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Same Same - but still very different
In many cases Influent and/or Rich people are handled with kid gloves, as the following example shows:
September 4th, 2013:
On September 3rd, 2012, Vorayuth Yoovidhy, the grandson of Red Bull energy drink founder Chaleo Yoovidhya, was driving his Ferrari on Bangkok's Sukhumvit Soi 47 at high speed and hit Pol Snr Sgt Maj Wichian Klanprasert's motorcycle. The policeman's body was dragged about 200 metres along the road.
Mr. Vorayuth allegedly fled the scene and was arrested several hours later at his home on Sukhumvit Soi 53.
On August 26th, 2013, Thailand's Public Prosecutors postponed for the fifth time the indictment of Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya, explaining that the suspect was unwell and the investigation incomplete.
Mr. Vorayuth's lawyers lodged a request with prosecutors asking for an adjournment of his client's indictment to September 2nd at 10:00, saying Mr. Vorayuth was sick. He submitted Mr. Vorayuth's medical certificate along with his request.
On September 2nd, Vorayuth Yoovidhy didn't show off.
The statute of limitations for the speeding charge against Mr. Vorayuth expired on Sept 3, 2013.
It was Vorayuth Yoovidhy's sixth no-show since facing charges in connection with the hit-and-run on Sept 3 last year.
On August 29th the 28-year old suspect, nicknamed Boss, left Thailand unmolested for a business trip to Singapore, said his lawyer. He was unable to travel back to hear the charges against him.
He showed reporters a medical certificate issued by a Singapore clinic on Sunday that said Vorayuth was unwell and was advised to rest for one or two days.
Vorayuth Yoovidhya has no intention or cause to flee but he really can't be here today because he became suddenly ill, the defence lawyer said...
Nevertheless, Vorayuth Yoovidhya still faces charges of causing death by reckless driving and not stopping to help, which carry a maximum sentence of 10 years. Pol Col Samrit Ketyaem, an investigator at Thong Lor police station, said they expected to issue an arrest warrant by September 3rd and would then forward a copy of the warrant to the Immigration Police. Once the arrest warrant is out, the police would then be able to arrange to have the suspect extradited to Thailand.
Any ordinary suspect would have been indicted long ago, human rights lawyer Warin Thiamjaras said. I believe this suspect intends to jump bail. He won't mind if the bail surety is confiscated, even if it costs him 20 million baht, as it really is nothing to a person as wealthy as him. We cannot blame anyone for the way things are other than those senior officials who fail to maintain justice. It's an act of systematic double standards, he added.
Vorayuth Yoovidhy's family was ranked fourth richest in Thailand this year by Forbes magazine with a net worth of $US7.8 billion. The family also co-owns the sole authorised importer of Ferrari cars in Thailand.
Update: September 24th, 2013:
Because Vorayuth Yoovidhy is a rich man's child Thailand's Police still are not taking any action and allowed the wealthy man's son take a flight to watch an F1 race in Singapore and return to Thailand as if nothing has happened, claims Chuwit Kamolvisit, the leader of the Rak Thailand Party.
Almost all my friend already switched from Red Bull to Carabao's energy drink.
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