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Skilled Workforce?
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
The Senator gracefully forget to mention too that the output by one Singaporean is equal to that of eight (!!!!!!!!) Thai workers (Thailand's Labor Minister Phaithoon Kaeothong on August 27th, 2009).
An European Investor told me: 'Thailand is the most preferable country for everybody interested in a lazy lifestyle - but if your company needs well educated people, a skilled and motivated workforce resulting in high productivity, then you have to invest your money elsewhere.'
No Skills!
Thailand's problem is that workers have no skills wanted by manufacturers, Thailand's Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said on Wednesday July 4th 2012.
Don't think
September 4th 2013:
Thais don't know to think!
In 2012 the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) revealed that Thai students are not good at thinking.
The latest report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) supports the finding: It ranked Thai education bottom out of eight Asean countries surveyed.
Therefore it's no surprise that Thailand's Education Minister Chaturon Chaisaeng felt stunned because of the very low ranking: He got his education in this country too!
Ignoring Safety
Thailand has not been very serious about safety standards, Industry Minister Pongsvas Svasti said on Wednesday July 4th 2012.
Motorcycle riders don't even wear helmets here and there's a long way to go to educate people about safety standards, the Minister added.
Train Disaster
Derailed Train
The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) announced that it will suspend train services between Uttaradit's Sila At and Chiang Mai stations for six weeks.
The track closure will take effect from September 16th until October 31st, 2013.
The SRT will arrange bus services for passengers between Sila At and Chiang Mai stations, a journey of about 300 kilometres.
The State Railway of Thailand noted 13 (!!!) derailments along the northern route this year until it decided to do some maintenance works.
Update September 7th:
A 14th derailment happened at Bangkok's Talat Phlu station today. Two passengers were injured.
Thailand's railway services are in a disasterous state.
Nevertheless the country decided it has to have high speed train services.
With the same understanding of the term 'maintenance' a deadly decision.
No Change please!
Nelson Mandela said:
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Bangkok's Elite don't like to change the world - not even the country...
Educated Leader?
Payungsak Chartsuthipol, the chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), said on November 11th 2010 that Thai government and Thailand's automobile industries must join forces if Thailand is to maintain its status as the region's leader in vehicle manufacturing.
It seems the man doesn't know what he is speaking about: China produced 13.79 million vehicles during 2009 and Japan 7.93 million, but Thailand will (probably) reach 1.7 million cars only in 2010 and a projected 1.8 million in 2011.
Ill-informed, stupid or a case of megalomania?
Seen at Carrefour
Do you speak Carrefour?
Do you speak Carrefour?
Published October 2010
Back to School!
Back to School!
The advertisers from Swensen's do not know the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Let's hope they know the difference between a foul and a goal...
Published June 2010
Educated Workforce
No Joke!
A neighbour asked me last night, why Chelsea and Liverpool don't play during the World Cup games...
No Joke!

Published June 2010
South Road
Skilled Work Force
Just another work of Thailand's skilled work force': In the middle of a sidewalk at South Pattaya Road.
Published August 2009
Thai Workforce
Quality made in Thailand.
Quality made in Thailand
AlcatraZ opened on December 2nd 2010. Until today its signs never worked perfectly.
Almost every night another part of its impressive lighting strip fails.
Published December 2010
Educated Workforce
Skilled Workforce?
Hight Quality made in Tailant or High Quality made in Thailand?
Published January 2011
Educated Workforce
Skilled Workforce?
Seen on Ovaltine bag:
Tear Hear or tear here??
Published January 2011
Business in Pattaya
It's an old tradition all over Asia, in Thailand and especially in Pattaya to do business with close friends only.
No matter if they know what they do - or not.
Cable TV
Since 1998 my TV set is connected to Pattaya's Cable network, known as Sophon TV.
Sophon TV claims to be Pattaya's #1 providing over 60 different TV Channels.
From the 60 Channels you can use about 40 only, the remaining simply show to much grain.
During rainy times, just when you have time to stay at home and enjoy a TV session, Sophon TV shows its flaws: With almost every heavy rain the whole TV network collapse. The TV screen remains empty. In all that years the company promised to fix the problem - but nothing ever happened.
It seems that Thailand's highly skilled professionals are not capable to learn from their mistakes or are simpy not interested to improve a flimsy installation as long as they can collect money from an imperfect product.
Published May 2011
E.coli in Thailand?
False Alarm
On June 09 Thailand's Public Health Ministry announced it had found the deadly e.coli in avocados imported from Spain.
It was a false alarm: The bacteria found in Thailand are harmless.
On June 11 the same people told the press, they found the E.coli bacteria in cabbage imported from Europe.
But German officials said they are now confident that sprouts grown at a farm in the north of the country are the source of the highly virulent strain of bacteria.
Published June 2011
Thailand's army has more than 200 helicopters but fewer than half of them are ready to fly.
Last month Thailand's army lost three helicopters and 17 people in crashes.
During the past 10 years Thailand's army lost more than 20 aircraft in similar accidents.
Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha quickly shot down speculation that the three choppers went down because they were poorly maintained.
However, he did admit that the army's helicopter fleet is old and the army does not have enough money to keep them in shape.
The Army's Aviation Centre is located in Lop Buri. It takes 'care' of of 240 choppers but only about 90-100 are airworthy.
The army says the tight budget is the problem but it is known that the army often shifted the maintenance budget to purchasing.
Therefore some of the grounded helicopters are carcasses: They have been taken apart and left for three to 10 years.
Gen Prayuth declared 2011 will be the year of weapons. He would push for the purchase of 30 more helicopters.
On August 12th the army's controversial 350 million baht surveillance airship had to made an emergency landing because of problems with its propellers.
During the emergency landing the airship's propellers and engine hit the ground and the bottom part of the craft was partially damaged.
The army would have to pay for the repair costs. The airship's insurance expired on July 23. US-based Arial International Corporation, the supplier of the craft, has refused to extend its warranty...
Published August 2011
Maintenance Problems
The regional Tsunami Warning System that Thailand put in place six years ago isn't working anymore, the chairman of the National Disaster Warning Administration says. Even some of the warning towers don't work, he added.
Last Sunday, December 25th, big waves hit the eastern coast of Thailand, flooding many houses, and there were no warnings of that storm...
Published December 2011
Safety concerns
An unoccupied room was destroyed at an apartment complex in Jomtien on December 26th 2011.
Fire Fighters made their way to the room on the 12th floor of View Talay 8 but soon encountered a problem as the dry riser inlet valve appeared not to have a water supply.
This should be of serious concern to other residents at View Talay 8 and other owners of condos in the city.
Published December 2011
Road repairs
We are anything but a Skilled Workforce
The workers from Nine Engineering Department had to go back to Second Road to redo repairs to drain covers.
Floods of motorists and bikers complained about uneven pavement and drains that didn't lie flat on the pavement.
Pattaya's workers are known for their flimsy street repairs all over our beautifully ruined city.
A spokesperson from the department said that 'we are very busy, fixing three or four road problems a day. We urge the public to be patient in waiting for street repairs'.
The result: After the repair the road is as bumpy as before...
Published July 2012
The work of Thailand's highly skilled workforce
Pattaya's Skilled Workforce
Wasting Money
Pattaya's CCTV system is out of order!
In 2004 City Hall invested more than 55 million Baht to install 237 CCTV cameras on Pattaya Beach and at other 'important tourism areas' in Pattaya.
Today 85% of Pattaya's CCTV system is out of order, nevertheless City Hall is preparing to assemble a 60-million baht budget for additional installments of another 200 CCTV cameras...
The repair of the current CCTV system will cost the city another 15 million Baht.
CCTV system vendors must have good sales persons - or very good connections.
Published June 2009
Too Fast?
Pattaya's Fine Weather Hospital
Pattaya's new Hospital on Soi Buakhaow
A few weeks ago Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay from Pattaya City Hall said that 'the 177.1 million Baht Hospital on Soi Buakhaow is now 90 percent finished and the final touches are being placed sooner than anticipated'.
Last weeks' rainfalls showed an 'unexpected' problem: Part of the new hospital got flooded.
It seems that City Hall has forgotten to informe Thailand's highly skilled architects that Pattaya, as the rest of Thailand, faces a 6 months long rainy season.
Thailand's highly educated Elite simply can't know everything...
Published November 2010
Pattaya's Highly Skilled Workforce
The Work of Pattaya's highly Skilled Workforce!
The work of Pattaya's highly skilled workforce and not of Pattaya's latest flooding. No attempt to repair since more than 3 years...
Published November 2010
On December 31 2009, many Baht Busses cruised completely overloaded on Pattaya's main streets. Dangerous for all, for the passengers as well as the other road users.
Published January 2010
Official Scam
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Bali Hai Pier, now also known as 'Pattaya Port' already needs an expensive restoration. A few years ago Pattaya's taxpayers had to pay many millions of Baht for this stuporous work.
Published December 2009
Pattaya's Highly Educated Workforce
Joking - or simply stupid - officials?
Joking or simply stupid officials?
The first sign tells Turn Left Through, the second warns you Turn Left Waiting Light! Seen on 3rd Road/Central Road intersection.
Joking or simply stupid officials: The sign is back!

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. They should be based on the United Nations Organisation Protocol. Most civilized contries are using it. But Pattaya's 'highly educated' officials ignore all standards to show the world their own stupidity.
Update #1: This page was just 2 (two) days online, when the second sign was removed...
Update #2: Since December 4th the removed sign is back and is partly covering the first one, but all drivers are ignoring the information, even if traffic police is controlling the lights.
This is Pattaya.

Published December 2010
It's Working

Pattaya's new Sound & Light Show!
Pattaya's new Traffic Lights for Pedestrians are switched on.
It's a perfect Sound & Light Show!
And the show is simply overwhelming.
I watched a taxi driver at Mike Shopping Mall on Beach Road. He pushed the button again and again.
He didn't want to cross the street.
He simply couldn't believe it.
I like it! It's Pattaya's most amazing toy! You can't see any police, but most drivers stop their vehicles! I can't believe it!, he told me.
Pattaya City Hall installed 42 Pedestrian crossings in and around the world famous Pedestrian City of Pattaya, Thailand's unique Beach Resort.
Be warned: As said before, many cars stop, but not Pattaya's notorious motorcycle drivers. Dangerous!
A Bad Design and therefore just another waste of money.
During the last few days we tested some of Pattaya's new traffic lights and as expected, the new pedestrian lights are a Light & Sound Show only, nothing else! Blinking and peeping 24 hours a day.
Some did work on October 27th only, the first day of our tests.
On November 3rd we tested 10 installations on Pattaya's Beach Road. Not one single installation was working as expected!
About half of them were blinking in yellow only, indicating that they aren't ready to protect pedestrian.
The other half had a constant green light, indicating the traffic that there are no pedestrian allowed to cross the street.
Giant knobPushing the giant knobs didn't start any action, not even at the traffic light in front of Mike Shopping Mall. This sign was working on October 27th, but it was disclosing a blatant design flaw: If you pressed the button, there was no immediate indication that the terminal was working. After pressing the button you had to wait about another 15 seconds until the display started to count down the seconds...
On November 5th & November 6th a few of Beach Road's new signs worked again, but without immediate indication if the terminal is working - and the drivers apparently don't like to stop anymore!
The traffic light on Beach Road, in front of Soi 9's Police Station, shines in green during 24hrs. You can push the button whole the day: Nothing happens.
At a working sign on 3rd Road a driver parked his car on the Zebra crossing just when we could start to cross the street...
It seems like a good friend of somebody at City Hall did the design and the installation - and not a real professional. Adjustments for the timing of the traffic light circuits are made by simple trimmers, not by software, not even by binary switches. It needs 3 people to change the timing of an installation!
But according to Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem the lights will be coordinated by a citywide computerized traffic management system - in the future...
We recommend not use the Zebra crossings. It's simply too dangerous. The yellow and especially the green lights indicate the drivers that it's safe for them to push down the accelerator - and so they do!
We recommend City Hall to shut down the lights immediately! At least until the constructing company can guarantee a faultlessly function of all installed traffic lights.
All drivers are ingoring the red lights!
The lights are on red, but Baht Busses, Taxis and almost all other vehicle drivers are ignoring the signals. For eating, drinking or looking the world's most stupid soap operas, time doesn't count for Thais. But when driving a car or a motorcycle, then they save every single second! That's Pattaya!
Update: On November 23rd we discovered that the designer of Pattaya's new traffic lights added a new 'show' to some Pedestrian crossings: The green lights for the pedestrian first start to count up, before they count down the remaining seconds. The display shows 5-6-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 !
It seems the company can't fix a problem without adding a new one...

Published November 2010
New Configuration
New Configuration
Pattaya's new Traffic Light is joking road users on 3rd Road at the entry to Carrefour and nobody shuts it down...
Update: On December 8th, just a day after we published this picture the signal was shut down. It seems this 'high-tech' company doesn't provide any replacement modules to keep a signal running...
Published December 2010
Pattaya is creating its very own trafic signs
Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem:
Pattaya is a special administrative zone...
Pattaya: One way sign
Pattaya's One Way Sign on Walking Street: Wrong colors! Red means prohibited, even in Thailand.

Thailand's official One Way Sign looks like this:
Thailand: One way sign
International One Way Signs:
International: One way sign   International: One way sign
International: One way sign

Just another example of stupidity created by Pattaya's highly skilled workforce...
Published December 2010
Thai Professionals
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Installation made by Thai Professionals at the entry to Pattaya's Walking Street.
Published November 2010
Amazing Thai Professionals
Warning: Underground cable
Warning on Pattaya Beach Promenade.

Cables without warning.
Cables without warning. On Pattaya Beach Promenade too.

Published November 2010
The Result of 'Skilled Thai Work Force'
Made by Skilled Thai Work Force
A few weeks ago 'Skilled Thai Work Force' gave Soi Chaiyapoon a new surface. After a few rainy days the Soi presents as bumpy as during the last 20 years.
Made by Skilled Thai Work Force

Published September 2009
Thailand's Workforce
Beautiful new Bungalow Hotel in Eastern Thailand
Beautiful - until you are confronted with the details...
Made by Thailand's Workforce
Made by Thailand's Workforce
Made by Thailand's Workforce
Do you call this a quality installation?
The tap is placed incorrectly: You can't really wash your hands. It had enough of space, but a highly skilled Thai Professional did the installation...
Published June 2011
Back to School!
Calculating at Tesco Lotus
Calculating at Tesco Lotus North Pattaya
5490 - 3990 = 1000!
Calculating at Tesco Lotus North Pattaya
3990 - 2690 = 1100!

Published September 2011
Menu or not?
Menu or not?
Photo taken at a venue in South Pattaya that believes to be a 'Délice' French Pastry and Restaurant.

Published December 2011
Disorganized Pattaya City Hall?
City Hall forgot to announce its Countdown 2012!
Pattaya City Hall forgot to announce its Countdown 2012! (December 21st 2011)
Pattaya City Hall forgot to announce its Countdown 2012! (December 21st 2011)
City Hall claims that Pattaya is a well organized Resort, but on its website City Hall forgot to announce the famous Pattaya Countdown 2012.
Since many years Pattaya City Hall is known for its last minute announcements.
It seems the responsible people do not have the slightest idea how to run a international tourist destination.
According to our information, the Pattaya Countdown 2012 is jointly organized by Pattaya City Hall (managed by Itthiphol Kunplome), the Chonburi Administration Organisation (managed by Itthiphol Kunplome's brother Wittaya Khunplome) and former Sports and Tourism Minister Sontaya Kunplome (the Mayor's elder brother) with a total budget of around 12.5 million Baht. The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) is 'ignoring' the event until today (December 21st) too! Amazing: TAT is a co-organizer of the event. According to the (dis-)organizers, the Grand Pattaya Countdown is a new highlight in Thailand's (obviously non existing) Tourism Calendar. As far as we know, Itthiphol Kunplome's father Somchai Kunplome isn't involved in the planing of the event. He is still hiding himself in Cambodia. Thailand's Police is hunting him for corruption, an implicated murder, and a few other offences.

Published December 2011
Useless Map
Chonburi's Provincial Administration Organization provides almost useless maps!
Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization
Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization
Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization
No real information
but a lot of advertisements.
The Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization, managed by the brother of Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, is installing maps all over Pattaya.
The maps just show Beach Road, 2nd Road and 3rd Road and a lot of advertisements, but not the many Sois inbetween the streets.
The map is obviously made to collect money from advertisers but not for providing real information for potential users.
Some information are even wrong:
McDonald's fastfood outlet on the map published above is in front of Pattaya's International Hospital - and not after the hospital, as shown on the map.

Published December 2011
The City's latest Joke?
We have enough of water, but...
The rapid increase in population from evacuees fleeing to Banglamung from inundated areas stretched the local water-distribution system beyond its limits, Srit Osaneejarukjit from the Provincial Waterworks Authority says. Therefore many homes and businesses suffered low water pressure or complete shortages. PWA's Pattaya branch manager insists that Pattaya has more than enough water.
The problem is to bring the water to the people...
The long-term solution is the installation of wider pipes to bring more water to those on elevations higher than sea level(!). However those pipes will not be laid until next year. The spokesman said there is little that can be done and simply offered an apology to those affected.

As usual myLady™ has another view: The Provincial Waterworks Authority gives the privat water distributors a chance to sell their waters to the homes affected by the shortages. Small gifts will keep the friendship - or something like that...

Published December 2011
Safety? What's that?
Safety first in Pattaya
Safety first in Pattaya
Safety first in Pattaya

Published June 2012
To be continued...
Pattaya Beach
Bay Watchers
The work of a Skilled Workforce?
Installed a few month ago, never used, but already sloped.
Published November 2010
Thai Workforce
No idea how to serve perfectly!
In its Food Fever show Pattaya Channel presented one of Pattaya's top Seafood restaurants.
The perfectly dressed waiters apparently served excellent Thai and Western food to the presenters of the show.
Unfortunately the waiters had not the slightest idea how to serve the cocktails and the foods adequately.
Not one single course was served correctly.
Published September 2011
No maintenance
LED Light Show
No maintenance
Since many weeks City Hall's Solar powered LED Light Show on Pattaya's 1st Road, also known as Beach Road, doesn't work correctly anymore.
City Hall will never learn that such applications need some maintenance, especially if they are Made in Thailand.
Published October 2010
Electrical Installations
Fire on Walking Street and at BigC Center
Fire on Walking Street
On Friday morning, August 27th, a fire gutted the well-known Timeout Ice Cream Shop on Walking Street. The blaze had most likely started from an electrical short circuit. The venue reopened during December 2009 after a complete renovation.
On August 26th at about 23:30 the Pattaya fire brigade was called to the BigC Shopping Center in North Pattaya.
The fire began on the fourth floor and it took firemen almost two hours to bring it under control.
An electrical short circuit was the reason for the fire at BigC too.
It was the third fire in BigC within a few month.
No fire alarms sounded and no internal sprinkler system ever functioned on these occasions...
Published August 2010
In the dark
Simons in the dark
On Thursday, August 26th, New Simons Bar Complex on Walking Street was in the dark until about 22:00.
Simons in the dark
The people from the power company fixed the problem, but disregarding all safety regulations - at least regulations in place in industrialized countries.
Published August 2010
Made the Thai Way
Made by Skilled Workforce?
'Professional' electro installation discovered on Pattaya Beach Promenade and made by Thailand's 'highly skilled' workforce...
Published July 2010
Electro Installation
The work of a 'Skilled Workforce': Seen on Pattaya Beach Road.
Pattaya Beach Road
Published October 2010
New Traffic Lights
Pattaya Police Station
Pattaya Police on Soi 9 gets traffic lights!
Work not even finished, but vital parts already completely corroded.
Published October 2010
Thailand's Mechanicians
I brought my scooter to the official service station to replace the motor oil and the headlamp.
Before I paid the people I checked the motorcycle with the mechanician.
The result: The winker on the back, the break indicator and the tachometer didn't work anymore.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
Published December 2011
Security First
Security First? Picture submited by NightWalker
... but not in Pattaya!
When they will ever learn?
Published November 2011
Security First
Security First? Picture submited by NightWalker
... but not in Pattaya!
When they will ever learn?
Published November 2011
We like to talk!
We meet & talk since years - and we will do so during the next few years, but please do not expect any results!
Pattaya face a lot of problems and it is the duty of Pattaya City Hall to solve them.
City Hall's solution to the problems are meetings.
The officials meet and talk and usually decide to meet and speak again.
One of these problems are the many masseuses working on Pattaya's and Jomtien's beaches and that are hampering your holidays.
After years of complaints Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh and his crew promised to look into matter. Since 2009 they are discussing how to handle the masseuses on local beaches. Pattaya's officials couldn't find a solution for the problem yet, but they promised to meet again.
The same is true for the scams and extortions by Pattaya's jet ski mafia and the yearly floodings of Pattaya's streets and sois.
According to long time residents, nothing ever will happen here in Pattaya, at least as long as there is no additional income in sight for the involved parties...
Published November 2011
On June 21st 2012 a simultaneous breakdown of both the main and back-up power supplies paralysed the radar system of Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport.
The radar breakdown may be the longest in the world for 45 years!
Aircrafts short of fuel were redirected to Pattaya's International U-Tapao Airport. The other ones had to returned to their departure point.
The incident frustrated thousands of passengers.
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd (Aerothai) president Prajak Sajjasophon said that the company has followed inspection and maintenance guidelines.
Things happened unexpectedly, he added.
The airlines will seek compensation from Aerothai. The air navigation service provider is operating under Thailand's Transport Ministry.
Since June 11th international carriers already have been struggling to lessen the impacts of the 60-day maintenance shutdown of one of Suvarnabhumi's two runways.
Thailand's Officials seem to be swamped with todays technologies.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport opened during September 2006. During all that years the Airport faced problems with corruption charges, delayed or purloined luggages, slow passport controls, inefficient transportation systems, sub-standard construction and cracks in the runway.
As long as nobody in Thailand is capable to produce two identically sausages - sausages that have the same look, the same size, the same weight and the same taste - nobody in Thailand should ever use the term quality.
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