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Chonburi's Godfather
Somchai Khunploem, the Godfather of Chonburi
The Five Leaders
Jiraphorn Kunplome
Narongchai Kunplome
Wittaya Khunplome
Sontaya Khunpleum
Itthiphol Kunplome
All are offsprings of
Somchai Khunploem
the Godfather of Chonburi.
Khunploem, Khunpleum, Khunplome, Kunplome or even Khun-preum - it's the same family but translated differently.
Same as Jomtien, Jom Tien or Chomthian, Pattaya, Phatthaya and Patthaya.
It's the Thai way to keep simple things complicated - at least for foreigners.
Narongchai Kunplome
Narongchai Kunplome
Narongchai Kunplome is the Managing Director of the Five Leader Group and the Executive Director of Bangsaen Beach Resort, Bangsaen Beach Villas, Bangsaen Heritage (formerly known as S.S. Bangsaen Beach) and The Tide Resort.
The company also has an additional 60 Rai of land which will be used to build 50-100 bungalows in a pool villa style. These are expected to be priced at about 30-50 million baht and Narongchai Kunplome believe it will be a hit with foreigners.
Update: February 8th, 2015
Like Godfather, like son, published by Bangkok Post.
Jiraphorn Kunplome
Jiraphorn Kunplome
Jiraphorn Kunplome is the President of the Bangsaenmahanakorn Property Company and the Director of Bangsaenmahanakorn Housing Development.
The company owns 54 Rai of land in Bangsaen and build over 100 houses for the 'middle class' with a budget of 500 million baht.
Jiraphorn Kunplome is also one of the two executives of Thalay 66 Co., Ltd. (also known as Sixty Six Condominium Pattaya).
Bangsaenmahanakorn Village is also owned by the Kunplome family. It has 202 units spread on a 94 rai of land. The project costed more than 1'000 million baht to build.
On November 29th, 2011, the Criminal Court fined her of 15 million Baht because she didn't bring her father to listen to the judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of hiring others to kill 'Kamnan Yoon'.
Wittaya Khunplome
Wittaya Khunplome
Wittaya Khunplome, head of the Chonburi Administration Organisation. At the time of writing he is also the Chairman of the Chonburi FC Football Club and of the Chonburi Football Association.
Sontaya Khunpleum
Sontaya Khunpleum
Sontaya Khunpleum
From 2001 to 2002 Sontaya was Minister of Science and Technology. From 2002 to 2005 he acted as Minister of Tourism and Sports. Since November 2012 he is Thailand's Culture Minister.
As an executive member of the Thai Rak Thai Party, he has been banned from politics for five years since the Supreme Tribunal dissolved the party in May 2007.
At the time of writing Sontaya Kunplome is also the president of Pattaya United F.C.
Sukumol Kunplome
Sukumol Kunplome
Sukumol Kunplome, is Sontaya Khunpleum's wife and was Thailand's Culture Minister until her husband replaced her during November 2012.
Itthiphol Kunplome
Itthiphol Kunplome
Itthiphol Kunplome, the Mayor of Pattaya.
The Wikipedia page publishing information about his education was removed.
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Godfather of Chonburi behind Bars!
Thailand's Crime Suppression Division arrested fugitive father of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome!
On January 30th, 2013, Thailand's Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested the fugutive father of Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome.
Thailand's Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) ordered a secret operation to capture Somchai Khunploem after receiving tip-offs.
The arrest was the culmination of a top-secret police operation spanning more than two months.
People believed the former Mayor of Saen Suk municipality had taken shelter in Cambodia, but rumours said that he had returned to Chonburi.
The secret operation was launched after Chonburi Police showed no signs to arrest the gangster.
Somchai Khunploem, better known as Kamnan Poh, was sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison on March 12th, 2012, for hiring a gunman to murder Prayoon Sitthichoke, alias Kamnan Yoon, the head of tambon Samet in Muang district of Chonburi province, at a wedding in March 2003.
On June 21, 2004, the Criminal Court sentenced him for the same offence. The Appeals Court on Oct 12, 2006, upheld the judgement.
Please click for Bangkok Post
The front page of Bangkok Post from January 31st, 2013, shows in the blue column the Godfather's rap list. Too long for one page...
Somchai was earlier found guilty by the Chonburi Court of graft over the purchase of a 140-rai block of land valued at 93 million Baht in Bang Lamung district, Chonburi, by Pattaya City between 1992 and 1993 for use as a rubbish landfill.
Somchai Khunploem fled in 2006 shortly after the Appeals Court's verdict.
The Arrest of the Godfather
The highly secret operation started during the early morning hours on January 30th, 2013.
The Police followed Somchai Khunploem's black Lexus RX270 SUV from his home in Chonburi to the Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok. At about 10:00 Somchai left the hospital in the same vehicle. When he was heading back to Chonburi, a 10-man Police team arrested him at Lat Krabang's toll gate.
Somchai was accompanied by two persons (later updated to three persons). One was Ms Walai Kwanjit, identified as a female doctor, the second one was Winai Ponpaipal (or Vinai Phonphaipharn), the chief of tambon Samet and the successor of the murdered Kamnan Yoon. The third person was Mr. Prasong Charoenpol, allegedly the driver of the SUV.
Lexus RX270 SUV
The arrested gangster was travelling in a Lexus RX270
Mr Winai confirmed he had taken Somchai to the hospital as the fugitive had health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
The Police found six rounds of bullets and a large amount of medicine, but no firearms. The medicine was prescribed to a Mr. Kim sae Tang. Somchai later admitted to the court that he and Kim were the same person. Mr Winai said that the bullets belonged to him. Therefore he was charged with possession of ammunition.
Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital already said that neither Somchai Khunploem nor Kim sae Tang were registered as patients.
The Police sent Somchai to the Bangkok Remand Prison, where he received a 30-minute health check-up. Later he will be sent to the Bang Kwang Prison. The Bangkok Remand Prison is used to detain inmates serving no more than 15 years.
Somchai's relatives (!) informed the prison officials about the gangster's health conditions.
The Family of the Godfather
Somchai Khunploem has served as one of the leading figures in Thailand's political and criminal spheres.
Somchai's strong power base in Chonburi province had earned him the nicknames Godfather of the East and Godfather of Chonburi.
Somchai Khunploem has four sons and one daughter, all in influential positions.
Itthiphol Kunplome is the Mayor of Pattaya. It is interesting that all information about Itthiphol Kunplome or Ittiphol Kunplome or Itthiphol Kunpluem or Ittiphol Kkunpluem disappeard from Wikipedia. Obviously the page published incorrect information about his education.
Wittaya Khunplome manages the Chonburi Administration Organisation and is in charge for most of Pattaya's larger festivities. He controls an annual budget of US$5 billion.
Narongchai Khunploem is the Mayor of Saensuk Municipality as well as the Managing Director of the Five Leader Group and the Executive Director of Bangsaen Beach Resort, Bangsaen Beach Villas, S.S. Bangsaen Beach and The Tide Resort.
Sontaya Khunpleum is Thailand's Minister of Culture. During November 2012 he replaced Culture Minister Sukamol Kunplome, a former beauty queen and Sontaya's wife. He stated that he has the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by Mrs. Sukamol. She had to took the post until a political ban on her husband had been lifted.
On March 19th, 2013, Sontaya Khunpleum has been elected new leader of the Phalang Chon Party. He is replacing Chao Maneewong, the former leader, who has resigned. The party's general assembly was celebrated by about 400 members at a hotel in Bang Saen (!) in Chonburi province.
The party was founded during April 2011 by Sontaya Khunpleum's family. It's name, Phalang Chon (Force of Chonburi), reflects the Khunploem family's stronghold of Chonburi province.
Jiraphorn Kunplome is the President of the Bangsaenmahanakorn Property Company and Director of Bangsaenmahanakorn Housing Development and Thalay 66 Co., Ltd. (also known as Sixty Six Condominium Pattaya).
Sontaya told the court he did not known that his father was in the country...
In the night from January 30th to January 31st 75-year old Somchai Khunploem was admitted to the Corrections Department's hospital. His illness flared up, a report says.
Police and the Medical Council have indicated that no action will be taken against officials and the hospital. Those who sheltered him had no ill intention because they showed gratitude to Somchai, Pol Maj Gen Supisarn Bhakdinarinath, chief of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), said.
Pol Lt Gen Winai Thongson, chief of the Provincial Police Region 2, said police in his office's jurisdiction had no evidence that Somchai was in Chonburi and therefore he will not set up a panel to probe Chonburi police for possible dereliction of duty.
Police have faced difficulties in doing their work in Chonburi as Somchai is an influential man in the region, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) commissioner Pol Lt Gen Pongpat Chaiyaphan said.
About 10 people living in a house named Ban Saen Suk in Chonburi's Muang district are believed to have sheltered Somchai. The suspects include Somchai's sons and daughters. The car which Somchai travelled in belongs to Winai Phonphaipharn, a Kamnan (subdistrict headman usually chosen or elected among the village elders) of tambon Samet in Chonburi's Muang district.
National police chief Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew said that those who provided shelter to Somchai and those who helped him escape arrest must be questioned. Kamnan Poh's family abetted his evasion, Police said.
The Chief of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), Pol Maj Gen Supisarn Bhakdinarinath, said he has given the investigators from CSD 15 days to gather evidence before deciding whether police will take action on those who helped Somchai by illegally giving him shelter while a fugitive from the law.
Somchai's family has applied for a transfer of the criminal to a prison in Chonburi. They are citing the inconvence of travelling from Chonburi to visit him in Bangkok. The province also was his hometown, they said.
The combined assets of the Khunploem and Sancharoen families (the family of Somchai's wife) were estimated on four billion Baht in 2004. On March 31st, 2009, Thailand's Civil Court ordered the seizure of 11 million Baht worth of assets of Somchai Khunploem and his son Wittaya Khunplome.
When Kamnan Poh was residing in Cambodia, he crossed the border each year on his birthday to celebrate on Thai soil with his family and friends, with business partners, government officials, members of parliament and other important figures. There was never an attempt to arrest the Godfather. The Khunploem family is the absolute power in Chonburi province. Therefore many local media simply ignored the arrest of the(ir) criminal Godfather.
Pol Col Nirand Namsuwan, chief of CSD Sub-Division 2 and head of the investigation into how Somchai evaded arrest, said on February 3rd several people were believed to have illegally provided Somchai shelter at his Chonburi home. According to Sorasit Jongjaroen, chief of Bangkok Remand Prison, Somchai is still being treated at the Corrections Department hospital for clogged blood vessels in the brain and respiratory problems.
On February 4th, 2013, an ambulance transfered criminal Somchai Khunploem to the provincial prison of his hometown. The transfer from Bangkok to Chonburi happened on a request by one of his sons, Culture Minister Sonthaya Khunploem, and was approved by the director-general of the Corrections Department.
10 minutes after arriving at the prison, Amnart Prachyaphan, director of Chonburi Central Prison, decided that the gangster was too weak for the prison.
The prison's doctors found the gangster had difficulty breathing and was suffering from high blood pressure. The prison decided to refer him to a VIP room on the 8th floor of the hospital for urgent treatment, as the prison had a duty to save Somchai's life, Amnart Prachyaphan said.
At about 12:45, only minutes after reaching his new accommodation, Witthaya and Narongchai Khunploem arrived at the hospital with a group of local politicians to welcome the gangster.
The Corrections Department had the authority to approve the transfer of a prisoner, Criminal Court president Thawee Prachuablarb said. It seems he forget very fast what he said earlier to the press: Prisoners serving more than 20 years would usually not be eligible for a transfer and would be jailed in Bangkwang Central Prison, which has the highest security.
On February 5th Culture Minister Sonthaya Khunploem said that the transfer of his father from Bangkok to Chonburi prison and his rapid admission to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment were within the rights of a prisoner as allowed by the law. His father is now under the care of doctors. He has the right to medical treatment when he is sick, the Minister said. He also said that nobody knew how his father had travelled in and out of the country. As a son, he felt duty bound to take care of his father. Apart from the right to medical treatment, his father also has the right to seek a royal pardon, Sonthaya Khunploem said.
Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung denied Somchai Khunploem had been given privileges. Everything had been carried out according to Corrections Department regulations. The regulations include the right of an inmate to seek a transfer to a prison in his home province, Chalerm Yubamrung said.
On February 6th the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) said it will question six people next week on whether they provided shelter and assistance to convicted murderer and former fugitive Somchai Khunploem.
The director, the registrar and the security chief of Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital would be summoned because Police assume Somchai was registered at the hospital under the false name of Kim Sae Tang. Police also will question Vinai Ponpaiparn, 50, the Kamnan of tambon Samet of Chonburi's Muang district, Somchai's personal doctor, a woman, and the driver of the Lexus, the CSD director said.
CSD commander Pol Maj-Gen Supisal Pakdinaruenart added that those listed on the domicile registration of house No 3 in tambon Saensuk of Chonburi's Muang district would also being checked to see if they were involved in the provided shelter.
Update February 15th, 2013: Ms Walai Kwanjit, once entitled as the Godfather's female doctor, now downgraded to a nurse as well as Mr Vinai and Mr Prasong, they all told the investigating Police they were unaware Somchai was back in Thailand until they received a call that day to accompany the criminal to the Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok.
Update February 19th, 2013: The investigation team says it needs another 15 days to wrap up the investigation. According to Crime Suppression Division (CSD) chief Pol Maj Gen Supisarn Phakdinaruenart they had not received information from Samitivej Srinakarind Hospital. Officers sought a search warrant from the Criminal Court for Somchai's medical records and the facts behind his fake name, Kim Sae Tang, but the court rejected the warrant request...
Update March 7th, 2013: Thailand's Corrections Department says convicted murderer Somchai Khunploem can stay at Chon Buri Hospital indefinitely for health reasons. The gangster fainted in a toilet at the hospital a few days ago. Therefore doctors have sought to prolong his stay there indefinitely. According to Kobkiat Kasivivat, deputy director-general of the Corrections Department, Chon Buri Prison has deployed warders in front of the patient's room - and they are there around the clock! According to Amnart Prachyaphan, governor of Chon Buri prison, doctors at the hospital predict that returning Somchai to prison would compound his heart disease...
Update March 31st, 2015: The convicted Godfather of Chon Buri is among 178'000 prisoners whose sentences have been reduced or ended under a royal pardon issued by His Majesty the King to mark Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's 60th birthday on April 2, 2015. Somchai Khunploem, aka Kamnan Poh, has five years and eight months deducted from his 30-year-plus sentence. He was sentenced to 25 years for masterminding the murder of his political rival Prayoon Sitthichoke, the village chief of tambon Samet in Chon Buri's Muang district, at a wedding reception in March 2003. He was also given a jail term of five years and four months for corruption involving the 1992 sale of a site in Khao Maikaew forest reserve for use as a garbage dump.
Update October 13th, 2015: Somchai Khunploem, the Father of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and better known as Kamnan Poh and God Father of Chon Buri, has been moved from Chon Buri Hospital back to the Corrections Department's hospital in Bangkok, Bangkok Post reports.
The Operation
Pol Lt Gen Pongpat Chayaphant, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) commander, authorised Pol Col Athip Thaennil during December 2012 to lead a top secret operation to bring Kamnan Poh to justice.
Pol Col Athip formed an undercover team of 30 officers and divided the team into 10 units. The units not only observed Chonburi, but most areas at the province, including crossing points on the Thai-Cambodian border.
At the end of December the gathered information showed that the fugitive hadn't fled the country (as reported by his family) and was still living in his old home.
The investigators learned that Somchai regularly travelled to Bangkok to receive medication for nose cancer and high blood pressure at the Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok.
On January 30th, 2013, undercover officers followed Kamnan Poh's black Lexus and arrested the criminal as he left the hospital. First information, released by Thailand's Crime Suppression Division (CSD), said that the black Lexus belongs to Winai Phonphaipharn, the Kamnan of tambon Samet. Perhabs we never will know the true...
The Curriculum Vitae of the Godfather
Somchai Khunploem was born September 30th, 1937, in Chonburi as the son of a village headman, and was the second of eight siblings.
At the time when Somchai Khunploem had to go to school, people did not give much importance to education. More often than not, Somchai decided not go. Chonburi's Godfather dropped out of school after Grade 4.
Somchai's first job was as a bus boy on the Bang Saen-Chonburi route. He later managed to acquire a vehicle and got a bus service operator himself. His business only lasted a year.
Before entering into the monkhood, Somchai spent two years as a helper on a fishing boat. A stint in the military soon followed.
After completing his military service at an age of 21, he returned home and shortly afterwards married Satil, a beauty from his Bang Saen neighbourhood.
Their first son, Sontaya, was born in 1963.
Somchai returned to the fishing industry. His life changed forever when he bumped into a French tourist on holiday in Bang Saen. The well-connected Frenchman later invited Somchai to run a commercial fishing business in Cambodia.
In 1966, at age of 29, Somchai was elected headman of tambon Saen Suk, a sub-district of Bang Saen.
He used his influence to mobilise 14 boats for the venture with the Frenchman.
Later he expanded to the building sector and established his company Bang Saen Maha Nakhon. He also opened a liquor distributor and broadened his economic empire to several other industries.
The rapid rise of his business and influence later spilled over into other provincial districts. In that time Chonburi was known for its high number of gangsters and mafia members.
Remembering that time Somchai said 'being a nak-leng [gangster] was not unusual. There used to be around 30 bridges in the province and each was controlled by three different nak-leng. Torture and killing were commonplace'.
In 1976, Somchai moved up the village governance ladder when he was elected Kamnan of tambon Saen Suk. His fast-rising influence prompted the now-defunct Social Action party to enlist him as its key canvasser for a general election. Eventually, he helped former finance minister Boonchu Rojanasathien win a House seat in Chonburi.
In 1995, he joined the Thai Nation Party and was often contracted with government procurements under the premiership of Thai Nation leader Banharn Silpa-archa.
A few years ago Somchai reflected the good deeds he had done for Chonburi's voters over the past 30 years. Yes, he helped two of his children, Wittaya and Ittipol, to get elected Chonburi MPs...
Somchai Khumploem marked his 77th birthday with big Party
Jailed crime boss Somchai Khumploem marked his 77th birthday with a big party on September 30th, 2014.
A crowed turned up at the residence of the Khunploem family and were welcomed by Somchai's wife, Mrs Satil, his sons Sonthaya Khunploem, Witthaya and Itthipol, as well as Mrs Sukumol, Sonthaya's wife.
Please click here to read the full report published by Bangkok Post.
The Killing of Pattaya Mayor's former Driver
We recommend that Thailand's Crime Suppression Division (CSD), the investigating police unit, should have a closer look into the killing of Pattaya Mayor's former driver too.
The mysterious killing happened on Saturday, December 8th, 2012, between 03:30 and 04:00 in front of the Netureza North Pattaya project, near the bridge #1 on the side of the road Chaipornvithee (Soi Nong Preu) Moo 12 Tambon Nong Preu, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi province.
A gunman shot Itthiphol Kunplome's former diver three times.
Kamol Supatsaksakul, 44, died later in the hospital.
He lost his job when Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome began driving himself...
Same Same - but still very different
In many cases Influent and/or Rich people are handled with kid gloves, as the above and the following examples show:
September 4th, 2013:
On September 3rd, 2012, Vorayuth Yoovidhy, the grandson of Red Bull energy drink founder Chaleo Yoovidhya, was driving his Ferrari on Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 47 at high speed and hit Pol Snr Sgt Maj Wichian Klanprasert's motorcycle. The policeman's body was dragged about 200 metres along the road.
Mr. Vorayuth allegedly fled the scene and was arrested several hours later at his home on Sukhumvit Soi 53.
On August 26th, 2013, Thailand's Public Prosecutors postponed for the fifth time the indictment of Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya, explaining that the suspect was unwell and the investigation incomplete.
Mr. Vorayuth's lawyers lodged a request with prosecutors asking for an adjournment of his client's indictment to September 2nd at 10:00, saying Mr. Vorayuth was sick. He submitted Mr. Vorayuth's medical certificate along with his request.
On September 2nd, Vorayuth Yoovidhy didn't show off.
The statute of limitations for the speeding charge against Mr. Vorayuth expired on Sept 3, 2013.
It was Vorayuth Yoovidhy's sixth no-show since facing charges in connection with the hit-and-run on Sept 3 last year.
On August 29th the 28-year old suspect, nicknamed Boss, left Thailand unmolested for a business trip to Singapore, said his lawyer. He was unable to travel back to hear the charges against him.
He showed reporters a medical certificate issued by a Singapore clinic on Sunday that said Vorayuth was unwell and was advised to rest for one or two days.
Vorayuth Yoovidhya has no intention or cause to flee but he really can't be here today because he became suddenly ill, the defence lawyer said...
Nevertheless, Vorayuth Yoovidhya still faces charges of causing death by reckless driving and not stopping to help, which carry a maximum sentence of 10 years. Pol Col Samrit Ketyaem, an investigator at Thong Lor police station, said they expected to issue an arrest warrant by September 3rd and would then forward a copy of the warrant to the Immigration Police. Once the arrest warrant is out, the police would then be able to arrange to have the suspect extradited to Thailand.
Any ordinary suspect would have been indicted long ago, human rights lawyer Warin Thiamjaras said. I believe this suspect intends to jump bail. He won't mind if the bail surety is confiscated, even if it costs him 20 million baht, as it really is nothing to a person as wealthy as him. We cannot blame anyone for the way things are other than those senior officials who fail to maintain justice. It's an act of systematic double standards, he added.
Vorayuth Yoovidhy's family was ranked fourth richest in Thailand this year by Forbes magazine with a net worth of $US7.8 billion. The family also co-owns the sole authorised importer of Ferrari cars in Thailand.
Update: September 24th, 2013:
Because Vorayuth Yoovidhy is a rich man's child Thailand's Police still are not taking any action and allowed the wealthy man's son take a flight to watch an F1 race in Singapore and return to Thailand as if nothing has happened, claims Chuwit Kamolvisit, the leader of the Rak Thailand Party.
Almost all my friend already switched from Red Bull to Carabao's energy drink.
Itthiphol Kunplome, how will we understanding with the increasing series of Chinese tourists?
We have volunteers who can pronounce a Chinese denunciation during military stations and some information centres, as good as during a call centre service. We reason meetings with debate agents to informthem to advise their Chinese business about Thai culture, cleanliness and environmental issues. In a large picture, a conditions is going well, as Chinese tourists many mostly transport in a organisation with a bound report and guides.
What are your skeleton to urge traveller safety?
Tourist reserve is a tip priority. We have implemented closed-circuit cameras and some-more lights along vital streets and beach areas. We work with military groups in Chon Buri and Pattaya City, as good as a traveller military and immigration police, to launch a Mr Care Khun (Care For You) proffer group. It consists of policemen, and Thai and unfamiliar volunteers, whose avocation is to unit swarming traveller areas to offer assistance. They have spontaneous and accessible uniforms — a splendid orange polo shirt and yellowish-brown shorts. We have about 400 volunteers who work around a clock. Since a devise was kicked off final December, we have perceived certain feedback from tourists.
How have we attempted to solve a jet ski scam?
We have introduced a database complement to register a names of all jet ski use operators in Pattaya. It can assistance revoke a numbers of scams. We will have a new law to force operators to have word for any let jet ski. We work with a Marine Department, that already revised a ministerial regulations to change a standing of a jet ski from sports apparatus to a vehicle, so it can be authorised for first-class insurance. The Marine Department already submitted a revised law to a Judicial Office. We trust that a jet ski fraud will be solved within a subsequent dual months.
How are we handling a mafia problem in Pattaya?
There is no mafia these days. we have been Pattaya mayor for a past 7 years, and we trust that mafia's participation has left from a city. Problems now tend to be business conflicts in that unfamiliar brokers or agents have cheated people who are shopping or offering property, land or condominium units. There are many justice cases associated to these kind of tricksters, and we have enforced a law to conduct a problem.
Do we meant there is no mafia officially?
I truly endorse that there is no mafia. Some people competence be fearful that they competence come opposite a mafia while spending time in Pattaya. we am certain a mafia no longer exists. We recently hold meetings with confidence army and they gave a clarification of mafia as people who try to extract income from others or internal gangsters. These kind of people no longer exist in Pattaya, though we know it has had a disastrous impact on a tourism industry.
How are we handling coastal erosion?
We have worked with a Marine Department, that set aside 430 million baht to refill silt on all beaches in Pattaya. Work on a devise will start soon. We have also asked for a silt refill during Jomtien Beach in Bang Saen. Within is and subsequent year, we will see a lot of changes on a beaches.
What does Pattaya City do per a inhabitant beach clean-up campaign?
We have launched campaigns to control prices ofbeach chairs, umbrellas and food offering along a beaches. We also announced a Big Cleaning Day in January. Every Wednesday, all beaches in Pattaya contingency be transparent of beach chairs and umbrellas. Service providers have been auxiliary well. They have helped us collect adult spawn a beach. The Big Cleaning Day is not a proxy project; it is a city's law that will enforced from now on. We have also accept certain feedback from tourists, who tell us that a beaches now demeanour some-more beautiful.
Can we give us an refurbish on a swell of a Pattaya monorail project?
The project's plans has been completed. But construction will not flog off until a supervision approves a high-speed sight joining Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya. The monorail devise will be value a investment when it can couple with a high-speed train. The devise is in a city's growth devise to solve trade overload in Pattaya in a long-term, maybe within a subsequent 6 years. For a three-year short-term plan, Pattaya will have bypass tunnels on Sukhumvit Road during Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai intersections. When a devise is finished, a highway will demeanour like Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok.
Can we elaborate on a devise to foster Pattaya as a sports destination?
The Ministry of Tourism and Sports wants to foster Pattaya as a sports destination. The Sports Authority of Thailand will support a bill for us to build a sports formidable this year. The formidable can be used for hosting impassioned sports events such as BMX and skateboarding competitions. We already hosted annual general golf and tennis tournaments during a commencement of this year and will organize other events, including a King's Cup Jet Ski World Cup Grand Prix, nearby a finish of any year. Sports is one of a magnets that attracts tourists to Pattaya.
How most does a traveller attention beget in Pattaya?
We design to have 75 billion to 80 billion baht from tourists this year. The figure is estimated by a normal spending of one caller per trip, during about 10,000 baht. On average, people spend about 3 days in Pattaya. We wish them to stay longer, during slightest 4 nights. We devise to have a new tourism debate and events to foster some-more attractions so they can stay with us longer. We will also launch Pattaya tourism packages with special discounts and endorsed routes by Pattaya City Hall that deliver places to revisit and dine, that lets a visitors suffer some-more of Pattaya.
Can we suggest one place to revisit in Pattaya?
I suggest Koh Lan. Its inlet is as pleasing as Koh Chang and Koh Kut in Trat, though a island is not nonetheless widely famous among general tourists.
What is your favourite vacation destination?
I like a beach. If we have to select other places rather than Pattaya, we would go to Koh Chang or Koh Kut. we also like creation merits and profitable honour to Buddha images during temples in Ayutthaya and visiting famous temples in Chachoengsao and Rayong.
The Interview above is a reprint of an article published by Bangkok Post Lifestyle on March 22nd, 2015.
Pattaya a Green World Class Resort?
Outgoing Pattaya Mayor
Ittiphol Khunpleum praises his Governorship
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome
On June 16th the governorship of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome ended.
Therefore he took the opportunity on June 10th to speech to public officials and private-sector groups.
He claimed that his economic goal was to make Pattaya a city of opportunity that attracts both foreign tourists and investors.
During his term, Pattaya has become a benefit to society with 37 local volunteer groups coordinating with police and authorities to support issues on a 24-hour basis year-round, the former Mayor said and added that Pattaya has become a true green tourism destination with natural attractions such as the beach, mangrove forests and clean public areas.
The former Mayor claims that he managed Pattaya in accordance with HM the King's sufficiency economy principles.
He concluded his speech saying that Pattaya will provide a bright future for all.
He forget to mention that most - if not all - of his projects failed and that both of his terms were a gigantic waste of taxpayers money:
Please click here for a list of some of the projects Itthiphol Khunplome initiated.
PS.: Former Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome has been re-elected president of the Windsurfing Association of Thailand.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome's council leave office before completing promised Makro U-turn
Please read the report published by Pattaya Mail.
Pattaya now in the Hands of Thailand's Military
To replace outgoing Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome Thailand's Military Junta appointed a committee of twelve members, with Mr. Chanatpong Sriviset taking over as acting Mayor.
Let's wait and see if this committee does a better job...
The Legacy of Ittiphol Khunpleum
Paying homage to HM the late King
Former Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Khunpleum entered the monkhood
Former Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Khunpleum entered the monkhood
To pay homage to His Majesty the late King of Thailand, former Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Khunpleum entered the monkhood in Bangsaen for for one single month, Pattaya Mail reported on November 25th, 2016.
In the meantime Pattaya's citiziens and tourists still has to live with the legacy of this man and his family.