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Thailand's missing Talents
Worst Talent Show ever
Bangkok Post: Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak urges his citizens not to mention the country's bad economy
Bangkok Post: Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon insists the navy will go ahead with its plan to buy a second Chinese-made submarine
Bangkok Post: Thailand's Dictator supports Cambodian Dictator: Prayut bars Sam Rainsy as Asean spat spreads
Khaosod English: Prayuth Says Cambodian Opposition Leader Won't Be Allowed Into Thailand
Bangkok Post: Thailand slipped one position to 43rd out of 63 economies in the World Talent Ranking 2019
For Thailand's conservative Establishement, the Government and the Military, the popular leader of the Future Foeward Party is a thorn in the side. He and his party have to be removed from Politics:
The Pattaya News: Thailands constitutional court removes Thanathorn, leader of Future Forward party, from Parliament
Khaosod English: Thanathorn Found Guilty of Breaking Election Laws
Khaosod English: Thanathorn Tells Party to Fight on Regardless of Verdict
Khaosod English: Gov't Allies Warn Future Forward Against Protests
Khaosod English: Thanathorn Sues Officials for 'Rushing' His Case to Court
Khaosod English: Opinion: Is There Future After Thanathorn and Future Forward Party?
Bangkok Post: Thanathorn disqualified as MP. Jail term, 20-year political ban may follow
Note: Independent Judges are obviously Personae non Grata in Thailand
Bangkok Post: Navy commander Admiral Ruechai Ruddi has warned the public not to discuss plans to purchase a second Chinese-made submarine worth 12 billion baht
Note: Thailand's current and former military chiefs obviously still have a strange understanding of democracy
Don't miss Loy Kratong, Thailand's Festival of Lights
Don't miss Loy Kratong, Thailand's Festival of Lights
Don't be fooled by Google & Co.: Loy Kratong happens on November 11th, 2019, not on November 13th!
I don't need Google. myLady™ knows everything better!
Pattaya City Hall announced concerts of popular Thai entertainers in Jomtien, Pattaya and Naklua. For additional information, please click here to visit The Pattaya News.
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Pattaya Waterpark
Old Thai Wisdom: Drops the number of visitors, admission prices rise.
Beerli-Jucker, through its subsidiaries the owner of Big C and Makro Supermarkets, presented a new version of this wisdom: If the Baht moves in any direction, we have to increase the prices for imported products.
Over the same period, when the euro depreciated by around 15 % against the Baht, Big C's imports from the euro area have become around 30 % more expensive.
Pattaya Triathlon 2019
Bangkok Bank Cyclefest
Firework Festival
Firework Festival
Pattaya faces water shortages
Pattaya to face water shortages
The Provincial Waterworks Authority's ( PWA) branch in Pattaya warns that the city is likely to experience water shortages next year as levels in five major reservoirs in Chon Buri have dropped sharply to only around 32% of capacity.
Mr. Suthat Nutpan, the Office Manager, says that at present, there is less than 13 million cubic metres of water in the five reservoirs, compared with 36.7 million cu/m last year.
Good news. myLady™ says. Tourists can stay at home and we can finally enjoy Pattaya ourselves.
The 89 Baht Steak
The 85 Baht Steak
This delicious steak costs only 89 Baht at Khao Rai Steak, Pattaya 3rd Road, directly at the entrance to Soi 14.
I usualy order the pork steak with a tasty Pepper Sauce (no extra charge!).
Khao Rai Steak is recommended by Affordable & Tasty Foods in Pattaya (Edition 2019)
One single Italian Restaurant passed the strict Authenticity Criteria
One single Italian Restaurant passed the strict Authenticity Criteria
The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce revealed that only one Restaurant in Pattaya has passed the rigorous testing by Italy’s tourism branch for using 100 percent Italian ingredients and recipe authenticity.
The Italian Osteria. the awarded Restaurant, is located at Terminal21, Pattaya's latest and most successful Shopping Mall.
And because we are in Thailand, the Italian Osteria isn't located in Italy but in Tokyo ...
One single Italian Restaurant passed the strict Authenticity Criteria
'High Season' in Pattaya
High Season in Pattaya
Pattaya's really amazing Police
Illegal Drug Seller
From time to time, Pattaya's incomparable Police raid pharmacies and arrest their staff for allegedly selling Viagra & Co without the necessary licenses.
But against the illegal sellers at Soi Buakhao's weekly market (pictured above), who for years have obviously been selling copies of Viagra, Cialis and Kamagra and therefore risking the lives of their customers, our police are doing nothing!.
In this view, please allow only one question: WHY?
Pattaya Beach Promenade
Itthiphol's pride destroyed by his brother Sontaya
Itthiphol's pride destroyed by his brother Sontaya.
Welcome to Pattaya: Enjoy our gigantic construction sites
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