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Before Investing
Before investing in any country make shure that:
You get 100% control of all your investments.
You get 100% control of your company.
You can own house and ground on your name.
Intellectual property rights are secure.
You don't have to deal with corrupt officials.
Otherwise do not invest - or you will loose...
Spike from Pattaya Days has been looking for a house to purchase.
Read his blog before you buy!
You will learn that almost nobody in this country is interested in his or her job.
He or her doesn't know anything about the goods he or her sells.
People in this country are interested in money only and in playing with their mobile phone(s).
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Thai Law
As a matter of Thai Law, foreigners are prohibited from owning land in Thailand, but it is permissible for foreigners to lease land in Thailand for up to 30 years.
However, such a lease must be registered with the Land Department.
More about Property Ownership in Thailand.
Doing Businesses
Piya Sosothikul, executive director of Thailand's Seacon Group, claims that Foreigners doing businesses in Myanmar should not believe everything they hear, especially if it sounds too good to be true.
Risk management should be one of the top priorities of foreign business players, as they will confront many risks when dealing with business practices in that country.
Risks include living standards, the cost of living faced by foreigners, food, social unrest, political instability and religious conflict.
According to Mr. Piya there is not even a trademark law yet.
Replace Myanmar by Thailand and you have the perfect warning for starting a business in this country.
A House in Thailand
Thai House
Cool Thai House is an Expat Builders' Guide to building your own house in Thailand. There are pictures of building projects in the gallery and an expert construction forum. Expats helping expats in this non commercial site.
Get informed about Thailand construction processes and potential rip-offs before you build!
from the Experiences of Others!
Information added on March 5th 2013:
Click here and learn from the experiences of others!
Read this first!
Do not invest in Thailand
Since about two decades we are warning our readers not to invest in Thailand.
If you don't trust the recommendation of the Nobodies from Switzerland you should read the report published by BBC (London) at least before spending any money in this country.
The report shows that Police and Lawyers in the Kingdom have no ethics at all. Thailand's law enforcement officers don't do their job properly. They are corrupt and/or incompetent.
Enjoy the beauty of Thailand, its sun, its food and its fun, but keep your wallet closed.
How to loose
How to loose 14 million Baht in Pattaya
Pattaya one shows how you can loose your money if you believe in the words of a village headman and buy some land from him.
We warn our readers since many years to be very careful in investing your hard earned money in this country.
Spike writes
November 13th, 2013
It's easy to complain about a lack of craftsmanship in Thailand. Pass any half-cocked building site and you will not see much evidence of artisans in residence. But then you stumble upon places that remind you that there are craftsmen working here; they are just not involved in building your condo which may never be finished and will fall to pieces within a year if it is.
Click here to read the story
EIA certificated!
Certificated for what?
Information added on February 27th 2013:
EIA approved
On many advertisements from Condominiums you can see this or a similar sign, tellling you that the project is EIA approved or EIA certificated.
What does it mean?
In Thailand EIA stands for Environment Impact Assessment.
Certain projects or businesses in Thailand require an environment impact assessment (EIA). The certificate doesn't ensure a sound financing or a high quality of a building or project. It refers to the formal process only used to predict the environmental consequences of a proposed project such as a new condominium or resort development.
Thailand's EIA has no connection to the EIAs known as Environmental Investigation Agency or the U.S. based Energy Information Administration.
Not worth the Paper
EIA and EHIA studies
Thailand's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Environment and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) studies are carried out with such outdated frameworks and laws that they fail to provide locals with the right to protect and preserve their natural resources as is guaranteed by the constitution.
Projects that pass the EIA and EHIA studies still end up destroying the environment and endangering their communities.
70% of about 4'000 projects with EIA approval have no reports of monitoring subsequent impacts, which means they did not proceed with any mitigation plans required by the EIA and EHIA studies.
EIA and EHIA certificats at not even worth the paper they are written on...
Information added on February 27th, 2014
Solar water disinfection, also known as SODIS, is a method of disinfecting water using only sunlight and plastic PET bottles.
Exposure to sunlight has been shown to deactivate diarrhea-causing organisms in polluted drinking water. Three effects of solar radiation are believed to contribute to the inactivation of pathogenic organisms:
UV-A interferes directly with the metabolism and destroys cell structures of bacteria.
UV-A (wavelength 320-400 nm) reacts with oxygen dissolved in the water and produces highly reactive forms of oxygen (oxygen free radicals and hydrogen peroxides), that are believed to also damage pathogens.
Infrared radiation heats the water. If the water temperatures rises above 50ºC, the disinfection process is three times faster.
At a water temperature of about 30ºC, a threshold solar radiation intensity of at least 500 W/m2 (all spectral light) is required for about 5 hours for SODIS to be efficient. This dose contains energy of 555 Wh/m2 in the range of UV-A and violet light, 350 nm-450 nm, corresponding to about 6 hours of mid-latitude (European) midday summer sunshine.
Use colourless, transparent PET water or pop bottles (2 litre or smaller size) only with few surface scratches.
To improve oxygen saturation, bottles can be filled three quarters, shaken for 20 seconds (with the cap on), then filled completely and recapped.
Filled bottles have to be exposed to the sun. Bottles will heat faster and to higher temperatures if they are placed on a sloped sun-facing corrugated metal roof as compared to thatched roofs.
The treated water can be consumed directly from the bottle or poured into clean drinking cups. The risk of re-contamination is minimized if the water is stored in the bottles. Refilling and storage in other containers increases the risk of contamination.
The effectiveness of the SODIS was first discovered by Professor Aftim Acra at the American University of Beirut in the early 1980s.
Substantial follow-up research was conducted by the research groups of Martin Wegelin at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and Dr Kevin McGuigan at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Settling down in Pattaya
Settling down in Pattaya
Be warned:
Don't get fooled!
85 Baht/Day?
150 Baht/day?
599 Baht/day?
Right: At Naklua I could spot a luxury Horn Thew colony asking a monthly rent of about 10'000 Baht/unit.
At the time of editing this page,
Pattaya's Property Market
is facing a huge oversupply.
Therefore marketing experts have to look out for new arguments to attract possible customers.
The latest idea is to propagate their condos with, at least in our view, offers based on incomplete calculations.
The 85 Baht/day advertisment above attracted almost all of my friends.
The offer is based on a 30 sq.m. apartment with a selling price of 976'784 Baht, not including the transfer fee, electric and water meter insurance and instalation. A sinking fund of 200 Baht/sq.m. is also excluded.
To get the attractive 85 Baht/day offer the marketing experts used the 10% Down Payment sum of 97'684 Baht only, in 25 monthly installments, for their calculation. Not included in the calculation are the 5'000 Baht deposit, the 30'000 Baht contract payment, the remaining 844'106 Baht you have to pay cash or via a loan and the monthly 600 Baht 'common expenses' (20 Baht/sq.m.).
If you calculate the 'rent' on an all included basis, the 30 sq.m. apartment will cost you at least 8'875 Baht/month (10-year amortization) - or 296 Baht/day.
That's about three times the amount I have to pay for my 60 sq.m. Horn Thew in Pattaya.
Horn Thew
Horn Thews are some kind of small town houses, mostly at ground level. At newer locations you even can park your car or motorcycle in front of your 'house'.
The monthly rent for a Horn Thew in Pattaya is between 2'000 and 4'500 Baht (excluding water & electricity).
Luxury Horn Thews

Before you buy any condo keep in mind that Thai citizens can buy 64 - 80 sq.m. town houses for as little as 800'000 Baht - even in Pattaya!
Almost all buildings in Pattaya, small and big ones, town houses and condominiums, are built using 7 cm 'strong' walls (bricks or Ytong-blocks). They transmit not only every vibration from a fixed ventilator or a speaker system but almost every other kind of noise into your room.
These walls also transfer every single sunbeam into heat.
Placing plants or trees in front of the walls can help to reduce the heat significantly. At a condo this is almost impossible. You have to live with an air-conditioner.
Air-conditioner are cheap to buy, but they use a lot of electricity - between 2'000 and 6'000 Baht a month at a small apartment!
My average electricity bill is between 400 and 500 Baht a month. About 150 Baht/month I have to pay for water, including the about 20 liters my plants are asking for every day. Cable TV costs another 200 Baht/month.
Renting a Horn Thew, I don't have to climb staircases and I don't have to walk through dark and dirty corridors. In your country it takes a few hours only to replace a faulty neon lamp, in Thailand it needs a few days or weeks - assumed you can contact the housemaster...

Be Careful
Unfinished Condominium in Jomtien
Unfinished Condominium in Jomtien
Unfinished Condominiums in Jomtien...
These pictures show what can happen if you invest in unfished projects. All these building were announced in big letters as 'sound financed and sound investments'. The owners also advertised 'Construction already started'. Yes, the construction started and even ended, but never finished.
All buildings on prime locations on Jomtien Beach Road...
Unfinished Condominium in Jomtien
Information added on January 31th 2013:
You can lose a lot of money in Pattaya!
Advertisement 2010
Announced 2010 with a big Showroom at CentralFestival and a bunch of sexy girls!
Advertisement 2010
Announced February 2013 in the Internet: Completion: Dec 2012!
Advertisement 2010
The reality: February 20th 2013!
Advertisement 2010
The building site looks about the same since about 2 years. The trumped investors now try to get their money back.
Advertisement 2010
And that's the information from their Website!

Be careful: Never invest in an unfinished project - no matter how beautiful the website(s) and/or showroom(s) are.
Information added on March 1st 2016:
Unfinished Condo Project to sell in Jomtien
Unfinished Condo Project to sell in Jomtien
Pacific Bay Condominium stopped
The widely announced Pacific Bay Pattaya, located on Jomtien Second Road, has been stopped by its promoter, the well-known Nova Group.
The showroom, the land as well as the plans of the condominium are on the block.
We are warning the readers of this site since many years not to invest in unfinished projects.
Unfinished Condo Project to sell in Jomtien
Unfinished Condo Project to sell in Jomtien
Information added on February 20th 2013:
A Condominium for 999 Baht/Month?
All along Pattaya's Second Road you can see this advertisement for a newly planed condominum on Pattaya's 2nd Road, located near the APEX Hotel.
The ads are written in Thai or English, but on both we miss an explanation for the marks.
On the mentioned Website we couldn't find an explanation concerning the '*'!
Moreover the Website is describing the 2nd Road project in Thai only...
A Condominium for 999 Baht/Month?
The developper gracefully forget to explain the marks on the advertisement as well as on its website...

No comment!
No comment!

Built on 25 km?
Not 999 Baht but 999'000 Baht, but really big: Developed on 25km? No! It should read 25'000 sqm...
Pattaya's Condominiums are too Expensive!
Information added on January 31th 2013:
Think before buying!
During September 2012 a well-known architect from Switzerland visited Pattaya. His intention was to relax on the Beach of Pattaya.
But after spending the fist day on Pattaya's dirty and noisy beach he decided to stay at the swimming pool of his hotel and to rent a motorcycle to explore Pattaya's surroundings.
During his tours on the bike Pattaya's many old, new, unfinished or simply announced Condominiums attracted his attention and he decided spontaneously to inspect some newly finished and some older ones. Obviousily an 'occupational disease', he told me.
His observation: Not one single condominium he inspected is worth the money the sellers were asking for!
The quality of the used material and the quality of the work are well below international standards. Most of the walls are between 50 and 75mm 'strong' and provide almost no isolation. Doors and windows never closed completely. Running air conditioners under this circumstances will get extremly expensive!
The included furniture too were of mediocre quality only. Some even had a veneer made from paper! After a few cleanings it will dissolve itself! Almost all the fittings at kitchen and bath rooms were installed by fumblers.
Not one of the visited condominiums had a emergency power generator, not even for the elevators. In many of the inspected condominiums the security systems didn't work correctly.
Maintenance too seems to be a 'foreign word' in this part of the world. In a few years only a new condominium degenerates to a dark, neglected and dirty place with corridors having the charm of a (western) jail...
Paying 1 million Baht (or more) for such a 30-35sqm flat is 'daylight robbery', he told me. For the same price, or even less, Thais can buy a small town house. They don't get a better quality home but about 100sqm living space and a property they don't have to share with other people.
Condominiums on Jomtien's Second Road.

Before you buy a flat in a condominium do not forget to check if it provides some space for waste disposal. A nearby Soi is perfect and very convenient. It gives you the feeling to live in or above a slum area. The stench is priceless - and adds some extra value to your property!
Luxury always had its Price - Glamour too!
If both come together it gets expensive: A 23 sqm apartment for 2.4 million Baht!
Horn Thew in Pattaya
Horn Thew in Pattaya
This drawing shows a typical Horn Thew in Pattaya.
There are a lot smaller ones, but also some larger ones on the market.
Check if your Horn Thew has windows or even doors on the front as well as on the back.
It is a comfortable and cheap feature for airing the house, a feature you will miss in almost every condominium.
Horn Thew is a Thai notation and means Room with Roof.
Similarity: What we know as Baht Bus (Pattaya Taxi) is a Rot Thew in Thai: Car with Roof.
Thailand's unteachable Architects
Dangerous Stairs
During March, I looked with a colleague at a large number of condominiums, shophouses and one & multi-storey detached houses.
We noticed that the stairs in most buildings are much too steep and the steps much too short. In simple words: Too dangerous to use!
Sensitized, we also took a closer look at the stairs in the shopping centers - and to our surprise - they were also wrongly dimensioned in most cases.
Even in the new Terminal 21, we found completely fatically dimensioned staircases in the entrance areas.
Actually completely incomprehensible, since the calculation formula for safe and comfortable staircases was developed and presented by Engineer and Mathematician Francois Blondel as early as 1675. It is still valid all over the world, except in Thailand. Here the formula is obviously ignored both by the architects and by the responsible authorities. A shame!
How to Calculate Staircase Dimensions and Designs.
Apartments and Townhouses in Pattaya
Apartments in Pattaya
Keep your eyes open and you can find reputable offers...
Do you still want to buy or rent a condo in a high rise building?
Do you still want to buy or rent a condo in a high rise building?
Do you still want to buy or rent a condo in a high rise building?
Do you still want to buy or rent a condo in a high rise building?
Residence Certificate
As a holder of a Retirement Visa you can apply for a Residence Certificate.
It allows you to get your Thai Driving Licence, to buy a Motorcycle or a Car or to open a Bank Account on your very own name.
Driving Licenses
Thai Driving Licenses
For those remaining in Thailand for an extended period, we advise to apply for a Thai license.
Separate licenses are required for cars and motorcycles.
Your first license(s) will expire after one year, then you can get a five year licence, but you must specify that during the application.
For the first application you need:
Your international drive license.
Two recent photographs.
A health certificate.
Passport with current NON IMMIGRATION Visa.
A letter from Chonburi Immigration (Jomtien) certifying your home address in Thailand.
Pattaya Immigration
For latest information please check the Chonburi Immigration Website or the website of Thailand's Immigration Police.
Think before you buy!
It takes only a few days to buy a condo, a house or a business here in Pattaya, but it can take month or even years to sell the so called bargain!
Read First
20 Years without Water
Before you do any investment here in Thailand read this.
Try it:
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To be continued...
We will update this page as soon as we get new information.
Please come back to check the latest news.
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