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Criminal Cases November 2023 Updated News
Police report
Arrest warrant for former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 5th, 2023:
According to news reports, the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Region 2 has issued an arrest warrant for former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem.
The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has accused him of granting an improper construction permit to Bali Hai for the construction of a high-rise condominium complex called Waterfront Suites & Residences back in 2008 when he was serving as the mayor of Pattaya.
Itthiphol was summoned by the prosecutor to acknowledge his charges on September 4, but he failed to appear. Consequently, the NACC requested an arrest warrant from the court, which was granted on September 5.
If found guilty of violating Section 157 of the Criminal Code, he could face imprisonment ranging from 1 to 10 years, and the statute of limitations for this case is 15 years, meaning it will expire on September 10.
Itthiphol Khunpluem reportedly left the country on August 30th, 2023, on Cambodia Airways flight KR0702 and was headed to Phnom Penh. He left the country on the same day that the Attorney General ordered his prosecution. Like father, like son.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 6th, 2023:
Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem could escape arrest if his case expires before apprehension, according to Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, the Secretary-General of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), which filed the case against Itthiphol.
An arrest warrant was issued for him on September 5 for failing to appear in court to acknowledge his charges. The NACC accuses him of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 when he was Pattaya's mayor.
Niwatchai told Isranews that if Itthiphol isn't arrested by the case's September 10 expiration, authorities can't take further action, even with an existing arrest warrant.
If found guilty of violating Section 157 of the Criminal Code, Itthiphol could face 1 to 10 years in prison. The case has a 15-year statute of limitations. The NACC filed the case on August 3, but Itthiphol didn't appear when summoned by the Office of the Attorney General.
Isranews reported he left the country on August 30, flying to Phnom Penh.
Itthiphol Khunpluem left the country on the same day that the Attorney General ordered his prosecution.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 7th, 2023:
The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has requested the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to seek a new arrest warrant for Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem.
Before issuing the initial warrant, the OAG had recommended that the NACC petition the court for an arrest warrant with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled. However, the initial warrant does not include the provision.
Consequently, the OAG has now asked the NACC to approach the court for a new warrant that includes the aforementioned provision. This is urgent because the statute of limitations on the case is set to expire on September 10. Itthiphol failed to appear for his court date on September 4, and the latest reports indicate that he left the country on August 30.
It took the NACC nearly 15 years to accuse Itthiphol of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 during his tenure as Pattaya's mayor. The NACC only forwarded the case to the OAG on August 3.
For many, it seems that Itthiphol Khunpluem as culture minister under dictator Prayut Chan-o-cha and as a member of his party was untouchable and may still enjoy some protection today.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 7th, 2023:
A new arrest warrant, with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled, has been issued for Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Khunpluem, who left the country on August 30 and did not appear for his court date on September 4.
Before issuing the initial warrant, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) had recommended that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) petition the court for an arrest warrant with a provision stipulating that the statute of limitations on the case would be suspended if the suspect fled. However, the initial warrant does not include this provision, which led to the issuance of the new arrest warrant.
It took the NACC 14 years and 10 months to accuse Itthiphol of improperly granting a construction permit to Bali Hai for the Waterfront Suites & Residences complex in 2008 during his tenure as Pattaya's mayor. The NACC has yet to provide an explanation for the lengthy delay.
The NACC only forwarded the case to the OAG on August 3 of this year. The statute of limitations on the case is set to expire on September 10.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 12th, 2023:
Senator Tawin Pleansri warned the new government that if they continue to allow blatant inequality in the so-called incarceration of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, it could lead to more conflict in the future.
"Do not keep trampling on the feelings of the entire country until they can no longer accept it because it could lead to a major problem," he said.
He said the government's promise to uphold the rule of law would mean nothing if they still permit wealthy and influential individuals to undermine the justice system, such as the delays in the prosecution against former culture minister Itthiphol Khunpluem, the special privileges granted to inmate Thaksin, and the Red Bull heir case.
He urged the government not to use the excuse that they are only following regulations because people can see through such claims.
The Pattaya News reports on September 15th, 2023. that Staff Member of Former Pattaya Mayor Surrenders Himself for Alleged Involvement in Waterfront Condo Controversy.
September 17th, 2023: Smoke and Mirrors clarifies on their Twitter account:
As is becoming the norm in liberal reporting on issues related to the incoming administration of PT, only one Kunpluem politician is mentioned.
Probably because he is the only one of the clan associated with Prayut.
The rest of Kamnan Poh's political progeny are Pheu Thai now.
September 22nd, 2023: Bangkok Post: Former culture minister and Pattaya mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, facing an arrest warrant for malfeasance in connection with the approval of a controversial condominium development in Pattaya in 2008, has reportedly contacted authorities to surrender.
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PS The Pattaya News report also provides some background information on the controversial Waterfront project
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Update: (October 9th, 2023)
Thai Enquirer reports on its Twitter account on October 9th, 2023:
Former Culture Minister Ittipol Khunpluem has been arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Ittipol fled to Cambodia on September 5th after the Office of the Attorney General filed charges against him and nine others for their involvement in issuing an illegal construction permit to Bali Hai. This permit was for the construction of a luxury condominium at the base of Phra Tamnak Mountain in Pattaya during his tenure as the city's mayor in 2008.
Ittipol is now being transferred to the Office of the Attorney General, Division 2, in Rayong.
The Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Region 2 has granted bail to Ittipol with a surety of 120,000 baht, even though he fled the country in an attempt to escape prosecution last month.
Ittipol has denied all wrongdoings, and his next court date is scheduled for October 31st.
Thai PBS World Former culture minister Itthiphol Kunplome freed on bail after indictment on corruption charges Former Culture Minister Itthiphol Kunplome was indicted on corruption charges this afternoon (Monday) in the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, after his return from Cambodia this morning.
The Nation: Ex-culture minister back from Cambodia to face charges over Pattaya condo Former culture minister Itthipol Khunpluem returned to Thailand on Monday to face charges stemming from an illegal Pattaya condominium project back in 2008.
Bangkok Post: Former Pattaya mayor arrested, released on bail Itthiphol Kunplome, until recently the minister for culture, was arrested on his arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport from Phnom Penh on Monday morning for alleged graft in a controversial condominium project he approved 15 years ago when Pattaya mayor.
Wouldn't it be interesting to know what negotiations Ittipol Khunpluem and/or his family conducted between September 22th (the date Ittipol offered to surrender to the authorities) and October 9th (the date of his return)?
No new investigative findings have been released since Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, who was previously in charge of the investigation, was appointed to lead security and special affairs.
Influential kamnan apparently involved in fatal shooting
Bangkok Post: Police officer killed in 'promotion talks' An influential kamnan in Nakhon Pathom has surrendered to police after a gunman killed a highway police officer and injured another following an argument over a promotion at the kamnan's home late Wednesday night.
The Nation: Murder suspect killed in shoot out The suspect in a shooting at a party in Nakhon Pathom province on September 6 that killed one highway police officer and injured another was shot dead by police in the early hours of Friday (September 8) in Kanchanaburi province.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 8th, 2023:
Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul instructed all governors under the ministry's jurisdiction to create a "blacklist" containing the names of mafia figures in their province. The purpose is to ensure that none of these figures can hold positions in local administration.
This instruction followed an incident involving a subdistrict headman, Praween Chankhlai, who was involved in the fatal shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, the chief of Highway Police Station 1 under Highway Police Sub-division 2. This event occurred following an argument over a promotion at the subdistrict headman's home.
The shooter, Thananchai Manmak, who worked for Praween, shot Pol Maj Sivakorn after the officer refused to switch Praween's policeman nephew from a patrol car assignment to a motorcycle patrol squad. Praween turned himself in to the police yesterday, while Thananchai was shot and killed by the police during a shoot-out this morning.
Anutin emphasized that mafia figures should not hold positions of power, as senior state officials must set good examples for the public to follow. However, it is worth noting that one of his deputy ministers, Chada Thaiseth, is widely known as a mafia figure in Uthai Thani, referred to as "the Godfather of the Sakae Krang River," before entering politics.
Deputy Interior Minister Chada has been assigned the responsibility of compiling a list of influential and mafia figures in each province across the country.
It is significant that the otherwise successful 57-year-old businessman, "inventor" of Thailand's de facto legalization of marijuana, and leader of the Bhumjaithai Party uses his private planes to help medical teams transport organs around the country and, on the other hand, has a deputy minister at his side who is known as a mafioso in Uthai Thani and assign this man to compile a list of mafia bosses.
Khaosod: Thai Policeman and Gunman Shot Dead: Local Influence Is Apparent The most significant criminal case this week in Thailand involves the shooting of a police officer during a dinner party in front of 25 other officers before the gunman fled and was later killed extrajudicially. The local authority suspected of involvement is closely watched by the public to see if he escapes prosecution.
Even Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin questioned the "extrajudicial killing" of a suspected police killer by the police, as the party in question was almost exclusively attended by police officers who apparently tried to remove the bloodstains and even the CCTV camera(s) footage afterwards.
Prachatai: Interior Minister orders governors to compile lists of 'influential individuals' Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul orders governors to compile lists of 'influential individuals' in response to a highway police officer's Murder
Bangkok Post: Blacklist all 'mafia-like' kamnans, says Anutin Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Friday he has assigned his deputy, Chada Thaiset, and all provincial governors to gather information on and blacklist local leaders found to be involved in mafia-style gangs.
Thai PBS World: Police officers at Kamnan Nok's house moved to "inactive posts" during murder investigation A group of 25 police officers, who attended a dinner at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", on Wednesday night when a highway police officer was shot dead and another injured by a gunman at the same venue, have been transferred to inactive posts at the operations centre of the Royal Thai Police.
MFP leader Pita Limjaroenrat said Saturday (September 9th, 2023) people who have problems with local influential figures & mafias may lodge a complaint with his party. The move came after Interior Minister Anutin Charnveerakul ordered a crackdown following the killing of a police officer. Apparently even the MFP boss does not believe that a mafia figure known among the population of Uthai Thani as the "Godfather of the Sakae Krang River" will create a meaningful blacklist of "all mafia-like" Kamnans.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 9th, 2023:
Arrest warrants are being issued against four police officers after the investigation into the fatal shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua at the subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai's house revealed that the gun used to shoot the officer was a police-issued weapon.
The ongoing investigation also includes negligence charges against 25 officers who attended Praween's monthly house party. Praween denies ordering his staff, Thananchai Manmak, to shoot Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua. Thananchai was killed by police during his arrest.
In the negligence case, the 25 officers are investigated for failing to prevent the shooter's escape and failing to prevent Praween's staff from concealing the murder weapon, erasing CCTV footage, and cleaning up blood stains. The police have not commented on claims that officers helped destroy CCTV footage and aid the shooter's escape, citing the ongoing investigation into them.
Anti-Corruption Division Commander Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat Pankaew commented that the officers may have been in shock and focused on attending to injured officers, leading to their failure to stop the shooter from fleeing and the destruction of evidence.
He mentioned that the officers had a right to be at the party, but their presence needs examination. So far, Jaroonkiat said there is no evidence to suggest that Praween has been bringing these officers, even though some were highway police officers who frequently visited Praween's house for parties. Praween's construction companies also generated billions of baht in revenue over the past five years, despite his young age of 35.
Thai PBS World: Arrest warrants issued for six police in connection with police shooting probe The Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court has issued warrants for the arrests of six police officers in connection with the killing of a highway police officer at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok" in Mueang district of Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday night.
Bangkok Post: Corrections Dept official sacked following Nakhon Pathom shooting The Corrections Department has dismissed from government service an official who is alleged to have been involved in the shooting that killed a highway police officer and injuring another at the house of an influential kamnan (tambon chief) in Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday night.
Bangkok Post: 'Clear evidence' kamnan ordered deadly shooting of highway officer: police Police say they have clear evidence that shows Praween Chankhlai, 35, a former kamnan or subdistrict head of tambon Thakong in Nakhon Pathom's Muang district, ordered the shooting of a senior senior highway police officer at a dinner party at his house on Wednesday night.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 10th, 2023:
Two construction companies owned by subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai, currently charged with orchestrating the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua, received 1,311 state contracts worth over 6 billion baht in the past decade.
P. Raweekanok Construction secured 523 projects valued at 1.3 billion baht from 2014 to 2023. P. Phatanarungrod Construction received 788 projects worth 4.8 billion baht, primarily in Nakhon Pathom, followed by Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, and Ratchaburi.
As of now, the police have pressed charges against six out of 25 officers who were present at the party where Pol Maj Sivakorn was killed. They are accused of aiding the shooter, Thananchai Manmak, who is Praween's right-hand man, in escaping, and assisting Praween's staff in destroying evidence, including the murder weapon, CCTV records, and blood spatters. Among the six arrested officers, the highest-ranking is Pol Major Gen Kiattisak Somsuk, an inspector from Samut Sakhon.
However, Thananchai was killed during a police shootout, and the murder weapon, a police-issued firearm, was recovered. The CCTV server was retrieved, with data recovery efforts ongoing.
Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn says there is enough evidence showing Praween ordered the shooting. He also said one of the six apprehended officers had briefly detained the shooter but then released him, and some of them escorted Praween out of the area. Furthermore, it was revealed that an officer had purchased the murder weapon and provided it to Praween prior to the shooting.
Pol Gen Surachate also said that the police still maintain the belief that the primary motive for the shooting was Pol Maj Sivakorn's refusal to fulfill Praween's request to transfer his nephew from a car patrol unit to a motorbike patrol unit, which involves lighter duties.
Regarding speculation that the motive may be connected to the truck sticker scandal, as Pol Maj Sivakorn had been cracking down on overweight trucks, and Praween owns hundreds of construction trucks, Pol Gen Surachate said the police are already investigating this possibility.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 11th, 2023:
Police Major General Chakkrit Khruesunthornwanich, the Provincial Police Commander of Nakhon Pathom, and Police Colonel Phuphon Thapcharoen, the Superintendent of Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Station, have been transferred to inactive duty pending an investigation into the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua.
Pol Maj Gen Chakkrit and Pol Col Phuphon were at the birthday party of subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai where the shooting took place.
The six officers who were charged with assisting the now-deceased shooter in escaping the crime scene and helping Praween's staff destroy evidence have been fired from the police force, and they have been denied bail.
The six officers include:
- Pol Maj Kiatisak Somsuk, 52, investigative inspector of Krathum Baen district in Samut Sakhon province
- Pol Lt Narongsak Taeng-ampai, 58, a highway police officer
- Pol Lt Nimit Salidkul, 57, deputy inspector for traffic affairs in Mueang district of Nakhon Pathom
- Pol Cpt Natthaphol Narkkorn, 59, a highway police officer
- Pol Lt Prasarn Rodphol, 58, a highway police officer
- Pol Sub-Lt Sansert Srisawat, 55, a highway police officer
Five members of Praween's staff have also been charged with the destruction of evidence after the police managed to recover the recording from the CCTV servers that had been dumped into canals following the shooting.
Praween continued to deny that he had ordered his right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak, to shoot Pol Maj Sivakorn. Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn stated over the weekend that he is convinced there is enough evidence to show that Praween ordered the shooting, especially now that the CCTV footage has been recovered.
Bangkok Post: Officer suspect in Kamnan Nok shooting case kills self One of the 25 police officers, who were at the house of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok" in Nakhon Pathom province last Wednesday night and who are under investigation following the murder of a fellow officer there, committed suicide this afternoon (Monday) at his residence in Pathum Thani province.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 11th, 2023:
The commander of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua's unit has reportedly shot and killed himself.
Pol Col Wachira Yaothaisong, the commander of Highway Police Sub-division 2, was found dead at his house in Pathum Thani. Pol Maj Sivakorn was the chief of Highway Police Station 1 under Highway Police Sub-division 2.
Pol Col Wachira was reportedly the person who invited Pol Maj Sivakorn to subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai's birthday party, where he was shot and killed by Praween's right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak.
Pol Col Wachira was also one of the 25 officers who attended the party, and he is being investigated for negligence. He is accused of failing to arrest the shooter and allowing Praween's staff to destroy evidence.
TNA: Sub-district Chief Can't Escape Justice: Deputy Police Chief A local administrator or Kamnan Nok, allegedly ordering a gunman to shoot a highway police officer will not escape justice as the evidence is being securely held, said Pol. Gen. Surachate Kahkparn, deputy national police chief.
Bangkok Post: Deeper probe into police murder suspect's business Nearly 30 police officers were present when a highway police officer was shot dead last week during a dinner party at the house of an influential figure in Nakhon Pathom, whose business dealings are being thoroughly investigated, according to senior police.
Thai PBS World: DSI probes Kamnan Nok's construction business The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has launched an investigation into the construction business of Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", to determine whether it was involved in price collusion when bidding for road construction projects or had attempted to intimidate other bidders.
Khaosod English: reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
Police on Tues raided the house of a suspect influential figure in Nakhon Prathom province following the killing of a cop by a gunman who works for another influential person. The man, a sub-district chief known as Kamnan Taeng, denies any wrongdoing & is currently in Cambodia. An attentive reader asks: How about the notorious Sasomap family in Nakhon Pathom? Will they be blacklisted or they fall under acceptable mafia families like Chada, Chidchobs, Khunplumes?
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
Two out of the 20 large state projects that were awarded to two construction companies owned by subdistrict headman Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai could have been illegally awarded.
Praween has been charged with orchestrating the murder of Pol Maj Sivakorn "Inspector Bank" Saibua. The Department of Special Investigation is currently investigating 1,544 state projects worth 7.6 billion baht that were granted to Praween's construction companies, including P. Raweekanok Construction (621 projects) and P. Phatanarungrod Construction (923 projects).
Among the 20 large projects, two are suspected of involving collusion and bribery activities between state officials and the companies to avoid fair price competition. These two projects include the construction of Highway 375 in Don Tum District, Nakhon Pathom, worth 300 million baht, and another project connecting Highway 375 and Highway 346 worth 350 million baht.
The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is currently taking up these two cases for investigation and is calling upon related parties, including authorities, to clarify the DSI's initial findings of suspected illegal activities in the bidding process for these two projects.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on September 14th
CCTV footage with voice recordings from 13 out of 15 cameras, which showed the shooting of Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua, has been recovered, Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said.
The footage from the 2 remaining cameras, which were closest to the shooting, will be recovered by tomorrow, according to Pol Gen Surachate. He personally inspected the initially recovered footage firsthand.
The recovered footage so far clearly showed that subdistrict headman Praween Chankhlai ordered the shooting, so the police are not concerned about the masterminding of the murder charge against him, Pol Gen Surachate said. The killer was also confirmed to be Praween's right-hand man, Thananchai Manmak.
Pol Gen Surachate said an additional charge of false statements will be made against most of the 17 officers who were at Praween's birthday party when the shooting happened. This is in addition to the negligence charge since the CCTV footage showed that most of them had lied in their initial statements. Furthermore, the majority of them were armed when they claimed they were not.
The two main groups of offenders, who are police officers, consist of the majority of the officers who immediately left the party and neglected to perform their duties after the shooting. Additionally, there are the 6 officers who helped Praween and the shooter escape the crime scene until the former turned himself in and the latter was killed during a shootout with the police.
Other ongoing investigations include the Truck-Sticker bribery ring that Pol Maj Sivakorn has been cracking down on and corruption in the bidding for state construction projects involving Praween's construction companies. More arrest warrants will be issued, and more assets will be seized, according to Pol Gen Surachate.
The next major update on the investigation will be provided on Tuesday.
Thai PBS World: Police at Kamnan Nok's house lied to investigators : Pol Gen Surachate All the police officers who were at the house of murder suspect, Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", when one highway police officer was killed and another was injured, failed to tell the truth about the incident when they gave their statements to investigators.
Thai PBS World: The making of Kamman Nok While Thais were being obsessed with something else, Praween Chanklai, aka Kamman Nok, made senior police officers strip almost naked "for fun" at one of his "parties", fired celebratory shots into the sky, conducted allegedly-questionable business activities, listened proudly to "Happy Birthday to you" sung respectfully by senior bureaucrats and built up a suspected bribery payroll.
Thai PBS World: CIB takes over Kamnan Nok investigation The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej says he is confident that police now have sufficient evidence to charge Praween Chanklai, aka "Kamnan Nok", with committing capital offences for killing of a highway police officer and the wounding of another.
The Nation: 14 policemen face charges for failing to help protect comrades in dinner party tragedy Fourteen police officers face dereliction of duty charges over the killing of a police inspector at a party in Nakhon Pathom on September 6.
Bangkok Post: 14 policemen to face charges over dinner party murder Fourteen policemen will be charged with dereliction of duty over the murder of a highway police officer at the house of a former local administrator in Nakhon Pathom province early this month, according to police.
Thai Examiner: Kamnan murder case sees probe into possible corruption in Ministry of Interior contract bids The murder of Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua on Wednesday 6th September has unleashed a chain reaction with the spotlight now falling on suspected corruption linked to construction projects awarded to two firms in the province of Nakhon Pathom. One prosecutor told a TV audience this week that the case could be the biggest ever seen in Thailand if the investigation gets to the heart of the matter with figures released by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) on Friday, showing that firms linked with Mr Praween Chankhlai or Kamnan Nok were awarded 1,544 local government projects valued at Baht 7.57 billion in the years from 2011 to 2023.
Bangkok Post: Six police held in 'Kamnan Nok' case moved to Bangkok prison Six police officers dismissed from the force for helping Praween "Kamnan Nok" Chankhlai escape arrest following the fatal shooting of a policeman at his house have been moved to the Bangkok Remand Prison.
Bangkok Post: 15 police who fled dinner party murder face charges Fifteen police officers who fled when a gunman shot their colleague dead at Kamnan Nok's dinner party in Nakhon Pathom will be charged this week with dereliction of duty, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) commissioner Jirabhop Bhuridej said on Tuesday.
Bangkok Post: "Kamnan Nok" indicted in murder of police officer Praween Chankhlai, also known as "Kamnan Nok", has been indicted in connection with the murder of a highway police officer at a party at his house in Nakhon Pathom province on Sept 6.
This is a developing story: We'll give updates on the situation as we learn more.
New criminal reports November 2023
Khaosod: A 100,000-baht Reward Is Being Set To Find An Escaped Prisoner A bounty was issued by the Department of Corrections on October 22 in an attempt to catch Chaowalit Thongduang, a 37-year-old prisoner suspected of robbery, breaking the guns law, and committing an offence against freedom. The total prison sentence was 21 years, 3 months, and 25 days. The sentence has a parole date of May 6, 2043.
The Nation: Bounty set for escaped Nakhon Si Thammarat convict Loading... A man convicted and jailed of multiple serious crimes managed to escape from his Nakhon Si Thammarat hospital bed early Sunday, police and the Corrections Department said.
Thai PBS World: Police told to be cautious as escaped convict is believed to be armed Police assigned to track down and re-arrest a convict, who escaped from hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat province last weekend, have been warned to exercise caution as the escapee is armed and dangerous.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 24th
Nakhon Si Thammarat Central Prison's warden and four correctional officers were transferred to inactive posts pending an investigation into their possible involvement in the escape of Chavalit "Sei Pang Na Nhord" Thongduang.
The suspect in multiple murder cases that are pending, who was incarcerated in January 2022 for attempting to help a drug suspect escape police custody, fled custody from Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital on the night of October 22 and has yet to be found. He was also a former candidate for a member of the Phatthalung Provincial Administrative Organization in 2019.
Chavalit managed to escape custody with a key to his chain while being treated at the hospital. Before his associates could secure the key for his chains, the correctional officers in charge of detention allowed him to change the chain. He also managed to change his clothes and simply walked out of the hospital without anyone stopping him.
In addition to the correctional officers, hospital staff are also being investigated. The fugitive was moved to the hospital for his dental appointment before the appointment was canceled. Then he feigned passing out, allowing him to stay at the hospital on October 20 and 21 before he made his escape on the night of October 22.
Investigators are checking why the inmate was transferred to the hospital before the appointment time and whether the doctor who canceled the appointment was truly sick as he claimed
Chavalit is now believed to be in Satun after his failed attempt to cross the border into Myanmar. The police now suspect he is trying to cross the border into Malaysia instead.
Bangkok Post: Minister's son-in-law arrested for extortion A son-in-law of Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaised was arrested in Uthai Thani province on Tuesday morning allegedly for extorting money from a tap water contractor.
Bangkok Post: Politician’s son-in-law gets bail in corruption case Weerachart Rasamee, the mayor of Talukdoo municipality in Uthai Thani province, along with four others were granted bail on Tuesday following their arrest earlier that day for allegedly demanding 1 million baht from a local building contractor.
Bangkok Post: Court dismisses drug case against 'Benz Racing' The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled to dismiss a case against Akarakit Worarojcharoendet, also known as "Benz Racing", who had been accused of drug trafficking in 2017. The former motor racer was released from prison on Tuesday evening.
The power of money ....
Bangkok Post Crime buster has no time for critics The current Interior Ministry has promised to modernise its working process and complete a database of influential figures in the country within the next six months, according to Deputy Minister Chada Thaised.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on October 25th:
Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth said he instructed his son-in-law, Veerachat Rasami, to step down from his position as the Mayor of Taluk Du Subdistrict. This decision followed Veerachat's arrest on charges of allegedly extorting 600,000 baht from a private contractor to prevent any adverse effects on the local administration within the subdistrict, he said.
Chada said Veerachat's arrest exemplified his effort to "clean his own house," and his request for Veerachat to resign demonstrated his commitment to addressing the situation. He expressed his perplexity in response to criticism, saying, "When the police arrest someone close to me, there is criticism; if the police do not arrest someone close to me, there is criticism. So, what am I supposed to do?"
Chada, who is responsible for combating organized crime throughout the country, said on August 8th that the ministry, in collaboration with the police and local administrations, had extensively investigated the presence of organized crime figures in his home province of Uthai Thani. The conclusion was that no such figures were operating in the area.
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin called on the public to treat Veerachat fairly, highlighting that he has not been proven guilty. He emphasized that Chada is not required to resign in order to demonstrate responsibility. Srettha also noted that if Veerachat is ultimately found guilty, he will be subject to punishment in accordance with the law.
Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul suggested that Chada may have been involved in ordering the arrest of his own son-in-law. He also highlighted that Veerachat's arrest underscores the seriousness of the ministry and police in their efforts to combat organized crime.
Currently, Veerachat is out on bail and has resigned from his position as Mayor of the subdistrict.
Khaosod: Operation "Mouse Hunt" Arrests Multinational Drug Traffickers The Narcotics Suppression Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States, announced on October 27, at a press conference the arrest of eight people involved in drug trafficking.
The Pattaya News: Chonburi Gambling Den Raid Nets 29 Arrests, Including Police OfficerBanglamung police and administrative officers apprehended 29 suspected gamblers on Tuesday, October 24th, among whom one person appeared to be a police officer. Banglamung police and administrative officers apprehended 29 suspected gamblers on Tuesday, October 24th, among whom one person appeared to be a police officer.
Thai PBS World: Two media executives arrested for breaching copyright on Thai TV content Two top executives of a media company are being detained by Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officers for alleged copyright infringements, related to the recording and rebroadcast (streaming) of several Thai Army-run TV Channel 7 programs via to Thai customers abroad, causing losses to the television station estimated at about 2.8 billion baht.
Bangkok Post: Reinstated police officers ordered back to inactive posts Five senior police officers recently reinstated after being transferred to inactive posts over an illegal casino that flourished within their jurisdiction have again been suspended.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 3rd:
A police raid took place at Level 9 Rooftop Bar in Chiang Mai last night after it was discovered to be operating beyond permissible hours. During the raid, officials from the interior ministry were found celebrating their recent successful operation at another venue, Le Neuf Cafe | NEUFxBAR, on Halloween night.
At 3 a.m., the raid uncovered 40-50 customers, some of whom were under the age of 17. Additionally, among the customers were officials from the special operations team of the Department of Provincial Administration's central command.
Pol Maj Gen Thawatchai Phongwiwattanachai, the commander of Chiang Mai provincial police, refuted claims to the press that the Level 9 Rooftop Bar raid was in retaliation for the Le Neuf operation.
The initial Le Neuf raid, carried out by officials from the Interior Ministry on Halloween night, found more than 240 customers under the age of 20 and resulted in the transfer of five high-ranking police officers from Chang Phueak Police Station to inactive posts pending investigation.
The Department of Provincial Administration denied reports that their officials were celebrating at Level 9 Rooftop Bar, which was raided for opening after hours last night.
The department stated that 14 out of 16 of their officials have returned to Bangkok since November 1, and one of the two officials who remained in Chiang Mai and was at Level 9 Rooftop Bar at 3 a.m. was merely eating, not celebrating anything.
Khaosod: Cyber Police Arrest the Leader of the "Outlaws Thailand" Gang Cyber police in Thailand have arrested the leader of the Outlaws gang in Thailand, Poramate Tangsakul, 41, who is also the owner of the online gambling website UFAV8. The arrest was made at a luxury condominium in the Sukhumvit 55 area, Klongtan Nua, Wattana district, Bangkok on November 2.
Bangkok Post: Khaki clash over Chiang Mai pub raids Police anti-corruption officers are preparing to investigate provincial administrative officials who were found in a Chiang Mai bar after legal operating hours, as an apparent dispute between between the groups comes into the open.
Bangkok Post: Third warden faces arrest warrant over prisoner's escape A warrant has been approved for the arrest of another prison warden in connection with the escape of prisoner Chaowalit Thongduang, alias "Sia Paeng Nanod", from a hospital on Oct 22.
The Nation: Police chief vows no harm to fugitive crime boss if he surrenders Police will guarantee the safety of fugitive crime boss Chavalit Thongduang, 37, who escaped from official custody in Nakhon Si Thammarat province last month, if he decides to turn himself in, National Police chief Pol General Torsak Sukwimol said on Thursday.
Bangkok Post: TAO chairman nabbed over B2.6m bribe The chairman of Bang Pla tambon administrative organisation (TAO) in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province and his female secretary were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly demanding and taking a 2.3-million-baht bribe from a business operator.
The Nation: 4 Bangkok cops get 5 years for extorting cash from Taiwanese actress Four former officers from the Huai Khwang Police Station were sentenced to five years in jail for extorting money from a Taiwanese actress in January.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 7th:
The five high-ranking officers from Chiang Mai's Chang Phueak Police Station, who were previously transferred to inactive posts following a raid at Le Neuf Cafe | NEUFxBAR on Halloween night, where more than 240 customers under the age of 20 were found, have been found not guilty of negligence or accepting bribes. They have since been reinstated to their normal positions.
Chiang Mai Governor Nirat Pongsitthaworn said an investigative committee determined that these officers had initiated the closure of more than 30 entertainment venues known to be operating beyond permitted hours, and they had submitted six proposals to shut down the Le Neuf venue due to repeated offenses.
Nirat said he had already ordered the closure of the Le Neuf venue. The owner has 15 days to provide an explanation. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation, the venue will be required to shut down for a minimum of 5 years.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 8:
The police reported that the singer, Thanakrit "Wan" Panichwid, who crashed his Volvo into the back of a garbage truck at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, did not flee the scene of the accident. Instead, he acknowledged that the officers at the scene failed to conduct an alcohol test on him.
Pol Col Chaturon Anurakbundit, the head of Muang police station in Nonthaburi, explained that the officers refrained from administering the alcohol test to Thanakrit due to his injuries. However, photographic evidence from the scene depicted Thanakrit walking and conversing on his phone after the crash.
Chaturon further disclosed that Thanakrit was "transferred" to a different hospital than the two injured garbage collectors. Once the officers had finished documenting the crash site, they prioritized checking on the garbage collectors before visiting Thanakrit at his hospital at 7 a.m. However, by that time, Thanakrit had already left the hospital. Chaturon clarified that the hospital had allowed him to go home as his injuries were minor.
Thanakrit did not report to the police station until 5 p.m. At that point, he underwent both an alcohol and drug test. Chaturon revealed that the police are now in the process of preparing charges against Thanakrit for reckless driving resulting in injuries to others.
The driver of the garbage truck, Suthep, aged 49, informed reporters that Thanakrit did not appear intoxicated at the time of the accident. He also said that one of the injured garbage collectors had been discharged from the hospital, while another was scheduled for surgery today.
Thanakrit informed the police that he had fallen asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion after a long day of work. However, a video has emerged, showing Thanakrit participating in a live recording session with a band around 7-8 p.m. before the crash occurred. This video has stirred discussions online, with netizens raising questions about the activities during the recording session, particularly speculating about whether they were consuming alcohol or other substances while practicing and socializing.
Bangkok Post: Police bring birthday cake to drug bust Police who arrested a woman after finding nearly a million speed pills in her home brought more than handcuffs when they took her into custody. When they learned it was her birthday, they brought a cake.
Khaosod: 10 Laotian Women Working Illegally In A Khon Kaen's Karaoke Bar Pol. Lt. Col. Soraj Wichayasut, head of the Khon Kaen Immigration Department, reported the arrest of 10 Laotian women, seven of whom had entered Thailand on tourist visas, while the remaining three entered illegally, via Nong Khai and Bueng Kan provinces. These women were caught serving food and drinks to customers at a karaoke establishment without the required work permit.
No charges against the owner of the bar who knowingly hired the women?
The Thaiger: Driven desire: Thai woman arrested for stealing a taxi after driver refused to have sex Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers arrested a Thai woman on Rama II Road in Samut Sakhon province near Bangkok on November 11 for stealing a taxi after the driver refused to have sex with her.
Bangkok Post: 13 nabbed over 9 scam loan apps Police have arrested 13 suspects related to nine scam loan apps and seized passbooks which were found to show a total of 500 million baht in circulation.
Thai PBS World: Police submit Kannan Nok shooting case to public prosecutors After more than two months of investigation into the high-profile killing of a highway police officer in Nakhon Pathom province last September, allegedly by or at the order of a sub-district chief, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) submitted its case files to provincial public prosecutors today.
The Pattaya News: Man in Pattaya Stabbed by Girlfriend for Ogling Other Women During Birthday Celebration A Cambodian man was stabbed and injured during a dispute with his girlfriend in Pattaya on the early morning of November 15th. The victim was reportedly caught sneaking a peek at other women during his girlfriend's birthday party, prompting his girlfriend to become angry and attack him
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 16th:
Apart from the crackdown on smuggled pork meat, the government is also targeting smuggled beef from neighboring countries.
Thailand has already seized 4.77 million kilograms of smuggled pork as of October, compared to 430,000 kilograms last year.
However, smuggled beef is also a significant issue, with around 100,000 tonnes being brought into Thailand each year, impacting local prices, according to the government.
These problems are causing health concerns and affecting the exports of Thailand's meat products. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has instructed all related agencies to intensify their crackdown on these smuggled meats, with a major part of the problem identified as bribery.
For example, a smuggler who was caught with 33 containers of smuggled pork in November said he paid officials around 30,000 baht per container to bring them in without having to pay taxes.
Bangkok Post: Lender kills vendor over 400 baht A 45-year-old fruit vendor has died after being shot over a 400 baht interest payment he could not pay to a loan shark in Chon Buri.
Khaosod: Thai Police Bust Vietnamese Network in $42M Powdered Milk Scam Pol. Lt. Gen. Witthaya Sriprasertphap, Commissioner of the Police Consumer Protection Division, together with representatives of the Food and Drug Administration, announced on November 16, the arrest of an international network promoting the sale of powdered milk with exaggerated benefits.
Khaosod: Suspects Arrested In The Death of Taiwanese Man Police on Thursday said they arrested two suspects in the death of a Taiwanese man who was found tied up and beaten in his hotel room.
Khaosod: Filipino Man Arrested in Thailand for Assaulting His Own Daughter Thailand detained a 47-year-old Filipino man who the Philippines had been searching for after he sexually assaulted his daughter for more than a decade since she was 7 years old.
Thai PBS World: Police seek to arrest Thai woman for involvement in Taiwanese man’s murder Police are to seek a warrant for the arrest of a Thai woman suspected of involvement in the murder of a Taiwanese man at a hotel in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district.
Thai PBS World: Counterfeiting equipment found in dead Taiwanese man’s hotel room Police have found many fake US$100 banknotes, blank notes and currency counterfeiting equipment in two safes in the hotel room of a Taiwanese man who was found murdered last Thursday.
Khaosod: An Indian Man Kills His Thai Girlfriend in Pattaya Before Jumping off a Bridge Pattaya police received a report that an Indian man had killed his Thai girlfriend at a hotel in Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chonburi, before midnight on November 20.
The Nation: Bangkok police arrest 10 suspects over shooting incidents that claimed 3 lives Police have arrested ten suspects in relation to two shooting incidents in Bangkok in which a secondary school teacher, a vocational school student and a technology university student were killed.
Bangkok Post: Kratom-influenced gang killed student A 22-year-old man has allegedly told police he shot dead a teenage technical college student on Ranong 2 Road in Dusit district on Monday morning because he stabbed one of his gang members.
The Nation: Crackdown will eradicate ‘influential figures’ within 3 months: Chada A campaign to rid Thailand of "influential figures" will kick off nationwide on December 1, aiming to eradicate so-called "red category" individuals within three months, the Interior Ministry says.
Thai PBS World: Chinese beggars taking advantage of visa exemption to operate in Thailand Six Chinese nationals, who were found begging in Bangkok and are now in police custody, entered Thailand legally, taking advantage of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists.
Bangkok Post: Thais believed behind disfigured Chinese street beggars Police will carefully vet Chinese visitors with facial and body disfiguration, as some had come here with the intention of begging on the streets, possibly organised by Thais, according to the Metropolitan Police Bureau.
Have you ever expected anything else?
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 22nd:
The Constitutional Court has decided, by a 5:4 majority, not to hear the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)'s appeal against the Administrative Court's order. The order required the NACC to release details of their investigation into Gen Prawit Wongsuwan's luxury watches case to political activist Veera Somkhwamkid.
According to the Constitutional Court, the case does not fall within its designated duties.
The NACC has been steadfast in refusing to comply with the Administrative Court's ruling, which had already been upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court. The NACC justifies its non-compliance by citing the confidentiality of the information requested under the Official Information Act.
The NACC is now finding itself with dwindling excuses for not adhering to the court orders.
Bangkok Post: Sights set on 700 'influential figures' The Interior Ministry will launch its crackdown on "influential figures" nationwide starting on Dec 1, Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaised said on Wednesday.
Bangkok Post: Move Forward Party bribe probe widens The House of Representatives' committee on industries has found grounds to a bribery accusation made by a former Move Forward Party (MFP) MP against an assistant of an MFP lawmaker and will investigate the matter further.
Khaosod reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 23rd:
A police sergeant major shot & killed his 71-yr-old father Weds night in Nakhon Phnom province. Wanchalerm, 31, (family name withheld) also held others in the house hostages. He has a history of mental treatment, hearing voices inside. Police escued the hostages & arrest killer.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 23rd:
The police have seized assets worth 285 million baht from Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, who has been indicted for alleged collusion in money laundering and transnational crime, as reported by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).
The seized assets include savings totaling 3 million baht from 28 accounts and 19 plots of land valued at 282 million baht. Additionally, the senator possesses over 600 million baht worth of assets that have been transferred abroad. The NACC has stated its intention to collaborate with relevant agencies to pursue the seizure of these offshore assets.
Senator Upakit was indicted this year following the arrest of Myanmar businessman Tun Min Latt in Bangkok in September 2022 on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. Upakit is alleged to have had close ties with Tun Min Latt, who is believed to be an arms dealer for the Myanmar junta.
Thai PBS World: Senator Upakit’s land seized The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has impounded 29 plots of land, worth about Bt282 million, owned by Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, on suspicion that the assets might have been procured through the laundering of money derived from drug trafficking.
The Nation: THB285m assets of Senator Upakit frozen over alleged transnational crime The Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has frozen 285 million baht worth of assets belonging to Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, who has been accused of collusion in money laundering and transnational crime.
Bangkok Post: DSI seizes resorts linked to Ufa Bet Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials have seized two luxurious resorts in the island province worth one billion baht from an online gambling network.
Khaosod: Thai Police Detained a Russian and 2 Koreans on Interpol Warrants Police officers announced on November 23 the arrest of three foreigners, a Russian man and two South Korean men, who are on an Interpol arrest warrant.
Khaosod: Pakistanis Arrested Over Foreigner Schengen Visa Scams Police on Thursday said they arrested four Pakistani nationals who allegedly scammed foreigners by promising them Schengen visas.
Khaosod: Italian Robbed An Elderly Couple Hiding In Thailand Is Arrested The Immigration Police detained a 63-year-old Italian man who escaped a robbery case in Italy to live in Thailand after the Interpol National Central Office sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs Division asking for cooperation with Thai authorities.
Bangkok Post: Foreign suspects arrested by immigration police in 3 cases Six foreign nationals - four Pakistanis, one Italian and one Russian - were arrested in three separate cases during the past week, Immigration Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj Gen Pantana Nuchanart said at a press conference on Thursday.
Prachatai: Cambodian Worker Arrested for Selling Bank Accounts to Money Laundering Operation A Cambodian worker was arrested for money laundering after a broker convinced him to sell his bank account, raising concerns about migrant workers’ vulnerability to illegal activities.
Thai PBS World: Probe ordered into public prosecutor's handling of escaped convict's case Thailand's attorney general (AG) has ordered an investigation into an allegation, made by escaped convict Chaovalit Thongduang, that he had not been treated fairly by a public prosecutor handling his case, resulting in his conviction.
The Nation: Srettha promises justice for all as fugitive crime boss accuses officials of framing him Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin urged fugitive crime boss Chavalit Thongduang to turn himself in, saying that resisting arrest would be "problematic for all parties concerned".
Bangkok Post: 'No bargaining with Chaowalit,' say cops Police will not negotiate with escaped prisoner Chaowalit Thongduang, known as "Sia Pang Na Node", but they would guarantee his safety upon surrender, according to national police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol.
Bangkok Post: 5 killed, 1 injured at bloody Korat wedding A bridegroom, a former ranger with a disabled leg, went on a shooting rampage, killing four people including the bride and seriously injuring a man before shooting himself dead with a pistol at his own wedding party on Saturday night, police said.
Bangkok Post: Red faces as escapee's videos go viral Justice authorities are in the hot seat following the dramatic escape of inmate Chaowalit Thongduang, known as "Sia Pang Na Node", and his evasion of the law in the ensuing month-long manhunt.
The Pattaya News: Pattaya Mayor Orders Serious Probe into Motorbike Taxi Driver Who Allegedly Charged Passenger 1600 Baht Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngamphichet has instructed the Pattaya police to conduct a serious investigation into an alleged motorbike taxi driver who charged a passenger over 1,600 baht for a brief transit to the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival on Friday, November 24th.
Khaosod: Thai Authorities Investigate An Escaped Convict's Ridiculing Video An escaped convict named Chaowalit Thongduang, also known as ‘Pang Na-nhoad or Wealthy Pang, is not only a local influential figure in the southern region of Thailand; he is now also a well-known mocker of the Thai justice system.
Thai PBS World: Nine killed and more than ten others injured in truck accident in Si Sa Ket Nine people were killed and more than ten others were injured when a pickup truck rammed into a large group of people attending a Kathin celebration in Phrai Bueng district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Si Sa Ket on Saturday night.
The Nation: Chinese nationals begging in Bangkok not victims of trafficking, says immigration chief The Immigration Bureau has confirmed that the six Chinese nationals caught begging on Bangkok streets were not victims of torture, physical abuse or coercion by human traffickers.
Bangkok Post: Shooting probe unearths macabre student gang At first glance, it looked like the Klong Toey shooting on Oct 11 was a revenge attack between technical students who study at rival vocational colleges but when the police team of the Metropolitan Police Bureau dug deep, they found the shooter and his partner were part of a crime syndicate comprised of at least 84 members.
Thai Enquirer reports on its X (formerly Twitter) account on November 28th:
The cabinet approved the Ministry of Justice's decision to reassign Police Major Suriya Singhakamol's position from the Director General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice after he vowed to crack down on political officials who were related to meat smuggling rings.
The DSI quoted Suriya in a social media post today, stating that he has been mentally preparing for such a possibility since he took over the position as the Director of the DSI, and he does not regret anything because he has done his best.
The cabinet decision came after Suriya said last week and reiterated yesterday that the DSI's investigation against smugglers of smuggled meats and corrupt authorities taking bribes from the smugglers will continue to expand to reach all culprits, regardless of their status.
Last week, the DSI reported that the ongoing crackdown on smuggled meat has resulted in the prosecution of suspected smugglers in 92 cases across 35 provinces. The suspects include business operators, at least 10 civil servants, and at least 10 political officials.
The DSI's investigation is also linked to CP Axtra (CPAXT). The DSI stated that there is evidence showing the company purchased 390 million baht worth of smuggled pork. CP Axtra admitted to buying the pork from two companies linked to the smuggling but claimed they did so legitimately, asserting that the company should be considered an affected party, not a culprit.
Following the news of the company being investigated, CPAXT shares dropped by 3.57% today.
Deputy government spokeswoman Kenika Oonjit said Police Major Suriya was transferred to streamline the policies of the justice ministry. No further explanation was provided.
Government spokesman Chai Watcharong said the proposal originated from the ministry, and cabinet members did not extensively discuss the matter. Chai also clarified that no new appointment has been finalized at this point.
Bangkok Post: DSI chief reassigned amidst investigation into smuggled pork The cabinet on Tuesday transferred the chief of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to the position of deputy permanent secretary for justice, citing an ongoing investigation into pork smuggling by the organisation.
Bangkok Post: School executive accused of sexual abuse and threats A school deputy director in Bangkok has been accused of sexually abusing her 12-year-old student and resorting to threats of exposing explicit photos and videos if the girl did not comply.
Prachatai: Two activists charged with contempt of court Activists Netiporn Sanesangkhom and Thanalop Phalanchai have been charged with contempt of court for an incident on 19 October, during which a police officer hit Netiporn with a baton and injured her.
The Nation: 26 Chinese tourists arrested in raid on secret casino in Nonthaburi Immigration police raided a hotel in Nonthaburi province, which was modified as a casino to cater to Chinese tourists, and nabbed 26 alleged gamblers on Wednesday morning.
Khaosod: Police Crack Down On Hybrid Fraud; Arrest 2 Chinese And 2 Thais The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirabhop Bhuridej announced the result of the “Shutdown One billion Hybrid Scam” operation on November 29 after searching 5 target locations in Bangkok and Samut Prakan.
Khaosod: The US Helps Thais Catch A Man Selling Tiger Carcasses Online More than 500 carcasses, including leopard carcasses, black panther carcasses, clouded leopard carcasses, and Asian golden cat carcasses, were found and seized at a house in Ban Chang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province on November 29.
Bangkok Post: Red faces in fugitive saga A villain wanted by state authorities, runaway inmate Chaowalit Thongduang, who remains at large more than a month after escaping from a southern hospital, projects himself as a "victim of injustice."
Bangkok Post: House wants answers to DSI transfer The House Committee on Agriculture and Cooperatives says it will question the government and the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to find out why DSI director-general Pol Maj Suriya Singhakamol was suddenly transferred.
Bangkok Post: Four arrested over romance-investment scams Police have arrested two Chinese and two Thais for alleged involvement in romance-investment scams and impounded assets worth about 300 million baht.
Khaosod: Chinese Gambling Den Investigators Will Also Examine Thai Police According to the investigation, a posh gambling den inside a hotel in Nonthaburi province’s Ngamwomgwan area just north west of Bangkok that police raided on November 29 belongs to Chinese businesspeople.
The Nation: Songkhla prosecutor transferred following allegations by escaped crime boss The attorney-general has transferred a public prosecutor from his Songkhla Office following allegations by an escaped crime boss that he was involved in drug trafficking and in setting him up.
Bangkok Post: Public prosecutor linked to runaway inmate's accusations transferred A provincial public prosecutor accused by runaway inmate Chaowalit Thongduang of having a hand in taking a drug suspect from authorities has been transferred to the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) pending a fact-finding investigation.
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