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Pattaya International Pigeon Race
10th – 12th January 2020
Jet Ski & Speed Boat Competition
Windsurfing Championships
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year January 25th, 2020
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January 25th: Chinese New Year entertainment
Beach Football Cup
You are allowed to laugh too
Newly painted zebra crossings in Pattaya
We almost died laughing when Pattaya City Hall announced that it will be focusing on zebra crossings and pedestrian safety as a priority in Pattaya in 2020.
During the past few weeks our lovely City Boys let repainting existing pedestrian crossings and added some new ones. City Hall also claims that it repaired non functional lights, what's mostly fake news. Walk on Pattaya Beach Road or look at the Second Road/South Road crossing. There you can see out-of-order signal lights since many months - nobody cares!
City Hall claims too, that it stationed traffic police during peak times at crosswalks across the city, especially at local schools. Another fake news. Please observe the lively Second Road/South Road crossing during evening hours. The traffic police pick out foreign motorcycle drivers instead of stopping the traffic for the hordes of (mostly chinese) tourists trying to cross the streets to reach their busses. They still have to run for their lifes between motorbikes, cars, Baht busses and miniVans. Police don't care pedestrians!
City Hall has warned drivers that it is Thai law to give right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks and that enforcement will be increased city wide. It's true, but fact is that our lovely Police ignore the law since many years!
Pattaya Mail reports that even Pattaya's own police officers are ignoring the red lights and are claiming that they need a better system!
Pedestrian traffic lights have proven themselves all over the world. The statement of Pattaya's police shows once again how stupid these people are.
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