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April 1st 2012
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Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...
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Change of Name
We just learned that the Chonburi Administration Organisation (managed by Itthiphol Kunplome's brother Wittaya Khunplome) had to change its name to Chonburi Administration Disorganisation on April 1st, 2012.
We could not get any explanation for the abrupt change of name.
Do you have one?
Pattaya Police close Soi Buakhaow for Pedestrians!
Pattaya Police close Soi Buakhaow and Soi Diana for all Pedestrians!
Since April 1st 2012 Soi Buakhaow and Soi Diana are closed for all pedestrians.
Pattaya City Hall and Pattaya's Traffic Police announced that they decided unanimously to close the streets for pedestrians.
Pedestrians are the most dangerous road users in Pattaya, Traffic Department Inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Tanapong Poti informed the press. Pedestrians not only like to walk on the left and on the right lane of every street, during the last few months more and more pedestrians started to cross the streets or simply using whole the street as their meeting place.
Pedestrians are too dangerous for drivers of cars and motorcycles in Pattaya's streets, Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said. If the new regulation proves to be successful, Pattaya will ban all pedestrians from all its roads.
We can save millions of Baht if we can remove all that unused zebra-crossings and the ridiculous sidewalks. We even can waive the Pattaya Beach Beautification Program (PBBP) and we will have the unique opportunity to built a fast 4-traffic lane along Pattaya's inimitable Beach.
'As Thailand's best-known Family Beach Resort (FBR) Pattaya will provide its visitors the fastest Beach Road in the world', our Mayor said. 'Pattaya is ready to host Thailand's Formula One event right here on Pattaya's beautified Beach Road', he added.
'The Pedestrian free Pattaya (PfP) is the best idea I ever had', a proud Itthiphol Kunplome annunciated during the press briefing.
Silly PitPit asks
Who invented breakfast bacon?
Who invented Sex?
And who awarded this people for their vital innovations?
iTthiphol™ claims
Pattaya invented Sex to the world, but if we don't get the recognition for our achievement I will transform Pattaya City into the world's most boring Family Resort.

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I am speechless.

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I am speechless.

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I am speechless too.

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