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Nothing learned
During August 2015 then Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and his Pattaya City Hall started a 270-million-Baht facelift on Jomtien Beach.
City Hall's Officials claimed that in about two years time Jomtien's Beach area will look a lot better than it looked before the beautification.
For some inexplicable reason Pattaya appointed Nong Nooch Land and Garden Design Co. to carry out the work. The company already is responsible for the disastrous Pattaya Beach Beautification.
And for sure, the nightmare became a reality: The first rain already destroyed a large part of Jomtien's 'restored' beach.
All photos taken on July 17th, 2016.
myLady™ explains
I asked myLady™ why Thai people are so stupid and don't like to work with real professionals?
This is her answer:
You are wrong: Thai people aren't stupid.
Just after birth our parents tell us that Thai people aren't ordinary people. They stay above all other nationalities.
Later in the school(s) our teachers tell us the same, as do Thailand's television channels, newspapers and universities all over the country.
But let me explain it the way even farangs can understand the facts:
Look at Soi Arounotai.
The road has a few holes. Every time a hole is deep enough our Mayor calls the responsible department. They order the people to close the hole. A few weeks later, the hole opens again and our mayor restart the procedure. Month after month, year after year.
Everybody has some work and the Boss as well as the Mayor make some good money.
Your Westener think you are more intelligent. After the hole emerge a second time you start thinking until you find a solution and then you will fix the problem for eternity.
You think you are more intelligent than Thais?
You are wrong!
Look at the facts:
Belgium's Unemployment Rate is 8.5%
Neederland's Unemployment Rate is 8.7%
Italy's Unemployment Rate is 12%
Spain's Unemployment Rate is 26%
Greece's Unemployment Rate is 27%
And Thailand?
We have an Unemployment Rate of 0.8%!
Thai people never have to think! They already know the best solution for every single problem!
Knowing = SAP or ZAP in Thai language
Only stupid people have to think before they start to work.
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Nothing Learned.
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On July 5th, 2016, Pattaya's new top Traffic Cop Pol. Lt. Col. Wasuwat Chotechuang said that parking must be tightened up everywhere. Violators have to be prosecuted and possibly have their driving licenses revoked, he promised. Simply blah-blah. The pictures above are the proof that nothing happens.