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Let's talk about Brexit
Let's talk about Brexit
It is a disgrace how England's political establishment ignores the will of the voters. A real tragedy for democracy!
The people voted
Let's talk about Brexit
The people also voted against the 'opinion makers' in the 'united' media. Bravo!
Does America have anything better to offer than Trump?
Does America have anything better to offer than Trump?
No! It only has flabby cocks like Clintons, Obamas & Co.
Where your Money goes
Where your Money goes
You are allowed to laugh Updated
Drawing by Rae Lambert
Drawing by Rae Lambert
Pattaya City Hall announced a project to push Chon Buri and Pattaya to be a city of contemporary art and culture that will enhance the image of the city and promote tourism in the future.
It's just another Family Affair: Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem is the older brother of Itthiphol Kunploem, the former Mayor of Pattaya and, at the time of writing, Thailand's Minister of Culture.
Contemporary Art in Pattaya
What the Kunploem Family obviously understands as 'contemporary art' can already be admired today at carefully selected locations on Pattaya's Streets.
You are allowed to laugh again
Sompong Chingduang
The head of Thailand's Immigration, Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang, has urged his subordinates at the beginning of this month not to be too harsh on foreign tourists and to show more humanity and compassion. Thailand needs the tourists and their money, he said and added that Immigration Officials should obey government guidelines and laws, but not act overzealously ...
Pattaya's newest Street Art
Pattaya's newest Street Art
Most drivers of vehicles as well as our Police ignore Pattaya's latest Street Art installed all over Pattaya City.
Hurry to enjoy it. In a few weeks the sun will make these works of art completely invisible. And be aware: The use is at one's own risk. The artworks are not even illuminated.
myLady™ even claims that it is nothing else but a job creation for good friends. Because under these circumstances, these creations are completely useless.
December Activities
Asian Championships 2019
Wonderfruit Festival
Don't miss the Christmas Eve Party on Pattaya's #1 Party Street
Pattaya Countdown 2020
Warning: Dengue Fever Updated
Dengue Fever
Is Humanity becoming more and more stupid?
Is humanity becoming more and more stupid?
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