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January 2009
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Driving on
Walking Street
Driving in Walking Street
During the nightly hours most vehicles are banned on Walking Street, but not this one...

Free Internet
Free Wi-Fi Internet will be available all along Pattaya Beach by the end of February 2009.
As usual in Pattaya we have all sorts of information.
City Hall says that WiFi will be free for all users during the three months of the service (until the end of May 2009).
TOT says that Wi-Fi Internet will be free for the first 30 minutes.
Connection cards with the password can be picked up at Pattaya City Hall, the Pattaya City Information Center and the TOT office on Central Pattaya Road.

Illusion on the block
Illusion A Go-Go on Soi 14/15 is on the block. You can either rent or buy the venue. It's up to you...

New A Go-Go
New A Go-Go
A sign on Soi 8 announces a new A Go-Go: First A Go-Go and Sport Bar. Opening party will be on January 28 2009.

Door locked
Door locked
Absolute Discothek on Soho Square closed and locked the door.

Ring the Bell
Ring the Bell
Ring the Bell is the name of the new bar in front of Champion A Go-Go on Walkng Street.

The way it runs in Thailand
Some People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) core members will take the posts of advisers or secretaries to various ministers at the cabinet of Thailand's new Government.
Week long protests of PAD paved the way for the new government.
PAD is responsible for the occupation and the closure of Bangkok's airports.
Thailand's new Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya was a regular speaker during the PAD protest rallies. He said the closure of the airports was fun.

A Go-Go closed
A Go-Go on Soi 8 closed
BadaBing, the A Go-Go club at the new Baron Beach Hotel on Soi 8 closed. It's the second time the venue had to close its door.

Som's Bar closed
Som's Bar closed
The small Soi connecting Central Road with Soi 7 notifies another closure: Som's Bar. It was a popular meeting point for some of my friends.
Some weeks ago, the Night Out Bar Complex on the same street had to close too. It got replaced by a boys club.
Let's hope that Som's Bar will have a better future...

A Go-Go gets Large(r)
A Go-Go gets Large
Silver Star 3, one of the many famous A Go-Go Clubs on Walking Street is enlarging its showroom.

Central Festival
Januar 23 2009
Central Festival, Pattaya's new Shopping Paradise on Pattaya Beach Road is now scheduled to open on January 23 2009.
First the opening was announced for January 15 with festive opening celebration from January 1st to March 31st 2009, but we couldn't see any celebration during the first 2 weeks of this year.
Perhaps the center did the celebration during the early morning hours only, when NightWalker and his screw as well as most farangs (and their ladies) had their sleep.
Pattaya's first 'Mardi Gras' Parade on Pattaya Beach has moved from January 15 to January 23 2009 too.

No shoes please!
No shoes please!
Pyramida, the new snooker club on Soho Square (Pattaya) is the only venue I know where shoes are not allowed, not even shiny ones.

Deathly New Year
During the seven-day New Year holidays Thailand's Interior Ministry registered 3'824 (last year: 4'475) road accidents with 367 (last year: 401) people killed.
The major causes of accidents were drink driving and driving over speed limit, the Ministry said.

Chill & Pepper
Chill & Pepper is the name of a nice new restaurant serving Thai and Western food on two floors on Pattaya South Road, about 100 meters from Wat Chaimongkon.
Chill & Pepper

Wi-Fi-Land Pattaya
During Pattaya Countdown 2009 TOT and CAT telecom installed a Wi-Fi hot-spot on Bali Hai Pier. Despite a few crashes, the hotspot was a great success and showed the possibilities and the limitations of Wi-Fi Internet in Thailand.
Pattaya Mayor Mr. Itthiphol Khunplome, TOT and CAT telecom decided to install another 40 hotspots along Beach Road, from Bali Hai Pier down to North Pattaya Road.
Each hotspot will have a radius of about 100 meters. Using this Wi-Fi Internet will be free for the first 30 minutes. The service will be evaluated after 3 months of testing.
Everybody can use the hotspots. You can obtain a password by presenting your Passport at TOT's Pattaya IT center on Central Pattaya Road / 3rd Road. Thai citizen have to show their ID card.
If the test run is popular and sucessful the service will be extended to Jomtien Beach and the Beaches of Koh Larn.
'This service will modernize Pattaya City since computers are an essential part of modern life', our lovely Mayor already said.
Its a pity: In the long run Laptops will replace Pattaya's Sweethearts on Pattaya's Beach Promenade...

Blocked Internet
Thai Government says it has blocked 2,300 websites and is waiting for court approval to restrict another 400.
Thailand's Information and Communication (ICT) Ministry has spent 45 million baht on equipment to block inappropriate websites.
New Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva defends the crackdown on websites.

Price hike at
Buffet Restaurants
Price hike at Buffet Restaurants
The venues hiked their prices for 'as much as you can eat' food from 99 to 119 Baht, from 109 and 119 to 129 Baht and from 129 to 149 Baht.
You remember: At the end of December Thailand's new Commerce Ministry announced that prices of meals are expected to fall because easing oil prices and raw material costs, including milk, wheat starch and animal feeds, have had their prices cut.
You know: Thailand's new government came to power by a silent coup organized by the Thai military. Its ministers have proven records of creating false hopes and distributing false information and lies.

Manchester United
At Royal Garden Plaza a Manchester United Fan-Shop opened. You can get everything you can think of to show your support in smiling Thailand or in your home town.

Maureens closed
Maureens closed
Maureens, the famous Beer Bar in front of Champion A Go-Go on Walking Street had its last night on December 31 2008.

Thai Safety Belt
Safety Belt proposal for motorcycles
Safety Belt proposal for Thai motorcycles.

55 Minutes
of Exercises
According to a new study from USA females need at least 55 minutes of exercises a day to keep their body in shape.
Help your sweetheart to achieve the goal.
Your successor will appreciate your work.

New on
Pattaya's Streets
New on Pattaya's streets
New design for pedestrian crossing on Pattaya's streets.
Nevertheless, neither the car drivers nor the motorcycles drivers, not even the police stop for pedestrians. Mentionable exceptions: A few Baht Bus drivers, but not all...
Therefore: Cross any street in Pattaya and in Thailand very carefully!

Stupid Project
To ease traffic congestion in and around the city Pattaya City will start a stupid pilot project.
An 'odd and even dates' one way system will be introduced on South Pattaya Road starting from Wat Chaimongkon intersection to Third Road.
The stupid idea was launched by Pattaya Police Traffic Chief Police Lieutenant Colonel Piset Saengsong. He should know that 'odd and even dates' systems failed everywhere in the world.

Pattaya's new Slogan
Pattaya's new Slogan
Apparently City Hall is working with a Genius.
Our Genius recommends:
Pattaya-at-Night's recommondation
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Pattaya International Airport recommends:
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Part of Walking Street in the dark
Part of Walking Street in the dark
Part of Walking Street in the dark
Part of Walking Street in the dark
Part of Walking Street in the dark
On Thuesday January 27 a short circuit shut down the lights from Golden Mile Plaza (Soi Happy) down to Soi Diamond.
Just when the crew tried to solve the problem a new, but similar problem arised at the the transformer-station on top of Seven-Eleven's shop at the entry of Walking Street.
A few days ago I saw the same crew fixing a problem at the transformer-station above of Walking Street's Lollipop A Go-Go.
Part of Walking Street in the dark
Definitive but obscure fare list for minibuses
Creating something simple is out of reach for Chonburi's Office and its geniuses...
According to the Chonburi Office the minimum minibus fare (?) for the city is 10 baht. But:
Charoenrat Pattana-Nipa Lodge Hotel
Charoenrat Pattana-Asia Hotel
Charoenrat Pattana-Soi Chaiyapruk
Nipa Lodge Hotel-Pattaya Market
Nipa Lodge Hotel-Asia Hotel
Nipa Lodge Hotel-Soi Chaiyapruk
The Pattaya Market-Soi Chaiyapruk
Asia Hotel-Soi Chaiyapruk
8 Baht
21 Baht
29 Baht
8 Baht
14 Baht
22 Baht
15 Baht
8 Baht
From the beginning of South Pattaya-Banglamung Plaza
From the beginning of South Pattaya-Nipa Lodge (North Pattaya)
From Banglamung Plaza-Nipa Lodge junction (North Pattaya)
From Banglamung Plaza-beginning of South Pattaya
From Nipa Lodge junction (North Pattaya)-Banglamung Plaza
8 Baht
10 Baht
8 Baht
10 Baht
8 Baht
North Pattaya-Central Pattaya Road Intersection
North Pattaya-Somprasong Plaza
North Pattaya-Wat Bunkanjanaram
Central Pattaya Road Intersection-Somprasong Plaza
Central Pattaya Road Intersection-Central Pattaya T-Intersection
Somprasong Plaza-Wat Bunkanjanaram
Somprasong Plaza-Central Pattaya T-Intersection
Wat Bunkanjanaram-Central Pattaya T-Intersection
8 Baht
11 Baht
23 Baht
8 Baht
17 Baht
8 Baht
12 Baht
8 Baht
A genius did this work. Minimum minibus fare 10 Baht, but from North Pattaya-Central Pattaya Road Intersection the fare is 8 Baht only! City Hall recommends to call the Pattaya Information Desk at 038-253-131-32 or the Pattaya City Call Center at 1337 for more (fair) fare information ...
And our lovely Mayor said: As gas prices continue to drop, a corresponding fare reduction should be considered...
Authority closed new Disco
New Disco closed
Republica, the new discotheque (in Pattaya: discothek or discotk) on Walking Street, had to close: 'Incomplete papers' the relevant authority said. After a few days the Disco reopened again.
Inauguration Party
Ring The Bell
On December 19th 2009 the new Ring The Bell bar in front of Champion A Go-Go had its official opening party.
Moviemaking on Walking Street
Movies from Walking Street
Movies from Walking Street
On January 19th 2009 a film crew was capturing scenes on Walking Street for an Indian music clip.
The crew used Soi Diamond, Soho Square and a few sexy Thai girls for
their shootings.
Movies from Walking Street
Pattaya's new Transportation System
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome presents his latest idea:
Samlor Transportation should replace Baht Busses
Samlor Transportation has to replace Baht Busses
Samlor Transportation has to replace Baht Busses
New Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome shelft his plans to introduce skytrains & cablecars in Pattaya. 'It's simply to expensive', Itthiphol said. 'Due to Thailand's unstable political climate, Pattaya's pockets are empty', he said.
But let's the new year start with good news, Pattaya's Mayor said during his virtual interview with Pattaya-at-Night and presented his latest idea to ban Baht Busses and the dangerous Motorcycle Taxis from Pattaya's crowded streets.
Pattaya's new Low-Emission Samlor Transportation (LEST) system.
Newly designed Samlors will replace all Baht Busses as well as all Motorbike Taxis on Pattaya's streets, Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome said.
According to City Hall, the Samlor is also the best and cheapest health care system for all that overweighted taxi drivers.
Pattaya's Minibus Cooperative will be renamed to Itthiphol's Samlor Cooperative.
Transportation fare will be collected by weight.
To avoid problems and discussions between drivers and clients about the fare, City Hall will install calibrated high-tech scales all over Pattaya.
Each scale will display the weight of the passenger(s), the number and the name of the Samlor driver and the fare for any given trip in Thai, Russian and English.
Chinese, Japanese, German, American English as well as a few Arab & Scandinavian languages will be available as a second choice on the touch screen.
For the security of the passenger(s) a built in camera will capture the face of each passenger and will store it on City Hall's supercomputer together with the number of the samlor driver, the destination, the total weight, the fare, the date and the time of the trip. Every night the files will be transfered to Pattaya Police (Soi 9), the Tourist Police, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT Pattaya Office only), the Pattaya Immigration Office and the Pattaya Revenue Office in Jomtien.
The glassy tourist will help City Hall to understand the needs of its visitors, the Mayor said. The collected information will tell City Hall if Pattaya's visitors are more interested in Pattaya's Shopping Centers or in Pattaya's Cultural Life.
Tourists visiting Pattaya's red light districts only, without spending their money in shopping centers, temples or Thai boxing arenas, will be blacklisted. To publish their pictures in the Internet Pattaya City Hall will create PRDV, a completely new and Flash based website (
During the first few weeks sexy ladies from Russia will distribute free samples of Itthiphol's Energy Drinks to the drivers of the samlors, Pattaya's Mayor promised.
Walking Street's Police is deaf
Who gets the award as Pattaya's No.1 Noisemaker?
Is it Walking Street or Soi Marine Plaza? Walking Street gets louder and louder with every night. Some venues are heading for an overwhelming victory...
Republicas liveband is noisy
When Republica's Liveband at the entry to the disco starts playing, then it outperforms Hammer's Band easily in case of sound intensity, but not in quality. The new disco is a strong candidate to win Pattaya's Noisemaker Award.
Pattaya's Noisemaker
Pattaya's Noisemaker
New entry: Jenny Star Bar, Walking Street's famous Kratoey Bar across from Goodfellas installed a speaker just in front of the bar and is now shouting at Goodfellas with full power.
Pattaya's Noisemaker
Goodfellas small speaker attached below its LED screen is the largest noisemaker in the area around Marine Disco. Its restricted frequency range it's a real threat for most ears.
New entry: Jenny Star Bar
A few meters onward the two Hot Tuna Bars on one side of the street and Ocean 10 and the I-Bar from Insomnia's club on the other side of the street are the other contestants to get the award of the street's greatest noisemaker. The competition seems to get harder with every night. Contrary to Ocean 10's announcement 'disco inside' it seems that at the moment all available speakers have to work at their limits and on Walking Street.
Tony seems to play the clown at this contest. With the two small speaker he placed at the entry to his emporium, he never will win the competition. His speaker's simply can't generate the sound pressure level it needs for a victory, but perhaps Tony will show his competitors, that's it possible to attract visitors without generating too much noise outside of the building... Tony always was the most clever player in Pattaya.
Pattaya's Noisemaker
At the entry to Soi 16 Rolling Stone Bar 2 has entered the competition too. The police working outside of that venue has to be deaf already.
Noisemaker on Soho Square
Noisemaker on Soho Square
Noisemaker on Soho Square
Noisemaker on Soho Square
The venues at Soho Square entered the competition in a pooled attempt to win the virtual competition. Utopia Lounge replaced Coyote Girls with the powerfull Climax Band. At the ground floor of the B-52 Club the Russian Band plays with full power and at the stage of Soho Square's Beer Garden another Thai Band tries to beat its competitors. Soho Square seems to have a good chance to win the competition. The combined sound pressure of the three bands is hard to beat. At least Soho Square should get a special recommendation for creating the best kakophonie in the city.
The winner at Marine Plaza
The winner of the contest at Marine Plaza seems to be the Titanic 2 Bar. The sound level that this venue since many years generates is realy hard to overtrump, even with using the the latest equipment.
The workers at that bar, as well as its customers command our admiration for withstanding that enormous sound-attack of the ruthless speaker system.
Thailand's law says that the average noise level at an entertainment venue has to be below 96 Decibel. But the law restricts the level inside a venue and not outside. Nevertheless, I hope that Tourist Police will start distributing ear protectors to all visitors of Walking Street and distribute them free of charge. At least until that dangerous and unhealthy competition ends.
A few years ago Pattaya's Police 'terrorized' the venues with their sound pressure measurements. But since then police apparently didn't use the measuring instruments anymore. I suppose that in the meantime the batteries must be empty and nobody at Soi 9 knows how to replace them.
Many Thais suffer 5-10 decibel hearing loss by the time they are 21, a study says.
To protect the ears, ear specialists recommend to wear earmuffs at Pattaya's Discos, at some parts of Walking Street and the southern end of Soi Marine Plaza.
Pattaya Scam
Check every bill and every receipt very carefully!
Pattaya Scam: Tops Super
Pattaya Scam: Tops Super
The add on the left (Red Hot) tells that Tops will sell a single bottle of Coke for 22 Baht and 50 Satang (instead of 25 Baht).
The add on the right informs, that if you buy 2 bottles you have to pay 43 Baht only for the two.
But the cash receipt from Tops Supermarket on Pattaya's Central Road tells another story. It shows that you have to pay a total of 50 Baht for the 2 bootles! Don't even think of a refund! To get the advertised 'Red Hot' price(s) you have to have a 'Tops Member Card'. Tops seems to 'milking' tourists.
At BigC, Carrefour and Tesco/Lotus you get Tops' so called "discounted price(s)" without the need of presenting a 'Membercard'.
Tops Scam
At least Tops receipt says 'thank you'...
...for paying 10% more than mentioned on the shelf.
Tops Scam
Tops Supermarket again:
Imperial Cheddar Cheese 12 slices (250 grams) cost on the shelf at Tops Supermarket on Pattaya Central Road 120 Baht.
The cash receipt tells another story again:
132 Baht! 10 % more than mentioned on the shelf!!!
Royal Garden Plaza FoodWave
Royal Garden Plaza FoodWave:
A soft drink usually costs between 10 and 15 Baht in Pattaya's restaurants and some Baht more at American Fast Food outlets, but at Royal Garden Plaza's new FoodWave a cup of softdrink costs 49 Baht. This horrendous price includes the possibility to refill your cup free of charge. But it is impossible to buy a single cup for a small thirst at FoodWave. The cash register at the exit has another surprise: It adds a hefty 10 % service charge to the advertised and already expensive prices mentioned at the food boothes.
FoodWave is a Food Court and Food Courts are virtually self service restaurants. The quality of the food at FoodWave is mediocre. At our last visit on January 5th 2009 at about 21:00 at the FoodWave's Vietnam food booth we met some unexpected guets: Ants! We decided to left the food to them ...
Recommendation: If you want to slim go to see this booth first.
At S&P Restaurants a service charge of 10% is added on the invoice (entirely written in Thai). The waiters scam Farangs (and unknowing Thais) for (extra) tips.
At Bars and A Go-Go Clubs ask about lady drink prices before purchase. Some quite ordinairy venues are billing Baht 150-160 for a lady drink! In most cases lady drink prices are not posted anywhere. The same is true for barfines. Ask about the barfine before you buy out a lady.

Scams like this one aren't rare exceptions at Pattaya's Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Restaurants and Entertainment Places - they happen almost daily...
Check all the bills very carefully, no matter where you are buying.
Often the price on the shelf does not match the price on the receipt. Sometimes promotion stickers remain on the shelfes for weeks. Carrefour and Tesco/Lotus installed Barcode readers in most of their shops. Use them to check the real prices of the goods. The Barcode Readers show the same price as the cash registers.
Recycling in Pattaya
Recycling in Pattaya
Seen in Naklua. Even the motorcyle seems to be made from recycled materials.
Pattaya Countdown 2009
Pattaya Countdown 2009
Simply the best countdown Pattaya ever organized.
100'000s of happy people attended Pattaya's 7 days countdown at Bali Hai Pier.
The countdown ended on December 31 with a big party at Bali Hai Pier presenting popular Thai singers and a spectacular 'Surround Sight and Sound' firework at midnight.
Enthusiastic spectators recorded every moment of the evening(s) with the built-in cameras of their mobile phones.
Pattaya Countdown 2009
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Crowded streets not only in Pattaya, but also in Jomtien. Jomtien's beach was in the hands of Thai's, coming from all over the country, but mostly from Bangkok and happy to get some place on the beach.
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
Turn of the Year in Jomtien
The visitors arrived on their Benz, their PickUps or their 'Do It Yourself' vehicles.
Security problems
in Thailand
The incidents over the turn of the year showed it again: Pattaya has a security problem.
Pattaya-at-Night documented the problems a few times during the last years, mostly on pictures from 'open air' installations.
We could see a lot more dangerous electro-installations in shopping centers, not only at BigC, where one of the incidents happened. Apartment houses, entertainment venues and most shops have similar problems, but we didn't got the permission to picture them.
The first problem is that electric installations in this country are usually not made by qualified persons but by handymen only.
The second problem are the government's controllers.
Their interest is more in their own pocket than in the security of the citizen.
Don't forget, we are living in one of the world's most corrupt country. Where corruption governs, there can't be any real security.
iFarang ©2009
Next Revolution: LED
Save US$1.8 trillion and 10 gigatons in carbon dioxide emissions.
What the transistor was to the vacuum tube, the LED is to lighting technology.
A study says that replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with light-emitting diodes can reap enormous savings in cost.
New York-based Smart Lighting Engineering Resource Center claims that replacing 80 percent of traditional lighting with LEDs over the next 10 years will result in savings of more than US$1.8 trillion or almost a billion barrels of oil in power plants that would otherwise produce 10 gigatons in carbon dioxide emissions...
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