuse of a parliament project, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) ruled yesterday.
Influential kamnan apparently involved in fatal shooting
Bangkok Post Police officer killed in 'promotion talks' An influential kamnan in Nakhon Pathom has surrendered to police after a gunman killed a highway police officer and injured another following an argument over a promotion at the kamnan’s home late Wednesday night.
The Nation Murder suspect killed in shoot out The suspect in a shooting at a party in Nakhon Pathom province on September 6 that killed one highway police officer and injured another was shot dead by police in the early hours of Friday (September 8) in Kanchanaburi province.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 8th, 2023:
Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul instructed all governors under the ministry's jurisdiction to create a "blacklist" containing the names of mafia figures in their province. The purpose is to ensure that none of these figures can hold positions in local administration.
This instruction followed an incident involving a subdistrict headman, Praween Chankhlai, who was involved in the fatal shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, the chief of Highway Police Station 1 under Highway Police Sub-division 2. This event occurred following an argument over a promotion at the subdistrict headman's home.
The shooter, Thananchai Manmak, who worked for Praween, shot Pol Maj Sivakorn after the officer refused to switch Praween's policeman nephew from a patrol car assignment to a motorcycle patrol squad. Praween turned himself in to the police yesterday, while Thananchai was shot and killed by the police during a shoot-out this morning.
Anutin emphasized that mafia figures should not hold positions of power, as senior state officials must set good examples for the public to follow. However, it is worth noting that one of his deputy ministers, Chada Thaiseth, is widely known as a mafia figure in Uthai Thani, referred to as "the Godfather of the Sakae Krang River," before entering politics.
Deputy Interior Minister Chada has been assigned the responsibility of compiling a list of influential and mafia figures in each province across the country.
It is significant that the otherwise successful 57-year-old businessman, "inventor" of Thailand's de facto legalization of marijuana, and leader of the Bhumjaithai Party uses his private planes to help medical teams transport organs around the country and, on the other hand, has a deputy minister at his side who is known as a mafioso in Uthai Thani and assign this man to compile a list of mafia bosses.
Khaosod Thai Policeman and Gunman Shot Dead: Local Influence Is Apparent The most significant criminal case this week in Thailand involves the shooting of a police officer during a dinner party in front of 25 other officers before the gunman fled and was later killed extrajudicially. The local authority suspected of involvement is closely watched by the public to see if he escapes prosecution.
Even Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin questioned the "extrajudicial killing" of a suspected police killer by the police, as the party in question was almost exclusively attended by police officers who apparently tried to remove the bloodstains and even the CCTV camera(s) footage afterwards.
Prachatai Interior Minister orders governors to compile lists of 'influential individuals' Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul orders governors to compile lists of ‘influential individuals’ in response to a highway police officer's Murder
Bangkok Post Blacklist all 'mafia-like' kamnans, says Anutin Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Friday he has assigned his deputy, Chada Thaiset, and all provincial governors to gather information on and blacklist local leaders found to be involved in mafia-style gangs.
Thai PBS World Police officers at Kamnan Nok's house moved to "inactive posts" during murder investigation A group of 25 police officers, who attended a dinner at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", on Wednesday night when a highway police officer was shot dead and another injured by a gunman at the same venue, have been transferred to inactive posts at the operations centre of the Royal Thai Police.
MFP leader Pita Limjaroenrat said Saturday (September 9th, 2023) people who have problems with local influential figures & mafias may lodge a complaint with his party. The move came after Interior Minister Anutin Charnveerakul ordered a crackdown following the killing of a police officer. Apparently even the MFP boss does not believe that a mafia figure known among the population of Uthai Thani as the “Godfather of the Sakae Krang River” will create a meaningful blacklist of "all mafia-like" Kamnans.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 9th, 2023:
Arrest warrants are being issued against four police officers after the investigation into the fatal shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua at the subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai's house revealed that the gun used to shoot the officer was a police-issued weapon.
The ongoing investigation also includes negligence charges against 25 officers who attended Praween's monthly house party. Praween denies ordering his staff, Thananchai Manmak, to shoot Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua. Thananchai was killed by police during his arrest.
In the negligence case, the 25 officers are investigated for failing to prevent the shooter's escape and failing to prevent Praween's staff from concealing the murder weapon, erasing CCTV footage, and cleaning up blood stains. The police have not commented on claims that officers helped destroy CCTV footage and aid the shooter's escape, citing the ongoing investigation into them.
Anti-Corruption Division Commander Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew commented that the officers may have been in shock and focused on attending to injured officers, leading to their failure to stop the shooter from fleeing and the destruction of evidence.
He mentioned that the officers had a right to be at the party, but their presence needs examination. So far, Jaroonkiat said there is no evidence to suggest that Praween has been bringing these officers, even though some were highway police officers who frequently visited Praween's house for parties. Praween's construction companies also generated billions of baht in revenue over the past five years, despite his young age of 35.
Thai PBS World Arrest warrants issued for six police in connection with police shooting probe The Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court has issued warrants for the arrests of six police officers in connection with the killing of a highway police officer at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka “Kamnan Nok” in Mueang district of Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday night.
Bangkok Post Corrections Dept official sacked following Nakhon Pathom shooting The Corrections Department has dismissed from government service an official who is alleged to have been involved in the shooting that killed a highway police officer and injuring another at the house of an influential kamnan (tambon chief) in Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday night.
Bangkok Post 'Clear evidence' kamnan ordered deadly shooting of highway officer: police Police say they have clear evidence that shows Praween Chankhlai, 35, a former kamnan or subdistrict head of tambon Thakong in Nakhon Pathom's Muang district, ordered the shooting of a senior senior highway police officer at a dinner party at his house on Wednesday night.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 10th, 2023:
Two construction companies owned by subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai, currently charged with orchestrating the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua, received 1,311 state contracts worth over 6 billion baht in the past decade.
P. Raweekanok Construction secured 523 projects valued at 1.3 billion baht from 2014 to 2023. P. Phatanarungrod Construction received 788 projects worth 4.8 billion baht, primarily in Nakhon Pathom, followed by Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, and Ratchaburi.
As of now, the police have pressed charges against six out of 25 officers who were present at the party where Pol Maj Sivakorn was killed. They are accused of aiding the shooter, Thananchai Manmak, who is Praween's right-hand man, in escaping, and assisting Praween's staff in destroying evidence, including the murder weapon, CCTV records, and blood spatters. Among the six arrested officers, the highest-ranking is Pol Major Gen Kiattisak Somsuk, an inspector from Samut Sakhon.
However, Thananchai was killed during a police shootout, and the murder weapon, a police-issued firearm, was recovered. The CCTV server was retrieved, with data recovery efforts ongoing.
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn says there is enough evidence showing Praween ordered the shooting. He also said one of the six apprehended officers had briefly detained the shooter but then released him, and some of them escorted Praween out of the area. Furthermore, it was revealed that an officer had purchased the murder weapon and provided it to Praween prior to the shooting.
Pol Gen Surachate also said that the police still maintain the belief that the primary motive for the shooting was Pol Maj Sivakorn's refusal to fulfill Praween's request to transfer his nephew from a car patrol unit to a motorbike patrol unit, which involves lighter duties.
Regarding speculation that the motive may be connected to the truck sticker scandal, as Pol Maj Sivakorn had been cracking down on overweight trucks, and Praween owns hundreds of construction trucks, Pol Gen Surachate said the police are already investigating this possibility.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 11th, 2023:
Police Major General Chakkrit Khruesunthornwanich, the Provincial Police Commander of Nakhon Pathom, and Police Colonel Phuphon Thapcharoen, the Superintendent of Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Station, have been transferred to inactive duty pending an investigation into the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua.
Pol Maj Gen Chakkrit and Pol Col Phuphon were at the birthday party of subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai where the shooting took place.
The six officers who were charged with assisting the now-deceased shooter in escaping the crime scene and helping Praween's staff destroy evidence have been fired from the police force, and they have been denied bail.
The six officers include:
- Pol Maj Kiatisak Somsuk, 52, investigative inspector of Krathum Baen district in Samut Sakhon province
- Pol Lt Narongsak Taeng-ampai, 58, a highway police officer
- Pol Lt Nimit Salidkul, 57, deputy inspector for traffic affairs in Mueang district of Nakhon Pathom
- Pol Cpt Natthaphol Narkkorn, 59, a highway police officer
- Pol Lt Prasarn Rodphol, 58, a highway police officer
- Pol Sub-Lt Sansert Srisawat, 55, a highway police officer
Five members of Praween's staff have also been charged with the destruction of evidence after the police managed to recover the recording from the CCTV servers that had been dumped into canals following the shooting.
Praween continued to deny that he had ordered his right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak, to shoot Pol Maj Sivakorn. Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn stated over the weekend that he is convinced there is enough evidence to show that Praween ordered the shooting, especially now that the CCTV footage has been recovered.
Bangkok Post Officer suspect in Kamnan Nok shooting case kills self One of the 25 police officers, who were at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok" in Nakhon Pathom province last Wednesday night and who are under investigation following the murder of a fellow officer there, committed suicide this afternoon (Monday) at his residence in Pathum Thani province.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 11th, 2023:
The commander of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua's unit has reportedly shot and killed himself.
Pol Col Wachira Yaothaisong, the commander of Highway Police Sub-division 2, was found dead at his house in Pathum Thani. Pol Maj Sivakorn was the chief of Highway Police Station 1 under Highway Police Sub-division 2.
Pol Col Wachira was reportedly the person who invited Pol Maj Sivakorn to subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai's birthday party, where he was shot and killed by Praween's right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak.
Pol Col Wachira was also one of the 25 officers who attended the party, and he is being investigated for negligence. He is accused of failing to arrest the shooter and allowing Praween's staff to destroy evidence.
TNA Sub-district Chief Can't Escape Justice: Deputy Police Chief A local administrator or Kamnan Nok, allegedly ordering a gunman to shoot a highway police officer will not escape justice as the evidence is being securely held, said Pol. Gen. Surachate Kahkparn, deputy national police chief.
Bangkok Post Deeper probe into police murder suspect's business Nearly 30 police officers were present when a highway police officer was shot dead last week during a dinner party at the house of an influential figure in Nakhon Pathom, whose business dealings are being thoroughly investigated, according to senior police.
Thai PBS World DSI probes Kamnan Nok’s construction business The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has launched an investigation into the construction business of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", to determine whether it was involved in price collusion when bidding for road construction projects or had attempted to intimidate other bidders.
Khaosod English reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
Police on Tues raided the house of a suspect influential figure in Nakhon Prathom province following the killing of a cop by a gunman who works for another influential person. The man, a sub-district chief known as Kamnan Taeng, denies any wrongdoing & is currently in Cambodia. An attentive reader asks: How about the notorious Sasomap family in Nakhon Pathom? Will they be blacklisted or they fall under acceptable mafia families like Chada, Chidchobs, Khunplumes?
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
Two out of the 20 large state projects that were awarded to two construction companies owned by subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai could have been illegally awarded.
Praween has been charged with orchestrating the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua. The Department of Special Investigation is currently investigating 1,544 state projects worth 7.6 billion baht that were granted to Praween's construction companies, including P. Raweekanok Construction (621 projects) and P. Phatanarungrod Construction (923 projects).
Among the 20 large projects, two are suspected of involving collusion and bribery activities between state officials and the companies to avoid fair price competition. These two projects include the construction of Highway 375 in Don Tum District, Nakhon Pathom, worth 300 million baht, and another project connecting Highway 375 and Highway 346 worth 350 million baht.
The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is currently taking up these two cases for investigation and is calling upon related parties, including authorities, to clarify the DSI's initial findings of suspected illegal activities in the bidding process for these two projects.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
CCTV footage with voice recordings from 13 out of 15 cameras, which showed the shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, has been recovered, Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said.
The footage from the 2 remaining cameras, which were closest to the shooting, will be recovered by tomorrow, according to Pol Gen Surachate. He personally inspected the initially recovered footage firsthand.
The recovered footage so far clearly showed that subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai ordered the shooting, so the police are not concerned about the masterminding of the murder charge against him, Pol Gen Surachate said. The killer was also confirmed to be Praween's right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak.
Pol Gen Surachate said an additional charge of false statements will be made against most of the 17 officers who were at Praween's birthday party when the shooting happened. This is in addition to the negligence charge since the CCTV footage showed that most of them had lied in their initial statements. Furthermore, the majority of them were armed when they claimed they were not.
The two main groups of offenders, who are police officers, consist of the majority of the officers who immediately left the party and neglected to perform their duties after the shooting. Additionally, there are the 6 officers who helped Praween and the shooter escape the crime scene until the former turned himself in and the latter was killed during a shootout with the police.
Other ongoing investigations include the Truck-Sticker bribery ring that Pol Maj Sivakorn has been cracking down on and corruption in the bidding for state construction projects involving Praween's construction companies. More arrest warrants will be issued, and more assets will be seized, according to Pol Gen Surachate.
The next major update on the investigation will be provided on Tuesday.
Thai PBS World Police at Kamnan Nok's house lied to investigators : Pol Gen Surachate All the police officers who were at the house of murder suspect, Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", when one highway police officer was killed and another was injured, failed to tell the truth about the incident when they gave their statements to investigators.
Thai PBS World The making of Kamman Nok While Thais were being obsessed with something else, Praween Chanklai, aka Kamman Nok, made senior police officers strip almost naked “for fun” at one of his “parties”, fired celebratory shots into the sky, conducted allegedly-questionable business activities, listened proudly to “Happy Birthday to you” sung respectfully by senior bureaucrats and built up a suspected bribery payroll.
Thai PBS World CIB takes over Kamnan Nok investigation The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej says he is confident that police now have sufficient evidence to charge Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", with committing capital offences for killing of a highway police officer and the wounding of another.
The Nation 14 policemen face charges for failing to help protect comrades in dinner party tragedy Fourteen police officers face dereliction of duty charges over the killing of a police inspector at a party in Nakhon Pathom on September 6.
Bangkok Post 14 policemen to face charges over dinner party murder Fourteen policemen will be charged with dereliction of duty over the murder of a highway police officer at the house of a former local administrator in Nakhon Pathom province early this month, according to police.
Thai Examiner Kamnan murder case sees probe into possible corruption in Ministry of Interior contract bids The murder of Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua on Wednesday 6th September has unleashed a chain reaction with the spotlight now falling on suspected corruption linked to construction projects awarded to two firms in the province of Nakhon Pathom. One prosecutor told a TV audience this week that the case could be the biggest ever seen in Thailand if the investigation gets to the heart of the matter with figures released by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) on Friday, showing that firms linked with Mr Praween Chankhlai or Kamnan Nok were awarded 1,544 local government projects valued at Baht 7.57 billion in the years from 2011 to 2023.
Bangkok Post Six police held in 'Kamnan Nok' case moved to Bangkok prison >Six police officers dismissed from the force for helping Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai escape arrest following the fatal shooting of a policeman at his house have been moved to the Bangkok Remand Prison.
Bangkok Post 15 police who fled dinner party murder face charges Fifteen police officers who fled when a gunman shot their colleague dead at Kamnan Nok's dinner party in Nakhon Pathom will be charged this week with dereliction of duty, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) commissioner Jirabhop Bhuridej said on Tuesday.
Bangkok Post "Kamnan Nok" indicted in murder of police officer Praween Chankhlai, also known as "Kamnan Nok", has been indicted in connection with the murder of a highway police officer at a party at his house in Nakhon Pathom province on Sept 6.
This is a developing story: We'll give updates on the situation as we learn more.
Bangkok Post Colombians arrested for luxury home break-ins Three Colombian nationals - two men and one woman - have been arrested for a string of burglaries at luxury houses in Samut Prakan and nearby provinces.
Bangkok Post Fugitive Swede nabbed on Samui A 60-year-old Swedish man wanted on drug charges in Bangkok has been arrested on Koh Samui after two years on the run, police said yesterday.
The Pattaya News Alleged Pattaya Real Estate Scammer Arrested in Bangkok A woman of Thai nationality was arrested in Bangkok for allegedly duping people into investing in fraudulent real estate investments with a total financial damage of more than 100 million baht, according to police.
Bangkok Post PM wants police to serve the people, not the powerful Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin wants police to serve the general public instead of influential people, deputy national police chief Surachate Hakparn quoted the former as saying in their meeting on Sunday.
Bangkok Post Four nabbed in Poipet over scammer ties Four more Thai citizens have been arrested in Cambodia over their links to a call centre scam network which drove a man to kill his wife and two children in Samut Prakan last month.
Bangkok Post Cops arrest 5 foreigners over links to B2.7bn scam Four Chinese nationals and a Lao citizen have been arrested over their role in a cryptocurrency fraud that caused over 2.7 billion baht worth of losses, according to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB).
Thai PBS World Ex-Bangkok governor found at fault for contracting BTSC to operate Green line extensions A National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) investigative panel has voted 3:3 in finding MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra and BTS Group Holding chairman Keeree Kanjanapas, guilty of violating the Public-Private Partnership Act (PPP Act) and the Act on Offences Relating to Government Bidding and malfeasance in office regarding the three extensions of the Green Line train or BTS system.
Bangkok Post Three Chinese crypto fraud suspects held Three Chinese nationals have been arrested in connection with cryptocurrency fraud, with many assets including cash and luxury cars seized during police raids on 25 locations in Bangkok.
Bangkok Post Politician among teen prostitution case suspects Police in Saraburi have issued arrest warrants for five suspects, including a politician, for allegedly buying sex services from a minor, a police source said on Wednesday.
The Nation Politician among 5 people suspected of sex with underage prostitute Saraburi police are seeking arrest warrants from the court for five individuals they believe have been customers of a 15-year-old girl forced into prostitution at a resort in Saraburi province.
Khaosod English reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
Saraburi province Police Chief Pol Maj Gen Wichit Boonchinwuthikul said Thursday a former Pheu Thai Party MP candidate for Saraburi province has turned himself in last night to face charge of buying sex from a 15-year-old teenager.
The Nation Interior Ministry working to get rid of abusive local powers: Anutin The Interior Ministry is considering revising its definition of "influential figures" to include local administrators who abuse their power as if they were above the law, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Thursday.
Bangkok Post NACC revives malfeasance rap against ex-mayor The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has accused Rodjana Kantinan, the wife of deputy interior minister and Pheu Thai Party member Kriang Kantinan, of malfeasance over a construction project.
Khaosod NACC Indicates Actual Wrongdoing in Persons Who Aided Thai Red Bull Heir On September 14, 2023, the National Anti-Corruption Commission Thailand (NACC) published a press release about the 11-year-old involving Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya, the fugitive Red Bull heir.
The Pattaya News Thief Who Broke into Car of Wealthy Chinese Businessmen Arrested in Pattaya A thief who smashed the window of a van belonging to two wealthy Chinese businessmen and made off with cash and valuables worth over one million baht was arrested at a Pattaya hotel on Thursday evening, just as he was about to throw a celebration party.
Bangkok Post MFP takes aim at minister for 'Boss' help The Move Forward Party (MFP) called for the prime minister to reconsider the recent appointment of Education Minister Pol Gen Permpoon Chidchob due to allegations he helped Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya, the scion of the family behind the Red Bull empire, escape prosecution.
Education Minister Police General Permpoon Chidchob and Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompao (a convicted drug dealer in Australia) are both members of Interior Minister Anutin "Cannabisman" Charnvirakul's Bhumjaithai Party. Despite abysmal poll results, to the surprise of many, the party 'managed' to come third in the elections on May 14th, 2023.
Bangkok Post Four arrested for offering online child sexual services Four people allegedly involved in offering child sexual services have been arrested separately in Bangkok and Samut Prakan, police said on Saturday.
Khaosod The Real Suspect, Who Caused His Friend To Jail, Is Arrested The man who caused an innocent friend to be misunderstood by the police and sentenced to 80 days was apprehended after 4 months.
TiT [This is Thailand]!
Thai PBS World Over 140 youths found in raid on Phayao karaoke bar About 40 officials from the Provincial Administration Department (PAD) raided a karaoke bar in Mueang district of Thailand's northern province of Phayao on Saturday night and found more than 140 underage youths on the premises.
Khaosod Opinion: Thai 'Influential Figures' Are More Widespread Than Meet the Eyes The new Srettha Thavisin government has declared war on influential figures and mafias following the recent killing of Pol. Maj. Sivakorn Saibua by a gunman allegedly working for a local sub-district chief (Kamnan) in Nakhon Pathom province, who is believed to be a local influential figure.
Bangkok Post Opinion: The gangsters in police uniform In a shocking incident that exposed a chilling police-mafia alliance, a group of officers watched a fellow cop gunned down by a gang without intervening. After nearly a decade under Gen Prayut, corruption remains pervasive as ever, if not more.
The Nation All Thai influential figures will be registered, says Interior Ministry The Interior Ministry and other agencies are actively working on putting together a list of Thailand's "influential figures", Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth said on Monday.
Khaosod Police Try To Regain Public Trust in Influential Figure's Case The case of the highway police officer who was shot dead at the house of an influential man in Nakhon Pathom province on the night of September 6 is still under public scrutiny. Part of the public has no confidence in the work of the police and state officials.
The Nation 60.30% of Thais will not confront powerful people, almost 40% doubt police sincerity: Nida poll The National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) recently conducted a survey on public sentiments concerning influential figures and state officials and learned most people are afraid of conflicts.
Bangkok Post Officer killed by colleague in Narathiwat police base A police officer assigned to a special operations unit was fatally shot with an M16 rifle by a colleague at the unit's operations base at a village in Rangae district on Wednesday. Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, the national police chief, has ordered an urgent investigation into the incident.
Bangkok Post Man charged with killing daughter accused in deaths of 4 sons A man arrested for colluding with his wife in the murder of their 2-year-old daughter has also allegedly admitted to killing his four sons born to one of his three former wives.
Bangkok Post 'Killer dad' admits to murdering more kids A man arrested with his wife for allegedly murdering their 2-year-old daughter has also admitted to killing four sons born to one of his three former wives, police said on Wednesday.
Bangkok Post Women warned of bogus provider of attractive foreign lovers The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau has warned women of a fraudulent online matchmaker service that offers to find them attractive foreign lovers, and instead rips them off.
Bangkok Post Women file reports against 'farang-finding' scam Many Thai women say they have been scammed by a matchmaking service on Facebook after paying money in the hope of finding love with a foreign man.
The Pattaya News Angry Woman Stabs Pattaya Hotel Worker in Front of Popular Mall for Calling Cop on Her An infuriated woman from Khon Kaen province stabbed the back of a hotel worker in Pattaya after the latter tried to call a cop on her for allegedly trying to enter a hotel without permission.
Bangkok Post Suspect, policeman killed in drug smuggling shootout A policeman and a drug smuggler were both shot dead and a tonne of crystal methamphetamine and millions of meth pills seized in Wiang Chai district on Tuesday night.
Bangkok Post Graft case targets PM's chief adviser The Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) has reportedly indicted the prime minister's chief adviser, Kittirat Na Ranong, for alleged graft in selecting a local supplier for rice exports to Indonesia in 2011.
Asean Now Thai Police dismantles 4 Hubs of Escort Websites Serving Foreigners On September 20, 2023, under the leadership of Pol. Lt. Gen. Phanthana Nuchcharoen, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, a joint operation led by Pol. Col. Pharakon Naphachoti, Deputy Commander of the 3rd Region Police Bureau, and other high-ranking officers successfully dismantled a criminal network operating escort websites.
Bangkok Post Mayor in Bang Phli 'caught taking a bribe' The mayor of a municipality in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province has been arrested on charges of demanding and taking a bribe in a 13-million-baht LCD screen project.
Bangkok Post Ex-wife of 'killer dad' detained A former wife of Songsak Songsaeng, who is accused of killing five children born to two of his four spouses, has been detained pending questioning of more witnesses in a case that has shocked the country.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 25th
Prinn Panitchpakdi, a former deputy leader of the Democrat Party, has been sentenced to an additional two years in jail for indecent assault on a teenager.
He was initially sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in jail in August for sexually harassing an 18-year-old female student in 2021.
Today, he received a 2-year jail sentence without parole for indecent assault on a 15-year-old.
The court also dropped a rape charge against him today in another separate case.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 25th
Move Forward Party List-MP Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn pressured the army and navy to provide updates on the 200,000 liters of oil and thousands of rounds of ammunition that went missing from their barracks.
According to a leaked document, 215,897 liters of diesel oil went missing from the Producing Military Care Factory in Pathum Thani last year. Maj. Gen. Sirichan Ngathong, the army's deputy spokeswoman, said yesterday that a committee has been set up to investigate the missing oil, but no conclusion has been reached yet regarding what happened to it.
Another leaked document in July showed that tens of thousands of M855 and M856 rounds of ammunition, along with thousands of 40 mm grenades, also went missing from a Marine Corps armory at the Sattahip naval base this year. Navy spokesman Adm. Pokkrong Monthatphalin said in July that a soldier at the barracks had been stealing the missing ammunition with an illegally copied key, and an arrest warrant has been issued for him. However, since then, no updates have been provided regarding the missing bullets. Wiroj claimed that millions of rounds of ammunition were actually missing.
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's house was searched by the police
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 25th
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's house was searched by the police this morning.
Pol Gen Surachate and 7 of his team members are under investigation for alleged bribery, with officers reportedly soliciting a bribe worth 140 million baht from an illegal online gambling ring.
Arrest warrants had been issued for his team members, but not for him until today's search warrant was executed.
Pol Gen Surachate is refusing to allow his house to be searched.
The latest reports indicate that arrest warrants have been issued for 30 police officers.
Negotiations between Pol Lt Gen Worawat Watnakhonbancha, commissioner of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), and Pol Gen Surachate to allow his house to be searched are ongoing.
Pol Gen Surachate allowed his house to be searched after a discussion with Pol Lt Gen Worawat.He said he is not involved in the bribery or the gambling ring and is willing to cooperate with the investigation.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 25th
At least 14 suspects, including 5 police officers and 9 civilians, were arrested in connection with online gambling rings during raids at 30 locations this morning. One of the locations was Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's safe house.
Three high-ranking officers were arrested, including:
- Pol Maj Gen Namkiat Theerarotjanaphong, the commander of the Training Center Of the Metropolitan Police Bureau
- Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai (a close aide to Pol Gen Surachate)
- Pol Col Khemarin Pisamai
Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, the head of the Help Crime Victims Assistance Club, said in an interview that he was the person who provided evidence against the gambling rings, leading to the raids and the morning arrests of the police officers.
He said this case is linked to Pongsiri "Boss Than" Thanratchawongsuek, the former chairperson of Lamphun Warriors Football Club, who was arrested in June and formally charged earlier this month for allegedly operating an illegal gambling website and engaging in money laundering.
Atchariya said Pongsiri has been using bank accounts belonging to Minnie, another suspect who allegedly runs an online gambling website and is close to Pol Col Pakpoom, for money laundering and drug trafficking. Atchariya also said that some of the accounts were linked to the officers arrested today.
Furthermore, he said that approximately 20 more arrests will be made, including a reporter, a lawyer, and civil servants.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 25th
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said the police raid on his safe houses this morning was a deliberate attempt to discredit him.
He pointed out several irregularities in the search warrant: his name was conspicuously absent, the warrant only listed the addresses of the safe houses, the judge who issued the warrant was not informed that they belonged to him, and there was no evidence connecting him to any criminal activities. These discrepancies suggest that the police officers who sought the warrant had misled the judge, as any police officer would be aware of his residence, he said.
Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said he has been actively investigating numerous cases that could be tied to these efforts to discredit him, including the Kamnan Nok case and the 140 million baht bribery case, which implicated several high-ranking police officers.
He also said he is currently unaware of the identities of the officers responsible for requesting the search warrant, and he intends to press charges against them. He declined to comment on whether these attempts to discredit him might be linked to the upcoming selection of the new national police chief on September 27.
In the latest update on this morning's raid, six of Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates have been apprehended for their suspected involvement in an illegal online gambling ring. Arrest warrants have also been issued for two more of his subordinates.
The Nation PM orders formation of committee to probe house search of deputy National Police chief Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has ordered the formation of a committee to investigate an incident involving a team of cybercrime police officers who conducted a search on the residence of deputy National Police chief Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn early on Monday (September 25).
Bangkok Post Big Joke says search of his house 'political' Deputy national police chief Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn has slammed the search of his home in Bangkok on Monday morning as dishonest and attributed it to political manoeuvring within the Office of the Royal Thai Police.
The Nation Surachate's close aide among police officers arrested in 'Big Cleaning Day' An operation led by the Police Cyber Taskforce on Monday morning has led to the arrest of eight police officers and three civilians, the taskforce chief said.
Khaosod Does Game of Thrones in the Thai Police Target "Big Joke"? A prominent Thai police officer, Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, commonly known as “Big Joke,” deputy national police chief, had his home surprisingly raided by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) with fully-armed commando police on September 25, 2023.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 26th
The search of Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's residences was related to an ongoing investigation into an illegal gambling ring. The search team was unaware that Pol Gen Surachate was residing there, as explained by Pol Lt Gen Triarong Piewphan, the head of the Police Cyber Taskforce (PCT).
Currently, there are 26 suspects in the case, with 8 of them being subordinates of Pol Gen Surachate. The police sought a search warrant for the residences where Pol Gen Surachate was living because they believed that 2 suspects were living there. During the search, one suspect was apprehended.
The police officers who are suspects were linked to bank accounts that were related to a female suspect known as Suchanun or Minnie, who is believed to operate online gambling websites and has a close relationship with one of Pol Gen Surachate's close aides, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai.
The case began with the arrest of Pongsiri "Boss Than" Thanratchawongsuek in June. It subsequently led to the arrest of Minnie and two other suspects in July, culminating in the search of Pol Gen Surachate's residences yesterday.
Boss Than has been charged with running illegal online websites and money laundering, while Minnie faces similar charges. Both are currently out on bail. Two of the arrested police officers were released on bail yesterday, and the rest are expected to be released on bail today.
Pol Lt Gen Triarong, who is in charge of the investigation, stated that he was unaware that Pol Gen Surachate was residing in these residences. He also emphasized that the search was unrelated to the selection of the new national police chief, which is scheduled for tomorrow.
Khaosod English reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 26th
PM Srettha Thavisin on Tues ordered a committee be set up to investigate an allegation that Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn is linked to online gambling business.
Bangkok Post 'Big Joke' files court complaint over search warrants Deputy national police chief Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn filed a complaint with the Criminal Court on Tuesday alleging contempt of court in the police application for a warrant that allowed them to search several houses he uses on Monday.
Bangkok Post New panel to investigate police involvement in gambling Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said on Tuesday he had set up a panel to investigate alleged police involvement in online gambling operations in the wake of cyber crime police raids on houses owned by deputy national police chief Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn on Monday.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
Minnie, one of the main suspects in the case against Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's subordinates, has reportedly left the country.
Minnie, also known as Suchanun, is the daughter of a member of the Loei Provincial Council and has been accused of operating illegal gambling websites. She is linked to eight police officers who are subordinates of Pol Gen Surachate.
One of these eight officers, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, admitted to having a close relationship with Minnie. Approximately 3.6 million baht from Minnie's bank accounts has been transferred to mule accounts, which could implicate the remaining officers. Pol Col Pakpoom, however, denied that he has a mule account and said that Pol Gen Surachate does not know who Minnie is.
The case against Minnie originated with the arrest of another individual accused of running an illegal online gambling ring, Pongsiri "Boss Than" Thanratchawongsuek, in June. His arrest subsequently led to the apprehension of Minnie and two other suspects in July, ultimately resulting in the search of Pol Gen Surachate's residences on Monday.
There are currently 26 suspects in Minnie's case, including Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates. However, Minnie was allowed to leave the country as her bail conditions do not prohibit her from doing so. She submitted a request to depart the country on September 23, citing the need to care for her sick child, without specifying a return date.
Reportedly, she left for Singapore on September 24, and she is scheduled to report to the police on October 14.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said he has been using millions of baht from his personal funds to finance police operations.
He said he spends approximately 1.5-1.7 million each month on his subordinates to support their operations. He claimed to obtain this money from his wife, who is an heir to a wealthy businessman in the south.
He said he also used his personal funds to finance high-profile cases, including the recovery of CCTV servers in the Kamnan Nok case, 800,000 baht for accommodations and food for officers investigating the Am Cyanide case, and 30 million baht to rent a crane vessel from Singapore for the recovery of the 'Phoenix' wreckage in Phuket.
He also said that the money transferred from a suspect, Minnie, to his close aide, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, which led to a financial investigation and eventually the raid on his residences, was only 3 million baht. He argued that if Pakpoom were actually accepting bribes from an illegal gambling ring, it would have been a much larger sum.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
Pol Gen Surachate said he will not seek revenge against police officers who attempted to discredit him by raiding his residences and trying to link him to an online gambling ring ahead of "an important meeting." Still, he said he has information that could bring down high-ranking officials.
"I will not seek revenge, but I have a lot of information, and if I expose them, all of them will face demise," he said. "The information will not be related to something as insignificant as the alleged 3 million-baht bribe, and all these online gambling operators are afraid of me because they know they cannot influence me with money."
"I am the deputy national police chief in charge of the investigative division, so I have information on all of them, and I can also do the same thing that they are doing to me, but I still love the police force," he added.
Pol Gen Surachate insisted that the arrest warrants against his subordinates and the search warrant against his residences were improper.
He explained that the officers who requested the arrest warrants went to the Bangkok South Criminal Court instead of the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases. The latter court, according to him, would not have issued an arrest warrant against high-ranking officers; instead, they would have recommended a summoning order as a first step. He added that the officers who requested the arrest warrants were aware of this.
Regarding the search warrant against his residences, he pointed out that it was issued by the Ratchada Criminal Court instead of the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, emphasizing that the court was not informed that the targeted properties were his residences.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
The 3.6 million baht, which was transferred from a suspected illegal online gambling operator named Minnie, has been traced to police officers and family members of Pol Gen Surachate.
The money was transferred to two mule accounts, and one of Pol Gen Surachate's close aides, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, who admitted to having a close relationship with Minnie, has also been transferring money to the mule accounts. Pol Lt Gen Krit Pariyaket, another one of Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates, has also been transferring money to the mule accounts.
Some of the money from the mule accounts then went to seven other officers, while some was used to pay for Pol Gen Surachate's mother's hospital fees. Additionally, a portion of the money went to his brother, and some was used to pay for his phone bills.
Pol Gen Surachate insisted that some of the money transferred by his subordinates was his, which he had given to them. He pointed out that the total sum sent by Minnie was only 3.6 million baht, which is less than the total sum of money sent to the officers and his family members, amounting to around 7.5 million baht.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn has admitted to regularly paying 3-4 reporters who have been covering his investigations.
His comments were prompted by reports that illegal online gambling funds, which were traced back to Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates, have also been connected to reporters.
Pol Gen Surachate said he paid them approximately 10,000 baht for food and accommodation each time they reported on cases under his jurisdiction.
He clarified that he did not request any specific actions from them, and they did not approach him for money. Furthermore, they informed him that their publications had already covered these expenses. However, he acknowledged that reporters often receive modest wages, and he was simply being generous.
Bangkok Post 'Big Joke' says he paid reporters High-profile policeman defends acts of generosity, helped by family fortune that has nothing to do with crime.
The Nation reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 27th
"I won’t seek revenge, but I have a lot of details that, if revealed, can put the entire Royal Thai Police Bureau under fire," said Pol General Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn following raids on his houses.
Bangkok Post I don't want revenge, insists 'Big Joke' Deputy national police chief, Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn, says he does not want revenge on several senior officers for their actions against him, despite his holding secret information that he says could spell their doom.
Thai PBS World Anyone defaming deputy national police chief will be sued – lawyer The lawyer representing Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police chief, has threatened to sue any individual or media outlet which states or implies that his client has any involvement in the illegal online gambling business.
The Nation 'News fees' unacceptable and clear breach of professional ethics Thailand’s seven key media organisations have announced they are forming a committee to investigate the incident in which Thai journalists allegedly accepted money from the deputy national police chief in exchange for reporting news, saying that the action is a serious breach of professional ethics.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 28th
The Police Cyber Taskforce (PCT) has announced their intention to summon seven reporters who were connected to two mule accounts in the Minnie-Big Joke case.
PCT Chief Pol Lt Gen Triarong Piewphan said transactions were made from these accounts to the seven reporters. The transactions ranged from thousands of baht to tens of thousands of baht, and some of the reporters receive these funds on a monthly basis. One of the reporters received 30,000 baht per month for over 10 months.
Among the current 26 suspects in the case, eight are police officers who are subordinates of Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn. Out of these 26, six suspects are still at large, while the implicated officers have been released on bail and are scheduled to provide further statements later.
The primary suspect in the case, Suchanun, or Minnie, who has a close relationship with one of Big Joke's close aides, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, left the country one night before the raid on Big Joke's residences on Monday.
Regarding Big Joke's filing of a lawsuit against alleged improper requests for the arrest warrants of his subordinates and the search warrant for his residences, Pol Lt Gen Triarong said he is not concerned, as the requests for the warrants and the subsequent raid were conducted in accordance with regulations.
He explained that the reason the arrest warrants did not indicate that the suspects were police officers and did not mention their ranks was because the allegations against them were unrelated to their duties as police officers. The PCT's officers who requested the warrants had presented the facts of the case to the judge before the warrants were issued.
Pol Lt Gen Triarong also asserted that the search warrant was issued based on evidence that two of the suspects in the case had been residing at the specified locations, and one of them was arrested during the raid. Therefore, he dismissed Big Joke's claims that the warrant was improper because it did not specify that they were for his residences.
Bangkok Post Open 'Minnie' probe sought Police are calling for a transparent investigation into the role of Suchanun Sucharitchinsri, also known as Minnie, who is suspected of running online gambling websites involving senior police officers, including a close aide of deputy police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
Bangkok Post New police chief explains photo with 'Big Joke' Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, who has been named the new national police chief, said he has asked deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn to clear the air after the latter's house was searched by officers early this week.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 29th
New National Police Chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, said he is not in dispute with Deputy National Police, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
His comments came in response to speculations that Pol Gen Torsak is targeting Pol Gen Surachate and his subordinates in an illegal online gambling ring case. This speculation arose because Pol Gen Surachate had been pursuing police officers in the Kamnan Nok case, in which two officers who lost their lives had previously worked under Pol Gen Torsak.
Pol Gen Surachate was in charge of the Kamnan Nok case before it was transferred to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), where Pol Gen Torsak had formerly served as chief. The Kamnan Nok case now implicates 29 police officers and a police bribery ring related to overweight trucks, whereas the illegal online gambling ring case involves eight police officers who all work under Pol Gen Surachate.
Meanwhile, Pol Gen Surachate's lawyer, Ananchai Chaidej, said the case against Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates is likely to continue into next year. He also hinted at a significant revelation involving more police officers next week
Regarding one of the 26 suspects in the illegal online gambling ring case, known as Minnie, who claimed that the money trail from her to one of Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates, Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, consisted of money she had loaned to him and originated from legitimate businesses, Lawyer Atchariya Reuangrattanapong, chairman of the Help Crime Victims organization, which presented evidence against Minnie and the officers, said she is not telling the truth.
He questioned why a police colonel would borrow 3.6 million baht from a 26-year-old suspect with whom he had a close relationship. Additionally, he pointed out that there are more than 100 mule accounts linked to Minnie, which could potentially be traced back to illegal activities.He questioned why a police colonel would borrow 3.6 million baht from a 26-year-old suspect with whom he had a close relationship. Additionally, he pointed out that there are more than 100 mule accounts linked to Minnie, which could potentially be traced back to illegal activities.
No new investigative findings have been released since Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, who was previously in charge of the investigation, was appointed to lead security and special affairs.
Bangkok Post Dept speeds up 'mafia' link probe The Department of Provincial Administration (DoPA) is ramping up efforts to identify "influential figures" whom authorities suspect are tied to various criminal activities across the country, according to Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset.
Thai PBS World Pol Gen Torsak to become Thailand’s next top cop The Police Commission, chaired by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, has selected Deputy National Police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol as the new head of the nation’s police force, replacing Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittipraphat, who is set to retire at the end of this month.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 28th
The Move Forward Party (MFP) has presented evidence of alleged loan fraud against the Lamphun Police Savings Cooperative.
The party has accused officials at the cooperative of forging loan documents to embezzle 220 million baht from 423 police officers.
For example, an officer who applied for a 400,000 baht loan from the cooperative believed that he had nearly completed his payments, but then discovered that he still owed 700,000 baht. This discovery led to the revelation of forged documents that altered the loan amount from 400,000 baht to 900,000 baht instead.
MFP list MP Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn has called on the new national police chief, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, to investigate the case. He believes that such loan fraud may also be occurring at other police savings cooperatives in different provinces.
Bangkok Post 423 officers fall victim to police co-op scam More than 400 members of a police savings and credit co-operative in Lamphun are said to have fallen victim to fraud committed by its staff, causing losses of at least 220 million baht.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 2nd
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn's lawyer, Ananchai Chaidej, said someone warned him to cease representing Pol Gen Surachate and his subordinates, but he declined to do so.
Ananchai also said Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn was advised to discontinue pursuing cases against the officers who had requested the search warrant for Pol Gen Surachate's residences and the arrest warrants against eight of Pol Gen Surachate's subordinates. Nevertheless, they intend to proceed with the legal actions.
Furthermore, Ananchai said he is still in the process of preparing to unveil a significant revelation he referred to as a "big surprise" concerning the police force on October 5 but declined to provide any specific details.
Pol Gen Surachate, who returned to work after a three-day personal leave, declined to engage with the press regarding his case and asserted that he was unaware of the purported significant revelation.
The Nation reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 2nd
National Police chief Pol General Torsak Sukwimol, speaking to the media, dismissing rumours of internal squabbles amongst Royal Thai police.
The public has been concerned about dissension within the police ranks, following the raids on houses owned by deputy National Police chief Pol General Surachate Hakparn.
The Nation No infighting, 'people are just imagining things', says new police chief Newly appointed Royal Thai Police chief Pol General Torsak Sukwimol on Monday dismissed rumours of infighting in the bureau, saying under his supervision, RTP will be a "home" for all police officers.
The Nation All decisions will be based on investigation report, says Army chief on disappeared fuel Army chief General Charoenchai Hinthao said the results of the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of 200,000 litres of fuel should be known by Friday.
Bangkok Post Lawyer reaffirms defence of Big Joke's arrested team The lawyer representing eight subordinates of Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn charged with involvement in the operations of gambling websites said on Monday the deputy police chief had consulted him on whether they should continue the fight.
Bangkok Post List of 'influential figures' completed A list of "influential figures", people wielding dark influence across the country, has been completed and will be tabled at a meeting of the committee handling the matter on Tuesday, Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset said.
The Nation 'Big Joke' put in charge of security affairs, as new police chief assigns jobs The new Royal Thai Police (RTP) chief Pol General Torsak Sukvimol met his deputies privately on Tuesday to hand out responsibilities, RTP spokesman Pol Lt-General Archayon Kraithong said.
Bangkok Post Govt claims 700 'mafia' crimelords identified Around 700 people have been listed as "mafia"-affiliated figures in the government's ongoing suppression of illegal activities linked with these influential people nationwide.
The Nation Immigration police accuse senior officer of filing false charges against them A group of 48 police officers from the Immigration Bureau on Friday filed a complaint with the new National Police chief, Pol General Torsak Sukwimol, claiming that a senior officer of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) had falsely accused them of malfeasance and taking bribes.
The Nation All data submitted on 'influential figures' will be verified, warns Chada Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth has warned people against submitting incorrect information on influential figures in their areas.
Bangkok Post PM faces graft complaint for police chief decision Former police chief Sereepisuth Temeeyaves on Thursday filed a petition with the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), accusing Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the Police Commission of unlawfully appointing Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol as the new chief.
The Nation Poll finds most Thais lack confidence in the performance of police officers A recent opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) learned that most Thais lack confidence in the police force's integrity and performance.
Bangkok Post Police will still ticket motorists despite ruling Motorists will continue to be ticketed despite the Central Administrative Court (CAC) deciding police have issued traffic tickets unlawfully since July 2020.
What good are courts and the judiciary if the police ignore their judgements?
The Nation Former Thai envoy to Denmark murdered by foreign national: police Former Thai ambassador to Denmark was murdered by a foreigner, Metropolitan Police Division 2 commander Pol Maj General Atthaphon Anusit said on Sunday.
Khaosod Suspect Who Killed Former Ambassador Flees Thailand Police at Sutthisan Police Station, Bangkok, are searching for a Burmese man suspected of murdering a 67-year-old former Thai ambassador to Copenhagen. The deceased was discovered in the bathroom of his residence in Soi Vibhavadi 20, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, wrapped in a cardboard box. Sai Myat Moe, a 19-year-old Myanmar national, is the sole suspect in this case. He unexpectedly resigned from his previous employer and said he got a new job as a butler for a new boss who is well-off.
A special Law for junta-appointed Senators
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 9th
The junta-appointed Senate voted 174-7 against the police's request to summon Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun to acknowledge charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.
The police had to make the request because Section 125 of the charter prohibits the arrest or detention of a member of parliament unless they were caught in the act or there is consent from the House of Representatives or the Senate.
The police linked Upakit to Tun Min Latt, a Myanmar businessman who was arrested in Bangkok for drug trafficking and money laundering in September 2022. Tun Min Latt is also believed to be an arms dealer for the Myanmar junta.
During the Senate meeting, Upakit stated that his accusers had fabricated false evidence against him for political gain and denied all wrongdoing. He also said he does not want to interfere with the justice system. However, the majority of the Senators argued that Section 125 must be upheld, leading to the decision against the police's summons.
Section 125 says that during a session, members of the House of Representatives or Senators can't be arrested for a crime unless their house approves or they're caught in the act.
If they're caught in the act, a report goes to their house's President, who can let them go to attend a meeting.
If they're detained before a session starts, they must be released when the session begins if the house's President asks for it.
The court can release them on bail or bond. If they're charged with a crime, the court can try them during the session, but it can't stop them from attending meetings.
Pratchatai Senate opposes police request to question Senator Upakit Senators have voted against a police summons being served on Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun over drug trafficking allegations following a debate where he defended himself.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 9th
Army's Ordnance Chief, Lt. General Sutha Adulthananusak, and four other soldiers have been transferred to inactive duty pending an investigation into the disappearance of 215,897 liters of high-speed diesel from the Ordnance Material Rebuild Centre under the 18th Military Circle in Saraburi. This incident occurred between August and September of last year.
The Army conducted a one-year probe, which revealed irregularities in the disbursement of the fuel. However, it did not specify what those irregularities were.
The investigation commenced last year when a soldier was involved in a car accident in Phatthalung. Following the accident, the soldier filed a complaint with the police to claim compensation from an insurance firm. The soldier initially claimed that the truck was carrying coconut coir, but a subsequent investigation revealed that he had hired a tow truck to transport the pick-up truck, which was supposed to be carrying coconut coir, to a petrol station in Nakhon Si Thammarat instead.
Khaosod Chief Abbot for Sexual Misconduct with 7 Laotian Novices While many temples serve as sanctuaries and places of learning for underprivileged children, some have unfortunately become sites of sexual abuse of young boys.
Thai PBS World Torsak Sukvimol: The controversial rise of Thailand’s new police chief Thailand’s new police chief, Pol General Torsak Sukvimol, is a non-cadet who joined the force at the age of 33, but then quickly rose through the ranks.
Bangkok Post 1,593 arrests made in gun crackdown Police have seized more than 2,000 illegal guns and 75,000 bullets and arrested 1,593 suspects in a three-day nationwide crackdown following a deadly shooting at a Bangkok shopping mall.
The Nation Crackdown on cold storage facilities announced following shooting Agriculture and Cooperatives minister Captain Thammanat Prompao, has expressed deep concern regarding a tragic incident that cost a veterinary officer his life while inspecting a cold storage facility in Phetchabun province suspected of being involved in the distribution of illegal meat.
The Nation 'Influential local figures likely involved in illegal meat imports' The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives suspects that the illegal import of meat into Thailand were national-level operations with connections to local influential figures, deputy minister Chaiya Promma said on Thursday.
Khaosod A 100,000-baht Reward Is Being Set To Find An Escaped Prisoner A bounty was issued by the Department of Corrections on October 22 in an attempt to catch Chaowalit Thongduang, a 37-year-old prisoner suspected of robbery, breaking the guns law, and committing an offence against freedom. The total prison sentence was 21 years, 3 months, and 25 days. The sentence has a parole date of May 6, 2043.
The Nation Bounty set for escaped Nakhon Si Thammarat convict A man convicted and jailed of multiple serious crimes managed to escape from his Nakhon Si Thammarat hospital bed early Sunday, police and the Corrections Department said.
Thai PBS World Police told to be cautious as escaped convict is believed to be armed Police assigned to track down and re-arrest a convict, who escaped from hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat province last weekend, have been warned to exercise caution as the escapee is armed and dangerous.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 24th
Nakhon Si Thammarat Central Prison's warden and four correctional officers were transferred to inactive posts pending an investigation into their possible involvement in the escape of Chavalit "Sei Pang Na Nhord" Thongduang.
The suspect in multiple murder cases that are pending, who was incarcerated in January 2022 for attempting to help a drug suspect escape police custody, fled custody from Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital on the night of October 22 and has yet to be found. He was also a former candidate for a member of the Phatthalung Provincial Administrative Organization in 2019.
Chavalit managed to escape custody with a key to his chain while being treated at the hospital. Before his associates could secure the key for his chains, the correctional officers in charge of detention allowed him to change the chain. He also managed to change his clothes and simply walked out of the hospital without anyone stopping him.
In addition to the correctional officers, hospital staff are also being investigated. The fugitive was moved to the hospital for his dental appointment before the appointment was canceled. Then he feigned passing out, allowing him to stay at the hospital on October 20 and 21 before he made his escape on the night of October 22.
Investigators are checking why the inmate was transferred to the hospital before the appointment time and whether the doctor who canceled the appointment was truly sick as he claimed
Chavalit is now believed to be in Satun after his failed attempt to cross the border into Myanmar. The police now suspect he is trying to cross the border into Malaysia instead.
Bangkok Post Minister's son-in-law arrested for extortion A son-in-law of Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaised was arrested in Uthai Thani province on Tuesday morning allegedly for extorting money from a tap water contractor.
Bangkok Post Politician’s son-in-law gets bail in corruption case Weerachart Rasamee, the mayor of Talukdoo municipality in Uthai Thani province, along with four others were granted bail on Tuesday following their arrest earlier that day for allegedly demanding 1 million baht from a local building contractor.
Bangkok Post Court dismisses drug case against 'Benz Racing' The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled to dismiss a case against Akarakit Worarojcharoendet, also known as "Benz Racing", who had been accused of drug trafficking in 2017. The former motor racer was released from prison on Tuesday evening.
The power of money ....
Bangkok Post Crime buster has no time for critics The current Interior Ministry has promised to modernise its working process and complete a database of influential figures in the country within the next six months, according to Deputy Minister Chada Thaised.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 25th:
Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth said he instructed his son-in-law, Veerachat Rasami, to step down from his position as the Mayor of Taluk Du Subdistrict. This decision followed Veerachat's arrest on charges of allegedly extorting 600,000 baht from a private contractor to prevent any adverse effects on the local administration within the subdistrict, he said.
Chada said Veerachat's arrest exemplified his effort to "clean his own house," and his request for Veerachat to resign demonstrated his commitment to addressing the situation. He expressed his perplexity in response to criticism, saying, "When the police arrest someone close to me, there is criticism; if the police do not arrest someone close to me, there is criticism. So, what am I supposed to do?"
Chada, who is responsible for combating organized crime throughout the country, said on August 8th that the ministry, in collaboration with the police and local administrations, had extensively investigated the presence of organized crime figures in his home province of Uthai Thani. The conclusion was that no such figures were operating in the area.
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin called on the public to treat Veerachat fairly, highlighting that he has not been proven guilty. He emphasized that Chada is not required to resign in order to demonstrate responsibility. Srettha also noted that if Veerachat is ultimately found guilty, he will be subject to punishment in accordance with the law.
Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul suggested that Chada may have been involved in ordering the arrest of his own son-in-law. He also highlighted that Veerachat's arrest underscores the seriousness of the ministry and police in their efforts to combat organized crime.
Currently, Veerachat is out on bail and has resigned from his position as Mayor of the subdistrict.
Khaosod Operation "Mouse Hunt" Arrests Multinational Drug Traffickers The Narcotics Suppression Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States, announced on October 27, at a press conference the arrest of eight people involved in drug trafficking.
The Pattaya News Chonburi Gambling Den Raid Nets 29 Arrests, Including Police OfficerBanglamung police and administrative officers apprehended 29 suspected gamblers on Tuesday, October 24th, among whom one person appeared to be a police officer. Banglamung police and administrative officers apprehended 29 suspected gamblers on Tuesday, October 24th, among whom one person appeared to be a police officer.
Thai PBS World Two media executives arrested for breaching copyright on Thai TV content Two top executives of a media company are being detained by Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officers for alleged copyright infringements, related to the recording and rebroadcast (streaming) of several Thai Army-run TV Channel 7 programs via to Thai customers abroad, causing losses to the television station estimated at about 2.8 billion baht.
Bangkok Post Reinstated police officers ordered back to inactive posts Five senior police officers recently reinstated after being transferred to inactive posts over an illegal casino that flourished within their jurisdiction have again been suspended.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 3rd:
A police raid took place at Level 9 Rooftop Bar in Chiang Mai last night after it was discovered to be operating beyond permissible hours. During the raid, officials from the interior ministry were found celebrating their recent successful operation at another venue, Le Neuf Cafe | NEUFxBAR, on Halloween night.
At 3 a.m., the raid uncovered 40-50 customers, some of whom were under the age of 17. Additionally, among the customers were officials from the special operations team of the Department of Provincial Administration's central command.
Pol Maj Gen Thawatchai Phongwiwattanachai, the commander of Chiang Mai provincial police, refuted claims to the press that the Level 9 Rooftop Bar raid was in retaliation for the Le Neuf operation.
The initial Le Neuf raid, carried out by officials from the Interior Ministry on Halloween night, found more than 240 customers under the age of 20 and resulted in the transfer of five high-ranking police officers from Chang Phueak Police Station to inactive posts pending investigation.
The Department of Provincial Administration denied reports that their officials were celebrating at Level 9 Rooftop Bar, which was raided for opening after hours last night.
The department stated that 14 out of 16 of their officials have returned to Bangkok since November 1, and one of the two officials who remained in Chiang Mai and was at Level 9 Rooftop Bar at 3 a.m. was merely eating, not celebrating anything.
Khaosod Cyber Police Arrest the Leader of the "Outlaws Thailand" Gang Cyber police in Thailand have arrested the leader of the Outlaws gang in Thailand, Poramate Tangsakul, 41, who is also the owner of the online gambling website UFAV8. The arrest was made at a luxury condominium in the Sukhumvit 55 area, Klongtan Nua, Wattana district, Bangkok on November 2.
Bangkok Post Khaki clash over Chiang Mai pub raids Police anti-corruption officers are preparing to investigate provincial administrative officials who were found in a Chiang Mai bar after legal operating hours, as an apparent dispute between between the groups comes into the open.
Bangkok Post Third warden faces arrest warrant over prisoner's escape A warrant has been approved for the arrest of another prison warden in connection with the escape of prisoner Chaowalit Thongduang, alias "Sia Paeng Nanod", from a hospital on Oct 22.
The Nation Police chief vows no harm to fugitive crime boss if he surrenders Police will guarantee the safety of fugitive crime boss Chavalit Thongduang, 37, who escaped from official custody in Nakhon Si Thammarat province last month, if he decides to turn himself in, National Police chief Pol General Torsak Sukwimol said on Thursday.
Bangkok Post TAO chairman nabbed over B2.6m bribe The chairman of Bang Pla tambon administrative organisation (TAO) in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province and his female secretary were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly demanding and taking a 2.3-million-baht bribe from a business operator.
The Nation 4 Bangkok cops get 5 years for extorting cash from Taiwanese actress Four former officers from the Huai Khwang Police Station were sentenced to five years in jail for extorting money from a Taiwanese actress in January.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 7th:
The five high-ranking officers from Chiang Mai's Chang Phueak Police Station, who were previously transferred to inactive posts following a raid at Le Neuf Cafe | NEUFxBAR on Halloween night, where more than 240 customers under the age of 20 were found, have been found not guilty of negligence or accepting bribes. They have since been reinstated to their normal positions.
Chiang Mai Governor Nirat Pongsitthaworn said an investigative committee determined that these officers had initiated the closure of more than 30 entertainment venues known to be operating beyond permitted hours, and they had submitted six proposals to shut down the Le Neuf venue due to repeated offenses.
Nirat said he had already ordered the closure of the Le Neuf venue. The owner has 15 days to provide an explanation. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation, the venue will be required to shut down for a minimum of 5 years.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 8:
The police reported that the singer, Thanakrit "Wan" Panichwid, who crashed his Volvo into the back of a garbage truck at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, did not flee the scene of the accident. Instead, he acknowledged that the officers at the scene failed to conduct an alcohol test on him.
Pol Col Chaturon Anurakbundit, the head of Muang police station in Nonthaburi, explained that the officers refrained from administering the alcohol test to Thanakrit due to his injuries. However, photographic evidence from the scene depicted Thanakrit walking and conversing on his phone after the crash.
Chaturon further disclosed that Thanakrit was "transferred" to a different hospital than the two injured garbage collectors. Once the officers had finished documenting the crash site, they prioritized checking on the garbage collectors before visiting Thanakrit at his hospital at 7 a.m. However, by that time, Thanakrit had already left the hospital. Chaturon clarified that the hospital had allowed him to go home as his injuries were minor.
Thanakrit did not report to the police station until 5 p.m. At that point, he underwent both an alcohol and drug test. Chaturon revealed that the police are now in the process of preparing charges against Thanakrit for reckless driving resulting in injuries to others.
The driver of the garbage truck, Suthep, aged 49, informed reporters that Thanakrit did not appear intoxicated at the time of the accident. He also said that one of the injured garbage collectors had been discharged from the hospital, while another was scheduled for surgery today.
Thanakrit informed the police that he had fallen asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion after a long day of work. However, a video has emerged, showing Thanakrit participating in a live recording session with a band around 7-8 p.m. before the crash occurred. This video has stirred discussions online, with netizens raising questions about the activities during the recording session, particularly speculating about whether they were consuming alcohol or other substances while practicing and socializing.
Bangkok Post Police bring birthday cake to drug bust Police who arrested a woman after finding nearly a million speed pills in her home brought more than handcuffs when they took her into custody. When they learned it was her birthday, they brought a cake.
Khaosod 10 Laotian Women Working Illegally In A Khon Kaen's Karaoke Bar Pol. Lt. Col. Soraj Wichayasut, head of the Khon Kaen Immigration Department, reported the arrest of 10 Laotian women, seven of whom had entered Thailand on tourist visas, while the remaining three entered illegally, via Nong Khai and Bueng Kan provinces. These women were caught serving food and drinks to customers at a karaoke establishment without the required work permit.
No charges against the owner of the bar who knowingly hired the women?
The Thaiger Driven desire: Thai woman arrested for stealing a taxi after driver refused to have sex Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers arrested a Thai woman on Rama II Road in Samut Sakhon province near Bangkok on November 11 for stealing a taxi after the driver refused to have sex with her.
Bangkok Post 13 nabbed over 9 scam loan apps Police have arrested 13 suspects related to nine scam loan apps and seized passbooks which were found to show a total of 500 million baht in circulation.
Thai PBS World Police submit Kannan Nok shooting case to public prosecutors After more than two months of investigation into the high-profile killing of a highway police officer in Nakhon Pathom province last September, allegedly by or at the order of a sub-district chief, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) submitted its case files to provincial public prosecutors today.
The Pattaya News Man in Pattaya Stabbed by Girlfriend for Ogling Other Women During Birthday Celebration A Cambodian man was stabbed and injured during a dispute with his girlfriend in Pattaya on the early morning of November 15th. The victim was reportedly caught sneaking a peek at other women during his girlfriend's birthday party, prompting his girlfriend to become angry and attack him
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 16th:
Apart from the crackdown on smuggled pork meat, the government is also targeting smuggled beef from neighboring countries.
Thailand has already seized 4.77 million kilograms of smuggled pork as of October, compared to 430,000 kilograms last year.
However, smuggled beef is also a significant issue, with around 100,000 tonnes being brought into Thailand each year, impacting local prices, according to the government.
These problems are causing health concerns and affecting the exports of Thailand's meat products. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has instructed all related agencies to intensify their crackdown on these smuggled meats, with a major part of the problem identified as bribery.
For example, a smuggler who was caught with 33 containers of smuggled pork in November said he paid officials around 30,000 baht per container to bring them in without having to pay taxes.
Bangkok Post Lender kills vendor over 400 baht A 45-year-old fruit vendor has died after being shot over a 400 baht interest payment he could not pay to a loan shark in Chon Buri.
Khaosod Thai Police Bust Vietnamese Network in $42M Powdered Milk Scam Pol. Lt. Gen. Witthaya Sriprasertphap, Commissioner of the Police Consumer Protection Division, together with representatives of the Food and Drug Administration, announced on November 16, the arrest of an international network promoting the sale of powdered milk with exaggerated benefits.
Khaosod Suspects Arrested In The Death of Taiwanese Man Police on Thursday said they arrested two suspects in the death of a Taiwanese man who was found tied up and beaten in his hotel room.
Khaosod Filipino Man Arrested in Thailand for Assaulting His Own Daughter Thailand detained a 47-year-old Filipino man who the Philippines had been searching for after he sexually assaulted his daughter for more than a decade since she was 7 years old.
Thai PBS World Police seek to arrest Thai woman for involvement in Taiwanese man’s murder Police are to seek a warrant for the arrest of a Thai woman suspected of involvement in the murder of a Taiwanese man at a hotel in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district.
Thai PBS World Counterfeiting equipment found in dead Taiwanese man’s hotel room Police have found many fake US$100 banknotes, blank notes and currency counterfeiting equipment in two safes in the hotel room of a Taiwanese man who was found murdered last Thursday.
Khaosod An Indian Man Kills His Thai Girlfriend in Pattaya Before Jumping off a Bridge Pattaya police received a report that an Indian man had killed his Thai girlfriend at a hotel in Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chonburi, before midnight on November 20.
The Nation Bangkok police arrest 10 suspects over shooting incidents that claimed 3 lives Police have arrested ten suspects in relation to two shooting incidents in Bangkok in which a secondary school teacher, a vocational school student and a technology university student were killed.
Bangkok Post Kratom-influenced gang killed student A 22-year-old man has allegedly told police he shot dead a teenage technical college student on Ranong 2 Road in Dusit district on Monday morning because he stabbed one of his gang members.
The Nation Crackdown will eradicate ‘influential figures’ within 3 months: Chada A campaign to rid Thailand of "influential figures" will kick off nationwide on December 1, aiming to eradicate so-called "red category" individuals within three months, the Interior Ministry says.
Thai PBS World Chinese beggars taking advantage of visa exemption to operate in Thailand Six Chinese nationals, who were found begging in Bangkok and are now in police custody, entered Thailand legally, taking advantage of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists.
Bangkok Post Thais believed behind disfigured Chinese street beggars Police will carefully vet Chinese visitors with facial and body disfiguration, as some had come here with the intention of begging on the streets, possibly organised by Thais, according to the Metropolitan Police Bureau.
Have you ever expected anything else?
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 22nd:
The Constitutional Court has decided, by a 5:4 majority, not to hear the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)'s appeal against the Administrative Court's order. The order required the NACC to release details of their investigation into Gen Prawit Wongsuwan's luxury watches case to political activist Veera Somkhwamkid.
According to the Constitutional Court, the case does not fall within its designated duties.
The NACC has been steadfast in refusing to comply with the Administrative Court's ruling, which had already been upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court. The NACC justifies its non-compliance by citing the confidentiality of the information requested under the Official Information Act.
The NACC is now finding itself with dwindling excuses for not adhering to the court orders.
Bangkok Post Sights set on 700 'influential figures' The Interior Ministry will launch its crackdown on "influential figures" nationwide starting on Dec 1, Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaised said on Wednesday.
Bangkok Post Move Forward Party bribe probe widens The House of Representatives' committee on industries has found grounds to a bribery accusation made by a former Move Forward Party (MFP) MP against an assistant of an MFP lawmaker and will investigate the matter further.
Khaosod reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 23rd:
A police sergeant major shot & killed his 71-yr-old father Weds night in Nakhon Phnom province. Wanchalerm, 31, (family name withheld) also held others in the house hostages. He has a history of mental treatment, hearing voices inside. Police escued the hostages & arrest killer.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 23rd:
The police have seized assets worth 285 million baht from Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, who has been indicted for alleged collusion in money laundering and transnational crime, as reported by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).
The seized assets include savings totaling 3 million baht from 28 accounts and 19 plots of land valued at 282 million baht. Additionally, the senator possesses over 600 million baht worth of assets that have been transferred abroad. The NACC has stated its intention to collaborate with relevant agencies to pursue the seizure of these offshore assets.
Senator Upakit was indicted this year following the arrest of Myanmar businessman Tun Min Latt in Bangkok in September 2022 on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. Upakit is alleged to have had close ties with Tun Min Latt, who is believed to be an arms dealer for the Myanmar junta.
Thai PBS World Senator Upakit’s land seized The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has impounded 29 plots of land, worth about Bt282 million, owned by Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, on suspicion that the assets might have been procured through the laundering of money derived from drug trafficking.
The Nation THB285m assets of Senator Upakit frozen over alleged transnational crime The Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has frozen 285 million baht worth of assets belonging to Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, who has been accused of collusion in money laundering and transnational crime.
Bangkok Post: DSI seizes resorts linked to Ufa Bet Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials have seized two luxurious resorts in the island province worth one billion baht from an online gambling network.
Khaosod Thai Police Detained a Russian and 2 Koreans on Interpol Warrants Police officers announced on November 23 the arrest of three foreigners, a Russian man and two South Korean men, who are on an Interpol arrest warrant.
Khaosod Pakistanis Arrested Over Foreigner Schengen Visa Scams Police on Thursday said they arrested four Pakistani nationals who allegedly scammed foreigners by promising them Schengen visas.
Khaosod Italian Robbed An Elderly Couple Hiding In Thailand Is Arrested The Immigration Police detained a 63-year-old Italian man who escaped a robbery case in Italy to live in Thailand after the Interpol National Central Office sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs Division asking for cooperation with Thai authorities.
Bangkok Post Foreign suspects arrested by immigration police in 3 cases Six foreign nationals - four Pakistanis, one Italian and one Russian - were arrested in three separate cases during the past week, Immigration Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj Gen Pantana Nuchanart said at a press conference on Thursday.
Bangkok Post DSI seizes resorts linked to Ufa Bet Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials have seized two luxurious resorts in the island province worth one billion baht from an online gambling network.
Prachatai Cambodian Worker Arrested for Selling Bank Accounts to Money Laundering Operation A Cambodian worker was arrested for money laundering after a broker convinced him to sell his bank account, raising concerns about migrant workers’ vulnerability to illegal activities.
Thai PBS World Probe ordered into public prosecutor's handling of escaped convict's case Thailand's attorney general (AG) has ordered an investigation into an allegation, made by escaped convict Chaovalit Thongduang, that he had not been treated fairly by a public prosecutor handling his case, resulting in his conviction.
The Nation Srettha promises justice for all as fugitive crime boss accuses officials of framing him Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin urged fugitive crime boss Chavalit Thongduang to turn himself in, saying that resisting arrest would be "problematic for all parties concerned".
Bangkok Post 'No bargaining with Chaowalit,' say cops Police will not negotiate with escaped prisoner Chaowalit Thongduang, known as "Sia Pang Na Node", but they would guarantee his safety upon surrender, according to national police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol.
Bangkok Post 5 killed, 1 injured at bloody Korat wedding A bridegroom, a former ranger with a disabled leg, went on a shooting rampage, killing four people including the bride and seriously injuring a man before shooting himself dead with a pistol at his own wedding party on Saturday night, police said.
Bangkok Post Red faces as escapee's videos go viral Justice authorities are in the hot seat following the dramatic escape of inmate Chaowalit Thongduang, known as "Sia Pang Na Node", and his evasion of the law in the ensuing month-long manhunt.
The Pattaya News Pattaya Mayor Orders Serious Probe into Motorbike Taxi Driver Who Allegedly Charged Passenger 1600 Baht Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngamphichet has instructed the Pattaya police to conduct a serious investigation into an alleged motorbike taxi driver who charged a passenger over 1,600 baht for a brief transit to the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival on Friday, November 24th.
Khaosod Thai Authorities Investigate An Escaped Convict's Ridiculing Video An escaped convict named Chaowalit Thongduang, also known as ‘Pang Na-nhoad or Wealthy Pang, is not only a local influential figure in the southern region of Thailand; he is now also a well-known mocker of the Thai justice system.
Thai PBS world Nine killed and more than ten others injured in truck accident in Si Sa Ket Nine people were killed and more than ten others were injured when a pickup truck rammed into a large group of people attending a Kathin celebration in Phrai Bueng district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Si Sa Ket on Saturday night.
The Nation Chinese nationals begging in Bangkok not victims of trafficking, says immigration chief The Immigration Bureau has confirmed that the six Chinese nationals caught begging on Bangkok streets were not victims of torture, physical abuse or coercion by human traffickers.
Bangkok Post Shooting probe unearths macabre student gang At first glance, it looked like the Klong Toey shooting on Oct 11 was a revenge attack between technical students who study at rival vocational colleges but when the police team of the Metropolitan Police Bureau dug deep, they found the shooter and his partner were part of a crime syndicate comprised of at least 84 members.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 28th:
The cabinet approved the Ministry of Justice's decision to reassign Police Major Suriya Singhakamol's position from the Director General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice after he vowed to crack down on political officials who were related to meat smuggling rings.
The DSI quoted Suriya in a social media post today, stating that he has been mentally preparing for such a possibility since he took over the position as the Director of the DSI, and he does not regret anything because he has done his best.
The cabinet decision came after Suriya said last week and reiterated yesterday that the DSI's investigation against smugglers of smuggled meats and corrupt authorities taking bribes from the smugglers will continue to expand to reach all culprits, regardless of their status.
Last week, the DSI reported that the ongoing crackdown on smuggled meat has resulted in the prosecution of suspected smugglers in 92 cases across 35 provinces. The suspects include business operators, at least 10 civil servants, and at least 10 political officials.
The DSI's investigation is also linked to CP Axtra (CPAXT). The DSI stated that there is evidence showing the company purchased 390 million baht worth of smuggled pork. CP Axtra admitted to buying the pork from two companies linked to the smuggling but claimed they did so legitimately, asserting that the company should be considered an affected party, not a culprit.
Following the news of the company being investigated, CPAXT shares dropped by 3.57% today.
Deputy government spokeswoman Kenika Oonjit said Police Major Suriya was transferred to streamline the policies of the justice ministry. No further explanation was provided.
Government spokesman Chai Watcharong said the proposal originated from the ministry, and cabinet members did not extensively discuss the matter. Chai also clarified that no new appointment has been finalized at this point.
Bangkok Post DSI chief reassigned amidst investigation into smuggled pork The cabinet on Tuesday transferred the chief of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to the position of deputy permanent secretary for justice, citing an ongoing investigation into pork smuggling by the organisation.
Bangkok Post School executive accused of sexual abuse and threats A school deputy director in Bangkok has been accused of sexually abusing her 12-year-old student and resorting to threats of exposing explicit photos and videos if the girl did not comply.
Prachatai Two activists charged with contempt of court Activists Netiporn Sanesangkhom and Thanalop Phalanchai have been charged with contempt of court for an incident on 19 October, during which a police officer hit Netiporn with a baton and injured her.
The Nation 26 Chinese tourists arrested in raid on secret casino in Nonthaburi Immigration police raided a hotel in Nonthaburi province, which was modified as a casino to cater to Chinese tourists, and nabbed 26 alleged gamblers on Wednesday morning.
Khaosod Police Crack Down On Hybrid Fraud; Arrest 2 Chinese And 2 Thais The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirabhop Bhuridej announced the result of the “Shutdown One billion Hybrid Scam” operation on November 29 after searching 5 target locations in Bangkok and Samut Prakan.
Khaosod The US Helps Thais Catch A Man Selling Tiger Carcasses Online More than 500 carcasses, including leopard carcasses, black panther carcasses, clouded leopard carcasses, and Asian golden cat carcasses, were found and seized at a house in Ban Chang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province on November 29.
Bangkok Post Red faces in fugitive saga A villain wanted by state authorities, runaway inmate Chaowalit Thongduang, who remains at large more than a month after escaping from a southern hospital, projects himself as a "victim of injustice."
Bangkok Post House wants answers to DSI transfer The House Committee on Agriculture and Cooperatives says it will question the government and the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to find out why DSI director-general Pol Maj Suriya Singhakamol was suddenly transferred.
Bangkok Post Four arrested over romance-investment scams Police have arrested two Chinese and two Thais for alleged involvement in romance-investment scams and impounded assets worth about 300 million baht.
Khaosod Chinese Gambling Den Investigators Will Also Examine Thai Police According to the investigation, a posh gambling den inside a hotel in Nonthaburi province’s Ngamwomgwan area just north west of Bangkok that police raided on November 29 belongs to Chinese businesspeople.
The Nation Songkhla prosecutor transferred following allegations by escaped crime boss The attorney-general has transferred a public prosecutor from his Songkhla Office following allegations by an escaped crime boss that he was involved in drug trafficking and in setting him up.
Bangkok Post Public prosecutor linked to runaway inmate's accusations transferred A provincial public prosecutor accused by runaway inmate Chaowalit Thongduang of having a hand in taking a drug suspect from authorities has been transferred to the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) pending a fact-finding investigation.
The Nation DSI deploys money laundering law to bust billion-baht pork smuggling ring The new chief of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) on Friday told investigators to deploy the anti-money laundering law to break up a multibillion-baht pork smuggling ring.
Bangkok Post 3 Indians nabbed in Saraburi for suspected illegal lending The ongoing nationwide registration of debtors seeking government help over their debt burden led to the arrest of three foreign nationals suspected of involvement in illegal lending on Saturday.
Don't be fooled by this message, most of the Loan Sharks are Thai, often with excellent connections to officials.
Bangkok Post Chinese, Thais arrested in dual scam investigation Police have arrested two Chinese, one a Thai model’s husband, and two Thais for alleged involvement in romance-investment scams, and impounded assets worth about 300 million baht for examination.
Khaosod Thai Police Chase Six Vietnamese Who Ran Away In The City Thai police in Lampang Province, northern Thailand, had spent the entire day chasing six Vietnamese individuals who ran away on their way to the public prosecutor’s office.
German documentary film shakes up tourism in Pattaya
Khaosod: PM Orders Investigation Into German Suspect Bribing Thai Officials High-ranking Thai officials, including the Prime Minister, ordered an investigation into a German media documentary that claimed one of two foreign suspects involved in child prostitution paid a 1 million baht bribe and escaped.
The Nation Police to investigate bribery allegations reported by German media Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, Deputy Commissioner of Police, on Sunday (December 3) ordered an investigation into allegations that a German tourist paid a bribe to escape charges of buying sex from a minor in Pattaya, Chonburi province.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 4th:
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has instructed the Ministry of Justice and the Royal Thai Police to thoroughly investigate the claim that a German national paid a bribe worth about one million baht in exchange for his release from a pedophilia charge.
Germany's Deutsche Welle broadcasted a documentary by Norddeutscher Rundfunk titled "Sex Tourists in Thailand," shedding light on a case involving a 55-year-old pedophile named Jens Kirch. He was apprehended at the Cobra Beer Bar in Pattaya in September 2022 for engaging in sexual activities with a minor under the age of 15. However, he asserted that he paid 800,000 baht for legal fees and bail, along with an additional one million baht to authorities before returning to Frankfurt a week after his arrest.
Srettha said today that the arrest might have occurred last year before his tenure, but the problem must be addressed as it could impact tourism.
Pol Lt Gen Somprasong, the commander of the Provincial Police Region 2, mentioned on Sunday that many authorities are involved in the case, and his investigators will determine who took the bribe. He added that if the suspect was charged, his record should appear in the database, and more updates will be provided next week.
Move Forward Party list-MP Tunyawaj Kamolwongwat said the findings clearly contradicted the police's previous narrative that there are no sex workers in Pattaya, as everyone knows that there are. He also pointed out that the case highlights loopholes in the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act, which allow corrupt authorities to exploit them through bribes and extortion. Tunyawaj argued that legalizing prostitution would reduce corruption, prevent sex workers from being exploited, and protect children from becoming victims of sex trafficking.
DW's version of the documentary has been blocked from viewing in Thailand, but NDR's German copy can still be accessed on YouTube.. For the English version please click here.
Thai PBS World Pattaya police explain alleged bribery in child prostitution case Pattaya police issued a statement today in an attempt to clarify a German media report, claiming that a German tourist, who was arrested for buying sexual services from an underage girl in Pattaya bar in September last year, was released after allegedly paying a million baht bribe to police before leaving Thailand.
Now we are just as smart as we were before the 'statement'.
Bangkok Post Documentary rocks Pattaya tourism With the image of Pattaya as a sex tourism destination being amplified by a German media organisation, the private sector is concerned about the consequences as it could impact the overall tourism market.
The Pattaya News Thai Lawyer Denies German Expat Paid Bribe to Escape Child Sexual Abuse Charges in Pattaya A Thai lawyer has denied allegations that a German expat who was arrested on child sexual abuse charges in Pattaya paid a bribe of 1 million baht to escape Thailand.
Anyone who has read the above report published by The Pattaya News will have realised immediately that there is something fishy about the whole story. And so it is:
The Nation 3 Pattaya cops face disciplinary action over escape by German, American suspects Three Pattaya policemen are to face legal action related to the escape of two suspects, a German and an American, arrested for allegedly buying sex from underage girls, a deputy national police chief said Wednesday.
The Pattay News: German Suspect in Pattaya Child Sexual Abuse Case and Documentary Reportedly Detained in Germany A German national charged with sexually abusing children in Pattaya was reportedly arrested in his home country, said a Pattaya business operator.
The above report published by TPN should also be read with caution until real facts are published. At the time of writing, there was no information about an arrest of J.K. in Germany.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 7th:
Three police officers are under investigation for misconduct related to the German pedophile case in Pattaya, as announced by Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.
The Superintendent of the Pattaya City Police Station, the Chief Investigator, and an Investigative Officer are being scrutinized for failing to adhere to regulations by granting bail to the 55-year-old pedophile. The individual claimed to have paid a one-million-baht bribe to secure his release and leave the country.
Furthermore, the officers neglected to report the German national and his charges to immigration police. Pol Gen Surachate said he plans to meet with the German ambassador tomorrow to explore options for interrogating the German national and determining the recipient of the alleged bribe. However, the German national's lawyer insists that no bribe was paid, asserting that the money was intended for legal fees and bail.
In the meantime, another American, facing similar charges, has already fled the country, while the UK national, who owns the Cobra Beer Bar, remains in custody.
Bangkok Post: Officers to be disciplined for freeing German child sex suspect Two senior police officers who allowed a German man facing child sex charges in Pattaya to leave the country will face disciplinary and possibly criminal action, a deputy national police chief said on Wednesday.
Bangkok Post: Police in paedophile bail case face action The chief of Pattaya City police station in Chon Buri and a number of his staff will face disciplinary action for failing to object to bail granted to a German national accused of child sexual abuse.
This is (perhaps) a developing story: We'll give updates on the situation as we learn more.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 4th:
Four special experts in the Revenue Department in Samut Prakarn have been accused of possessing unusually large amounts of assets, ranging from 1.8 million baht to 1.1 billion baht, according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.
These officials are suspected of involvement in the embezzlement of tax refunds in Samut Prakan. The balances in their bank accounts were discovered to be significantly higher than their reported incomes, and they were unable to provide explanations for the sources of these funds, leading to the accusations against them.
The four individuals implicated are Danai Damrongchaiyothin, who has accumulated over 1.1 billion baht across seven deposit accounts; Chonlatharn Kongmun, with over 590 million baht in five deposit accounts; Duangkamon Plermsawat, possessing more than 334 million baht in three deposit accounts; and Utumporn Khemwichai, holding over 1.8 million baht in one of her deposit accounts.
The NACC is asking the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases to seize their assets and prosecute them for being unusually affluent, in addition to other charges related to the alleged embezzlement.
NNT- National News Bureau of Thailand reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 5th:
Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai has announced a crackdown on the sale of counterfeit branded products online, highlighting the urgency to address the infringement of property rights, which could damage Thailand's international reputation.
According to Phumtham, the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has been tasked with educating small and medium enterprises about patenting their products for protection against imitation. The agency also plans to promote more GI (geographical indication) products to leverage Thailand's soft power globally.
DIP Director-General Vuttikrai Leewiraphan detailed a forthcoming memorandum of understanding between 30 copyright owners and three leading online platforms - Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop. The agreement is expected to enhance the fight against piracy, allowing direct reporting of infringements.
The DIP is also collaborating with Facebook to develop tools for identifying and removing counterfeit products, aiming to address copyright violations on the platform.
To date, 960 items violating copyrights have been removed from these platforms
Khaosod Police Catch A Drug Gang In The Water And Seize ICE For Australia Police had to hunt down 13 Thai drug traffickers who went into the water to escape on Monday night in Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province, before confiscating the drugs. ICE, or crystal methamphetamine, weighs more than 2,000 kilogrammes.
Bangkok Post Probe launched to identify official in B10m bribery clip An investigation into an audio clip of an official who demanded a 10-million-baht bribe from a pork smuggler is underway to identify the official in question, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Capt Thamanat Prompow said.
The Pattaya News Kanchanaburi Woman Dies After Allegedly Drunk Police Officer Hits Her in Car Accident and Tries to Flee At 4:00 PM, on December 3rd, 2023, Tha Muang police officers received an accident report of a pickup truck colliding with a motorbike on Ban Tham-Muang Chum road, Tha Muang, Kanchanaburi. There was one casualty reported.
The Nation Makro given 30 days to explain alleged buying of smuggled pork The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has set a deadline of 30 days for the hypermart chain Makro to explain reports alleging that it has been buying fresh pork from a company whose owners have been arrested on smuggling charges.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 7th:
Two officials from the Medical Life Sciences Institute were arrested on charges of corruption related to the purchase of supplies amounting to 4.3 million baht.
The implicated individuals, a mother serving as the Chief Procurement Officer, and her daughter, who holds the position of Parcel Officer, stand accused of fabricating documents and signatures to orchestrate 44 fraudulent transactions with a private company specializing in the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and scientific equipment.
Additionally, the managing director of the aforementioned company, who is the husband of the Parcel Officer, has also been apprehended as an accomplice in the alleged corruption scheme.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 7th:
Police raided a house in Bangkok that had been manufacturing illegal lotions and shower gels.
One suspect, a 63-year-old named Thitiwat, was arrested at his residence in Thonburi for producing lotions and shower creams without a license.
The police confiscated 83 gallons of foot lotions, 580 shower gel bottles, 73 gallons of bath products, and 2,976 perfume bottles as evidence. The products were being manufactured in plastic basins.
The Nation: Police to summon Chinese TikToker over negative videos on Bangkok Thai police have threatened to take legal action against a Chinese social media idol for saying a Bangkok district famous for its night life is not safe, although they admitted they did not know yet how they would proceed against the woman.
The Pattaya News: Suspected Murderer of Chonburi Woman Arrested A Thai man was arrested in connection to the death of a woman found deceased in the cassava field in the area of Huay Yai, Chonburi province.
Thai PBS World: Baht220m sent by a cold storage company to pork smuggling suspects Officials from the Department of Special Investigation have discovered a cold storage company in Nakhon Pathom province has, in the past two years, transferred about 220 million baht to two suspects, a father and son, currently held in police custody on charges of the illegal importation of frozen pork.
Bangkok Post: 'Loan sharks' arrested for vandalism Members of a loan shark gang who vandalised their debtor's restaurant in Sankhaburi district in this Central Plains province for registering with the government's loan shark scheme have been arrested, police said yesterday.
Bangkok Post: TikTok of cops sparks probe Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang has ordered a probe into a viral TikTok video which shows six military police lining up in front of a van guarding Chinese tourists, saying that a disciplinary punishment must be meted out.
Bangkok Post: Police seize B30m worth of drugs More than 30 million baht worth of illicit drugs were seized from two overseas-bound parcels and two incoming foreign nationals on Tuesday.
Bangkok Post: Nepotism questions raised about police promotions Move Forward Party MP Rangsiman Rome has demanded an explanation about how a police officer who happens to be a nephew of Thaksin Shinawatra’s ex-wife managed to secure the top job with the immigration police at Phuket airport.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 8th:
The police are charging the Chinese TikTok influencer who made a video about Soi Nana for selling goods online without a work permit.
Wang Chue Yu, who holds a visa under the Thailand Privilege Card program, admitted to creating the video but denied attempting to discredit the red-light district. She asserted that her intention was solely to caution female tourists about locations they should avoid visiting alone.
The police investigation revealed that Wang has been selling products online without a work permit, a violation of the Foreigners' Working Management Emergency Decree.
The Immigration Bureau has issued a warning, stating that foreigners who produce content to spread misinformation about Thailand in order to garner likes and shares online could face blacklisting from entering the country.
Opinion: Khaosod: Is Bangkok’s Soi Nana Very Dangerous for Young, Unaccompanied, Good-Looking Chinese Girl at Night? What is more dangerous than being an unaccompanied young Chinese woman and not feeling safe in the Nana nightlife district of Bangkok at 11.30pm? Answer: Doing a video clip to make such a remark and post it on TikTok, only to have Thai immigration police “inviting” you for a talk, declaring you are persona non grata, and blacklisting you.
Asean Now: Perverted abbot accused of sexually assaulting novices and teenage boys Mae Wang Police Station officers forced a perverted Thai abbot to leave his monkhood as they cranked up an investigation after novices and teenage boys accused him of sexually assaulting them. The alleged sexual assaults took place at a well-known temple, which was not named in the report, in the northern province of Chiang Mai.
Bangkok Post: Teachers jailed for sex abuse Four of six teachers and two students accused of being involved in the prolonged sexual abuse of three female students in Mukdahan have been sentenced to life imprisonment, according to Thicha Nanakorn, an adviser to the Child, Youth and Family Foundation.
Bangkok Post: Anti-corruption body plans public hearing on govt's 10k plan The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is planning to hold a public hearing to gauge opinions about the government's handling of its 10,000-baht digital money handout scheme as part of the NACC's monitoring of this controversial project.
The Nation: Olympian Somrak faces allegations of sexual misconduct; claims it is blackmail Olympic-medal-winning boxer, Somrak Kamsing, has found himself embroiled in controversy as he faces allegations of sexual abuse by a 17-year-old.
Thai PBS World: Former boxing champion Somrak denies rape allegation Former Olympic boxing gold medallist Somrak Kamsing has denied charges of sexual assault, filed against him by a 17-year-old girl in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen.
The Nation: Somrak apologises to public but denies sexual abuse charges Olympic-medal-winning boxer Somrak Kamsing turned himself in to Khon Kaen police late on Wednesday night to deny four charges related to alleged sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl early on Sunday.
Thai PBS World: Somrak surrenders to police to answer sexual assault charges Former Olympic boxing gold medallist Somrak Khamsing reported to police in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen late Wednesday night, to acknowledge four charges, including attempted rape, related to a 17-year-old girl.
Thai PBS World: Somrak surrenders to police to answer sexual assault charges Former Olympic boxing gold medallist Somrak Khamsing reported to police in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen late Wednesday night, to acknowledge four charges, including attempted rape, related to a 17-year-old girl.
TPN National: Thai Police Bust Major Meth Smuggling Gang in Mukdahan Region 4 Police successfully intercepted a drug trafficking gang in the province of Mukdahan on Sunday, December 10th, seizing over 600,000 methamphetamine pills. Acting on a tip, Region 4 Police stopped a white Mitsubishi Attrage sedan, registered in Bangkok, on Saturday night.
The Nation: Porsche driver 'punches MP's aide' at Govt House in dispute over money A young man with a famous name drove his Porsche sports car to Government House and allegedly punched an MP's assistant in a dispute over money on Tuesday.
Bangkok Post: 13 killed, 1.7m speed pills found in Chiang Rai Thirteen bodies and about 1.7 million meth pills were found near the border in Mae Fa Luang district of the northernmost province following a shootout with soldiers on Saturday night, according to sources.
Bangkok Post: Soldier kills ex-wife, then himself An army sergeant major shot his former wife dead and then took his own life on Sunday, leaving behind their 14-year-old son and a daughter, 4.
Bangkok Post: Prinn dodges charge of molestation The Criminal Court yesterday acquitted Prinn Panitchpakdi, a former deputy leader of the Democrat Party, in a case in which he was accused of committing an indecent act on a 17-year-old girl in 2018 due to the statute of limitations having expired.
Bangkok Post: Canadian man, Thai wife fatally stabbed by neighbour A Canadian man and his Thai wife were stabbed to death by a neighbour who rented a house next door in Muang district of this northeastern province in the small hours on Friday.
Khaosod: 15 Suspected Drug Smugglers Killed In Clash With Thai Soldiers Near Myanmar Border Fifteen suspected drug smugglers were killed and about 2 million methamphetamine tablets seized in northern Thailand near the Myanmar border after a shootout with Thai soldiers, Thai officials said.
Bangkok Post: Canadian man, Thai wife fatally stabbed by neighbour A Canadian man and his Thai wife were stabbed to death by a neighbour who rented a house next door in Muang district of this northeastern province in the small hours on Friday.
Bangkok Post: Cyber crime police accused of extorting motorist Three policemen have been moved to inactive posts pending an investigation into their alleged extortion of 30,000 baht from a motorist who was behind in his car payments and used fake licence plates.
Bangkok Post: 3 cops face probe over 30k bribe Three policemen have been moved to inactive posts pending an investigation into their alleged extortion of 30,000 baht from a motorist who was behind in his car payments and using fake licence plates.
The Nation: Workers discover rotten human legs in recyclable paper shipment from US Workers at a recycling factory in Chonburi’s Si Racha district found two human legs, decomposed to the bone, inside a shipment of recyclable cardboard paper from the United States.
Khaosod: Several Properties in Chiang Mai Are Confiscated After Being Linked To Chinese Nominees Since the country reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of Chinese investors have entered the Chiang Mai real estate market to build housing projects to meet the demand of the Chinese population. This has led to the emergence of villages in Hang Dong and San Kamphaeng districts where 100 percent of the residents are Chinese. This has also led to a widespread practice of registering companies that are essentially nominee companies.
Khaosod: Cops Arrest 30 Illegal Chinese Workers The illegal migrant workers, all men, were arrested at a public housing construction site in Phuket’s Thalang district, police said. According to police, the suspects entered the country legally but they were not permitted to get employment.
The Nation: Kanchanaburi couple arrested for using fake money in top-up machines Police on Wednesday arrested a married couple who allegedly used fake bills to top up at an automatic kiosk in Kanchanaburi province, causing more than 7,000 baht of damage.
Khaosod reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 21st:
Police & food & drugs authorities raided a warehouse in Chonburi province's muang district on Weds & seized 145 kgs of fake body whitening cream. The goods are being sold online & claims was made your skin will turn white in 3 days.
The Pattaya News: Indian National Overstays for 6 Years, Arrested for Alleged Loan Shark Activities in Nonthaburi On December 20th, 2023, Nonthaburi provincial immigration officers captured an Indian suspect who overstayed 2,366 days in Thailand and allegedly was involved in illegal loan shark activities in Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi.
The Pattaya News: Temple Thief in Sri Racha Makes Off with 200,000 Baht A heartless thief ransacked the donation room of Wat Tapotharam in the Sri Racha district, making off with over 200,000 baht in cash and several gold-framed Buddhist amulets.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 22nd:
A retired Navy rear admiral, a retired Navy captain, and a Taiwanese businessperson were arrested in connection with a murder-for-hire case.
The businessperson, named Fong (last name withheld by authorities), allegedly hired the retired Navy officers to kill his adopted son, but the murder did not occur.
The Navy rear admiral, Prakaiphruek (last name withheld by authorities), serves as a consultant at Fong's company, while the Navy captain, named Tewaraj (last name withheld by authorities), was intended to be the triggerman. Tewaraj was also implicated in the murder of a 32-year-old police sergeant in Mae Sot in 2006.
The murder plot was thwarted when the intended triggerman had a change of heart before informing the victim about the plot involving his stepfather. Subsequently, the victim reported the plan to the police, leading to today's arrests.
Thai PBS World: Two former naval officers, Taiwanese national arrested on murder charges Two retired naval officers were arrested in Bangkok this morning by Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police on murder charges, in connection with the death of a Taiwanese national.
The Nation: Crimes and shadows flourish among social media A series of events in 2023 shook the very world of many Thais, from the discovery of a female serial killer to a 14-year-old boy rampantly shooting down innocent bystanders in Bangkok's most visited mall.
Bangkok Post: Taxi driver stole B1m watch from drunk Japanese passenger A 44-year-old taxi driver was arrested on Monday morning for allegedly driving around for hours waiting for a drunk Japanese passenger to doze off, and then stealing his million baht wristwatch.
Bangkok Post: Local drug addict kills police officer A policeman was killed while trying to subdue a drug addict undergoing a psychotic episode in That Phanom district on Sunday.
Thai PBS World: 'Uncle Pol' goes from hero to villain in Nong Chompoo's death Once idolized as a hero, the man known to millions as Uncle Pol of Ban Kokkork fell into disgrace this year when he was sentenced to 20 years in jail over the death of his three-year-old niece.
Khaosod: A Russian Man Is Arrested at Phuket Airport in an Attempted Murder Case Mr. Alexander, a 53-year-old Russian, was arrested as a suspect in the attempted murder of 44-year-old Russian Dmitry Aleynikov.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on December 28th:
Thirty-three Thai women were arrested for working illegally in Taiwan, some of whom had overstayed for an extended period, according to a report by China Times.
The arrests occurred at a venue on Zhonghua Road in Taipei's Shi-men Ting District. The basement venue was originally a restaurant converted into a bar, where Thai women provided drinking services and, at times, engaged in prostitution.
The Thai women, mostly in their 20s with tourist visas, were apprehended alongside the venue owner, three staff members, and 21 customers on December 26. The Thai women were fined for violations of immigration law and subsequently deported.
Thai PBS World: Human smuggling investigation on Phuket expands Police on the island province of Phuket have expanded their investigation into human smuggling activities, after rounding up some 28 Chinese nationals who exploited tourist visas to work at a construction site.
The Thaiger: Former prison officer arrested for stealing 3 million baht from inmates A former prison officer was arrested for stealing about 3 million baht from more than 1,000 inmates after evading arrest for 10 years.
Thai PBS World: Prosecutors reject police case file on Siam Paragon shooting Public prosecutors have decided to return the case file of the 14-year-old suspect in the Siam Paragon shooting on October 3rd to the police, on the grounds that the police enquiry was unlawful, because it was carried out without waiting for the youth's mental health assessment from the Galya Rajanagarindra Institute.
Thai PBS World: 2023's top stories: Trail of cyanide leads to country's first suspected female serial killer The woman nicknamed "Am Cyanide" by Thai media made headlines in 2023 as Thailand's first suspected female serial killer after police uncovered evidence that more than a dozen of her close acquaintances had died in mysterious circumstances.
Thai PBS World: Injured Ratsadon protesters to get 300,000 baht compensation from police On Thursday, the Civil Court ordered the Royal Thai Police to pay about 300,000 baht in compensation to pro-democracy Ratsadon protesters who were physically injured during the police crackdown in front of parliament on November 17th, 2020.
Khaosod: Pol. Lt. Is Charged With Killing A Businessman On The Motorway A police lieutenant was detained at the Wang Thonglang Police Station. after being charged with murder for shooting a 30-year-old businessman to death on the Chalong Rat motorway in Bangkok on December 30.
Bangkok Post: Police officer held in expressway slaying A police officer has been arrested after a businessman was shot to death on an expressway in Wang Thonglang district of Bangkok late Friday night.
Thai PBS World: Police officer arrested for allegedly killing businessman on Bangkok toll way A police officer was arrested today, at a rented apartment in Nakhon Pathom province, after he allegedly shot and killed a businessman on the Chalong Rat expressway in Bangkok's Wang Thong Lang district on Friday night.
Bangkok Post: Two petrol station workers slain in Nakhon Phanom Two employees of a petrol station were shot dead late Friday night in their workplace, where police found all 13 closed-circuit television cameras unplugged.
The Nation: Central Investigation Bureau lists Thailand’s top 10 crimes of 2023 The crackdown on a gang that helped students cheat to get into a school for police non-commissioned officers was named the top crime of 2023.
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