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December 2008
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Pattaya Countdown
Pattaya Countdown
Pattaya Countdown 2009 at the Bali Hai Pier:
Big parties with popular entertainers and food from all over Thailand.
Every night from
Dec. 25th to 31st 2008.
Pattaya Countdown 2009
Booths opened at 14:00
Shows started at 21:00
Dec. 25th: So Cool
Dec. 26th: Paradox
Dec. 27th: Tik Chiro
Dec. 28th: Black Head
Dec. 29th: Slot Machine
Dec. 30th: Instinct
Dec. 31st: Buddha Bless, Playground, Paradox, Pancake, Peace Maker
Entry was free.
Promotion booths:
20 hrs free TOT-WiFi.
G-MM CDs, VCDs & DVDs (originals, no copies!)
1/3 of retail price.

Funny Sign
Funny Sign
Bar on Soi Honey Inn.

Overslept on
Soi Pattayaland?
Perhaps the owners should change the year to 2009...

A Go-Go to open soon
on Soi Pattayaland?
Open Soon?
Open Soon?
No date so far.

Communication Problems
Internet and phone communications between Europe, the Middle East and Asia were severely disrupted on Friday December 19 2008, after three undersea cables were damaged in the Mediterranean. The causes of the cut remain unclear, France Telecom said.

New Disco
New Disco on Walking Street
A new Disco Club is emerging between Hammer Disco Club and the Air Port A Go-Go on Walking Street.

Royal Garden Plaza
Royal Garden Plaza Fountain
After months of renovations Royal Garden Plaza is fit for the contest with the new Central Festival Center.
Only the tricky fountain on the groundfloor needs some rework. Its water doesn't spout as perfect as during its 'old' days.
Something special...
The special bike for 3x'000 Baht
If you don't like the ordinary things, Royal Garden Plaza has it: Your very special bicycle for 3x'000 Baht only.

New Sabaidee
New Sabaidee
Sabaidee Body Massage on Pattaya's Second Road, opposite of BigC's Central Center, is enlarging its premises.
Just at the right time.
The director-general of Thailand's Labour Protection and Welfare Department announced that thousands of workers at electronic parts factories in Pathum Thani will be laid off due to the global economic recession (and Thailand's unstable political climate).
Recessions usually have no or only marginaly influence on sex related businesses and some of the laid off ladies will get new jobs here in Pattaya.
Be prepared of an influx of new faces, bodies and legs during the next few months.

Illiterate Policeman
Illiterate Police
This poster, sponsored by Honda, tells whoever is driving a motorcycles and using a phone has to pay a fine between 400 and 1'000 Baht.
Nevertheless, on December 13 at about 18:00 I could spot a policeman on South Pattaya Road driving his brand new Tiger Boxer 200 with his right hand only. His left hand was pressing his mobile phone against his ear.
Perhaps the police supervisor should inform his inferiors that a law is valid for all road user, even for apparently illiterate policemen.

Tiger Boxer 200
Tiger Boxer 200
The Bangkok City Administration selected the Tiger Boxer 200 for the Bangkok Traffic Police, for offering excellent road handling and the ability to out-perform nearly all motorcycles on the Thai market. About 50 selected Policemen in Pattaya got this fast motorcycle too.
The sporty Tiger Boxer 200 was developed with the help of Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva Motors. For a short moment it was marketed in Southeast Asia as the Cagiva F4.
It is powered by a single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC, air-cooled, 198cc engine. With a relative large 69mm bore and 53mm stroke the engine produces a compression ratio of 9.2:1. The transmission of the Tiger is a constant mesh 5-gear transmission, with a manual, multi-disc wet clutch. The CDI Magneto ignition system is similar to what can be found on Cagiva bikes.
Tiger Boxer 200
You know the number from Pattaya phones: 038... Now it's on all new police motorcycles from Tiger in Pattaya too.

Popular and sexy
The petite Thai ladies like this small motorcycles made by Kawasaki.

Ohhhhhhhhh - lala!
Boys Club on Soi 7...!
Work was on the way at the former Night Out Bar Complex beween Soi 7 and Central Road.
The Bar Complex got transfered into a Boys Club. Not all bar owners in the area are happy and many have the hope that the new venue will flop...
Dave-Man Club
The new 'Dave-Man Club' promises a lot: A lot of fun with beautiful coyote men, perfect Karaoke entertainment, great cabaret shows and some of the best food in town.
Dave-Man Club
The Dave-Man Club opened on December 26th. In Internet Forums its owner announced the club as a 'new Gay entertainment venue'.
Chock Dee.

Soi 6 A Go-Go closed
Mandarin Club A Go-Go on Soi 6 closed the door.

No more Coyote
Tiger Club Tattoo Bar on Soi 7 closed
Tiger Club Tattoo Bar, the coyote bar on Soi 7 returned to its previous operation as a simple bar, but without any ladies.
The building, including the bar, is on the block.
From its comfortable seats you enjoy a perfect view on some of Soi 7's most busiest venues.

Looooooong weekend
Thai Government declared January 02 2009 a national holiday.
The holiday (for officials) will now extend over five days, from December 31 2008 to January 4 2009.
Shops & Exchange booths will stay open.
Government offices, including Immigration, and banks will be closed.

Meal prices to fall
Commerce Ministry says: Prices of meals at food courts in shopping centres are expected to fall by five baht per dish over the next two weeks, reflecting lower costs.
In line with easing oil prices and raw material costs, more than 30 product items, including milk, wheat starch and animal feeds, have had their prices cut.

The property markets in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin and on Koh Samui are actually oversupplied.
If you are buying now: Buy something that is complete and that you can see.
There is some real chance that unfinished projects never will get completed.
Don't forget:
It's a buyer market now!
Seen in Bangkok:
Buy one condo, get a second one for free!
And Pattaya?
Pattaya: 3 for 1 ?

Darkened Zone
Zone in the dark
The Zone, the coyote bar on Soi 15, off Soi Buakhaow, closed its door on November 30 2008.
As long as the construction works on the various condominums in Soi 15 aren't finished and not all their units are sold, it will be a very hard job to run a bar in this Soi.

Royal Garden Plaza
New Food Wave at Royal Garden Plaza
After months of renovation Royal Garden Plaza reopened Food Wave, its version of a Food Court for the upper 10'000. There are booths offering Russian, Italian, Chinese, French, Indian and Thai food.
I never will understand why people are booking holidays in an exotic country - simply to eat their traditional food abroad. Nevertheless, I badly miss a Swiss food booth at Food Wave...
Otherwise Food Wave on the third floor of Royal Garden is a beautiful place with all its Japanese restaurants and S&P and Starbucks outlets and its spectacular and free view over Pattaya's beach.

Voodoo lost its magic
From Voodoo to NOK
The Voodoo Bar Complex on Walking Street changed its name to Nok.

New Entry
New Entry: Nang Nual
The new entry to Nang Nual Seafood on Walking Street.

New Moving Staircase
New Moving Staircase
Bali Hai Entertainment at the Bali Hai Pier is installing an openair moving Bali Hai Pier staircase to its second Bali Hai Entertainment floor.
We got told to mention Bali Hai Pier as often as possible due to the fact that most visitors think Walking Street ends at Tony's. In reality Walking Street ends at Bali Hai Pier, just about 50 meters in front of Bali Hai Pier's unfinished Bali Hai Pier Clock Tower.
As you can see, Tony's doesn't have to be the end of Pattaya - the end of Pattaya starts at the Bali Hai Pier...

Ice Club A Go-Go
Ice Club A Go-Go Soi LK Metro
Ice Club on Soi LK Metro reopened as Ice A Go-Go.

Walking Street
Goodfellas Walking Street
The new club opened its own WEB-site. Please click the button to connect.

Breast enlarging
Breast enlarging
Breast enlarging 299 Baht
(Soi Buakhaow Market).
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash December 2008
NightWalker's News
For visitors of Thailand and Pattaya, the type of tourists threatened by extinction.
New Web Site:
Please click for Utopia's new web site
Fire alarm at BigC on December 30 2008
Fire alarm at BigC Central Center at about 22:30
Fire alarm at BigC on December 30 2008
Fire alarm at BigC on December 30 2008
Fire alarm at BigC on December 30 2008
Even the S.W.A.T. Police Counter Terrorist Unit was at the BigC.
Fire alarm at BigC on December 30 2008
Not the announced Night Safari but a real fire at the BigC Bazaar (second floor of BigC's Central Center) alarmed Pattaya's fire brigade, Pattaya's Police and all available ambulances from Pattaya's major hospitals. The Police evacuated the popular shopping center. No panik and no casualties were reported so far, but some significant damage to property.
Pattaya shines
Pattaya on the way to Christmas & New Year
Pattaya on the way to Christmas & New Year
Pattaya on the way to Christmas & New Year
Soho Square
Pattaya on the way to Christmas & New Year
Pattaya on the way to Christmas & New Year
According to Royal Garden Plaza's General Manager, the shopping center used half a million lights on the big Christmas tree on Beach Road and over one million lights to decorate the entire building.
You can enjoy Royal Garden Plaza's beautiful illumination every night until 23:00.
Dinner on Walking Street
Dinner on Walking Street
Short News
Republica Discothek
Republica Discothek
Walking Street's new disco
opened already.
Republica Discothek

A Go-Go Club with back-entry
A Go-Go Club with back-entry
Shark Club
A Go-Go, the well-known club has its main
entry on Soi Diamond, but opened a back door on Soi 15.
A Go-Go Club with back-entry

Bad Cats changed its name but not its format
Bad Cats changed its name but not its format
Bad cats fall in love.
Bad Cats changed its name but not its format
Fall in Love Club is the new name of the coyote club on Pattaya's Second Road, located between the Kiss Food and Drink Restaurant and the Avenue Pattaya.

Naklua got an A Go-Go Club on Naklua's Route 33!
Naklua Soi 33
Naklua Route 33
Street in Naklua, well-known for
its Pizza and its German food.
Loma A Go-Go Naklua Soi 33
Naklua's Soi 33 is about 500 meters from the well-known Dolphin Roundabout and its Loma Shopping Center. Soi 33 has a popular Restaurant known as Route 33, therefore a lot of visitors call this street also Naklua Route 33.

Also on Naklua Soi 33: Rent a Bicycle
Rent a Bicyle
Rent a Bike!
Rent a Bicyle
Poi, a travel agency on Naklua Soi 33, is the only place we know in Pattaya and Naklua where you can rent high quality bicycles. Poi's shop is opposite of Naklua's new A Go-Go Club.

McDonald's opened at Moonlight Complex
Pattaya Dragon, also know as Moonlight Complex
McDonald's at the Moonlight Complex, also known as Pattaya Dragon
Last month we reported McDonald's will open a new outlet at Pattaya Dragon on Second Road.
Pattaya Dragon on Second Road is also known as Moonlight Complex. On December 17th 2008 the new McDonald's opened its doors.
There is now a large poster on the unfinished building telling that 'Moonlight Complex is coming soon'. The project apparently had a recreative and deep one year long 'winter sleep'.

Empty Sangkeaw Bar Booth
Empty Sangkeaw Bar Booth
Pink Dolphin Soi Buakhaow
New venue with Live Music on Soi Buakhaow.
At the empty Sangkeaw area, across from Soho Square on Walking Street,
6 nice but unused bars are still waiting for investors, ladies and visitors.

New on Soho Square: Table Soccer
New on Soho Square: Table Soccer
Soho Square's Beer Garden: The place to play with your friends...

New on Soho Square: Snooker Club
New on Soho Square: Snooker Club
Will open soon on Soho Square: Pyramida, the snooker club.

Goodfellas Walking Street
Dark figures are waiting for you
Swiss Mafia
Goodfellas' dark figures are already awaiting you on Walking Street.
Please fellow me quietly - or...
Goodfellas Walking Street
Perfect Timming
Just in the middle of tourist's high season City Hall is placing underground all electricity supply and telecommunication cables along Walking Street.
Bravo dear City Hall - you should get a gold medal for repeated stupid plannings.

Moles on Walking Street?
Moles on Walking Street
Moles on Walking Street
Moles on Walking Street
Moles on Walking Street
High season or not: The work on Walking Street goes ahead very slowly and - thanks to Pattaya City Hall - the 'molehills' remain until 'some time' next year...
Kicked and punched by Lucifer
Lucifer gives short shrift to unwanted guests
Kicked by Lucifer
Lucifer is known as the Disco with Pattaya's most beautiful ladies. But Lucifer is equally acquainted for its unpuling staff in black clothes. They 'escort' unwanted guests with punches and kicks back on Walking Street. The staff at the P 72 Bar, just opposite of the disco, usually takes care of Lucifer's victim(s).
This photo was made on December 09 2008 at 00:12 just after some 'public punishments' on Walking Street. Lucifer's 'Deputy' is the man in black in the middle of the picture, just behind the victim.
Tony's International Festival of Food
Pattaya's newest Food Court
Tony's International Festival of Food
Tony's International Festival of Food
On December 01 2008 the first kitchens at Tony's Festival of Food opened on the crossover of South Road / 3rd Road.
It's a roofed but otherwise open place with a lot of small kitchens providing every kind of food you can dream off.
All at very reasonable prices and mostly in good quality, similar to Thailand's other popular Food Courts.
Tony's Festival of Food is part of Tony's Bazaar, Tony's version of Covent Garden.
Tony's Bazaar is a (24 hours) market place with 100s of small shops, a Beer Garden and a large stage presenting popular Thaisongs.
Integrated in the large area is Tony's 24 (hours) restaurant, well-known for its good quality and low priced food.
Tony's Bazaar & Food Court will open slowly during December 2008.
Let's hope the idea will turn into a new success story for Pattaya and Tony's whole empire. Tony's know how to make Thai ladies happy: Food and Shopping!
Tony's International Festival of Food
Tony's International Festival of Food
Tony's International Festival of Food
A small Steak House
A small Restaurant between Tony's Food Court and Tony's Bazaar serving Pepper Steaks, Spaghetti and Thaifood in good quality and at reasonable prices.
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Tony's Bazaar
Pattaya Itthiphol Airways
U Tapao Airport will change its name to Pattaya International Airport - or PIA for short.
During the last few months U Tapao Airport 'improved' its passenger terminal. The airport also widened its run-way to handle up to 49 airbuses and installed a new radar-system to fullfill international security standards.
According to the deputy director of the airport, the airport is now open 24 hours.
We don't know if there are any plans to improve the airport's access roads, but an usually well informed source told Pattaya-at-Night, that Pattaya's new Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome is already preparing a speech to the members of City Hall:
"A world tourist destination such as Pattaya with its own international airport should not only have a mass transportation system of international standard, like Bangkok's Sky Train, but also its very own 5 Stars Airline: Pattaya Itthiphol Airways [PIA], a first class only carrier. The new airline will fly in well-heeled foreigners from all major cities in Asia, Australia and Europe."
"Starting from 2009 Pattaya will be the top destination for all that clever people that didn't loose any money during the current recession."
"Our hotels, shopping centers and bars will be full of generous visitors. I will change Pattaya forever!" Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome will tell City Hall.
"And - I didn't forget our friends from the USA, but during the next few years our visitors from America do not need a new airline. As in the past, our dear friends from America prefer to travel by boats provided by their navy. But on arrival they all will get a heavy duty modell of Pattaya Itthiphol Airways. A small 'thank you' for their gimmick to make Pattaya the world's most famous tourist destination for males."
Pattaya International Airport
Usually a visit at an airport is a small adventure, but Pattaya International Airport is a real disappointment. Its nicest room is pictured above. The room marked as 'Restaurant' can (perhaps) be used as a military canteen, but never as an airport restaurant. Today U Tapao is nothing else than an outdated military airport.
Pattaya International Airport
Taxi / MiniBus
Transfer to Pattaya on a shared MiniBus is 250 Baht/person (!).
Transfer to Pattaya by Taxi
1-3 person(s): 1000 Baht (!).
For your information:
Pattaya International Airport is about 6 km outside of Sattahip. A trip from Sattahip to Pattaya on a white 'Lot Thew' (same as a Pattaya Baht Bus) costs about 25 Baht/person.
Service Tax
On International flights you have to pay an airport service tax: 400 Baht.
On local flights the tax is included in the ticket price.
Controlled by Thai Military
The airport itself is part of a large military base. The street to the airport is controlled by Thai military.
We recommend Pattaya City Hall to ask Tony's to run the airport. Tony's already proved they have the know-how to make money from small investments.
Thank you!
3rd Road repaired
3rd Road
In our October News Flash we published the picture from the badly damaged 3rd Road. During the last week of November City Hall made the repair.
Now I hope that somebody remembers the many promises City Hall made during the last 20 years to reconstruct Soi Buakhaow - but never initiated.
Politicians in Thailand
If I can benefit I will change my shirt...
The 'Democrat Party' and defectors from the government coalition have gained a majority in the House and will form a government with Abhisit Vejjajiva as prime minister.
Politicians in Thailand change their 'conviction' like other people their shirts. They desert from one party to another without any compunction.
On February 7 2008 Air force chief Chalit Phukphasuk said that "there are other ways than a coup to terminate roles of those in power".
During the last few month we had the opportunity to witness the scenario.
On Sunday December 07, 2008 the army was forced to say that "the army was not implicated with the setting up of a new coalition by the opposition Democrat party and some former coalition partners".
The Military and its allies, the 'Democrat Party' and the PAD ('People's Alliance for Democracy' also known as 'People Against Democracy'), do not want a new election. They already know that the outcome of a new election would be a great desaster for the Military, the 'Democratic Party' and the PAD.
They will use the time to strengthen the position of the elitist gangs in Bangkok and to fashion the rules of the democratic game to guarantee elite representation in the elected parliament through partial and undemocratic appointments.
Utopia in Party Mood
Utopia in Party Mood
Utopia in Party Mood
Utopia in Party Mood
Utopia in Party Mood
Utopia Lounge & A Go-Go on Soho Square: Party mood every night, not only during the birthday of an Utopia Sweetheart.
Madoff's Snowball
Madoff Snowball
Big Names - Big Scams
Money in bank accounts around the world is as secure as in the hands of a Thai Sweetheart.
Beautiful Pattaya
Beautiful Pattaya
The Loser takes it all
Bangkok's elite toppled Thailand's election result.
About one year after Thailand's election Bangkok's elite toppled the outcome of the voting with the help of PAD and the Thai army. There are widespread allegations that the army was responsible for organising the supporters of a new PM.
Since December 15th 2008 'Democratic' Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva is Thailand's new Prime Minister.
Thai politics is a joke and has been for many years; it is not a democracy and never has been in reality while the army wields such power.
To keep the people in the streets Thailand's anti-Thaksin business elites provided the crowd up to 300 Baht a day per person, plus food, transportation, and a clean yellow T-shirt.
Thailand is on a knife edge between a banana republic and a failed state.
Thank you for the fun
The closure of Suvarnabhumi airport was fun.
According to Thailand's new Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya the closure of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) was fun.
He enjoyed the PAD demonstration as the food and music there were good, Thailand's new Foreign Minister said.
Mr. Kasit was a regular speaker during the PAD protest rallies.
The silent coup
Despite all disclaims, Thailand's 'Democratic' Party took the power by a silent coup.
On December 25 2008 Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said it himself:
'I cannot say how long the (new) government will last, because there are missions including solving economic problems and political reform that needs to be solved. If the situation returns to normalcy, then the power should be handed back to the people'.
December 28 2008: To revive the country's image, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya has asked foreign ministry officers abroad to explain to the world that Thailand is a democratic country where people enjoy equal rights and the political situation has now returned to normal...
Crisis at Rest
No Advice
Thailand's political crisis is far from being over.
The crisis takes a rest only to respect His Majesty the King's 81st Royal Birthday.
But His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) had to cancel his birthday speak on December 5 2008 due to illness.
It was the first time the King has missed his traditional public address.
Whole the nation was looking forward to hear His Majesty the King's Advice on the current political crisis.
Thailand in Turmoil
No overstay charges
Thai Immigration Police have confirmed that foreigners who cannot board their flights home because of airport closures will not face overstay charges once their visas have expired.
Ministry of Public Health: Hospitals nationwide will be
to service stranded foreign tourists without charge
Airports of Thailand (AOT):
December 02 2008:
Suvarnabhumi will resume full operation on December 15 2008, starting 18:00 only because of (PAD's) damage at the Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports.
December 03 2008:
Airport(s?) will resume operation on December 04 2008 at 24:00.
December 05 2008:
Since today 11:00 Suvarnabhumi International airport in Bangkok is open for full services including check-in and immigration.
The (old) Don Mueang domestic airport returned to full operations on Thursday December 04 at 06:00.
AOT not only has a chaotic information policy, it is also responsible for the Mafia-like organisation of taxi and bus services, the insufficient protection and unsatisfactory security of its airports.
Ministry of Tourism:
350'000 foreign visitors and Thai tourists are stranded inside Thailand by the airport closure. The toll rised daily and exponentially.
PAD hurts Thailand:
The week-long siege of the airports by PAD will cost Thailand around one million jobs and about 50% of the expected tourist arrivals.
Suvarnabhumi airport has lost more US$10 million.
Bank of Thailand reports a loss of 140 billion baht in the tourism sector in 2009.
Thai Airways International decided to sue PAD for about 20 billion baht for closing Suvarnabhumi and Don Muaeng airports.
PAD's anti-government protesters left home-made bombs and molotov cocktails at the prime minister's office in Bangkok.
PAD protesters stole and damaged sensitive national security files during their 92-days long occupation of the seat of government from late August until last week. Officials estimated the cost of the lost hardware and software at 40 million baht.
Three cars have disappeared and more than 10 cars belonging to the National Security Council have been damaged by PAD protesters.
PAD leaders' role in leading armed men to block the two airports was tantamount to committing a terrorist act prominent social activists said and filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) against 12 PAD leaders over the seizure of the two airports.
According to the chairman of Ayutthaya's Federation of Thai Industries, Tosapol Wangsilabat, one in 10 factory workers in Ayutthaya province will be jobless by the end of this year. Orders had halved and investors shifted their production bases to neighbouring countries due to Thailand's unstable political climate.
Thanks to PAD's activities, 27 factories in the province sacked 31,000 workers since May 2008. The federation expectes 60,000 more workers to be laid off next year or even 100,000 in the worst case.
Police and the Anti-Money Laundering Office have begun to check on the finances of the PAD.
The anti-Thaksin business elites provided the money to keep people in the street. The going 'wage' for the 'Rent-A-Crowds' at the heart of the crisis was 300 Baht a day per person, plus food, transportation, and a clean yellow T-shirt!
PAD asked the secretariat to the Prime Minister's Office not to launch criminal or civil lawsuits against the PAD...

Last time
Sign at Sattahip's U Tapao International Airport
"I visited Thailand 8 times during the last few years. This was the last time!" an angry tourist from Germany said at U Tapao International Airport.
Pessimistic TAT
Tourism Authority of Thailand publishs new disappointing numbers
In June 2008 TAT said that 2008 will be the year of Thai tourism with about 17 million foreign tourists.
Due to soaring oil prices on July 2008 TAT cut its projection for the number of international visitors to 15 millions.
On December 03 2008 TAT had to revise its projection again.
With Thailand driven into deep turmoil by PAD, TAT had to cut its projection again: About 7 millions of international visitors will visit Thailand 2008.
Disenchantment on Walking Street
Amazing Thailand
According to rumors, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is reconsidering its current slogan. TAT's new slogan:
Amazing Adventure Holidays in Thailand
TAT's adviser says the new slogan is more appropriate. It doesn't foster false hopes anymore.
Avoid Red & Yellow
Trim your clothing
with the times.
After the political motivated court rule my girlfriend as well as my neighbours told me not to wear red or yellow shirts during the next few days or even weeks.
Ingnoring the dress code could be dangerous, at least for Thais.
Yellow is PAD's color, red the color of the supporters of the (sacked?) election winner.
I admire Tony
I do not know Tony in person, but I admire his portraits for a lot more than 10 years.
He seems to be a medical sensation - during all that years his face never got an additional wrinkle, his body never added a single gram of fat.
Perhaps I should get a member of his Fitness Clubs to stop the natural but unwanted senescence of my face and my body.
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